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The experience In this part we will describe the volunteers’ impressions after the Games. We will start with their perception of one of the things emphasised by the LYOGOC steering group: values. Then we will discuss the workload and what they thought about various aspects of volunteering, including their leaders.

The values of the Youth Olympic Games Through observations and interviews with LYOGOC leaders, it has emerged that volunteers emphasized their vision (Go beyond – create tomorrow) and values (playful, determined, awesome, humble). This was something they ­wanted to permeate the entire enterprise. We asked whether the volunteers felt that the event lived up to the values. Table 8: The volunteers’ views on the extent to which the Youth Olympic Games 2016 was in line with the four values. Scale from 1 (Not in line) to 5 (Highly in line). Mean 4.97

(SD) (1.02)











These are high average scores on all four values. The management of the ­LYOGOC was determined to bring out these values, and the figures show that they succeeded. If you take a closer look at the age and gender differences, there is no variation between “determined” and “humble.” For “playful” and “humble” there is a pattern that women and younger volunteers are more in an agreement than men and older volunteers, and the relationship with gender is ­stronger than age. However, we should be careful not to place too much emphasis on these differences since a huge majority of the volunteers – including men and older volunteers – selected “agree” or “totally agree.” The reader should note that we used a scale from 1 to 6 in this part. The reason for this is that employees of LYOGOC were asked similar questions in an internal process where values were among several factors that the steering group wanted to assess. The survey was conducted nine times from September 2014 to February 2016 (before the Games). We do not know the details and ­response rates of these surveys except that they were anonymous, but we think it may be interesting to compare them. While the volunteers gave an average value of 4.96 when it came to playful after the games, the employees gave this value 4.85 before the Games, an increase of 0.4 since the first measurement in 2014. The employees gave the value determined the



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Report: Volunteering at the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016  

Report: Volunteering at the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016