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Saturday 11th August

Finishing touches ready for adventure! to look forward to, where you can explore the Hello and welcome to jamboree to your heart’s NORJAM 2018! We hope content. With campfires, you’re ready as there talent competitions and our are six fun-filled days of two resident DJs, the Main adventure waiting for you! Stage is never quiet. There From arts and crafts in is also a variety of other the Craft Warehouse to venues to suit every taste. the Face to Face Climbing You can also check Wall in The Boardwalk, we out the shops in the have hundreds of daytime Marketplace, including activities for you to enjoy. the infamous Soft Rock There’s also our jam Cafe for some refreshing packed evening programme milkshakes, badge by Alex Richardson



Sunrise: 05:30 Sunset: 20:29

swapping over at the Trading Post, or perhaps visit one of our wide range of food stalls. It is also home to the Internet Cafe and the Cinema, where there are different films on every day. With such a busy programme there’s no reason to be bored. So jump in, have fun and try something new! With 4200 Scouts, Explorers, Guides and

Senior Section joining us from far and wide, some of whom have been travelling for days to be here, you can expect to meet many new people here at NORJAM 2018. Perhaps you can try and see how many different countries you can meet people from? Finally, don’t forget to come along to our Welcome Party tonight at the Main Stage for an amazing night of music!


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Stats Ridiculous! by Bradley Hirons Building NORJAM 2018 can be tough work, especially in torrential rain, but thanks to the great work of the 18-person strong build team, it has been done, working 15 hours a day for 6 days. To give you an idea of the amount of people they are building for, there will be 4200 young people roaming around the 150 acre site which includes 24 large marquees, 1km of lighting strips, 1200 chairs and 900 tables. As well as exploring the seven on-site Activity Zones, there are six different off-site venues to challenge everybody. 300 lucky young people will get the chance to experience the B.P. Adventure and 1300 participants will complete the Norwich Hare

Trail. Each participant will get to visit each of the onsite Activity Zones twice during the week so you won’t miss out if you run out of time on your first visit. These are complemented by performances by The Anyones, Come in Silence and also the Taverham Brass Band on the main stage throughout the week. Of the thousands of young people attending NORJAM, there are 21 different countries represented with contingents arriving from countries as far away as Thailand, Kenya and the USA. Huge numbers of staff are needed to keep things in order at NORJAM, 1400 in total. There have been over 7500 NORJAM scarves ordered for you to wear this week.

If everyone gives everything a go, there is an incredible 228,000 hours of activities planned. Safety is key at this jamboree, as it is at all, so there are 75 safety signs located around the Showground, please follow

the instructions carefully so that the 24-hour medical centre is rarely used. To record all of this information, the media team will be using 6 GoPros and eighteen cameras to record each and every moment.

This week at NORJAM we have 125 birthdays. In case you were wondering, there are 225 toilets that will be filled with 130 miles of toilet roll. That is the distance from Norwich to Southend-on-Sea as the crow flies.

Creating the magic behind NORJAM by Ger Hennessy Richard Butler is the Chairman of NORJAM 2018. He drives a buggy marked “Chairman” and his go-to campfire song is “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. Since being brought by his mum to his first Cub meeting at age 8, he has become a lifelong Scout. Serving in various local and national roles through the years, he was National Commissioner of the Scout Association for a five-year term. As Chairman he has led a board of nine directors overseeing the camp preparations. His first NORJAM 2018 phone call

was made in December 2014, and he expects the last in January. His day during the event will begin with a meeting of key team members at 7a.m, followed by a directors’ meeting, and lunch with some invited guests. Richard’s got bags of NORJAM experience. “This is my 10th NORJAM experience,” he said, “my first was in 1967 at the previous venue, I became a helper in 1983, and I worked as cook in 1987.” What does Richard think makes NORJAM special? “It’s a brand which is recognised locally, across the UK and the World,” he explained.

“We see the same international contingents returning time after time, because they know the standard of quality Scouting and Guiding that happens here.” Allowing others to recognise this quality is another of Richard’s aims this week. “Jamborees are an excellent example of the adventures of Scouting and

Guiding” he said. “Young people should join Scouts and Guides, because they gain the skills which can help them through life. Self-reliance, team work, problem solving are just some of these skills.” “Many of the most successful people in business and government have worn the scarf, and they attribute their success to the lessons learned at meetings and camps. NORJAM is an excellent distillation of those experiences”. “Here at NORJAM we see people living together in harmony, as brother and sister Scouts and Guides, without regard for

differences in culture, creed or colour,” he said, “the world can learn a lot from NORJAM.” What will bring a smile to Richard’s face this week? “Seeing our young people enjoying the activities we’ve arranged for them,” he answers, “we’ve made these activities a focus in our camp budget. Also, seeing the work of adults, some of whom have been involved in planning for four years, will be a highlight,” he adds, “We cannot forget that each of them has given up a week of holidays from their day job to be here. That’s such an amazing contribution to the event.”


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Decades of Fun in one jam-packed week! by Kirsty Thorpe Here at NORJAM each sub camp for the week is themed around a different decade over the past 70 years, from the ‘fourties’ to the ‘naughties’, each sub camp celebrates a different decade through activities, competitions, games and themed evenings. Marking the entrance to each sub camp are the gateways. Designed and built by the sub camp teams over the past few months, each gateway reflects the musical, gaming and historical highlights of the decade. At the time of writing, rain has temporarily halted the building of the 40s sub camp’s gateway, but it is already adorned with flags from different nations! A giant Jukebox towers over the entrance to the 50s sub camp, and is ready for finishing touches to be added – a record designed by each contingent on their

sub camp! At the entrance to the 60s sub camp, you will find The Beatles’ iconic ‘Abbey Road’ pelican crossing – complete with flashing beacons! The 70s sub camp welcomes you with disco

fever! Their gateway will put you in the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ mood with a dance floor and disco balls! If you like gaming, then the gateway to the 80s is a hive of popular culture with Pac Man, Mario Bros and Star Wars – with lots of

opportunities for photos to be taken! Make some new ‘Friends’ on the 90s sub camp, where they are celebrating the most popular comedy series of the decade! And last, but by no means least, the 00s sub camp

is home to the volunteers who have given their time to build, run and make NORJAM a great success! Take some time during your week to visit the different sub camps and their gateways, and be transported through time!

For the 00s Staff that make it happen Your staff sub camp team have been working “Harder Better Faster Stronger” to create your sub camp for Norjam 2018. There’s been wood work, painting and lots of organisation. We have begged borrowed and stolen “With a little help from my Friends” to provide you with refreshments, sofas and even beanbags! You can’t miss the gate

showing off some of the things to remember from as staff. Make sure you take some selfies and tag us on @00s2018. But mind out for the bugs in the system! If you fancy a bit of “Dancing in the Moonlight”, over 18’s can don their “Handbags and Gladrags” and head to Decades for some evening entertainment. And if you’re

thinking “I don’t feel like dancing” you can always head over to Era for some “Feel Good inc” fun. We will also try to make you go to our staff hub “Rehab” where you can go and relax, grab a “Black Coffee” or even play some board games. There’s even a library if you finish your book before the end of camp.

On your staff sub camp team we have The Boss, Nicky, who is running the show and her deputies Shrew and Nell. If you fancy featuring on our Twitter page, keep an eye out for Nell and Jim who are “Writing Sins Not Tragedies” as our media team. There are 19 members of the sub camp team in total and “Anyone of Us” will

endeavour to make your NORJAM as good as it can be. We will meet at 7pm at Rehab for a quick meet & greet before the “Welcome Ceremony”. “I Gotta Feeling” we’re going to have a fantastic time. From everyone at the staff sub camp, have an amazing NORJAM 2018. Let’s “Get The Party Started”!


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Pay attention... Here’s the first edition of The Norticle’s daily photo competition. Why not challenge yourself to work out where onsite our photograph has been taken and gain the opportunity to win an exclusive NORJAM Media Prize.

To enter, all you have to do is visit the Media Centre, just behind the main arena, and fill in an entry form. You’ve got to be in it to win it, so why not have a go. Entries must be in by 2pm each day to be in with a chance to win - Good Luck!

Book Your Group Photos Our expert team of photographers can take a professional image of your group as a lasting memory.

Visit to fill in our simple online booking form. Don’t delay, as slots run out quickly!

Tune in to Jam FM on 87.9fm! No paper on Sunday but you will get a bumper Issue 2 bright and early on Monnday!

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by Jasmin Wingrove First off, welcome to NORJAM 2018! We would like to say a massive hello from everyone on the 40s sub camp. Throughout your arrival and the week, the sub camp team will be available to answer questions, and help you out with general information. Our staff team have been busy attending many 1940s themed museums and events including The Imperial War Museum at Duxford, The Poppyline 1940s weekend in Sheringham, The Radar Museum in Horning and Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse. All of our crafts have been inspired by our trips. The poppies are directly from Duxford! We have many


by Megan Mitchell & Libby Edwards A huge welcome to all of our 53 contingents from as close as Norwich and as far away as Canada. We are sure that you are going to have the best week ever at Norjam 2018 and we will do everything we can to make sure everything runs smoothly for you! It has taken three years of planning and three days to build, but finally our 50s sub camp is ready for you to enjoy this week. Today will be about making sure you settle in, meeting the 50s sub camp team, all wearing pink t-shirts, finding your bearings and Leaders will need to attend our welcome meeting at 9:30pm.

activities on site and they range from making commemorative poppies and egg parachutes to giant noughts and crosses. This year we have over 820 participants on our sub camp, some are from Norway and Germany. During the week we welcome you to make friends with your neighbours and people from across the sub camp. During Wednesday evening the 40s sub camp will be holding our very own street party. Why not set up a table outside of your gateway with a little treat from your home region. Our vision is that all of you will discover a new favourite food or drink that you can tell us all

about. Over the last few months our team have been busy painting the gateway, making over 800 pin badges, crafting poppies, building an ambulance and creating a giant jigsaw puzzle. Over the week we will be holding an obstacle course tournament. Get your name and unit on our winner’s board and be

in for a treat at the end of the week. Throughout the week various members of the team will be delivering your daily newspaper, The Norticle, to your mess tent door so make sure you read it and check out the latest entertaining news. It is also a great keepsake for when the week is over and you are heading home

to tell your family all about your brilliant week away. The 40s team have been doing some last minute preparations by getting our costumes together, it’s fair to say they are well worth seeing! Once again we welcome you to our sub camp and we cannot wait for the week to begin, we have a lot in store!

The team are made up of families and friends all involved in Scouting and Guiding in one way or another and they are all very approachable - as long as they have had their morning cuppa. The team range from 4 to 70 years old and are all very keen to get stuck in! Feel free to ask them anything you need to know and we can promise you if they cannot answer your question then they will find someone that can. The gate design was agreed after a brainstorming session about things that happened in the 50s. We finally decided on a jukebox design, we’re sure you will agree the team have done a great job. If

you have designed a 12 inch record with your contingent colours, please hand this in at Reception and we will hang this on the jukebox speaker for all to see. If you have not brought one with you,

we have some spares so you can design one once you’re settled in to your camping area. Our Reception area is offering advice enquiries throughout the day so why not pop in and grab a picture with the 50s

sub camp selfie board? We’re sure you will be extremely busy with an action packed programme including a day trip off site on Thursday, come and tell us all about your fun and adventures across the week.


The 60s sub camp is your home for the week and filled with a variety of activities. You will also get to visit other areas of the

by Izzie Hilton and Sam Keeble We hope you haven’t forgotten to pack your flares, because the time has finally arrived to experience a week in the 70s. A big welcome to everyone at NORJAM 2018 this year and we hope you’ll come and get your groove on with us! Our disco dancing team have been setting up camp for the past few days

jamboree during the week. As a sub camp team we have been working hard making and designing lots of different 60s themed props and accessories

to decorate your sub camp hub. We want it to feel really authentic, but our main focus is to keep you all entertained throughout the week. We have been wiring up flashing yellow beacons for our zebra crossing entrance to the sub camp, making a full size jukebox to play all our 60’s classics and to have a cheeky boogie too. Why not come and say cheese in one of our 60s photo face boards, from the Beatles, to a hippy bus to an astronaut spacesuit. We’re sure this will keep you entertained for hours. We have plenty of activities going on through the week, including a World Cup night, celebrating England’s football win

in 1966. We will also be holding a James Bond night and offering lots of creative crafts from record magnets to space hoppers. The term 60s refers to an era more often called the SIXTIES and also the Swinging 60s, that denotes the complex of cultural and political trends across the world. Significant fashion trends of the time included miniskirts, Italian style suits and mop top haircuts to hippy style. The bikini came into fashion in 1963 after featuring in the film ‘Beach Party’. Our team consists of Trevor as sub camp leader with Becky and Gill assisting him as his deputies. Josh is working with the Jamboree Media

team to make sure that stories from the 60s camp are included. Janet is looking after our International contingents. Nick is our Health & Safety co-ordinator whilst Marc will be your first aid contact for emergencies. Jennie, Caz & Rochelle have been busy planning sub camp activities should you find a few minutes without something to do. Sarah is looking after our admin needs and Lindy will be ensuring the sub camp team are well fed! Most of the sub camp team are Scouters and Guiders from Norfolk, but we are also looking forward to being joined by Scouters and Guiders from further afield this week!

and we are ready to party! Take a trip back in time to the 70s where floppy discs were the craze and we had our first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. All week on our sub camp we’ve got a range of crafts, games and activities available for you to enjoy. Pop along during the day and create 70s style crafts. Everyday there will be the chance to create a new badge,

the challenge will be to collect them all. If you think you’re a board game champion, we have a variety of 70s games for you to challenge your friends. We don’t just have normal board games though, we have GIANT life size versions; will you be able to rise to the competition? If you’re more of a dancing queen, then fear not. In the evening we’ll be showing off our best moves at the

disco so come along and ‘feel tha funk’. Alongside the disco, we will be holding human Hungry Hippo heats throughout the week, so don’t forget to enter a team at the sub camp office! Long live the Queen - come and get kitted out in red white and blue and join us on Wednesday evening to re-live the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. In the 70s everyone gathered for street parties

to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee, so come along to our activities field and bring a picnic! You will notice each contingent camp sign has a band or artist of the 70s. We want to quiz you on your 70s music knowledge and see how many of the artists you can gue We’ve been setting up in the rain and we’re excited for you to come and have a crazy 70s week with us.


by Joshua Windsor


the Norticle


the Norticle


by Gail Robinson and Eilish Brogan The staff at 80s sub camp staff wish to welcome all the Scouting and Guiding groups to come back to the 80’s - an era of classic rock music, wild spikey hairstyles and crazy bright outfits! We all hope that your journey to us was hassle free! The staff at the 80s sub camp will be wearing yellow neckers with a red border. We’re here to help and answer all your questions. With over 900 people coming onto the sub camp it going to be a hectic day. During the week, if you have any interesting stories, birthdays or anniversary’s let the sub camp media team


by Steven Croxall A very warm 90s welcome from all of us on the 90s sub camp. You had better “Believe” that this week, starting with “Saturday Night”, will not be a “Tragedy” but packed with blasts from the very recent past. Look out for the 90s staff in their t-shirts, (can you name all of their 90s treasures?) who will be happy to help. We hope you’re all ready and excited for your day offsite on Monday! Early morning workouts with Mr Motivator followed by refreshments at our sub camp hub, Central Perk. If you’re more of a relaxed person bring a mug and have a lounge on one of our sofas in Central Perk.

know by filling out a form and putting it in the neon pink box found at reception. We have all been working hard to construct our 80s sub camp! Building preparations began well over a year ago and everyone has worked hard to make fabulous setting for the 80s sub camp. The construction on Thursday and Friday went well, despite the wind and heavy rain. A quick bacon butty and we were back on track. You may have seen a few sneak peeks on our Official 80s sub camp Facebook page. Tomorrow’s activities are AM: Boardwalk Arcade PM: Bounce and Rebounce. These activities look great so make the

most of the time you have! Please make sure you meet at the Sub camp gateway outside the hub as the Activity Angels will be there from 9am - 9.15. Our 80s sub camp has plenty of arts, crafts and activities to do, so please feel free to come and have a go! Also, adult leaders have the opportunity to participate in evening activities please come to our silly competitive Special Edition Generation Game tomorrow (Sunday 12th) from 7.30pm, you’re guaranteed to have a laugh! Remember, right now, there’s someone on this camp you haven’t met yet that you will call a friend for the rest of your life!

Making new “Friends” and having a laugh is what we are all about at the 90s. Do you have any funny 90s stories or tales? Come find us in the cabin to feature in the newspaper or social media channels. Put your skills to the test with our stop motion animation, will you create the next Toy Story or Nightmare Before Christmas? If Lego is more your thing, we have bricks aplenty for anything your imagination can dream up. Pay a trip to our photo booth, with props from the 90s, guaranteed to take you back in time. Will you be the next Princess Peach or Luigi? Mario Kart racing is there to make sure to get very competitive, but you

won’t need to dodge the bananas or shells. Fancy your luck? Come and have a go on our very own lottery, with draws every evening! Make sure your singing voices and dancing feet are prepared for the most epic disco,

don’t know the moves? We’ll teach you all the classics. If you know all of the words to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, we’ll be singing them with you. In the evenings take part in our table football and see if you can be the

reigning champion at the end of the week! We’re so excited to meet you all, there are so many amazing activities planned. Jelly shoes and bandanas at the ready, let’s get ready to rumble!!!

Issue 1 - Saturday August 11 2018  

The Norticle

Issue 1 - Saturday August 11 2018  

The Norticle