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I’m left with a very positive impression. The programme and the Youth Olympic Games have offered a lot of useful learning, both about sport and volunteering and about myself. I’m left with a positive experience of volunteering in sport,

Very good. Very informative, and you are left with more knowledge than you would have thought (Female, b. 1997)

and I’m motivated to continue to volunteer. Volunteering gives a lot of joy. Thanks to the programme and the Youth Olympic Games. I’ve made friends for life from all over the country. I feel great gratitude and would not have wanted to miss the experience, the learning and the friendships that the programme and the Youth Olympic Games have given me (Female, b. 1997)

I wanted leadership

I’m left with a good feeling of having been part of some­ thing. The training I got through the young leaders ­education programme was very much relevant to my tasks. It is also a good thing to take with me in life, both in ­everyday life and in working life. I also learned about the importance of volunteering (Male, b. 1999)

Actually everything, everything was awesome (Male, b. 1998)

Awesome! A motivation boost, I really want to use the knowledge I have ­gained further in everyday life! I want to make a difference for others through ­voluntary work (Female, b. 1998)

responsibilities during the Youth Olympic Games, but otherwise it’s been a fantastic programme for bringing enthusiastic youngsters together (Male, b. 1997)

I’m so glad that I signed up in 2014. It’s amazing what I’ve have been a part of; I have got to known so many engaged and nice people. In addition I’ve become a lot more self-confident thanks to the young leaders programme (Female, b. 1997)

I’m left with a feeling that I’m able to take the initiative to help create positive change in sports (Female, b. 1998)

Little relevance to the tasks during the YOG. I got a very small role in the event. Some new friends (Male, b. 1999)

The organisers of the young leaders programme promised more than they could deliver. That’s the impression I’m left with. They promised that the young leaders should be given leadership responsibilities and important tasks, but being a changing room attendant, is that a task that requires a long education or a task with a lot of responsibility? No. This was very disappointing, as it was repeatedly said that the young leaders would get great jobs with a lot of responsibility (Female, b. 1997). The young leaders programme


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Report: Volunteering at the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016  

Report: Volunteering at the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016