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Urban Design Associates was asked by City Council to develop streetscape and site design guidelines for the section of 21st Street between Colley Avenue and Hampton Boulevard. The area is evolving from a commercial industrial area to one with a wider range of uses including retail and residential. It lacks the character of public space that is found east of Colley. The study was initiated partially in response to concerns about the proposed Ghent Station commercial and office development. In order to better understand the area prior to making recommendations, UDA asked that an informal workshop be held with adjacent property owners and members of the GBA who were most involved in the commercial operations of 21st Street. The workshop took place in March of 2013 and the results were summarized in a report in May. The goal established by the workshops was to extend the positive character of 21st Street East of Colley Avenue into this area. This required an analysis of the successful part of 21st Street: (1) It is a hybrid type of commercial/retail district, with a mix of “parking lot oriented” retail and “street oriented” retail. (2) In most cases, “street oriented” retail is on one side and “parking lot oriented” retail is on the other. (3) All parking lots and streets have retail frontages facing them. The least successful areas are those with parking behind retail uses. (4) There is an interconnected network of pedestrian circulation including crosswalks and medians that tie two types of retail together to create a unified and convenient district.

Note: The images in this document are diagrammatic and intended as guidelines. Actual colors and materials will be indicated by the presentation of the developer’s architect.

DESIGN GUIDELINES FOR GHENT STATION DEVELOPMENT October 29, 2013 Based on this analysis, the UDA team endorses the location of the buildings and the configuration of parking areas in the Ghent Station proposal. The FreshMarket faces 21st Street across a relatively shallow parking area and the majority of the parking for the complex is behind the Medical Office Building. The Medical office Building is a street oriented building. This continues the 21st Street pattern of a mix of parking lot oriented retail and street oriented buildings. The parking lot is across the street from existing street oriented buildings. The existing we sidewalks are uneven, inthat poorthe condition, too narrow, lacking However, also recommend following elements be aaprovided: planted verge between the sidewalk and the street and need to be rebuilt as (1) An interconnected network of pedestrian circulation; part the new development. TheStreet proposed sectionthe includes a planted found east of Colley Avenue on (2) of Streetscapes along 21st thatcross continue best examples verge, wider sidewalk and planted buffer with low wall between the sidewalk 21st Street, including a low brick wall and planting materials to buffer the sidewalk from the and buildings and parking areas. The entry to the path The Fresh Market’s parking and street trees in a planted verge. front door should be marked with a pavilion or pergola that can have the (3) Crosswalks at Azalea Court, Woodrow, and in the middle of the block between Woodrow and store’s identification.

Core Avenue, and at Core Avenue. (4) An 10’-0” wide path with pergola to the front door of FreshMarket from the crosswalk; (5) An 8’-0” wide path connecting the Woodrow Crosswalks across the face of the Medical Office building to the retail uses. (6) A pedestrian path connecting the Azalea Court crosswalks across the site to the retail uses; (7) A covered bicycle storage structure to define the eastern edge of the space; (8) Pergolas and facilities for outdoor seating and vending along the facade of the FreshMarket; (9) Architectural Facades that define the space and relate to each other (10) Landscaping within the parking areas to meet City Standards; (11) Screening of loading and servicing functions;

View looking west on 21st Street with recommended streetscapes including median for crosswalk, screening for parking areas and a pergola to mark the path to the front door of the FreshMarket. 17


It is possible to add a pedestrian island and left turn lanes within the existing curb-to-curb dimensions and maintain on-street parking. There will be two GUIDELINES FOR GHENT STATION 11'-0"DESIGN travel lanes, two 8'-0" parking lanes, and an 8'-0" wide island.


October 29, 2013









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The proposed streetscapes provide: (1) on-street parking on both sides of the street, (2) a planted 15 verge between the street and the sidewalk, (3) 8’-0” sidewalk and a 10’-0” buffer with hedges and a low brick wall, (4) a pergola to mark the entry from the crosswalk to the walk to FreshMarket and (5) Bicycle storage structure at the east end of the site.

5. Small pavilions on 21st Street: One on axis with the entrance to The

Fresh Market can also carry the signage for the store. The second one could be a bike storage facility at the east end of the site.

DESIGN GUIDELINES GHENT STATION DEVELOPMENT 6. ScreeningFOR on the east end of the site to block views of the loading dock October and the adjacent property.29, 2013

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illustrative plan indicates streetscapes   the  extent    of  the        in  the   context     of one   of  the several                     alternatives proposed by the developer’s architect. It includes: a. On-Street Parking; b. Expanded Parking between Azalea Court and Hampton Boulevard; Crosswalks at Azalea Court, Woodrow, mid block between Woodrow and Core Avenues and at Core Avenue; c. Expanded Streetscape in areas in front of parking lots; d. Urban Streetscape to match that on the South side of the street in front of the Medical Arts Building. The current proposed site plan (below) includes these elements and the interconnected pedestrian network on site.

DESIGN GUIDELINES FOR GHENT STATION DEVELOPMENT October 29, 2013 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN GUIDELINES: The guidelines call for an architecture that is keeping with the character of 21st Street. This is most often seen in commercial and industrial buildings that have been renovated and adapted for current retail practice. Long buildings are articulated as a collection of individual buildings through the use of color, materials and changes in plane. In general, each “building” has the same color from ground to sky.. Diagrammatic views were developed by WPA/UDA based on the developer’s current proposal to illustrate the relationship between the buildings and the pedestrian circulation. Upper: View of entry to parking illustrating the relationship of the facade to the street and the bicycle building and pergola as well as the corner of the Medical Office building. Middle: View from Woodrow crosswalk illustrating the relationship between the buildings. Lower: View from Retail to the Medical Office Building

Final guidelines for Ghent Station October 2013  
Final guidelines for Ghent Station October 2013