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MAY 2018 // I s s u e 3

LOVE LET LOOSE! Pentecost 2018.


LOVE LET LOOSE! Pentecost 2018.



New Member Welcome. Graduate Recognition. Celebration!

Food for All. Dove Release. Face Painting. Photo Booth Fun. And more!


Together May 2018

In This Issue 2 / Pentecost at NLC 4 / Love Let Loose! 6 / The Power of Presence: Stephen Ministry at NLC 9 / The Holy Spirit Is in This Place:

Worship Together

Sundays, through May 13 8:45 & 10:45 am / Worship 10:00-10:40 am / Coffee & Community 5:00 pm / Chapel Worship Sundays, May 20 - Sept 9 9:30 am / Worship Coffee & Community following

Gather Around the Table

Wednesdays, through May 9 5:00-6:45 pm / Community Dinner served

The NLC Chapel for All 13 / Partners in Ministry: The Center for Healing & Wholeness 14 / Life @ NLC 16 / Upcoming Happenings

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Our Mission Led by the Holy Spirit and living in God’s grace, Normandale Lutheran Church is a community proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, learning, worship, and service.

Welcoming Statement We affirm that all people are created in the image of God, and as beloved children of God, all are worthy of God’s love and grace. We welcome all people into full participation in the life and ministries of Normandale Lutheran Church. We recognize that there are differences among us, but believe that we can love one another, even though we may not think alike. We proclaim this statement of welcome to all who have known the pain of exclusion or discrimination in the church and society. Normandale Lutheran Church is committed to a ministry of reconciliation. We welcome and affirm our human family’s diversity of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, faith history, socioeconomic status, physical and mental ability. We embrace this diversity as a gift from God, and invite all into a faithful journey toward greater love, understanding, and reconciliation. NLC Together // May 2018


LOVE LET LOOSE! ...there is an open door, abundant seating at the table, and always room for one more.

Reflections for Pentecost.


May 2018 // NLC Together


Acts 2:1-21 Walls come down! National borders erode! Languages find common understanding, and God’s power is revealed to all! In the Pentecost event in Acts 2, we hear again the story of the wind, loud and mighty, bending the limbs of human exclusion. The Holy Spirit, the breath of God, blowing freely into all people, from every nation, male and female, young and old, empowered to love beyond human conventions and divisions, empowered to love beyond difference, empowered to love in the way of the cross of Jesus Christ, suffering deeply, in order to love truly. LOVE LET LOOSE!

the transforming winds of unity. Jesus had prayed, “Make them one, as we are one,” and, all together in one place, by the work of the Holy Spirit, the church, the ekklesia, the gathering, was being knit together in love. LOVE LET LOOSE!

Pentecost is about loving beyond our fear. Pentecost is about transcending the boundaries of race, creed, language, and nation. Pentecost cracks open the community of the beloved, where there is an open door, abundant seating at the table, and always room for one more. LOVE LET LOOSE!

The early church was born in the suffering love of Jesus Christ. The early church was engineered in the power of the Holy Spirit. The early church grew in

Let it be so among us…

NLC Together // May 2018


The Power of Presence Stephen Ministry: Providing Care to Those Who Are Hurting by Martin Hidy


May 2018 // NLC Together

It was a hot day in August 1983 and I did not want to be there. I was standing next to my mother in front of the casket of my grandmother. I felt sad, scared, numb, awkward, and uncertain. Who were all these people? What should I say? What should I do? How would I get through this day? A familiar face appeared, the friendly countenance of Paul Manz, the organist at my grandmother’s church and a family friend. He gave me a comforting handshake along with his wide smile, and then he hugged my mother. He explained that he had been out of town and was a bit under the weather, but he was determined to make it to the funeral. He told my mother that had he known, he would have played for my grandmother’s service. I was touched by his generous offer and his kind words, but even more, by his just being with us. Here was this busy man, with a demanding professional schedule, feeling below par, who made the effort to reach out to our family. Throughout the years, he had always been so thoughtful, even calling my Aunt Ellie annually on their shared birthday. His attendance and his concern for us was the first bright spot on a dark day for me. I have never forgotten that feeling, the power of a caring person’s presence. Six years later I still felt inadequate in so many ways in how to behave in situations where people are facing illness, dying, and death, but I also had cherished the memory of that bright moment at my grandmother’s funeral. I also had been aware of Normandale’s Stephen Ministry program, launched in 1987 by members Ginny Moore, Nancy Wright, and former Associate Pastor Bob Rusert. Normandale was starting a new class. I decided it was time for me to step up.

In the initial training, I learned that the program is named after Stephen, who, in the book of Acts, was chosen to provide caring ministry to those in need. This one-to-one, Christ-centered program matches Care Receivers who are experiencing a life crisis, such as a death, an illness, or a job loss, with trained Stephen Ministers who walk with them on their life journey. Through their commitment to meet weekly with Care Receivers, Stephen Ministers extend the care of our faith community and pastors. I learned about the importance of confidentiality, assertiveness, setting boundaries, expressing feelings, and listening actively. I also discovered that I already had gifts and skills that I brought to the program, but I realized the training helped me to hone those skills, not only for use in Stephen Ministry, but also in interacting with family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and other people in my life. Once commissioned, I met weekly with my first Care Receiver, an older man with a chronic illness. My second Care Receiver was a younger man experiencing job loss and divorce. In our monthly Peer Support meetings, I shared how important it was to just listen and not give advice, because my Care Receiver’s feelings changed from week to week. In 1993, I was asked to become a Stephen Leader and spend two weeks training at the University of Berkeley along with 500 other participants from around the world. To be immersed in a community of so many other Christians committed to helping others was an incredible, treasured, life-changing experience for which I continue to be thankful.

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NLC Together // May 2018


As a Stephen Leader, I have been blessed to work with many talented Stephen Ministers and Leaders. Normandale has over 120 members who have been trained as Stephen Ministers. Our current leadership team consists of Pastor Dale Howard, Julie Nelson, and me. To support our caring Normandale community, we ask you to: • Pray for our Care Receivers and our Stephen Ministers. • Accept a Stephen Minister when offered one by our pastors. • Become a Stephen Minister. One indicator of our need is the increasing number of funerals each year; more and more of our members have been experiencing grief. • Become a Stephen Leader.


For more information, look for the Stephen Ministers at Normandale – you can identify them by their blue name badges. Ask them about Stephen Ministry. Visit the Stephen Ministry website at Read NLC Together for more stories and the bulletin announcements for more details. An informational meeting will occur later in the summer as we plan for another training class next fall.


Stephen Ministry is about the power of presence and the healing that takes place when a committed Christian sits down, listens with empathy, and provides care. In all of this work, we are reminded of a motto of Stephen Ministers: “I am a care giver; only God is the cure giver.”

one Stephen Ministry caring relationships and

Thanks be to God!


May 2018 // NLC Together

CONGREGATIONS: More than 12,000 congregations are enrolled in the Stephen Series and provide Stephen Ministry caring services. They represent 179 different Christian denominations and come from all 50 states, 10 Canadian provinces, and 29 other countries.

More than 70,000 pastors, church staff, and laypeople have been trained as Stephen Leaders at Leader’s Training Courses. These Stephen Leaders have, in turn, trained more than 600,000 congregation members to be Stephen Ministers. Since 1975, Stephen Ministers have provided distinctively Christian care to more than one-and-a-half million people in one-tohave also used their caregiving skills to touch the lives of millions more in other ways. Learn more at

The Holy Spirit Is in This Place The NLC Chapel for All

What does it look like for the young and the old to dream together? What does it sound like when men and women speak together of the power of God? What does it feel like when God’s people are all together, truly together, in one place, one community, one world? In 2014, the community of Normandale Lutheran Church began a journey of faith in the All Together in One Place (ATOP) capital campaign. The Holy Spirit rushed in and together we stepped forward in gathering, generosity, and growth both here and around the world. In December 2015, we dedicated the newly renewed fellowship spaces of ATOP Phase One and in the spring of 2017, we began construction of the new NLC chapel through ATOP Phase Two. We hoped, dreamed, and prayed this new chapel would be for those of all ages to worship, to be quiet or loud, to celebrate and mourn, to feel the power of the Holy Spirit, and to share in community. Because of your gifts, the chapel is now a reality. In December 2017, we held our first Sunday evening chapel worship services. Since that time, the chapel has been filled with the Holy Spirit and the NLC community – from our youngest Blessing Place and preschool children engaging in chapel time, to our confirmands dancing with Pastor Dale, to our high schoolers singing at the top of their lungs, to adults learning in community, to those of every age sharing in contemplative worship, and more. This sacred and special place is for all. Read more on the following pages. To God be the Glory!

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The Holy Spirit In Us by Dick Anderson The new chapel at Normandale is a wonderful addition and resource for our community of faith. Its simple yet commanding style, using natural stone, wood, and glass evokes closeness and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. The soaring ceiling and high windows attract your eyes upward and with natural light from behind, your eyes are then drawn to the outstretched cross at the front. By utilizing modern sound insulating materials and design, it is also a quiet and contemplative space. It is indeed a sacred space, a place for meditation and prayer, for worship and song, a gathering place for an intimate service of baptism, funeral or wedding, and yet just right for only one or two to gather in retreat from the world around us. It seems to be a place where God’s presence is especially close, a place to be surrounded and fed by the Holy Spirit. It is with this image in mind that the mobile hanging in the light two-story space by the chapel door was created. Doves representing our community of faith surround and move around the image of the Holy Spirit as if they are empowered by the Holy Spirit to soar out into the world. At the center, the image of the Holy Spirit is patterned after the third part of the Trinity Sculpture on the outside of our church building where the image of God the Father is at the top, God the Son in the center and God the Holy Spirit at the bottom. Close by there is a listing of some of the many ways the Holy Spirit lives in and breathes through us, for it is important that we reflect and rely on that holy presence in our lives.

Above: The new mobile designed and created by Dick Anderson hangs outside the chapel. Left: The Trinity Sculpture on the outer east wall of the NLC sanctuary.

10 May 2018 // NLC Together

In John 14, Jesus promises to send us the Holy Spirit, the comforter and advocate, to be with us after He is gone. And in Acts 2, only a few weeks after Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, the Holy Spirit filled the room where the people had gathered for Pentecost. Tongues of fire rested on their heads, they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak in other languages. These early Christians, filled with the Holy Spirit, went out and changed the world with their message of Christ’s redemption for all people. We also have the gift of the Holy Spirit and, empowered with this gift, we can go out and bring the message of salvation to all people.

Sunday Evenings: A New Time to Share in Worship by Ryan Hoch

The Sunday evening 5:00 pm service in the new chapel has been a wonderful addition to services at Normandale. Like many other families, we have kids involved in sports and other activities throughout the year. In recent years, it seems the kids’ weekend tournaments are starting earlier on Sunday mornings – sometimes encroaching on service times – making it difficult to attend worship. In our family, we believe it is very important to attend regular church services. The addition of the Sunday 5:00 pm service has been great for us as we now have the opportunity to attend church Sunday morning or Sunday evening. The Sunday evening service also provides a different kind of church experience. The new chapel is a perfect place for this service. The small size and more informal feel make the service comfortable and inviting. Acoustic instruments accompany songs, and voices fill the room with music while the lighting and the intimate setting also allow for periods of quiet and reflection. We are very happy Normandale has added a Sunday evening service. If you have not attended one yet, it's worth trying. Can't make it this spring? Try it next fall. You won't be disappointed. We hope to see you there.

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Confirmands in Community On Wednesday evenings, Confirmation students and leaders join in the chapel for large group gatherings and share in Holy Communion as they learn about the sacraments and more.

Chapel for the Youngest Among Us "At Normandale Preschool and Blessing Place, we are fortunate to be able to hold our bi-monthly worship services in the new chapel. During each of these chapel times, approximately seventy young students gather in the bright and open space which is still intimate, allowing each child to feel engaged. The children love spending time with various staff, learning new songs and prayers, and hearing Bible stories. The chapel has enhanced our worship services in so many ways, and we feel blessed to have this new space available for our programs." - Lisa Pettersen, Blessing Place Director

12 May 2018 // NLC Together

Partners in Ministry The Normandale Center for Healing & Wholeness In the News

Service Highlights RESPITE CARE Could your elderly loved one benefit from time with others? Do you help care for a loved one and could use some time to yourself? The Center for Healing & Wholeness offers home respite for all aging members of the congregation as well as members of the community. We will meet with you and work to match a volunteer to your loved one, taking into consideration their needs and hobbies. To start home respite, or for more information, contact volunteer coordinator Katie Heitzig at 952.977.9374.

RESOURCE CONSULTATION You may have noticed that your loved ones’ needs are changing. It may be time to schedule an appointment with the Center’s social worker. She will work on-on-one with seniors and family caregivers helping navigate resources and plan for current and future care needs. Experience has shown that proactive planning provides the most options for everyone! Contact Mary Cordell at 952.977.9363 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Normandale Lutheran Church’s partner in ministry, The Center for Healing and Wholeness, was highlighted in the spring editions of two local publications. The Minnesota Women’s Press will include an outline of the Center's services included in its annual Tapestry Issue, and About Town, a quarterly publication produced by the City of Edina to keep residents informed of local programs, includes in a two-page article about the Center. In 2018, the Center received an expanded grant of $15,000 from Edina’s Human Services Task Force to provide supportive services to seniors in the community in order to enable them to remain independent and in their own homes longer. The Center provided 2,737 services to 435 individuals and their families last year through a core staff of four part-time professionals and up to 60 volunteers. The 2018 award was triple the amount of support previously provided the Center. In the About Town article, MJ Lamon, the Task Force Coordinator stated that, “Supporting programs and agencies like this allows us to ensure our residents have resources like these available to them.” About Town is distributed to all households and most businesses in the City, with a total circulation of 25,000. The Minnesota Women’s Press has a circulation of 115,000. For more information about the Center and how you can become involved, contact the Executive Director, Jennifer Monroe, at 952.977.9373. Read the About Town article: ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/447 Read the Minnesota Women's Press issue: NLC Together // May 2018


Life @ NLC Community Last Wednesday Night Dinner

Wednesday, May 9 Wednesday night community dinner will conclude for the school year on May 9 and will resume in the fall. Thank you to all of our volunteer servers this past year!

Sunday Evening Chapel Worship Concludes for Summer Break

Sunday, May 13 | 5:00 pm Sunday evening chapel worship will end for the school year on Sunday, May 13 and will resume in the fall.

For the full calendar of NLC Happenings, visit

Take Me Out to the Saints Game!

Sunday, June 10 | 5:05 pm game Don't miss the favorite NLC baseball outing of the summer! The bus will leave NLC for CHS Field at 4:00 pm and return after the game. Or meet us at the park. Dinner available for purchase at the stadium concession stands. Cost: $20/person (game ticket only) or $25/person (includes ticket & bus transportation). Reserve your seats by May 10 at or sign-up at the Welcome Center.

Children & Family Sign-up for Summer 2018! Vacation Bible School

Cherub Choir Concert

Saturday, May 19 | 2:00 pm Friendship Village, Bloomington Come hear the Cherub Choir perform their anthems from this past year!

Celebrate Pentecost! Love Let Loose!

Sunday, May 20 9:30 am Worship (One service only) Picnic Following Wear your red and celebrate Pentecost together as we welcome new members, recognize graduates, and share in a picnic for all following worship. Invite a friend or neighbor. All are welcome!

Memorial Day Worship

Sunday, May 27 8:00 am Worship @ Lakewood Cemetery 9:30 am Worship @ NLC

Summer Worship Begins

Sundays, May 20 - Sept 9 | 9:30 am (only) Wednesdays, June 13 - Aug 22 | 6:30 pm Join in summer worship! Note the new time for Wednesday outdoor worship – we'll gather outdoors at 6:30 pm this summer. Come as you are!

14 May 2018 // NLC Together

June 18-21 | 9:00 am - 12:00 noon Kids age 4 - 5th grade, come weather the shipwrecked storm with God's love! Sign-up today at!

Last Day of Sunday School

Sunday, May 6 Thank you to all of our dedicated Sunday School teachers! You have generously shared your time, spread the love of Jesus, and helped shape the lives of our children.

NEW! SPARK Summer Youth Group

Wed, June 13 | 7:15-8:00 pm 5th & 6th graders, join in this fun Wed. night summer gathering starting June 13 after worship! More details to come. Children & Family questions? Contact Kari Warnke at

Youth High School Graduate Recognition Sunday, May 20 | 9:30 am Worship Together we will recognize and celebrate our high school graduates during worship on Pentecost Sunday!

ABLAZE Summer Youth Group

Wed, June 13 | 7:15-8:00 pm Mark your calendars! Summer Wednesday night youth group starts June 13! Youth questions? Contact Maggie Jones at

Adults & Seniors Mother Daughter Sister Friend

Saturday, May 12 | 9:00-11:30 am Edina Country Club Ladies, NLC women and friends have been invited to join the ladies of Central Lutheran at this 18th annual event co-hosted by the Priscilla Circle of NLC and Central Lutheran! The fun morning will include breakfast, conversation, and comedy with The Looney Lutherans. All ages welcome. Sign-up at the Welcome Center through May 6 or contact Kirsten Jacob at 952.920.8151. Learn more at

Caregiver Education: Still Waters

Saturday, May 12 | 9:00-10:30 am Rooms 205-206 Jenita Pace, MN Ed, LPC of Three Rivers Counseling will facilitate this interactive theological-based education session that will provide practical tools to identify and replace negative self-thought for those finding themselves facing stressful or challenging life circumstances, or anyone who wants to learn strategies for stress reduction in day-to-day living. For more information about the session and the support group that follows Saturday at 10:30 am, contact Mary Cordell at 952.977.9363.

Alzheimer's Support Group

Saturday, May 12 | 10:30 am - 12:00 noon Rooms 205-206 Providing opportunities to share feelings and concerns, develop realistic expectations, and provide social contact with others, all in a confidential and supporting atmosphere. We provide respite during both the education session and support group. If you would like to utilize the respite, you must make reservations no later than May 7. Call Katie Heitzig at 952.977.9374 to reserve your spot.

NLC Life in Pictures

Lenten Confirmation Mentors, Blessing Place artwork, Palm Sunday, and Easter 2018: He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia!

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Our Mission Led by the Holy Spirit and living in God’s grace, Normandale Lutheran Church is a community proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, learning, worship, and service.

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VBS 2018 | June 18-21 Calling all kids... Come weather the shipwrecked storm with God's love! You won't want to miss this fun week! When: June 18-21 | 9:00 am - 12:00 noon Who: Kids | Age 4 - 5th grade Cost: Before May 15, $40/child or $90 max/family After May 15, $45/child or $100 max/family Sign-up today at! DID WE MENTION WE VOLUNTEERS? *Volunteer all 4 days & your kids attend free!

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NLC Together - May 2018  

May 2018

NLC Together - May 2018  

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