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Planning was not optimal. I could’ve done a better job if I’d been more involved and gained more knowledge before the Games (Female, b. 1961)

The young leaders were good at motivating and giving praise. They were probably challenged by the older ones with experience, which sometimes made it difficult to decide who was in charge. An overview of the day’s schedules, written down, and with an overview of the longitudinal width of the finish-start area could have simplified things. Finally, I’m still impressed by the efforts and work of the young leaders (Female, b. 1964)

Very well ­organised, it was interesting and great promotion of the youth and the city! (Female, b. 1964)

Great fun to work with so many talented, hard-working and cheerful youngsters. My final thought now that the Youth Olympic Games and our teamwork are over: thankfully, but ­unfortunately. I’m going to miss this wonderful gang I’ve had the pleasure to work with (Male, b. 1966)

From the day I signed up – after the call for more volunteers was made – I constantly had the impression that the planning was lagging behind. But I was impressed by the creativity and ingenuity that was invested (Male, b. 1967) The Youth Olympic Games Inadequate training in the tasks I was set 2016 was an experience for to do. Unclear responsibilities in the area I life, but it obviously can’t worked. Food for the volunteers was bad. Old match the wonderful time I baguettes, unhealthy food, little variety. That had as a volunteer (security [good food] is important to retain volunteers in Lysgårdsbakkene) during (Female, b. 1954) the Olympics in ‘94. Meeting and occasionally a having a brief chat with the executives One certain thing is that there shouldn’t be too many captains for from ‘94 (including Heiberg) one job! And then, the one who gives the orders should be clear was a great experience in their communication! And then, it’s important that whoever is (Female, b. 1944)

My best memory is all the ­positive, enthusiastic youngsters: normal volunteers, part-time managers and other leaders. You have influenced many in a positive way (Male, b. 1932)

responsible for a group is competent for the job and moves around a bit! Otherwise, I think it was informative and exciting tasks, and I also became acquainted with many nice people. It’s worth repeating! (Male, b. 1949)

Dry, tasteless and bad food. Otherwise, most of it was very good, and we were both proud and touched by being a part of this (Male, b. 1963)

Long days as a driver. Bad food. Never had dinner since we weren’t allowed to park near Kristins Hall. Overcapacity on transport, too many empty runs over several days (Male, b. 1955)

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Report: Volunteering at the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016  

Report: Volunteering at the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016