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Volume 37, Issue 6 | Summer 2016

Summer Spirit WITH THE

Read inside for stories, summer news, and happenings at NLC

New Sunday Worship Times Coming this Fall to NLC! Dear Normandale Community,

Beginning September 18, 2016

We anticipate this time change will provide greater opportunity for more people to be in worship, and provide busy families with a more familyfriendly schedule. We believe it will enhance fellowship interaction, as the time between worship services will bring closer connection. There are also opportunities that may grow out of this change including increased faith formation opportunities for adults and children on Wednesday nights as well as additional worship opportunities, particularly upon approval/completion of the proposed chapel.

Worship: 9:00-10:00 am Faith Formation & Fellowship: 9:15-10:15 am Worship: 10:30-11:30 am

Many of the details of the transition are still being worked out, but NLC staff are working hard to make this change smooth for the congregation.

After two years of consideration, survey, and input, the NLC Church Council voted unanimously to approve a proposed Sunday morning worship schedule time change to 9:00 am and 10:30 am, beginning September 18, 2016. With this change, Sunday School and other Faith Formation activities will begin at 9:15 am, 15 minutes into the first service.

NEW Sunday Morning Schedule

This is an exciting time for Normandale Lutheran Church and we are thrilled to be offering more options with more family-friendly timing for our families here.

Worship Time Change Frequently Asked Questions Why does Sunday School start 15 minutes after worship?

When models were originally presented to the Church Council, one contained a concurrent Sunday School option, and another was this option that passed with a staggered start for Sunday School. Ultimately this option was preferred because it affirms some of the core values of Normandale Lutheran Church. It affirms that all people, including children, have a place in worship, and that we want to ensure an experience of worship prior to Confirmation. In addition, it provides an opportunity for fellowship for the parents and adults following the service by extending Sunday School 15 minutes after worship. This affirms the value that we place on the community here at Normandale. Finally, it provides some options for families wishing to worship together, those wishing to worship separately, and those wishing to make church a priority in the midst of busy family schedules. What are the faith formation and worship options for families? Families have a variety of options in terms of faith

formation and worship, and they are not locked into choos2 Summer 2016 | NormandaleNews

ing the same thing every week. Families can choose to start worship together at 9:00 am, and Sunday School children will have a special dismissal in worship at 9:15 am and be escorted by volunteers to their Sunday School classrooms. Parents will then be able to enjoy the rest of the worship and have 15 minutes of coffee and fellowship following worship before picking up their child from Sunday School at 10:15 am. Alternatively, families could arrive for faith formation (Sunday School, FnL, ParentRest, Crossways, etc.) at 9:15 am and then worship together as a family at 10:00 am. When might Children’s Choirs sing? Children’s choirs may

still sing at either the 9:00 or the 10:30 am service. If they sing at the early service, they would likely sing prior to the 9:15 am Sunday School dismissal. In addition, we are considering a semi-regular “Worship Sunday” that would involve cancelling Sunday School and having a large family-friendly service, which may involve children in multiple roles in the service, including the choirs as music leaders.

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Led by the Holy Spirit and living in God’s grace, Normandale Lutheran Church is a community proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, learning, worship, and service.

SUMMER WORSHIP TIMES Sundays: 9:30 am Wednesdays: 7:00 pm (June 8 - August 17)



Summer and Sabbath! We Need Both! Happy summer, fellow Normandalers, and fellow Minnesotans! I don’t know about you, but I’m craving the sunny, warm days which God gifts to Minnesota in the summer. I suspect many of you are, too, and you’ve already marked plans and dates on the calendar to soak it up as much as possible in the all-too-short time it lasts. As I think ahead to summer, it leads me to remember that our God is one who rests, and one who also commands us to rest. Yet, I’m mindful that many of us in our culture claim to have no time for it. Our schedules are booked with work, and outings, and commitments, and the kids’ activities, even vacations, and the endless hubbub and rat-race of keeping up, moving forward, earning more, and achieving much. Recently, in a community survey conducted by our Healing and Wholeness strategic planning taskforce, the results showed that anxiety and stress of endless, relentless, overbooked schedules is one of the prime health concerns of our present context. Likewise, a story from confirmation class this year continues to haunt me. A student spoke about her typical day. She confessed to waking up early before school for an activity, then having 7 hours of class, then heading to drama rehearsal, then to basketball practice, then to church for confirmation class, then finally home to eat supper at 8:30 pm, and then working on homework for an hour or more before finally crashing into bed. A leader asked her, “When do you just have time to rest?” She replied, “My father doesn’t believe in having idle time.” If this causes you concern, it should. What are we doing to ourselves?! What are we teaching our children?! But also, where is our faith? After all, there is a greater, more important truth. Our heavenly Father – God the creator of the world, and your beloved Savior who cares for you more than anyone ever could – believes in you having idle time! Perhaps this is one of the most forgotten words today in our context. Often, the voices around us at work, in society, in social pressures, including raising children to have every opportunity under the sun, seem to only say, “Go, go, go. Achieve, achieve, achieve. Earn, earn, earn. Don’t ever stop.” But God enacts and says a defiant, “No! Don’t do that. Stop! Rest! Listen!” Did you hear that? Stop. Rest. Listen. Mind you, this is not frivolous idle time, sitting around mindlessly. It’s not even just lounging, or golf, or fishing (although those can be healthy recreational activities). Rather it’s intentional, purposeful, and life-giving idle time spent hearing God. We hear it in the creation story when on the seventh day God chose to rest and enjoy what he had made, and we hear it proclaimed primarily in God’s commandment to us, “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” continued on page 4 > NormandaleNews | Summer 2016


Pastor’s Page, continued At Normandale we primarily enact this defiant word in gathering for worship. It’s time set aside to stop, to listen, to give thanks, and to hear and trust again that God is in our life and seeks for goodness in us and the world. And when we forget that, not only do we tend to succumb to the other voices, but our life is just plain not as good. On that note, this summer, I encourage you to be intentional about God’s hope for you. Stop. Rest. Listen. A primary way to do this is to show up in worship. Make it a priority. Schedule it. Make it regular. In addition to having 9:30 am worship every Sunday morning, we’ll also conduct worship in the parking lot every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm beginning June 8. Perhaps this will accommodate your schedules and time away or at the cabin. This fall, we will introduce a new schedule of Sunday worship. Beginning September 18, worship will be at 9:00 am and 10:30 am on Sundays. It’s a change with hopes of making intentional Sabbath time easier and more accommodating for a greater number of people, and it involves many new opportunities which can develop out of it. We understand that schedules are hectic and many things pull at us, but you need this time with God and the community of faith. I don’t say this to puff up Normandale. In fact, go ahead and do it in the community around the cabin or somewhere else. I say it for your life. We have a God who deeply loves us, wants us to be in joyfilled, lasting, faithful, and regular relationship, and in that word says, “Stop. Rest. Listen. Gather. Worship.” It’s important. It’s important for YOU. It is for the benefit of your life. So with this in mind, how might it transform you? How might you confront your schedule? How might you confront the commitments of your children? Could you introduce limitations? Could you actually have the gumption and fortitude to say, today I’m going to sit and be still with others in listening to God, praying, singing, greeting someone with peace, and hearing again that God intends to make use of me in the world AND the world can still operate just fine without me for a bit because I rest in God. How will it shape who you are? I’ll be pondering it with you, and I hope to have your encouragement as together we remember the Sabbath, on any day, and keep it holy. Peace, and happy Minnesota Summer!


Summer 2016 | NormandaleNews

Worship Time Change FAQs, continued continued from page 2 > How will children get to Sunday School from worship? What about Sunday School sign-ins and check-in policies? This is one of the areas where more research is still being done, and once we have finalized our plan it will be communicated to all families. The Children’s Ministry team will be researching best practices from other congregations who use a similar model, and we are examining the Safety and Security Policies to see what adaptations may need to be made to ensure the safe transitions of all our kids. Parents are always welcome to be involved in the drop-off process as well, even if they are planning to return to worship. Parents will be able to pick up children as normal at 10:15 am. Will Sunday School teachers only be able to worship at 10:30 am? To begin with, yes. However, for the 2016-2017 Sunday School year, we are seeking teaching teams of four teachers for every class (see page 5). We ask that they work together to plan a schedule so that there are always two teachers present each Sunday, but they may work out how that works best for them. This will require more volunteers overall, but will also give teachers more weeks off from teaching. On those off weeks they could worship at either service, or use that for outof-town trips, sporting events, etc.

STEP FORWARD & ENGAGE APPRECIATION The Normandale Women of the ELCA Say Thank You!


Meals on Wheels

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that is fun, fulfilling, and can be done over lunch? New volunteer drivers are needed to bring meals and smiles to those in need! We provide drivers in Edina 2-3 times a month; all you need is a car and an hour or so over the lunch hour. Contact Betsy Pfeifer at / 612.306.8999 to sign up!

Vacation Bible School Volunteers

We need you (6th graders and older)! Be a crew leader, run a game or craft station, share a story, and more. See the different volunteer opportunities and sign up online at Questions? Contact Liz Paul at / 952.929.1697 x350. Thank you to all of the women who participated in and contributed to our service project on Monday, April 18. With your help and donations, we were able to assemble 56 HIV/ AIDS Hospice Kits for Global Health Ministries. The total expense for the project was $1157.27 which included money for shipping and medicine to accompany the kits. Global Health Ministries has had a request from Dr. Paul Mmbando in Tanzania for 4,000 Hospice Kits for the palliative care program of the Tanzanian Lutheran Church. We are making a small dent in a large global need, but a few hygiene supplies and the love that’s included in each bag mean a lot to the person who is sick and often alone.

Sunday School Teaching Teams!

For Sunday School 2016-2017, we are trying something new for our Sunday School teachers - we are creating teams of four teachers for each classroom! Each teaching team will then be able to create a schedule that works for them so that two teachers can always be present each week. This is a way to make sure people have support for their volunteer time, can give to our ministry together, and can still be free to have time off as they need. Sunday School runs from 9:15-10:15 am weekly, starting September 18, 2016.

Thank you also to Thrivent for their $250 Action Team contribution to this project!

Will you prayerfully consider whether or not you will help serve the children of Normandale as part of a teaching team for 2016-2017? For more information, contact Liz Paul at / 952.929.1697 x350.

NLC Blood Drive Saved Over 100 Lives!

Serving the Homeless @ Our Saviour’s

A huge thank you to the 36 people who together saved and sustained 107 lives in our community with their donations at the NLC blood drive on Wednesday, April 27. There were a number of firsttime donors, as well as donation veterans! Thank you and see you on Wednesday, October 12 for the next NLC blood drive!

Make a difference, and feed the hungry! We provide dinner to 50 individuals on the second Thursday of every month, from 5:45-8:00 pm at Our Saviour’s Shelter, a homeless shelter two doors down from Normandale House. You are invited to take a Thursday night serving the homeless. Sign up as a family or as an individual! There is a no-cook option with food pick-up on your way to the shelter at Cub Foods. The order is pre-arranged for you. The other option is to purchase, prep, and make all the food yourself at NLC or your home. The church has funds to reimburse you for food costs with either option, at whatever level reimbursement is needed. We have openings to serve on the following dates in 2016: July 14, August 11, September 8, October 13, November 10, or December 8. To sign up, contact Dana Arnold at 952.929.1697 x355 / Many thanks to those who have served recently!

NormandaleNews | Summer 2016


Summer Spirit WITH THE

By Beth Anderson

There is nothing more glorious than witnessing the renewal of the earth unfold before our eyes after a long, cold winter. One sun-filled May morning, my senses were charged with the rich green hue and smell of new grass, the amazing colors and scents of flowering trees and the birds, seemingly giddy, rejoicing in song. The very earth seemed to be shouting praise and glory and thanksgiving to God our Creator, and (only in the privacy of my backyard!) I broke forth in song, “This Is My Father’s World.” Spring also signals the conclusion of many activities and responsibilities with the hope of relaxing the schedule a bit and taking time to breathe in those “lazy hazy days of summer.” But wait, what about my walk with God? Now that my Bible study classes are taking a summer break, does my relationship with God take a break? Does my Bible sit on the shelf June through August? No longer in a structured class and no one to hold me accountable, I am on my own to keep alive and grow in my walk with God. So, just as the earth is being renewed, this is the time for me to replenish, to revive, to create a new spark in my intimate relationship with God. I want to experience summer with the Spirit. Not just at times when my senses are peaked at the awesomeness of God as in the backyard on a glorious May morning, or up at the cabin lying on the dock gazing up at the brilliant star-filled night sky, or listening to the call of loons, or “hearing Him pass in the rustling grass.” No, not just at those times.


Summer 2016 | NormandaleNews

My spiritual focus and desire this summer is to experience - more specifically, to practice - the presence of God continually, with every breath and every thought, for “In Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). Ooh, sounds a little lofty, but it is my heart’s desire to practice God’s presence so I might grow more attuned, more aware of His day-in and day-out Spirit within me. So that when the summer storms or droughts or barren winter days of life may come, instead of searching for or wondering where God is, I know and can feel exactly where He is and lean on His presence within. So how do I begin to practice the presence of God, to see God in everything and hear him speak to me everywhere? First of all, I know my Bible cannot sit on the shelf from June through August! I saw online a beautiful image of a waterfall with its clear, sparkling water gently cascading down to a waiting pool below. The caption read, “Be refreshed in the water of the Word.” God’s Word is life itself. I have experienced in summers past when the Bible did remain on the shelf and by August my spiritual fuel tank was on empty and I was starving for His Word. No renewal, no replenishing of the spirit can happen without the Word of God. So my plan this summer is to read the Book of Psalms, 1-150 (I like to read them out loud because they are written with such passion!). Nothing boldly declares the presence of God, at all times, like the Psalms. Secondly, to practice the presence of God, I need to have a daily alone time with God in prayer. I admit this is a challenge for me. continued on next page >

I find myself talking to God throughout the busyness of my day with arrow prayers asking for help with my agenda, but not really stopping to listen to what I may do for Him! I want to practice a prayer time dedicated to God alone. Sitting quietly with God, resting in His presence, being alert to and listening for the “still small voice of God” – one’s prayer time truly is holy ground. I pray that God will help me establish this time with Him. To encourage me, I plan to reread a devotional book that meant so much to me a few years back. It is called God Calling written by “two listeners” who with the help of an editor, wrote down Jesus’ loving words of teaching and encouragement which they received by simply listening in their quiet, alone time with God. I encourage you to read it also – just as the Bible, the words speak to each reader, meeting the reader wherever one is at in life – it is incredible. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8a). Lastly, this journey of practicing the presence of God is not just about me and my relationship with God – “to love the Lord my God with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind.” But I need to practice and see the presence of God in all my daily interactions with my “neighbor” – “to love my neighbor as myself.” (Jesus’ words, the two greatest com-

-mandments: Matthew 22:36-40). It’s easy to experience the presence of God with my family and sweet grandchildren, but it is not so easy to always be aware of God’s presence with the stranger, the unlovable, or just the common everyday interactions in going about my daily business. Help me God, to be alert to and experience your presence in others and to actively share your presence with others. It is my desire to become so aware of God’s presence that I see Him working in the midst of my day, in the present, and not only after the fact. I want to wake up each day slowly breathing in, not just the “lazy, hazy days of summer,” but God’s grace, love, and power so I may slowly breathe out His grace, love, power to whomever I encounter each and every day. I want to truly dwell in His presence! I have my work cut out for me practicing the presence of God in my “summer with the Spirit.” And now that I have shared my plan with you, you can all hold me accountable! I have a feeling this will be a lifelong practice! “You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” (Psalm 16:11)


May 15, 2016

Doves flew, games were played, and new friends were made at this year’s Pentecost picnic on Sunday, May 15. Congratulations to Bev Page and Libby Heitzmann! They won the drawing for the Minnesota Twins gift cards through the Step Forward & Engage raffle. NLC is going green! Some environmentally friendly improvements to our 2016 all-congregation picnics include: • Cloth table coverings in place of disposable plastic ones - just from this year’s Pentecost and fall Rally Day picnics, we will prevent over 100 plastic table cloths going to a landfill. Not only is this a greener choice, but these table coverings will be paid for in only 4 uses and they will reportedly hold up for over 75 washings! • Bulk beverage dispensers and food items (chips, condiments) in place of individual water bottles and packages - the beverage dispensers pay for themselves after just one event! While progess has been made, there is of course much more improvements to make! Please consider stepping forward to join the NLC Green Team! We need leaders to research, implement, and execute creation care in all aspects of commnuity life at Normandale. Contact Jenny Bock, Director of Connections, at 952.929.1697 x349. NormandaleNews | Summer 2016


Summer Normandale Youth


Summer is a special time for the youth of Normandale. Apart from family vacations, sports, and summer jobs, many of our students have taken advantage of the summer opportunities that Normandale presents as well. Youth choir tours to both New York City and Seattle in recent years have presented Normandale youth with the opportunity to travel, stay with memorable host families, sing together and grow in community. Youth choir member Maggie Walsh, this year a high school senior, recalls a moment at Lutherhaven camp in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on the trip to Seattle: “We had a night time service right on the lake at Lutherhaven, which was a really special and intimate moment that stands out in my memory.” Mission trip opportunities throughout the past few summers have also given high schoolers transformative experiences of serving and learning. Most recently, a large group mission trip to San Raimundo, Guatemala in the summer of 2014 involved building a home for the family of Gloria Sanchez, and meeting many new brothers and sisters in Christ in the process. For current high school senior Lily Askegaard, the experience was so impactful that she wrote a college application essay about the trip, in which she reflected on the powerful exchange of gratitude when the house was finished and given to the Sanchez family as a new beginning. Lily wrote, “Viewing this life of gratitude through Gloria’s eyes stretched my child-like view of the world by looking through an adult lens, a lens that demonstrates rising up beneath hardships to find joy! By serving one another, we gained a renewed perspective of gratitude for one another and for our God who has asked us to humbly serve.” Evan Tungesvick, another current senior who went on the trip, remembers, “We had bonfires on the roof of the building where we stayed, overlooking the entire city. Those moments seemed completely surreal.” 8 Summer 2016 | NormandaleNews


Additionally, a few of our now college-aged young adults have participated in mission trips to Lima and Cusco, Peru by performing, teaching music at Huch’Uy Runa school, and engaging in cultural exchanges that taught them many things in return. Another truly unique experience that was offered to Normandale youth last summer was a trip to Detroit, Michigan for the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering. Around 18 youth and adults from Normandale attended the gathering, among 30,000 other Lutherans from around the country. “The streets of Detroit were swarmed with all of us, and it was pretty cool to see that many people all there for the same reason,” says Lily Askegaard. Lily and Emma Noble, who also participated in the gathering, described one of their days there as a “Tell Your Story” day, in which discussions of faith stories were exchanged, describing where their faith has been and where it is now. However, they agreed that their favorite part of the gathering was the day of service, largely because of the sheer amount of work done for the city in one day by 30,000 youth. Many of our youth also hold onto great memories from their confirmation trips in past years, including giant slumber parties in the gym at church, serving at Normandale House, houseboating, and cabin trips up north (more boating and tubing included, of course!). Some even hold onto memories from Girls and Boys Choir Camp from elementary school as well. Emma Noble, a current high school senior, sums up her feelings about these experiences by saying, “Normandale has so many opportunities for us. I have traveled to both coasts of the U.S. and even to another country through church. My school friends think it’s so cool that I get to do all the stuff here!” Emma, among many other Normandale youth, feels that our church and its summer activities have played a great role in her childhood and formation as a young adult in the church.

STEP FORWARD IN GENEROSITY | ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE Dear NLC Members, I am grateful to have been part of your faith community the past 20 months! Through your generous response to All Together in One Place and your support for Annual Ministry, you have accomplished a great deal in fulfilling your mission. True to the history and DNA of Normandale, you have kept outreach as a focus, including improving the facilities as a tool for ministry. How fulfilling it has been to experience how renovation has enhanced opportunities for hospitality, community building, and service. I am thankful for the leadership and encouragement of Pastor Paul and the NLC staff. In addition to your financial generosity, thank you for the gifts of time and volunteer service so

many of you provide. I have enjoyed working with you, and particularly the Capital Campaign Committee, the Capital Campaign Volunteer Team, and the Finance Committee. Barb and I are looking forward to spending this summer at our home in Washington State. We look forward to staying connected with NLC. With the firm belief that God provides the resources to fulfill the mission to which we are called, we look forward to one day worshiping with you in the new Chapel! With Gratitude, Pastor Steve Olson

Hopes and Plans for the Future

$450,000 In Gifts & Pledges

A Chapel for All at Normandale

What is needed for the Chapel to become a reality? A total of $450,000 in additional and increased pledges will allow NLC to construct a new chapel for worship and gathering space for all. To achieve our goal of $450,000, we will need the following in additional and increased pledges by year as shown in the chart to the right. Can you step forward? Please contact Pastor Paul Pettersen at

NormandaleNews | Summer 2016



Summer Time and the Livin’ Is...

Take time this summer to do something for yourself by engaging with the Center for Healing and Wholeness. Drop in to learn about what we offer or take one of our wellness classes to support your body, engage your mind and enliven your spirit!

A Caregiver’s Story

Janet Devine, a 13 year member of Normandale, experienced the Center’s services personally when her mother, Mary Ann, had been hospitalized and was in need of medical equipment. Knowing that the Center has a loaner equipment program, Janet was able to borrow the equipment needed and get her mother settled at home. As the months passed and Mary Ann’s health declined, Janet spent time with our Social Worker who helped her identify possible assisted living facilities for her mother. Although Mary Ann didn’t want to move out of her home, Janet knew that it was important to be prepared for the time when a move may become necessary. For several months, Mary Ann found herself in and out of rehabilitation facilities. When at home, the Center was able to provide her with a volunteer health coach who called her regularly to check up on her and encourage her to keep up with her daily exercises. Mary Ann loved receiving the phone calls, and her children found that it was very helpful to have someone outside of the family encouraging her. Our Social Worker also checked in with Mary Ann and kept the family updated. The coaching calls gave Janet and her family a bit of “peace” knowing someone was regularly checking in with Mom.

Powerful Tools for Caregiver’s

Are you feeling stretched caring for a loved one? Coming this summer! This 6-week small-group education program is designed to provide family caregivers with self-care tools that will help you take care of yourself while taking care of others. You will learn to reduce stress, improve your self-confidence, balance your life, better communicate your feelings, increase your ability to make tough decisions, and locate helpful resources. You will benefit from this class whether you are helping a parent, spouse, friend, or someone who lives across the country. To learn more or to register, contact Mary Cordell at 952.977.9363.

Matter of Balance

Falls are not an inevitable part of aging. Matter of Balance is an 8-week program which has been shown to help reduce falls, improve quality of life, increase independence, and support healthy aging! In the class you will learn many skills, including: • Exercises that increase your strength and balance • Recognizing fall hazards in your home and in the community • Learning how to be assertive about fall prevention, and more! To learn more about the program or to register, contact the Center at 952.929.1698. When: Tuesdays, August 23 - October 11, 1:00-3:00 pm Where: Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, 4801 France Ave, Edina

Summer Office Volunteer Needed!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to stay connected and engaged in something meaningful this summer, let us know! We have an opportunity for a volunteer in the Center’s office to help coordinate fall health promotion activities and support upcoming projects. The position requires good customer service skills, knowledge of basic office technology, and willingness to have fun working alongside a great team of staff, church members, and volunteers to make a difference!

10 Summer 2016 | NormandaleNews

NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS NormandaleNews Updates: Going Green!

We hope you enjoy reading this Summer Edition of NormandaleNews! The next newsletter will be published in late August, so be sure to check your email this summer for other communication about worship, events, and other news coming up in the next three months. As we continue our intentional pursuit of being good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us, we have exciting plans for the newsletter beginning with the next issue. All individuals will continue receiving the newest issue in their email (and in full color!). Members over age 55 will continue also receiving a hard copy by USPS; members under age 55 will only receive the newest issue by email, unless they choose to opt-in to receiving a hard copy, by contacting the church office at 952.929.1697 x347. Of course, members over age 55 who are receiving both emailed and hard copies can choose to just receive the newest issue by email, by subscribing online at Additionally, hard copies will always be available for pick-up at NLC. Thank you to those who have already subscribed online, as we continue to find ways to be more thoughtful about our environmental impact!

Chancel Flowers or Plants

If there is a special occasion, blessing, or person you wish to acknowledge by placing flowers or a plant in the Chancel for Sunday worship, please contact Janet Devine at 952.929.1697 x347, or stop by the church office or the bulletin board outside the Fellowship Hall. Be sure to include a brief description of the occasion and indicate flower or plant. A $50 contribution for each occasion is requested. Write check payable to Normandale Lutheran Church with the notation “Chancel Flowers” on memo line.


Help Support Our Missionaries

Our pledged mission support is $120 each month for Jim & Carol Sack in Japan, and Neeraj & Nijhar Ekka in India; $30 from 4 families/individuals is needed each week to meet our commitment. To sign-up for a week (or weeks!), contact Janet Devine at 952.929.1697 x347, stop by the church office, or the bulletin board outside the Fellowship Hall.

Welcome Annie Malcom!

For six weeks this summer, Annie Malcom is interning with Jenny Bock, our Director of Connections. Annie has attended Normandale since preschool and will be a senior this fall at St. Olaf College, where she studies Spanish, education, and mathematics. She will be working with Jenny on the Step Forward & Engage campaign, helping to organize and recruit for Normandale’s volunteer engagement opportunities. Last summer she worked for St. Olaf, conducting interviews with alumni to collect feedback on their experiences with the college to ultimately promote volunteer engagement. Annie hopes to positively apply this background in her work at Normandale, to help strengthen service opportunities and involvement in the congregation she grew up in.

music ministry with NLC’S youngest voices

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name be the Glory, because of your love and faithfulness.” (Psalm 115:1) Another Normandale Children’s Choir year has come to a close, with the Boys and Girls Choirs giving an Outreach Program at The Colony, and the Cherubs at Augustana Home. The End of the Year Awards parties were also a great success; each singer very carefully selected their attendance award as a keepsake of another year faithfully serving their Lord. Four 6th graders received a Service Hymnal with their name engraved on the cover. These are given in recognition of four or more years of perfect attendance. Receiving hymnals this year were: Solomon Grueschow, Madeline Howard, Sophie Klein, and Elvy Ruchie. We congratulate these faithful servants and all 6th graders, many of whom have sung in our Children’s Choirs for several years! And now we look forward to Choir Camp at beautiful Luther Park in Danbury, Wisconsin! Over 60 boys and girls are already signed up, along with over 30 Youth and Adult Counselors. We ask for your prayers for our Children’s Choirs for camp and for the year to come, and we thank our awesome God for this music ministry, which involves such a large number of Normandale children. Ruth Oliphant Director of Children’s Choirs NormandaleNews | Summer 2016



see for registrations & more!

Camp Wapo: Family Camp

EVENTS High School Senior Graduates Recognition Sunday, June 12 | 9:30 am Worship See ad on page 15.

Friday, July 29 - Sunday, July 31

Normandale Children’s Choir Camp Tuesday, August 16 - Wednesday, August 17 Ages: 2nd-5th grade students

Worship with Missionaries Jim & Carol Sack Wednesday, July 20 | 7:00 pm

Back-To-School Donation Drive

Book, Bagel & Brew

Wednesday, August 3 - Sunday, August 28 See ad on page 16.

Saturday, June 18 | 9:00 am - 11:00 am This month: The World According to Garp by John Irving.

AMEN Event: St. Paul Saints Baseball Game

4-Hour Driver Improvement Class (55+)

Sunday, August 14 | 5:05 pm First Pitch See ad on page 16. Registration due July 11.

CHILDREN & YOUTH NLC Youth @ Valleyfair!

July 12 // October 4 | 12:30-4:30 pm | Rooms 209-211 Cost: $22. Call 1.888.234.1294 to register.

8-Hour Driver Improvement Class (55+) September 15 // 22 | 5:30-9:30 pm | Rooms 209-211 Cost: $26. Call 1.888.234.1294 to register.

Wednesday, June 22 | 9:30 am - 4:00 pm Cost: $30. Scholarships available. Registration due June 8.

Youth & Family Drive-In Outdoor Movie

Organ Concert Series: Lorna Wolthoff

Wednesday, August 10


CAMP OPPORTUNITIES Scholarships are available to any child wishing to attend Camp Wapo, Choir Camp, or Vacation Bible School.


Thursday, June 23 | 12:10 pm

Organ Concert Series: Andy Jacob Thursday, July 7 | 12:10 pm

Minnesota All State Lutheran Choir Concert Wednesday, June 29 | 7:00 pm

Vacation Bible School: Expedition Norway! Monday, June 27 - Thursday, June 30 Ages: 3 years old-5th Grade

Organ Concert Series: Jack Swanson

Camp Wapo: Seeds Weekend

23rd Annual Brass Workshop

Friday, July 8 - Sunday, July 10 Ages: 2nd-3rd grade students

Camp Wapo: Youth Camp Sunday, July 10 - Friday, July 15 Ages: 4th-8th grade students 12 Summer 2016 | NormandaleNews

Thursday, August 4 | 12:10 pm

Monday, August 8 & Thursday, August 11 Participants will play in Mass and Worship on Saturday, August 13, and Sundays, August 14 and 21.

NLC CALENDAR Sunday, June 5 9:30 am Worship | Holy Communion 10:30 am Coffee & Fellowship Monday, June 6 9:00 am Preschool Summer Camp Tuesday, June 7 9:00 am Preschool Summer Camp 9:00 am Blessing Place Toddler Treehouse 11:00 am Center for Arts & Spirituality Meeting 4:00 pm NLC & Bethlehem Lutheran Church Normandale Housing Meeting 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Wednesday, June 8 8:30 am H & W Board Meeting 9:00 am Preschool Summer Camp 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 7:00 pm Outdoor Worship & Fellowship Thursday, June 9 9:00 am Preschool Summer Camp 9:00 am Blessing Place Toddler Treehouse 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi 5:30 pm Allen & Steiner Wedding Rehearsal 6:00 pm Serving @ Our Saviour’s Shelter Friday, June 10 2:00 pm Allen & Steiner Wedding Saturday, June 11 10:30 am Alzheimer’s Support Group 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group Sunday, June 12 9:30 am Worship | High School Recognition Baptism 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship Monday, June 13 9:00 am Preschool Summer Camp 1:00 pm Archives Committee

Tuesday, June 21 9:00 am Blessing Place Toddler Treehouse 6:00 pm Finance Committee 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm Church Council

Thursday, July 7 9 am-12 pm H & W Podiatry Clinic 12:10 pm Organ Recital by Andy Jacob (Everyone Welcome!) 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi

Wednesday, June 22 10:00 am Valleyfair (9-12th grade) 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 6:00 pm Youth Vacation Bible School Training 7:00 pm Outdoor Worship | Holy Communion & Fellowship 8:00 pm Adult Vacation Bible School Training

Friday, July 8 5:00 pm 2nd & 3rd graders leave for Camp Wapo

Thursday, June 23 9:00 am Blessing Place Toddler Treehouse 12:10 pm Organ Recital by Lorna Wolthoff (Everyone Welcome!) 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi 7:00 pm Youth Vacation Bible School Training 8:00 pm Adult Vacation Bible School Training Friday, June 24 Vacation Bible School (set-up) Saturday, June 25 Vacation Bible School (set-up) 9:00 am Adult Vacation Bible School Training 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group Sunday, June 26 9:30 am Worship | Baptism 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship Monday, June 27 9:00 am-12:00 noon Vacation Bible School Tuesday, June 28 9:00 am-12:00 noon Vacation Bible School 9:00 am Blessing Place Toddler Treehouse 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous

Tuesday, June 14 9:00 am Preschool Summer Camp 9:00 am Blessing Place Toddler Treehouse 10:00 am Staff Meeting 6:00 pm Alzheimer’s Adult | Child Support Group 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm Executive Committee

Wednesday, June 29 9:00 am-12:00 noon Vacation Bible School 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 7:00 pm Outdoor Worship & Fellowship 7:00 pm MN All State Lutheran Choir Concert

Wednesday, June 15 9:00 am Preschool Summer Camp 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 7:00 pm Outdoor Worship & Fellowship

Thursday, June 30 9:00 am-12:00 noon Vacation Bible School 9:00 am Blessing Place Toddler Treehouse 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi

Thursday, June 16 9:00 am Preschool Summer Camp 9:00 am Blessing Place Toddler Treehouse 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi Friday, June 17 No Events Scheduled Saturday, June 18 9:00 am Book, Bagel & Brew 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group Sunday, June 19 | FATHER’S DAY 9:30 am Holy Communion | Healing Prayers 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship Monday, June 20 6:00 pm Stephen Ministry Leadership 7:00 pm Stephen Ministry Peer Support

Friday, July 1 No Events Scheduled Saturday, July 2 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group Sunday, July 3 9:30 am Worship | Holy Communion 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship Monday, July 4 | HOLIDAY CHURCH OFFICE & BUILDING CLOSED Tuesday, July 5 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Wednesday, July 6 9 am-12 pm H & W Podiatry Clinic 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 7:00 pm Outdoor Worship | Holy Communion & Fellowship

Saturday, July 9 10:30 am Alzheimer’s Support Group 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group Sunday, July 10 9:30 am Worship | Baptism 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship 2:30 pm 2nd & 3rd graders return from Camp Wapo and Youth leave for Camp Wapo Monday, July 11 7:00 pm Foundation Board Meeting Tuesday, July 12 10:00 am Staff Meeting 12:30 pm 4 Hour Refresher Driver Course 6:00 pm Alzheimer’s Adult | Child Support Group 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm Executive Committee Wednesday, July 13 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 7:00 pm Outdoor Worship & Fellowship Thursday, July 14 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi 5:45 pm Handbell Choir Rehearsal 6:00 pm Serving @ Our Saviour’s Shelter Friday, July 15 5:00 pm Youth return from Camp Wapo Saturday, July 16 9:00 am Book, Bagel & Brew 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group Sunday, July 17 9:30 am Worship | Holy Communion 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship Monday, July 18 No Events Scheduled Tuesday, July 19 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm Church Council Wednesday, July 20 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 7:00 pm Outdoor Worship | Holy Communion & Fellowship Thursday, July 21 7:30 am Youth leave for Boundary Waters 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi Friday, July 22 No Events Scheduled Saturday, July 23 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group Sunday, July 24 9:30 am Worship | Prayer Emphasis 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship Monday, July 25 No Events Scheduled

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NLC CALENDAR, continued Tuesday, July 26 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous

Monday, August 8 6:30 pm Brass Workshop

Thursday, August 18 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi

Wednesday, July 27 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 6:00 pm Youth return from Boundary Waters 7:00 pm Outdoor Worship & Fellowship

Tuesday, August 9 7:00 am-8:00 pm Primary Election 10:00 am Staff Meeting 6:00 pm Alzheimer’s Adult | Child Support Group 6:30 pm Finance Committee 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm Executive Committee

Friday, August 19 No Events Scheduled

Thursday, July 28 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi Friday, July 29 5:30 pm Ryan & Myhre Wedding Rehearsal Saturday, July 30 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group 11:00 am Ryan & Myhre Wedding Sunday, July 31 9:30 am Worship | Holy Communion | Healing Prayers 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship Monday, August 1 No Events Scheduled Tuesday, August 2 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Wednesday, August 3 9 am-12 pm H & W Podiatry Clinic 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 7:00 pm Outdoor Worship | Holy Communion & Fellowship Thursday, August 4 9 am-12 pm H & W Podiatry Clinic 12:10 pm Organ Recital by Jack Swanson (Everyone Welcome!) 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi Friday, August 5 No Events Scheduled Saturday, August 6 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group Sunday, August 7 9:30 am Worship | Holy Communion Healing Prayers 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship

Wednesday, August 10 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 7:00 pm Outdoor Worship | Holy Communion & Fellowship Thursday, August 11 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi 6:00 pm Serving @ Our Saviour’s Shelter 6:30 pm Brass Workshop Friday, August 12 No Events Scheduled Saturday, August 13 10:30 am Alzheimer’s Support Group 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group Sunday, August 14 9:30 am Worship 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship 3:15 pm Bus leaves for All Saints Game 4:00 pm Tailgate at All Saints Game 5:05 pm All Saints Game (begins) (see page 16 for more information) Monday, August 15 6:00 pm Stephen Ministry Leadership 7:00 pm Stephen Ministry Peer Support Tuesday, August 16 9:00 am 3rd-6th Gr. Choir Camp (leave) 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm Church Council Wednesday, August 17 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 3:00 pm 3rd-6th Gr. Choir Camp (return) 7:00 pm Last Outdoor Worship for the summer & Fellowship

Saturday, August 20 9:00 am Book, Bagel & Brew 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group Sunday, August 21 9:30 am Worship | Holy Communion 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship Monday, August 22 No Events Scheduled Tuesday, August 23 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Wednesday, August 24 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga Thursday, August 25 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi Friday, August 26 6:00 pm Dunnum & Sackrison Wedding Reh Saturday, August 27 10:30 am Food Disorders Support Group 4:30 pm Dunnum & Sackrison Wedding Sunday, August 28 9:30 am Worship 10:30 am Coffee Fellowship Monday, August 29 No Events Scheduled Tuesday, August 30 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Wednesday, August 31 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga


BAPTISMS May 8: May 22: May 22: May 22: May 29:


14 Summer 2016 | NormandaleNews

For freedom Christ has set us free. (Galatians 5) Charles Warner Shane, son of Steve & Suzanne Shane Finnegan Philip Geisler, son of Timothy & Kimberly Geisler Henry Ekstrand Shea, son of Andrew & Bria Shea Sofie Grace Swan, daughter of David Swan & Heidi Moon Hadley Rose Kellen, daughter of Ryan & Krista Kellen

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So here’s to mission trips, choir tour bus rides, countless games of spoons, confirmation retreats, deep life talks, and Bible studies. Congratulations Seniors! We are so proud of you! Matthew Alvero * Elizabeth Anderson * Lily Askegaard * Bethany Aydinalp * Helen Baer * Spencer Barck Nick Clarin * Lexi Clarke * Emerson Clay * Trebor Eberle * Joe Fewer * Marta Gullickson Rutger Henriksen * Alex Hyjek * Dan James * Chloe Lewis * Katie Malcom * Willie Malcom Alex Meffert * Bjorn Melin * Matthew Merta * Molly Myhre * Marissa Nelson * Emma Noble Davis Olson * Jarrett Strand * Evan Tungesvick * Siri Veker * Maggie Walsh * Zach Werley * Kinsey Wessels

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We will be collecting donations to purchase school supplies for local kids in need served by SAYFSM CES VEAP and living in Normandale House & Elliot Avenue Housing.

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