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OCT/NOV 2017 // I s s u e 6

Celebrating 20 Years of Ministry


Seeking the Spiritual in Prose and Poetry Fall Festival Sunday, October 8 . 1:00 pm Authors with different approaches to writing about spirituality and spiritual subjects will share their experiences and their work, and engage in a discussion about how we can develop a spiritual writing practice. Join in a conversation with Lynn Domina, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, and Susan Cherwien, moderated by Steve Staruch of MPR.

Wednesday Night Series . 5:00-6:30 pm Each week dinner will be served and guest speakers will visit and engage dinner guests in conversation.

October 11 |

Author and Spiritual Director, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew will discuss how one can develop the practice of Spiritual Journaling.

October 18 |

Freelance writer and musician, Susan Palo Cherwien will lead discussion about language in hymnody, how we honor tradition and continue to create new and inclusive text.

October 25 |

Composer and musician, John Hermanson will lead discussion about creating collaborative liturgy. How do we shape words to music or do we shape music to words?

Learn more about CAS on page 11 and

Free and open to the public. All ages welcome.

Together Oct/Nov 2017

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Our Mission Led by the Holy Spirit and living in God’s grace, Normandale Lutheran Church is a community proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, learning, worship, and service.

Welcoming Statement Normandale Lutheran Church is called to the ministry of reconciliation. We welcome and affirm our human family’s diversity of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, faith history, socioeconomic status, physical and mental ability. We embrace this diversity as a gift from God. We affirm that all people are created in the image of God, and as beloved children of God, all are worthy of God’s love and grace. We welcome all people into full participation in the life and ministries of Normandale Lutheran Church. We recognize that there are differences among us, but believe that we can love one another even though we may not think alike. We proclaim this statement of welcome to all who have known the pain of exclusion or discrimination in the church and society. We invite you to join us in our faithful journey toward greater love, understanding, and reconciliation.

NLC Together // October/November 2017


live generously

STEWARDSHIP AS A DAILY PRACTICE “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it; the world and those who live in it.” Psalm 24:1 We do not own anything. The land on which we live is not ours. It belongs to the Creator and will be here long after we are gone. The portfolios that prepare for the rest of our lives will become inheritance for someone else. Even the children and grandchildren who might bear our family name, do not belong to us. They are God’s children, entrusted to us for a time, that we might support and encourage their growth, living before them as examples of faith, following Jesus Christ. And so, to live generously, is to first make no claim on ownership. Stewardship is what we do with what we have, all the time. The daily decisions we make reflect the faithfulness we hold, release our grip on that which is temporary, holding tight to that which is eternal. For God has made it so. 4

October/November 2017 // NLC Together

“How shall I repay the Lord for all the good things God has done for me.” Psalm 116:12

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

As you consider what you have been entrusted with, consider this question, “How much can I justifiably keep?” So often we ask, “How much should I give?” But the steward of that which we do not own, asks, “How much can I justifiably keep?” In a world where resources are abundant, but disparities prevent sufficient daily life to many, it is our moral imperative and spiritual joy to share with others. We do not give out of any obligation, but only from a joyful heart with thanks for God’s providence.

Let generosity be a discipline in your life. Awaken each morning with your heart ready to give. Trust that no more will be asked, than what you can joyfully provide. Discern where to say no, but let your yes be resounding. As a steward of the mysteries, as a steward of the material, as a steward of the Gospel, “Live Generously,” in the way of Jesus Christ, who gave his life for us all.

From our former worship book, the Lutheran Book of Worship(LBW-Green), we hear these words in the prayer following the offering, “Merciful God, with joy and thanksgiving, we offer what you have first given us, ourselves, our time, and our possession, signs of your gracious love.” All that we have, and all that we are, gifts from God for good purpose in the world. STEWARDS WE ARE.

To live generously in this generation, our time may be our greatest offering. Though surrounded by devices of increased communication and speed, we clearly have less and less time. Our days are filled with activity and obligation, leaving us with little time to give. Perhaps our greatest act of generosity in this season will be to give away our time in some unique way, trusting that God’s abundance will be enough for us to find rest. STEWARDS WE ARE.

Or, perhaps we will consider a new way in which to share our wealth, thinking creatively and joyfully about the abundant providence of God. I recently heard someone say, “We combed through our budget and found $700 worth of monthly savings.” Perhaps that becomes the source of a new gift for the world. STEWARDS WE ARE.

Or, maybe we clean out the garage, the basement closet, the shed out back, monetizing that which is no longer used, for the purpose of giving to people in need. We regain the freedom of our spaces, alongside the relief simplicity brings.


Saturday, October 14 | 8:30-11:00 am Fellowship Hall As national giving trends shift, and the landscape for charitable giving changes, we will be gathering with people of NLC to consider what this means for our generosity. We know that from generation to generation differences are emerging in how and why we respond to invitations to be generous. This summit will provide an opportunity to explore the spiritual gift of generosity in your life of faith. We hope to inform you of how the ministry of NLC meets our vision to build community both near and far, serving the needs of others, as God gives us the opportunities. You will hear of the cultural shifts that are underway. You will learn about what it takes to be the Church of Jesus Christ in 2017. You will meet others who share your desire to be faithful followers of Jesus. For more information, or to indicate your wish to be present, please email Pastor Charlie Ruud at or Pastor Paul Pettersen at

We not only “joyfully offer,” but we “joyfully release”. We let go, we surrender, we acknowledge that none of it ours to withhold. The most content are not those who have the most, but rather those who need the least. In this is peace, not that we have treasure on earth, but that we have treasure in heaven. NLC Together // October/November 2017


Normandale Housing Ministry: Celebrating 20 Years of Service by Pastor Dale Howard

1982 A cold Minnesota winter. City and county emergency shelters become overwhelmed. Would churches provide space for people living on the streets? Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and 24th Street South, responds by opening its basement and forming Our Saviour's Housing. Soon the program runs year around, because more and more people find themselves without housing. In ten years, the ministry establishes a permanent shelter for men and another for women. Would Normandale Lutheran Church become a partner and provide housing for families? A conversation begins, and Normandale makes housing families experiencing homelessness a "Parish Priority," founds the nonprofit Normandale Housing Corporation to manage the ministry, and looks for appropriate property. 6

October/November 2017 // NLC Together

1997 Normandale and Our Saviour's form a 10year partnership in which Normandale funds a social worker to support families and singles within the Our Saviour's program. And, with Minnesota Housing Finance Agency loans, we purchase Normandale House, a triplex at 2305 Chicago Avenue. As long as we maintain a transitional housing program for resident families, we pay nothing on those loans, and (after 10 years) they will be forgiven at the rate of 10% a year.

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NHM: Celebrating 20 Years of Service (continued)

2017 We've maintained the ministry for 20 years. In November, the loans will be forgiven. But much more important, we have walked with 65 families as they moved from the experience of being homeless to developing sustainable living within communities of faith. Fifty Normandale Church members have served on Support Teams, meeting regularly with our families and case managers, 40 have served on the Normandale Housing Board, and 80 more have served as Friends of Normandale House. And our capital campaigns, Marching off the Maps and All Together in One Place, have provided foundational funding. We've been on a trajectory of learning to form partnerships, write and receive grant funding, and develop programs, such as Reading Buddies, in which youth (and adults) from church eat, play, read, and study with the children of our housing community. Our community organizes National Night Out, a summer garden, and social events. Urged by Wilder Research to provide more housing, we formed a partnership with Urban Homeworks to purchase four duplexes on Elliot Avenue. With Bethlehem Lutheran Church, we provide another four apartments. Conversations with other potential partners continue. But you, members of Normandale Lutheran Church, have been the inspirational catalyst for everything this ministry accomplishes. So, come to celebrate at the American Swedish Institute on Sunday, November 12. It's time to "burn the mortgage"! Then roll up your sleeves and join the ministry. We still have work to do.


October/November 2017 // NLC Together

20th Annivesary Celebration & Benefit



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500 Years of God's Grace in Action This fall marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Learn, remember and celebrate with a Reformation Festival, including the Celebration Worship and Hymn Festival on Sunday, October 28!

REFORMING FORWARD Last spring, Pastor Charlie traveled together with Bishop Ann Svennungsen and 14 other pastors from the Minneapolis Area Synod on a ten-day visit of our companion synod in Leipzig, Germany. The trip included learning, fellowship, and discussion with each other and the German hosts including visiting key sites related to Martin Luther and participating in Germany’s premiere celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. For an insider view of the trip and some of the experience, view the blog "Reforming Forward" compiled along the way, which includes a post by Pastor Charlie:

REFORMATION FESTIVAL Friday, October 27 & Saturday, October 28 WORKSHOPS

Friday afternoon, October 27 & Saturday morning, October 28 Luther Seminary (advanced registration required)

OKTOBERFEST DINNER Friday, October 27, 5:30-7:00 pm | Luther Seminary (ticket purchase required)

NATIONAL LUTHERAN CHOIR | Holy Spirit Mass Friday, October 27, 8:00 pm | Basilica of St. Mary (ticket purchase required)

CELEBRATION WORSHIP & HYMN FESTIVAL with Massed Choir, including our own Normandale Choir!

Saturday, October 28, 4:00 pm | Central Lutheran Church Learn more and register at NLC Together // October/November 2017


Adult Ministry

Introducing LIFT:

Living in Faith Together A New Small Group Ministry at NLC Are you looking to build friendships in our community of faith? Will you carve out time to strengthen our community of faith by meeting in a small group? Can you envision how learning, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer can bring deeper meaning to your life? In response to our latest strategic planning work, we are planning to begin a number of new small groups. We hope to encourage greater connections and faithful conversations, in settings that are safe, non-judgmental, and enjoyable. The conversations will be based on the “Animate Faith� curriculum, theologically sound material that leaves room for doubt and questions, alongside love and sup-

10 October/November 2017 // NLC Together

port for others. With a brief video to prompt discussion, and a written curriculum to further the inquiry, groups will find it easy to engage one another in meaningful conversation about faith in Jesus Christ. We hope that groups will choose to meet in homes once per month, from October 2017-May 2018. Groups will be allowed to select the day and time that work best. We will provide direction for the formulation of groups, names for invitation, and guidance in facilitating curriculum. Each group will need an Initiator, one who sees to the group getting together -- scheduling, logistics, and reminders; a Facilitator, one who guides the evening and navigates the curriculum; and a Host, one who opens their home to the gathering. If you are interested in participating in LIFT, please contact our Director of Connections, Jenny Bock, at

Center for Arts & Spirituality

Welcome to the CAS 2017-18 Season by Suzanne Klein

"Writing is an art form we can use to explore our deepest hopes, fears, and questions; we also write to express gratitude and praise. Writing can heal us and bring us clarity." – Kris Bigalk

As a musician, I understand how artistic expression can touch the emotional and spiritual places in our hearts in a deep and meaningful way. A certain phrase, played in just the right way, can be deeply moving. In that same vein, others may be moved by a piece of visual art, a poem, or through movement and dance. Whatever your passion for artistic expression is, even if it hasn’t been discovered yet, I invite you to take a break from the busyness of life, and take part in what the Center for Arts and Spirituality has to offer with the 2017-18 season. The Center for Arts and Spirituality (CAS) is beginning its second season this fall with events, workshops, and concerts that promise to continue to bring us new and exciting ways to express our faith and grow in our spiritual journey. CAS festivals this year will spotlight artistic expression and spirituality through spiritual writing and through music. The season will open with a focus on writing and spirituality at Seeking the Spiritual in Prose and Poetry on Sunday, October 8. Three authors with different approaches to writing about spirituality and spiritual subjects will share their experiences and their work, and engage in a discussion, moderated by Steve Staruch of MPR, about how we can develop a spiritual writing practice. This is a participatory event and will be followed up by three Wednesday night dine-and-discuss workshops exploring the topics of spiritual journaling, language in hymnody, and creating collaborative liturgy. See page 2 for event details and read about authors Lynn Domina, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, Susan Palo Cherwien at A winter series will bring Theodicy Jazz Collection, founded by Rev. Andrew (Andy) Barnett, a former children’s and youth choir member, to Normandale for evensong worship and a concert. In addition to the festivals and workshops, CAS will host a concert series. The 2017-18 concert series will bring us music from a variety of genres, including sacred choral, orchestral, organ, and even jazz! CAS also continues to provide music lessons for a wide variety of instruments. Learn more at

NLC Together // October/November 2017


ATOP: All Together in One Place | Phase Two

When the Wall Comes Down by Pastor Paul Pettersen

12 October/November 2017 // NLC Together

A well-developed vision, careful planning, and abundant congregational generosity, are about to bring the vision of a chapel space into view. I have been told of a “cocktail napkin” drawing in the late 1980’s that led to the first consideration of smaller worship gatherings. In the subsequent twenty-five years, various leadership groups have engaged in conversation about what a chapel could mean to our community of faith… smaller weddings and funerals, gatherings of praise for preschool children, Sunday School, and youth, additional worship expressions providing more options for weekly worship, a more intimate space for care in times of suffering and transition, holy space for quiet devotion, and respite from the trials of life. And now, after four months of looking at a temporary wall in the Fireside Room, we are poised to realize this vision and dream. As promised, it appears that the “Crossover” Chapel, and the studio spaces beneath, will be ready for occupancy by the end of November. Thanks to our builder, the Opus Corporation, we are on track with both the timeline and budget, and we look forward to completing the vision for All Together in One Place, Phase One and Phase Two. The fullness of this campaign for receiving the gifts to meet it, will take us into the early part of 2020. To date, we have exceeded the initial goal for pledges of $4.8 million, as we stand currently at $4.875 million. We will cultivate generosity throughout the campaign, with a sincere hope that our $2 million debt draw will be smaller than expected. We are grateful for the generosity of the congregation, rising to meet the vision that God has set before us. Long after us, there will be people of God worshipping in this space; singing, praying, listening, and growing in faith. Thanks be to God! Stay tuned for more on the opening. As a “save the date,” mark your calendar for Sunday, December 3, when we will host a worship service at 5:00 pm. It is fitting that Advent 1 should be our first service, marking a new year in our liturgical life, and beginning our preparation for the Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayerful support of your leaders. Thank you for meeting this vision with generosity. Thank you for stepping out in faith on behalf of those who will come after us. God is in it all!

NLC Together // October/November 2017


Life @ NLC Community Welcome Coffees

Sundays, Oct 1 & Nov 19 | 10:00 am New to NLC? Or have you been around, but would like to learn more? Join in a Welcome Coffee. Questions? Contact Jenny Bock at or 952.9291697.

Center for Arts & Spirituality: Finding Spirituality in Prose and Poetry

Sunday, October 8 | 1:00 pm Join in a conversation with Lynn Domina, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, and Susan Cherwien, three authors with different approaches to writing about spirituality and spiritual subjects. Free and open to the public.

Memorial Blood Drive

Wednesday, Oct 11 | 3:00-7:00 pm Give the gift of life! Donors receive a delicious meal and save multiple lives with their donation! All blood types are needed - especially O- and O+. Sign-up at the Welcome Center, contact Janet Devine, janet@, 952.929.1697 or www.mbc. org/searchdrives - Sponsor Code is 0546.

Pumpkin Carving Party

Sunday, October 15 | 4:30-6:30 pm Come and join us for a pumpkin carving party! Carving, pumpkin activities, and pizza! BYOP: bring your own pumpkin and carving tools! RSVP:

Reformation Celebration Worship

Saturday, October 28 | 4:00 pm Central Lutheran Church Come for worship and celebration with a massed choir, including our own Normandale Choir, along with the National Lutheran Choir.

All Saints Worship @ Lakewood

Wednesday, November 1 | 7:00 pm Lakewood Cemetery, Mpls We honor and remember those who have gone before us.

14 October/November 2017 // NLC Together

For the full calendar of NLC Happenings, visit

Normandale Housing Ministry: 20th Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, November 12 | 5:00 pm American Swedish Institute You're Invited! Come celebrate 20 years of service as we continue to support families moving from homelessness to sustainable living. RSVP at

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 22 2:30 & 7:00 pm Worship Worship together Thanksgiving Eve and stay for pumpkin pie and fellowship!

Children & Family Kids Night Out (KNO) Register Today!

Saturdays, Oct 7 & Nov 11 | 4:00-7:00 pm bring the kids to Normandale for a fun night of games, music, art projects, fun activities and dinner. And while the kids are having a great night out, so can their parents. Register at

ParentRest: Littles and Bigs

Sundays | 10:00-10:40 am Kicking off in October! Oct 8: ParentRest Bigs (parents of high schoolers and beyond) Oct 15: ParentRest Littles (parents of kids two years and under). Learn more at

Children & Family questions? Contact Kari Warnke at

Youth 10th-12th Grade MEA Retreat

Thursday, Oct 19 - Sunday, Oct 22 Camp Castaway | Detroit Lakes, MN Few things are better than taking a break from normal life and heading up for a weekend of camp in October! Reserve your spot by October 4!

Rite of Confirmation

Reformation Sunday, October 29 Celebrate with our 10th grade confirmands.

Sign-up for Summer 2018! National Youth Gathering

June 25 - July 1 | Houston, Texas Every three years, 30,000 high school youth and their adult leaders gather for a week of faith formation known as the ELCA Youth Gathering. Don't miss it! Register by Nov 8. Adventure Trip to The Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA)

July 23-30 | Wilderness Canoe Base NLC is going back to the BWCA! This year's trip is a one-week combination service and adventure trip for those completing 9-12th grade. Only 21 spots! Sign-up by Dec 6. Youth questions? Contact Maggie Jones at

Adults & Seniors Adult Community Learning Sundays, 10:00-10:40 am | Fellowship Hall What Does Lutheran Mean? | Oct 1-15 Service of Resurrection Planning | Nov 5 Normandale Housing Ministry | Nov 12 Letter to the Galatians | Nov 19 & 26 Learn more at

Second Wednesday

Wednesday, Oct 11 & Nov 8 | 10:00 am Seniors, come for coffee, fellowship, worship, lunch, a program, and more!

Generosity Summit

Saturday, October 14 | 8:30-11:00 am Fellowship Hall As national giving trends shift, and the landscape for charitable giving changes, we will be gathering with people of NLC to consider what this means for our generosity. See page 5 for more info, or to indicate your wish to be present, please email Pastor Charlie Ruud at or Pastor Paul Pettersen at

T'ai Chi

Thursdays | 1:30-2:30 pm 3rd Floor, Multi-Purpose Room North For more info, contact Patti Hankes at or 952.929.1698.

NLC Life in Pictures September 2017: Fall Begins at NLC! Rally Sunday, 10th Grade Confirmand Retreat, High School Hangout, Reading Buddies, Confirmation, and more!

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Our Mission Led by the Holy Spirit and living in God’s grace, Normandale Lutheran Church is a community proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, learning, worship, and service.

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Wednesday, November 22 2:30 & 7:00 pm | Thanksgiving Eve Worship Pumpkin Pie & Gathering following both services And share a slice of thanks with Operation Pumpkin Pie! A Normandale tradition! Pay it forward with gratitude and pie! After worship, pick-up a pumpkin pie to-go bag to share with anyone you find working on Thanksgiving Eve on Thanksgiving Day... at the gas station, hospital, airport, the coffee shop, and more.

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NLC Together  

October/November 2017 Normandale Lutheran Church Edina, MN

NLC Together  

October/November 2017 Normandale Lutheran Church Edina, MN