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“Pequeños Ciudadanos Globlales” is a project that seeks learning based on values for children that are living in social risk situations, with the purpose of diminishing the effects of these crisis: the exclusion and social maladjustment by family causes. The main goal of this project is to generate self-consciousness on the importance of values in the family and the daily basis. Though these values are promoted from the family’s core, this project it’s meant to solve these lacks that these children may have, not only proving how important these values and education are, but also that this represents a right for them as children, that must be guaranteed by their parents or representatives. This is also a millennium goal of the eight top list goals. It is in the second place on that list to be more accurate.


To promote and support the learning of values to reduce the effects of the exposure of children to risk situations caused by social maladjustment in the family.


To promote the comprehensive development of children in social risk situations, so that they can be integrated in society with a higher life quality based on positive values.


We want our society to generate capable and responsible citizens. There's the importance of developing, from a very young age, values which, with time, will be transformed in habits.

The project is aimed to all the vulnerable children hosted by foundations or NGOs.


Through education based on values, in a six weeks period children will have the opportunity to meet and interact with international volunteers and be part of workshops and activities that allow them understand the importance of values and gain self-consciousness. This will help them bear their different needs and aspirations in the different situations they'll be.



“Pequeños Ciudadanos Globales” is aligned with the values universally recognized by UNESCO and UNICEF as a priority for comprehensive education in children.

It is a feeling of unity in which common goals and interests are sought.

RESPECT It implies to treat others the same way we would like to be treated.

The world needs kids with values.


CULTURAL DIVERSITY They need to understand that not everyone is alike. This will allow children embrace and appreciate all the things that makes us different from each other.

EQUALITY All people are equally valuable and important regardless of their race, sex, economic status, religion or intelligence. Is closely related to non discrimination


RESPONSIBILITY Responsibility means to consciously respond to the concern of acquired duties. It involves the good use of freedom, and own up for one's actions. It reflects respect for others and to himself.

LOVE Love is the most important feeling for humans.

Is understanding, appreciating and respecting others. We not only feel love for our parents, but also for

ourselves, for our neighbors and the environment around us.

in the world are in institutions

for their protection. In Venezuela: of its population is under the age of 17. Approximately

children are found in institutions for their protection.

Source:Âť Children and teenagers' situation in the institutions for protection and care of Latin America and the Caribbean. 2013

239.757 children

Peque単os Ciudadanos Globales

is waiting for you

one goal: Teach values to the future generations.


Pequeños Ciudadanos Globales 2014 - Ingles.  

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