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Volume 37, Issue 8 | Fall 2016


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Volunteers of all ages welcome!

5th Annual Fall Clean-up Event Saturday, November 5 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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9:00 am | New Member Recognition 10:30 am | Rite of Confirmation


All Saints

Confirmation is headed to VEAP on November 16 for hands-on service – packaging toilet paper and diapers for those in need. Help the effort! Please donate toilet paper and diapers for VEAP. Collection bins available in Fireside Room at NLC.

HONORING THOSE WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE US. Tuesday, November 1, 7:00 pm. Worship at Lakewood Cemetery Sunday, November 6. 9:00 & 10:30 am Worship at NLC


NormandaleNews Fall 2016 3 | Pastor’s Page 4 | Community 5 | Reflections on Stewardship 6 | The Center for the Arts & Spirituality 8 | Step Forward & Engage 9 | Life Care Opportunities 9 | Vision for Healthy Living 10 | Children & Family // Youth 11 | Adults // Seniors 12 | Center For Healing & Wholeness 13 | Mission: India 14 | Blessing Place 15 | Normandale Preschool 16 | News & Announcements 16 | Baptisms // Funerals // Weddings 17 | Calendar 18 | Rally Sunday in Review Led by the Holy Spirit and living in God’s grace, Normandale Lutheran Church is a community proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, learning, worship, and service.

WORSHIP TIMES Sundays: 9:00 & 10:30 am

COMMUNITY MEALS Wednesdays: 5:00-6:45 pm



Preaching, Teaching, and Healing For over a year, members of the Normandale Lutheran community of faith have been engaged in a process of discernment: What is God calling us to be and to do as a place of healing? What do our congregation and community want and need to live healthy lives? How do we promote health in body, mind, heart, and soul? Do members see the church as a resource? Is our Center for Healing & Wholeness, which walks with seniors and their family members to promote healthy aging, part of the answer to this question? We assembled a Task Force*, which under the expert facilitation of Joy Skjegstad, began a process of education and understanding. Joy brought the ideas of key church and Center leaders into our first conversation. At the request of the Task Force, Jennifer Monroe presented the mission and work of the Center. We then surveyed well over 120 members of our congregation and 5 community organizations (including Mt. Olivet Pastoral Care & Counseling, VEAP, and Senior Community Services), also obtaining the community needs assessments developed by Fairview Southdale and Bloomington Public Health. Several key health issues rose to the top: • Mental Health needs are great and growing. We are invited to acknowledge and seek treatment for mental illness, supporting those who need help and their families. We also acknowledge the need to create space for quiet, reflection, and de-stressing, while promoting such healthy habits as meditation, yoga, and community. • Support for Seniors continues to be a growing challenge as more citizens age and the percent with dementia increases. We realize issues of social isolation, difficulty in navigating the support systems, stress on care-givers, safety - and mental health. • Exercise (along with Nutrition) has become even more important with the significant problem of obesity (a focus for Fairview these next three years). We acknowledge that opportunities to exercise help people build social ties and a sense of community. • Nutrition (along with Exercise) takes on greater importance as our stressful schedules lead to our eating highly processed and unhealthy foods. Task Force recommendations - “An Integrated Vision for Healthy Living” - were presented to Normandale staff in May and to our Council in June. (Pastor Paul kept abreast of Task Force work every step of the way). • Focus on the four areas identified above • Focus on prevention rather than intervention • Use approaches to strengthen relationships and build community • Create a robust small-group program as a primary way of creating community • Create joint messaging between congregation and Center • Communicate better what we now offer • Maximize the power of volunteers continued on next page >

NormandaleNews | Fall 2016


• Continue to promote health programming to the wider community, especially as we developed our understanding of key issues with community involvement • Involve members of the Health & Wellness Task Force in the overall strategic planning of the Normandale Lutheran community of faith • Maintain the Center for Healing & Wholeness as a nonprofit, 501(c)3 “integrated auxiliary” of Normandale Lutheran, bringing our activities closer together. We organized our recommendations of church and Center activity with this graphic:

*Task Force Members: Diane Brady, Community Health; Dave Dahlgren, MD; Jim Herrick, Pharmacist [Chair]; Judy Holmquist, RN; Lori Hough, MHA, RN; Sharon Marx, M.D; Jennifer Monroe, Executive Director, Center for Healing & Wholeness; Jason Reed, MD; Erin Schmidtke, Nurse Practitioner; Paul Spilde, Physical Therapist; Linda Tedford, Chair, Center for Healing & Wholeness Board; Kimberly Wild, Care Management & Senior Living; and myself

COMMUNITY Wednesday Community Dinner

Dinner served from 5:00-6:45 pm $5/adult, $3/child under 12 Come for home-style meals and community. (Plus... no need to cook or do the dishes!) We have a place set for you! October 5 Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Apricot Glaze October 12 Oktoberfest Brats, Sauerkraut October 26 Gyros November 2 Turkey Chili November 9 Turkey and Dressing November 16 Roasted Chicken with Baked Potato Bar November 30 Shepherd’s Pie

New Member Community

Well, where do we start? We already have! We’ve developed an Implementation Plan around these Priorities: #1 Priorities • Continue to promote current offerings via shared messaging and marketing • Promote Health Topics as Sunday and weekday adult education “Drop In” sessions • Create a Healthy Living Fair for Spring 2017 • Implement mental health training and awareness • Continue “Act on Alzheimer’s” education and support through the Center • Develop healthy eating and exercise opportunities #2 Priorities • Develop quiet space and stress-reduction offerings • Investigate spiritual direction and counselling partnerships OK! We’re about ready to launch our “Vision for Healthy Living.” This will take commitment, time, energy, and good humor. We already have solid ground from which to proceed - and, most of all, we believe God has been leading us throughout.

Read more about upcoming Vision for Healthy Living events and workshops on page 9.


Fall 2016 | NormandaleNews

New to Normandale? Have you been a regular attendee for some time? You’re invited! We’d love to get to know you, introduce you to our community, and help in any way we can as you find your way at Normandale. Join us in our new member community! New Member Lunch with NLC Staff Sunday, October 16 | 11:30 am, following 10:30 am Worship Loving, Learning, Worshiping, Serving at NLC: Get to know our staff and the missions and ministries we are called to serve! Lunch provided. New Member Recognition Sunday Reformation Sunday, October 30 | 9:00 am Worship We joyfully recognize and welcome new members in worship! Ready to RSVP? Have questions about these New Member events and other opportunities? Please contact Jenny Bock, Director of Connections, at / 952.929.1697 x349.

NLC: A Reconciling in Christ Community

Earlier this year, our Church Council approved the adoption of an Affirmation of Welcome statement, which was presented in worship on Pentecost Sunday. ReconcilingWorks has welcomed Normandale as a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation, stating “ReconcilingWorks is proud to have the Normandale community as a partner in this Holy ministry where all people are welcomed, included and celebrated.” Normandale Lutheran Church is included on the ReconcilingWorks website and RIC roster - which now includes over 670 communities! Learn more about Reconciling In Christ and ReconcilingWorks at

Reflections on Stewardship, Wealth, & Generosity We live in a world of accumulation, of seeking to get as much of the pie to our side of the table. We have storage units, safety deposit boxes, garages, sheds, multiple bank accounts, investment portfolios, freezers in the house and in the garage. We are keepers! We prepare for rainy days, downturns, and disasters, as if it is our responsibility to keep enough for any potential problem. If the economy shifts, the housing market fails, interest rates rise, or a butterfly flaps its wings in China, we, like good scouts, must “always be prepared.” And yet, this way of prepared life, leaves me feeling like I will never have enough. I have this underlying anxiety that whatever I prepare for will never be enough. Is there enough in my pension fund to sustain us to the end of our days? What happens if we live longer than our retirement accounts can afford? And everyone knows that Social Security can’t possibly last through the Baby Boomers generation. Can it? And so, we move a few more chips to our side of the table. I work hard for it. I deserve it. It's mine to decide on, and mine to preserve. We are keepers. And Jesus says, “Let go.” In Mark 10, Jesus was out “on a journey,” and a man ran up and knelt before him. Two things, it was undignified to run, and kneeling indicates sincere intent to humble himself before Jesus. The man asked Jesus, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Let’s be clear, the man’s question was not reserved for life after death, but for the fullness of life that God intends, both here on earth and beyond. This question cannot be simply reduced to the “pie in the sky” reward at the end of life, based upon the goodness of one’s earthly existence. The man is asking about the depth, breadth, and magnitude of this current life. And Jesus replies about this life, saying, “You know the commandments: You shall not murder; You shall not steal; You shall not commit adultery; You shall not bear false witness; You shall not defraud (an addition to the original Decalogue, perhaps inserted to meet the conversation at hand, and Jesus, knowing his wealth, status, and clinging, mentions “defraud”); Honor your father and mother.” And the man replies, “Rabbi, I have kept all of these since my youth.” (Clearly, no Lutheran understanding of the purpose of the law, and Jesus’ expanded understanding of the law, but we’ll let that go here.)

And Jesus, looking at him loved (agape) him, and said, "Go, sell what you own, give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then, come follow me." When the man heard this, he was shocked, and went away grieving, for he had many possessions. We are keepers! As we consider our wealth and possessions in the light of Jesus’ love for us, it seems to me that the question we ask should not be, “How much shall we give?” but rather, “How much can we justifiably keep?” In an unjust world, where advantage and privilege drive the outcomes, does not Jesus call us to share abundantly? “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.”(Luke 12:48) Our wealth is not our doing, it is “God who gives the ability to make wealth.” (Deuteronomy 8:18). Justice seeks to turn over systems and structures that prevent people from the opportunity to thrive, but jusWe are not to cling tice also asks of those who have to to that which rusts share with those who do not. And Jesus says, “Let go!”

our hands and slips through our fingers. We are not here on this earth to acculumate.

Truth be told, as followers of Jesus Christ, we are not keepers. We are not to worry about physical possession and wealth. We are not to cling to that which rusts in our hands and slips through our fingers. We are not here on this earth to accumulate.

We are givers, called to generosity, a gift of the Holy Spirit that releases all that has been entrusted to us for the work of what God is up to. That is everything, every day! That is near and far, without limits! That is the way of Jesus Christ, who gives his life for us, without strings attached, which in turn, “demands my soul, my life, my all.” We are not keepers. We are givers, created by God for this purpose. And in that, is the freedom we seek. And in that, is the eternal life of which Jesus speaks. Jesus, please love us enough to unfold our fingers from that to which we cling. Jesus, love us enough to look into our eyes and ask for it all. Jesus, lead me into life with you, where I cling to nothing, but the power of your gracious love. Alongside you in faith,

Watch your email this fall for stories of how your generosity helps change one life at a time.

NormandaleNews | Fall 2016



As I entered Normandale’s sanctuary, I immediately saw the beautiful wooden Cross, hovering, breath-held-up, that inspired me to remember the triumph of the crucifixion, where Christ was set free from His horrible death device. Beyond the terror and cruelty, there is hope for humankind to rejoice in the living, healing presence of Jesus. I want to connect with that imagery in a joyful way. Joy is often an outward expression in words, sounds, or music, so it can also be visual. Delight is more contemplative, an inner sense of thankfulness and praise in the presence of Joy. The Tree of Joy and Delight came into existence by imagining another “presence” to be in dialogue with the Cross. The Tree has an empty Christ Cross at the top, surrounded by 12 crosses representing the 12 Apostles, who were commissioned to preach the Gospel of Christ to the world. Can you count them? Andrew and Simon Peter were brothers, so they are hand-in-hand. John and James were sons of Zebedee, so they are also touching. I asked, “What can we as a congregation of believers do to express Joy and Delight right here in this setting?” And the Tree began to form. Trees are normally seen in nature, with winds blowing, so each Cross on the Tree appears to be dancing, alive and expressing Joy and Delight. With your pastors’ help, Psalm One became a perfect Biblical reference - to the tree beside flowing waters, that yields 12 fruits to nourish body and soul. There are many references to trees in the Old and New Testaments. The symbol of a tree brings together nature with humans, meant to be in harmony. Each Wednesday this month, from 3:00-8:00 pm, you are all welcome to create images to be attached to the Tree until it disappears behind your colorful blossoms and foliage of Joy and Delight. The Tree will come to life to reassure us that the Cross of Christ is our refuge, our salvation, and our Joy and Delight. We will begin with images of Fish at the bottom where the waters flow. Each week we’ll create images moving upward finally to Birds in the branches. All kinds of images are welcome, and ideas will be presented to help you choose. My goal is to have every member of NLC place an image on the Tree. There will also be opportunities for creating art just to enjoy. This is an exciting adventure in creativity to look at God’s surprises, from children’s imaginations to, well, creation itself. We hear the question, “How loud must God shout?” for us to grasp the transformative power of love and grace from God through Christ the Conduit, to all of humankind. A truly magnificent drama! Enjoy being involved. Eirene hoomin (Peace be with you), Mac Gimse 6

Fall 2016 | NormandaleNews

Faith in the Arts Fall Festival

Dear Friends at Normandale Lutheran Church, Sunday, September 18, was a day full of grace that I could not see coming in all my eight decades of watching for the Holy Spirit to land. Thank you for throwing a rousing party with a narthex filled to standing room only. And food that brought rave reviews from those who didn’t know about NLC hospitality. The reception might have taken the whole day the way people were, as instructed, actually touching the sculptures and reading and sharing the inscriptions. When Steve Staruch called us to order, the gathering was greater than one could expect on a beautiful fall day, with tailgating as a rival downtown. The Faith in the Arts Fall Festival launched with so much enthusiasm that the Center for the Arts and Spirituality has moved from a mission to a reality. When Dan Kallman’s music began, the true magic of the day rose to envelope the sanctuary in a resounding proclamation of peace on earth. Never Again…Evermore came alive with the searing memories of victims of nuclear war, then lofted into the Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy), and finally to the purity of Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant us peace). Thank you all for an experience that transcended our troubled world to reassure us that God is manifest in the living presence of Christ, who dwells in us as we offer hope to all people. I want to thank David Clarke and the musicians who performed so beautifully. And Sam Nelson, whose voice rang out over the ensemble as a final affirmation that God is good, and the young remain our hope for the future, with unending love. Mac Gimse Above: People of all ages enjoyed the invitation to touch the sculptures! Left: Mac Gimse, Steve Staruch, and Dan Kallman discussing their artistic processes, inspirations, mentors, and motivations. Bottom Left: Directed by David Clarke, Normandale musicians, boy soprano Sam Nelson, and narrator Mac Gimse premiere Never Again...Evermore.

UPCOMING CONCERT National Lutheran Choir Concert

Friday, November 4 | 7:30 pm Tickets available at or by calling Brown Paper Tickets at 800.838.3006.

NormandaleNews | Fall 2016


STEP FORWARD & ENGAGE We are called to use our time, talent, and spiritual gifts to walk in deeper relationship. By God’s design, each of us can make their unique, personal contributions. The multiplied effect of an entire community serving together moved by the Holy Spirit is a radical, life-altering movement. We invite you to step forward!

Sunday A/V Team

Whether you have lots of time to volunteer and serve or only a few hours every once in a while, uncover the ways you are called to participate. Our Normandale community serves in a variety of places in a variety of ways. We serve the person next to us. We serve our church. We serve our city and community. We serve our world. What areas are you most passionate about?

Have a special connection with kids in a particular grade? New this year, we are creating teams of four teachers per classroom! This will enable a more flexible schedule, so two teachers are present each week, but there will be more Sundays off!

Please see the immediate opportunities listed below, and complete the Interest Form online at to share your interests in serving with us, or contact Jenny Bock, Director of Connections, at

Blood Drive

Wednesday, October 12 | 1:30-6:00 pm Gift the gift of life! Sign-up at the Welcome Center, or contact Alta Fossum at, or Janet Devine at 952.929.1697 x347 / There will be soup and bread after you donate!


Saturday, November 5 | 9:00 am–1:00 pm Join the 5th annual fall clean-up event! Bring the family, bring your neighbor, bring your kids and their sport team, bring a friend. You can make a difference! Opportunities are available to: • Assist a near neighbor who needs help with leaf pick-up • Help with fall yard pick-up at Normandale House alongside Normandale House families • Adopt-a-Highway pick-up along NLC’s stretch of Highway 62 • Pick-up and tidying of NLC’s own garden and lawn areas Arrive at NLC 9:00 am for continental breakfast, instruction, and sending. Serve from 9:30 am-12:30 pm with a team. Return to NLC at 1:00 pm for lunch and gathering after serving.

Sunday School Teachers & Subs

Reading Buddies

Mondays | 5:30-8:00 pm A service opportunity for NLC youth (grades 7-12) to spend time each week eating, reading, and playing with Normandale House children. Transportation to Normandale House and dinner is provided. If you are interested in participating, we ask that you commit to participating at least once a month. Be a Reading Buddy - make a kid smile!

Tuesday & Wednesday Kitchen Team Helpers

Tuesdays | 11:00 am-1:00 pm & 1:00-3:00 pm Wednesdays | 10:00 am-1:00 pm, 1:00-3:00 pm & 3:00-5:00 pm Join other helpers under the direction of NLC Chef & Culinary Manager Kimlinh Bui, while learning some new cooking techniques, recipes, tips, and tricks from our resident expert! Those who help can stay and eat for free!

Wednesday Community Meals

Wednesdays | 5:00-6:00 pm & 6:00-7:00 pm It has been a blessing to provide meals for people across all ages in our NLC community. In dining together we have found a new experience in sharing around the table. We are asking people to serve in this important part of our Wednesday ministry! Each week, we need 4 helpers for each shift: 3 helpers for set up / serving, and 1 helper to sit at the welcome table. Your hospitality and helping hands are needed! (And helpers eat free!)

Serving at Our Saviour’s Shelter

Do you have a yard that needs a helping hand, or have a neighbor who does? Contact Janet Devine at / 952.929.1697 x347.

Thursdays | October 13, November 10, December 8 NLC supports Our Saviour’s Shelter in Minneapolis by planning and serving a nutritious dinner (either purchased or prepared) on the second Thursday of the month to 45 emergency shelter residents. Join us as we serve our neighbors!

Large-Print Book Drive Coming This Fall!

Methodist Hospital Hospice

For the residents of The Colony Senior Living in Eden Prairie, reading is an important pastime. However, their library is sorely in need of large print books. Please consider donating a new or gently used large-print fiction or non-fiction books (large print Bibles and devotional books are not needed at this time) to the Normandale Women’s Fall Book Drive. You’re never too old to stop learning or reading! Watch for donation baskets this fall! 8

Do you love technology? Join the Audio/Visual Tech Team. Each Sunday, teams made up of adults and youth run the A/V needed for Sunday worship. Training and support provided!

Fall 2016 | NormandaleNews

Training sessions will be held in October and November for new volunteers. Our volunteers give respite care to caregivers who are caring for terminally ill loved ones in their own private homes, or visit terminally ill patients to provide comfott. Commitment is a maximum of 4 hours per week, can be less, and training is 4 sessions. If interested, please call Libby Swanson at 952.993.5381.



We are here to care for each other, and we believe God’s loving presence is experienced through people caring for one another. Please read below and see the website for additional NLC Life Care services.

Alzheimer’s Support

Second Saturdary of each month | Rooms 212-213 9:00-10:30 am Education Services 10:30 am-12:00 noon Support Group Spouses, children, and other family members in caregiver relationships with those living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia are invited to join this support group. Caring for loved ones as their lives meet new challenges of disease is a holy journey. Sharing this experience with others and finding encouragement along the way is life-giving for our care givers. Late Stage Dementia Saturday, October 8 What you can expect as the disease nears the end of the progression. We will discuss disease-related changes as well as the dying process. Caring Through the Holidays Saturday, November 12 The holidays are stressful enough without adding the extra stress of being a caregiver or living with dementia. This class will talk about some practical tips to get you th rough the holidays with a little less stress and a little more enjoyment. Questions? Contact Keith Narr, Alzheimer’s Group Facilitator, at / 952.922.5626.


Thursdays, now - November 17 | 7:00-9:00 pm | Rooms 205-206 If you or someone you know is going through a separation or divorce, you don’t need to go through it alone - support is available. DivorceCare is a small group experience designed to help you face the challenges of divorce or separation, and learn strategies to move toward rebuilding a new life. This is not a therapy group, rather a support system for hurting individuals. Learn more about this program at, or contact Janet Devine at janet@

Holy Hammers

The Holy Hammers is a group of full-service handy and talented volunteers led by Normandale’s own lead custodian, Ron Nelsen. From plumbing to landscaping to anything in between, the Holy Hammers are on the job. No job is too small - they fix them all! Project work will be scheduled by Ron Nelsen. After submitting a request, Ron will contact you to schedule project work. Clients served are asked to pay for materials and in lieu of paying for labor, clients are asked to make a non-deductible contribution to support the ministry and mission of NLC. Please contact Ron Nelsen at / 763.269.1523.

Fall 2016 Mental Health Series

Helping ourselves and others with mental illness may be the greatest catastrophic medical issue of our present time. In creating our Vision for Healthy Living, we surveyed local hospital and public health department’s key impact areas. A consistent finding: the need for education, care, and support - inside and outside of our church - remains crucial for a healthy community. Research tells us that one out of three people struggle with anxiety, and one out of four with depression. This issue affects all ages. While depression has long been the leading mental health issue, anxiety has passed it of greater impact in our current day, especially in younger kids, teens, and young adults. Many of us are struggling to find out how to live productive, happy lives while living with the stresses of daily living, bipolar disease, eating disorders, anxiety, and other mental health issues. In response, Vision for Healthy Living will host a series of 3 events addressing strategies for identifying, addressing, and supporting individuals towards living a life of mental health wellness and emotional wellness: Insights: Confronting & Challenging the Stigma of Mental Illnesses Tuesday, October 11 | 7:00 pm Sunday, October 16 | 9:15 am The first event in the series features a speaker from NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Presentations will take place in the Fellowship Hall, and will be the same material presented on both dates. Come to either one! Getting to Know NAMI Thursday, November 10 | 7:00 pm Sunday, November 13 | 9:15 am The second event in the series will present information on NAMI services, resources, and education. Presentations will take place in the Fellowship Hall. Come to either session and feel free to invite others! Save the Date: Hope for Recovery Saturday, February 11, 2017 Sunday, November 13 | 9:15 am The third event will be an extended workshop in February 2017. Save the date, and look for more information in the coming months! Questions? Call Dana Arnold at 952.929.1697 x355. NormandaleNews | Fall 2016


CHILDREN & FAMILY OPPORTUNITIES October 16: Sunday School in Worship (SSiW) On October 16, we will suspend normal Sunday School class time in order to have Sunday School in Worship! Kids will not meet as usual from 9:15-10:15 am; instead, all Sunday School children and households are asked and encouraged to attend worship with their families at either the 9:00 am or 10:30 am worship. It will still be a regular worship of the church, but each worship will intentionally include children and youth worship leaders, a children's message, children's choirs, and perhaps other pieces to specifically activate, engage, and celebrate the presence and partnership of our younger members of the faith community. It's Sunday School in Worship! Mark your calendars for additional Sunday School in Worship (SSiW) Sundays, and share in these worship services with our NLC children and youth: December 11 (Sunday School Christmas program) January 8 (Baptismal Festival) February 5 April 9 (Easter Sunday) May 14

Sunday School Mission 2016-2018: India Bring Your Offering Weekly!

This year's Sunday School mission shifts focus to our partnership with brothers and sisters in India through Normandale's ongoing relationship with the North Western Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church (NWGELC). Through this relationship, we currently support the efforts of two Community Health Workers, Salima Kujur and Arvind Khalkho, who are based in the rural area near the city of Ranchi. All offering collected in Sunday School over the next two years will go to support their great work to teach and promote health in surrounding villages, primarily in relation to problems of malaria and substance addiction. Children are encouraged to bring offering weekly. They will get a chance to learn about Salima and Arvid and see a visual representation of how our offerings help them to bring health to many near Ranchi.

Kids Night Out

Second Saturday of each month, beginning October 8 | 4:00-7:00 pm Kids Night Out is the place to be for kids ages 3 months (as of September 1, 2016) through 2nd grade. On the second Saturday of each month, bring the kids to NLC from 4:00-7:00 pm for a fun night of games, music, art projects, and dinner. And while the kids are having a great night out, so can their parents! This program runs October-May and is open to all. Check-in/check-out is located in lower narthex; reservations are necessary. Cost: $15/night per child, or maximum $40/family per event. Sign-up today at

10 Fall 2016 | NormandaleNews

Faith Markers

Faith Markers for different ages are held throughout the year, and designed for parents and their children as we fulfill promises made at baptism and walk in our faith journey together. October 9 November 6 November 13 January 15 January 29 February 12 February 26 March 12 April 2 April 30

3rd Grade: Bible Kindergarten: Worship 5th Grade: 10 Commandments 2 Years Old: God’s Family/Baptism 4th Grade: Service 2nd Grade: Gifts and Talents Preschool 1: Prayer 1st Grade: Lord’s Prayer 1 Year Old: Baptismal Blessings 6th Grade: Sacraments

YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES High School MEA Getaway at Camp Castaway

Thursday, October 20 - Sunday, October 23 | Grades 10-12 Sign-up today! Few things are better than taking a break from normal life and heading up for a weekend of camp in October! MEA Getaway is an awesome youth retreat situated over the long weekend of MEA fall break. Visit for a better idea of what this weekend has in store for us along with campfires, new friends from other area churches, giant hot tubs, cabin time, speakers, music/singing, worship, and fun camp games. Register today at!

Donuts & Devotions (Grades 7-12)

Sunday mornings | 10:00–10:25 am New this fall to NLC! Join with friends in the Fishbowl for donuts and a weekly devotion. We’ll dig more deeply into the message of the week through discussion, activities, and prayer! *The Fishbowl is also open from 9:30-10:00 am for games, puzzles, coloring, and other optional activities for all middle school and high school youth on Sunday mornings.

Confirmation Is Going Down the Toilet!

Wednesday, November 16 On November 16, NLC confirmation youth will travel to VEAP (Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People) in Bloomington to learn about the organization, and repackage diapers and toilet paper to be distributed. Donations of diapers and toilet paper are needed! Please make donations to the church office or Fireside Room display, and thank you for your support!

ADULT OPPORTUNITIES Wednesday Women’s Bible Study

Wednesdays | 9:30-11:30 am | Room 209 Wednesday Women’s Bible Study invites you to join us as we study the life of Jesus in the Book of Matthew. Word by word, verse by verse, Pastor Meta Herrick Carlson will lead us as we study in depth Matthew’s narrative of the ongoing story of Jesus’ life and death, intertwined with His teachings on certain subjects. Matthew shows how Jesus’ life and ministry fulfilled the Old Testament Scriptures, and His purpose and work in the world. This Gospel is the “how to” manual for the individual disciple and the early church. Come, hear, learn, and have fun, with amazing women! Bring your Bible! Study Guides and Commentaries will be available. Questions? Please contact Maggie Valenta, at 952.484.9830 /


There’s always time to join the journey, as we continue to walk together through the whole of the Bible, and unfold the story in new and exciting ways! We hope to meet you wherever you are new to the Bible, a seasoned reader, or anywhere in between. Have to miss a session? No problem. We post the Wednesday night sessions online, or feel free to drop-in on a different day. Wednesdays, 5:30 pm Thursdays, 10:00 am Fridays, 7:00 am Sundays, 9:45 am

Save-the-Dates: The Joy of Advent Is Coming! Women's Advent Pause Week of December 4 Ladies, mark your calendar for the week of December 4. More info to come on how we will share this special season together.

Men's Advent Breakfast Friday, December 12 All men are welcome and invited to attend the annual Men's Advent Breakfast. Save the morning of December 12! More details to follow soon.

Save-the-Dates: NLC Adult Retreats

Men's Retreat January 27 & 28, 2017 Gentlemen, mark your calendars for the annual NLC Men's Retreat. Great gathering, connection, and laughter are bound to happen! Women's Retreat February 24 & 25, 2017 Please save the date to share time with NLC ladies and friends. More retreat details to follow in the coming months!


Normandale Women’s Circles

Wednesday, October 12 10:00 am Lynn and Frank’s Kaffebord 10:00 am Blood Pressure Checks 10:30 am Book Club, led by Ken Kortz 11:30 am Worship 12:00 noon Lunch: Braunschweiger Platter, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, Hot German Potato Salad, Chocolate 1:00 pm Program: Scandinavian Stories

Book, Bagel & Brew

This Month’s Book Club Selections: Embers of War by Fredrik Logevall; His Final Battle: The Last Months of Franklin Roosevelt by Joseph Lelyveld

Circles are small groups that come together for Bible study, friendship, sharing, and service. Circles are a place to deepen our connections with each other and share our lives more fully. We’d love to find a place for you! Please contact Heide Moss at or complete the online interest form at so that we may be in touch with you! Saturday, October 15 | 9:00-11:00 am This month, we will be discussing Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse by Faith Sullivan. Interested in joining this book club? Please contact Dee Henriksen at 952.927.9980 /


Sundays | 9:15–10:15 am | Rooms 212-213 ParentRest is a community for parents with kids of all ages to share challenges, victories, and wisdom with one another. We meet September–May for vibrant conversation about life, family, parenthood, and faith. Good coffee and treats provided. Please note that ParentRest will not meet on Sunday School in Worship Sundays and non-Sunday School Sundays (see page 10 for these specific dates).

About This Month’s Program: Scandinavian Stories In this creative new program, Marian Eisenmann, Story Teller & Inspirational Speaker, shares anecdotal stories of her Norwegian heritage. Using colorful excerpts from her aunt’s memoir, The Coffee Train, along with ancestral photos, Marian retells stories of her Scandinavian grandparents homesteading on the North Dakota prairie in the early 1900’s.

NormandaleNews | Fall 2016



Supporting Caregivers

Caring for loved ones who are challenged with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is important to our community and an important part of the work we do at the Center. It is equally important to care for the family and friends who are caring for those with the disease. Our Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support groups provide an opportunity for caregivers to share their experiences and find encouragement from others in similar situations. We host two support groups every month, one on the second Saturday from 10:30 am-12:00 noon, and the other on the third Wednesday from 6:00-7:30 pm. For more information, please contact the Center at 952.929.1698.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jean Linne

It’s simple, I’ve found a new friend - not the usual kind of friend, not one with connections from the past or someone with similar likes and dislikes, but just a brand new person to meet and like to be with. I was introduced to Enid by the Center as someone who was in need of someone to “visit” them. She lives at the Augustana Care Center near downtown Minneapolis. Each month, I pick an afternoon to pay Enid a visit, most of the time unannounced. I don’t think she has too many visitors and she is always happy to see me (although I don’t think she really remembers just who I am). We usually go down to the coffee shop for coffee and a treat, which she likes. We talk about many things, but her conversations mostly go back to her growing up years in the iron range, where she has many good memories, especially of her father, a farmer, who she considers to be a big influence in her life, a “wonderful” man who made certain that the four children in the family all had a college education - quite unusual for the times. When the weather is nice, we go outside and sit together “people watching” - there’s usually quite a lot of “action” watching folks come and go at the care center, or seeing people in the park cross the street. We don’t talk a lot, but it is enough to sit together enjoying the day - it’s also a peaceful time for me. When it’s time for me to go, I bring her back to her room and get her back into bed where she wants to be for the rest of the afternoon before she has her supper. I am blessed to have my new friend, Enid, to spend peaceful time with each month.

Community Workshops & Classes

For more information and to register for these workshops and classes, contact the Center at 952.929.1698.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

When: Wednesdays, October 5 - November 9 | 10:00 am-12:00 noon Where: Wooddale Church, Eden Prairie Are you feeling stretched caring for a loved one? This 6-week small-group education program is designed to provide you with selfcare tools that will help you take care of yourself while taking care of others. You will learn to reduce stress, improve your self-confidence, balance your life, better communicate your feelings, increase your ability to make tough decisions, and locate helpful resources. For more information and to register, contact Mary Cordell at 952.977.9363 /

Seeing Clearly

When: Wednesday, November 9 | 10:00-11:30 am | Fellowship Hall Are your glasses not fitting quite right? Gerry Fuzzey, a volunteer retired Optician, will be available to fit, adjust and do minor repairs on your eyeglasses this fall. There is no charge for this service and no appointment is needed!

Support Our Programs

Mark your calendars - Thursday, November 17 is Give to the Max Day! If you would like to support our mission, please consider making an online donation to the Center by going to You don’t have to wait until November 17 to make your donation - GiveMN makes it easy for you to donate to the Church or to the Center at any time of the year, from anywhere!

12 Fall 2016 | NormandaleNews

MISSION: INDIA Staff Housing Progresses in Ranchi, India

Our Partnership Agreement with the NW Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ranchi, India, specifies that Normandale will fund specific, pre-approved construction as a part of developing congregation-based community health care. In 2015, Normandale teams were present to break ground for a Community Health Training Center and a 6-unit apartment complex. Our mutually developed Implementation Plan calls for the staff housing to be completed first, so that our Community Health Workers, already trained and active in the field, have a place to live. Construction began in April this year. In spite of the challenges of a very heavy monsoon and building with manual labor in rural India, the construction steadily progresses. Funded in partnership with the World Mission Prayer League (WMPL), the building will also provide housing for three seminary professors. Upon receipt of an initial invoice for approximately a third of the total accepted bid, certified by our site engineer and approved by the Gossner Church Construction Committee, we released $35,000 designated to the project from our All Together in One Place (ATOP) Capital Campaign. You can see how the building progresses! Meanwhile, in Minnesota for home assignment with the WMPL, Neeraj and Nijhar Ekka continue to give leadership to the ministry in India, thanks to today's technology. Neeraj and Nijhar, along with the NW Gossner Lutheran Church in Ranchi, India remain very thankful for our mission partnership. Please pray for God's continued wisdom, courage, and vision in their lives and also in and through the ministry of Community Health Care in India. PS: We will plan a dedication ceremony sometime next spring, perhaps in the weeks just after Easter.

Above: Community Health Workers, Salima Kujur and Arvind Khalkho, who are based in the rural area near the city of Ranchi. Left: Construction - supported by NLC through ATOP - continues on the Community Health Training Center, which includes the 6-unit apartment complex for Community Health Center staff and seminary professors.

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BLESSING PLACE Blessing Place would like to thank the Normandale Foundation for providing us with the funding to add a third classroom this year. We are having a wonderful start to the school year and are serving 72 students. Because we were able to add a third classroom, we have hired five new staff members. Please stop down and take a look - our new classroom is located in the old Youth Room. We are excited to grow this wonderful program and are looking forward to all that is to come! Lisa Pettersen Director, Blessing Place

Blessing Place

New Classroom 14 Fall 2016 | NormandaleNews

NORMANDALE PRESCHOOL Student & Teacher Reunite

Marie-Jeanne Delevaux Hargitt or Madam Hargitt, as she is affectionately called by all of her students, has taught the French Immersion class at Normandale Preschool for the past 3 years. We feel fortunate to have Madam Hargitt on staff as she is one of the original founders of the French Immersion School in Edina. For years, Madam Hargitt taught kindergarten at the French Immersion school where students grew to know and love her as their teacher. Last week one of those students, now a teacher at Blessing Place, recognized Madam Hargitt at a staff gathering. What fun to see their recognition of one another and to hear the memories that they shared together. How blessed we are to have both of these wonderful individuals on staff at our school! We look forward to creating many more new memories together here at Normandale.

Learning Together at Normandale Preschool

We are off and running in the 2016-2017 school year! Much is planned this fall as students begin classes and meet their new teachers. In September, the Raptor Center will visit our school to present a program titled "Our Feathered Friends." Come October, a fire truck will drive into our parking lot and Firemen from the Edina Fire Department will speak to the students about fire safety and awareness. This is a fun day as our students have the opportunity to actually climb into a real fire truck! In November, it’s all about the wonderful Kinder Konzert that our four year old classes will attend at Orchestra Hall. Students will not only hear music played by members of the Minnesota Orchestra, but they will also have the opportunity to learn how to play a variety of musical instruments themselves. As you can see, we look forward to a fall filled with fun and adventure at Normandale Preschool!

Student & Teacher Reunite Normandale Preschool & Blessing Place Thank the Normandale Foundation

Thanks to the Normandale Lutheran Church Foundation, Nomandale Preschool and Blessing Place will be adding a computerized Childcare Attendance Tracking system at our school. We thank the Normandale Foundation for providing a large portion of the funding needed to purchase this new module and the iPads necessary for each classroom to check in/out their students on this new Cloud based system. Preschool administrators will now know, in real time, which students are at school and those who are absent. Our new iPads will also allow teachers to enrich student learning through the use of technology based learning.

Normandale Preschool NormandaleNews | Fall 2016


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Save the Dates: The Joy of Advent is Coming! First Sunday of Advent Sunday, November 27 Worship at 9:00 am & 10:30 am.

Advent Wednesday Matins & Vespers Wednesdays, beginning November 30 Worship at 11:30 am & 7:00 pm. Women’s Advent Pause Week of December 4 Ladies, mark your calendar for the week of December 4. More info to come on how we will share this special season together! Men’s Advent Breakfast Friday, December 12 All men are welcome and invited to attend the annual Men’s Advent Breakfast. Save the morning of December 12! More details to follow soon.

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Check out our Facebook page and our website for upcoming events, sermon and special music videos, and service opportunities!

Missionary Support & Chancel Flowers

Sign-up and support our missionaries in Japan and India, or provide flowers and plants in the chancel! Please stop by the church office or bulletin board by the Fellowship Hall, or contact Janet Devine at 952.929.9347 to sign-up! Thank you for your support!

Need a New Nametag?

Cost for a new nametag is $3; pay now or later. To order, stop at the desk in the Fireside Room, or contact Janet Devine at / 952.929.1697 x347.

NormandaleNews is Going Green

As we continue our intentional pursuit of being good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us, we look forward to a greener version of NormandaleNews! All NLC community members will continue receiving each new issue in their email - and in full color! Members over age 55 will continue also receiving a hard copy by USPS. Members under age 55 will only receive the newest issue by email, unless they choose to opt-in to receiving a hard copy, by completing the survey at or contacting the church office at 952.929.1697. Of course, members over age 55 who are receiving both emailed and hard copies can choose to just receive the newest issue by email, by completing the survey at Additionally, hard copies will always be available for pick-up at NLC. Thank you to those who have already subscribed online, as we continue to find ways to be more thoughtful about our environmental impact! 16 Fall 2016 | NormandaleNews

BAPTISMS: For freedom Christ has set us free. August 28:

Clara Kings Wenmin McToo, daughter of Emily McNabb & Ginny Too

August 28:

John Ranier Youngmin McToo, son of Emily McNabb & Ginny Too

September 11: Penelope Rose Ekstrand, daughter of Kylee & Josh Ekstrand September 11: Avalene Eleanore Kram, daughter of Gretchen Cepek & Wade Kram September 11: September 11:

Claire-Marie Kram, daughter of Gretchen Cepek & Wade Kram Elliot Rose Panning, daughter of Jordan Hessenius & Jeff Panning

September 11: Kylin Reed Schreinder Swan, son of Eric Swan & Dana Schreiner

FUNERALS: I am the resurrection and the life. August 13:

Peter Joing

August 25:

Debra Witt

August 31:

Wayne "Guba" Gensmer

September 3: Audrey Simmons September 17: Gary Oberg September 24: Shirley Grimsby

WEDDINGS: I have found the one whom my soul loves. August 27:

Andrew Sackrison & Shannon Dunnum

September 2: Garrett Kirk & Andrea Paulson September 23: Derek Brandt & Jenna Batchelder

CALENDAR Blessing Place 9:00 am-12:00 noon, Monday - Friday | Normandale Preschool 9:00 am-3:00 pm, Monday - Friday Sunday, October 9 9:00 am Worship 9:15 am Crossways | ParentRest | Sunday School 9:15 am Faith Marker 10:00 am 7-12th Gr. Donuts & Devotions 10:00 am Cherub Choir Pre-Worship Rehearsal 10:00 am Coffee Fellowship 10:00 am Normandale Women Board Meeting 10:30 am Worship Monday, October 10 7:00 am Men’s Monday Bible Study 1:00 pm Archives Committee 4:00 pm Normandale Housing Board Meeting 5:30 pm Reading Buddies @ Hope Academy Tuesday, October 11 8:30 am Sew Day Quilting 1:00 pm Matter of Balance @ Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd 6:00 pm Finance Committee 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm Executive Committee 7:00 pm Getting to Know NAMI Wednesday, October 12 9:30 am Women’s Bible Study 10:00 am Adaptive Yoga 10:00 am Second Wednesday & Luncheon 11:30 am Matins Worship Service 11:30 am Beginner Fairview Stroke Tai Chi 12:45 pm Fairview Stroke Tai Chi 1:30-6:30 pm Memorial Blood Drive 4:30 pm Calligraphy Class 4:45 pm Boys Choir Rehearsal 5-6:45 pm Wednesday Night Dinner 5:15 pm Brass Quintet Rehearsal 5:30 pm Crossways 5:30 pm Youth Choir Rehearsal 6:00 pm Dorcas Circle 6:00 pm Girls Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm Normandale Choir Rehearsal 6:45 pm Confirmation 8:00 pm High School Hangout 8:00 pm Normandale Chamber Choir Rehearsal Thursday, October 13 10:00 am Crossways 10:00 am Matter of Balance @ Creekside Community Center 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi 4:30 pm Cherub Choir Rehearsal 5:45 pm Handbell Choir Rehearsal 6:00 pm Serving @ Our Savior’s Shelter 7:00 pm DivorceCare 7:00 pm Mary Circle 7:00 pm Lydia Circle Friday, October 14 7:00 am Crossways Saturday, October 15 9:00 am Book, Bagel & Brew Sunday, October 16 8:15 am Boys/Girls Choir Pre-Service Rehearsal 9:00 am Worship | Holy Communion 9:00 am Sunday School in Worship (p. 10) 9:15 am Crossways 9:15 am Getting to Know NAMI 10:00 am Coffee Fellowship 10:30 am Worship | Holy Communion 10:30 am Sunday School in Worship (p. 10) 11:30 am New Member Luncheon with Staff Monday, October 17 7:00 am Men’s Monday Bible Study 5:30 pm Reading Buddies @ Hope Academy 6:00 pm Stephen Ministry Leadership 7:00 PM Stephen Ministry Peer Supervision

Tuesday, October 18 6:00 pm Preschool/Blessing Place Open House 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm Church Council Wednesday, October 19 11:30 am Beginner Fairview Stroke Tai Chi 12:45 pm Fairview Stroke Tai Chi 4:45 pm Boys Choir Rehearsal 5:15 pm Brass Quintet Rehearsal 5:30 pm Crossways 6:00 pm Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group 6:00 pm Girls Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm Normandale Choir Rehearsal 6:45 pm Confirmation 8:00 pm Normandale Chamber Choir Rehearsal Thursday, October 20 10:00 am Crossways 10:00 am Matter of Balance @ Creekside Community Center 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi 4:00 pm 10-12 Gr. | MEA Getaway - Departure 4:30 pm Cherub Choir Rehearsal 5:45 pm Handbell Choir Rehearsal 7:00 pm Abigail Circle 7:00 pm DivorceCare Friday, October 21 7:00 am Crossways Saturday, October 22 CHURCH OFFICE & BUILDING CLOSED Sunday, OCTOBER 23 9:00 am Worship 9:15 am Crossways 10:00 am Coffee Fellowship 10:30 am Worship 4:00 pm 10-12 Gr. | MEA Getaway - Return Monday, October 24 7:00 am Men’s Monday Bible Study 5:30 pm Reading Buddies @ Hope Academy 7:00 pm Priscilla Circle Tuesday, October 25 8:30 am Sew Day Quilting 1:00 pm Ruth Circle @ Gail Melin’s Home 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Wednesday, October 26 9:30 am Rachel Circle 9:30 am Women’s Bible Study 11:30 am Beginner Fairview Stroke Tai Chi 12:00 pm Miriam Circle 12:45 pm Fairview Stroke Tai Chi 4:45 pm Boys Choir Rehearsal 5-6:45 pm Wednesday Night Dinner 5:15 pm Brass Quintet Rehearsal 5:30 pm Crossways 5:30 pm Youth Choir Rehearsal 5:45 pm Boys Choir Pizza Party 6:00 pm Girls Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm Normandale Choir Rehearsal 6:45 pm Confirmation 7:10 pm Normandale Mission Ministries 8:00 pm High School Hangout 8:00 pm Normandale Chamber Choir Rehearsal Thursday, October 27 10:00 am Crossways 10:00 am Matter of Balance @ Creekside Community Ctenter 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi 4:30 pm Cherub Choir Rehearsal 5:30 pm Cherub Choir “God’s Creature” Pizza Party 5:45 pm Handbell Choir Rehearsal 7:00 pm DivorceCare

Friday, October 28 7:00 am Crossways Saturday, October 29 9:00 am Environment - Reformation Sunday, October 30 9:00 am Worship - New Members Received 9:15 am Crossways | ParentRest | Sunday School 10:00 am 7-12th Gr. Donuts & Devotions 10:00 am Coffee Fellowship 10:30 am Worship - Reformation Sunday and Rite of Confirmation Monday, October 31 7:00 am Men’s Monday Bible Study 5:30 pm Reading Buddies @ Hope Academy Tuesday, November 1 8:30 am Sew Day Quilting 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm All Saints Day Worship @ Lakewood Wednesday, November 2 9:00 am Podiatry Clinic 9:30 am Women’s Bible Study 11:30 am Beginner Fairview Stroke Tai Chi 12:45 pm Fairview Stroke Tai Chi 4:45 pm Boys Choir Rehearsal 5-6:45 pm Wednesday Night Dinner 5:15 pm Brass Quintet Rehearsal 5:30 pm Crossways 5:30 pm Preschool Advisory Council Meeting 5:30 pm Youth Choir Rehearsal 6:00 pm Girls Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm Normandale Choir Rehearsal 6:45 pm Confirmation 7:00 pm Girls Choir Pizza Party 7:00 pm Property Assessment Congreg. Forum 8:00 pm High School Hangout 8:00 pm Normandale Chamber Choir Rehearsal Thursday, November 3 10:00 am Crossways 2:00 pm H & W Tai Chi 4:30 pm Cherub Choir Rehearsal 5:45 pm Handbell Choir Rehearsal 7:00 pm DivorceCare Friday, November 4 7:00 am Crossways 5:00 pm Gr. 9 | Urban Plunge Retreat 7:30 pm National Lutheran Choir Concert Saturday, November 5 9:00 am Normandale Serves 4:00 pm Kids Night Out Sunday, November 6 9:00 am Worship | Holy Communion 9:15 am Crossways 9:15 am ParentRest 9:15 am Property Assessment Congreg. Forum 9:15 am Sunday School 10:00 am 7-12th Gr Donuts & Devotions 10:00 am Coffee Fellowship 10:30 am Worship | Holy Communion Monday, November 7 7:00 am Men’s Monday Bible Study 5:30 pm Reading Buddies @ Hope Academy Tuesday, November 8 7:00 am - 8:00 pm General Election 6:00 pm Finance Committee 6:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm Executive Committee

NormandaleNews | Fall 2016


THANK YOU to everyone who made the Rally Sunday picnic such a fun event! Volunteers and NLC staff worked in the kitchen, set tables, kept the food tables full, husked and roasted corn, staffed registration tables, facilitated the dunking of Maggie, Pastor Paul, and Pastor Charlie, and helped clean up afterwards! Ron Nelson, NLC Lead Custodian, deserves a special thank you: The Rally Sunday picnic would not have been such a success without him. Ron went out of his way to make things happen. Ron researched and implemented organics recycling options (including hauling it away), making this Normandale’s first zero waste large-group event! Then, in addition to the huge job of set-up and take-down of the picnic venue, he was at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market at 5:00 am Saturday morning to pick up the corn, roaster, and watermelon. Ron also monitored the roaster during the picnic, and returned it Monday morning. Ron’s energetic leadership, along with great support from Custodians Branden Nelson and Jacob Scully, make all-congregation fellowship events at NLC possible. Thanks Ron, Branden, and Jacob for the fun fall kick-off event!


Normandale Lutheran Church 6100 Normandale Road Edina, MN 55436

CONTACT US Phone: 952.929.1697 Fax: 952.929.2767 Email: Web:








Wednesday, November 23 2:30 & 7:00 pm | Thanksgiving Eve Worship Pumpkin Pie & Gathering following both services And share a slice of thanks with Operation Pumpkin Pie!

Pay it forward with gratitude and pie! After worship, pick-up a pumpkin pie to-go bag to share with anyone you find working on Thanksgiving Eve or Thanksgiving Day... at the gas station, hospital, airport, the coffee shop, and more. Show your gratitude.

Feed the Hungry. This year through Thanksgiving, NLC will come together and support our ministry partners, ELCA World Hunger, The Sheridan Project, VEAP, and CES in a special effort to Fill the Plate and help feed the hungry. Please join us as we launch Fill the Plate with a special offering at Wednesday Night Dinners and on Thanksgiving Eve, November 23.

Special Offering | Thanksgiving Eve | Nov 23 Normandale News is published monthly by Normandale Lutheran Church, 6100 Normandale Road, Edina, MN 55436. Periodical postage paid at St. Paul, MN. Postmaster: Please send address changes to: Normandale News, Normandale Lutheran Church, 6100 Normandale Road, Edina, MN 55436.

NormandaleNews Fall 2016  
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