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Summer 2011

| Issue 2

Welcome Welcome to this second issue of Network magazine showcasing some more of the many and varied events and support programmes for professional development that NIEAS provides, including a snapshot of what is to come. In this issue we highlight more examples of our collaborative and local services as well as an interesting international dimension to professional learning and development for Norfolk schools.

David Orsborne Head of Norfolk Integrated Education Advisory Services (NIEAS)

Traveller T Education Service

he Sites&Sounds project has won a grant of ÂŁ26,900 from the Youth Music Open Programme. For 2 years from September 2011, Sites&Sounds will provide 60 young members of the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities across Norfolk with access to high quality musical opportunities.

Sites&Sounds – Traveller communities making music

Traditional and modern music and equipment will be represented; from singing, fiddles, trumpets and guitars to keyboards, drums, battling rappers and beat boxes. Creativity will be central, with composition, song writing, performance and recording opportunities using high quality equipment and expertise. The youngsters will get the chance to perform and record their music, become music leaders and engage with other family and community members.

Sites&Sounds has come about due to an exciting partnership between Norfolk Traveller Education Service and Culture Works, a dynamic youth arts company based in Norwich. 2 | Network

Norfolk Integrated Education Advisory Services -

English Language Support Service

“Reg your ister inter now! est ”

New - Specialist course for Teachers Assistants supporting EAL / Literacy


new programme based upon the highly successful PE Teaching programme for Teaching Assistants is to be piloted in Norfolk next term. The programme is designed and delivered by Norfolk’s English Language Support Service (ELSS) and if successful will be disseminated across the East and East Midlands via the EAL Regional Hub Network which Norfolk helps facilitate. Teaching Assistants will be completely supported to enhance and deliver high quality personalised learning for pupils across all phases where pupils need additional support for literacy, including when English is an additional language (EAL). This programme for primary and secondary phases will not only ensure effective and sustainable provision for EAL pupils but also allow additional support to tackle standards and progress in literacy across the whole school. Teaching Assistants will receive direct tutoring, guided learning tasks and mentoring. Successful candidates will receive the County Award and be presented with their certificates at a special awards event. To receive further details or to register your interest please contact The English Language Support Service (ELSS) on 01603 307791. Priority booking for early birds!

reliable, high-quality, responsive, collaborative and local

"……invaluable. Fantastic ideas". Network | 3

Science in Singapore Norfolk learners in action


he Saturday of February half term saw nine teachers from Attleborough, Marshland, Stalham, Diss, Hobart and Wayland High Schools and Thetford Academy, led by Science Adviser Adrian Tebbutt, set off on the fourteen hour flight to Singapore. The week-long visit, sponsored by the British Council, had the primary objective of examining the science curriculum and provision in Singapore and to further improve student engagement, motivation and performance at GCSE and A level in Norfolk.

Education budget is the second largest in the country, only exceeded by defence. Science performance in Singapore is consistently at the top of the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) and TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science sTUDY) league tables and is frequently cited as exemplifying good practice, so the party, after a night to recover from jet lag, began the busy programme with a visit to the Ministry for Education.

Schools are rebuilt or completely refurbished every 10-15 years. What was immediately apparent was the importance placed on education, and science education in particular, in Singapore. The vision for science education shared with us at the Minsitry was mirrored throughout our stay – the schools visited, and the teachers in those schools, all shared the same views, approaches and aspirations.

4 | Network

Norfolk Integrated Education Advisory Services -

The overarching and lasting impression from what we observed was the unified view of the role of education in Singapore.

Laboratory accommodation equipped with University standard apparatus allowed students to work at a very high level From our initial visit to the Ministry of Education, where there was a clear exposition of the focus of science education, to conversations with teachers and students in the nine schools we visited, the focus on skills development and science as enquiry was a constant theme. Contact Adrian Tebbutt, Adviser 01603 307763

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Network | 5

Drama for Learning and Creativity (D4LC) in 2011-12 D4LC is a successful school improvement initiative that uses drama as an active learning and teaching medium across the curriculum. D4LC has improved the quality of teaching and learning and raised standards across the curriculum in many schools. For a limited number of schools, D4LC will continue to be partly subsidised by the local authority. The basic package is for the participation of two designated D4LC teachers and includes two places at the launch conference on Friday 23rd September (in Norwich) and a termly visit to two D4LC teachers (Autumn 2011 and Spring Term 2012) from a drama specialist consultant. To register your interest in becoming a D4LC school please contact by Friday 15th July 2011. Subsidised places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Schools that are allocated subsidised places will pay just ÂŁ500 for the basic package compared to the full rate of ÂŁ980.

6 | Network

Norfolk Integrated Education Advisory Services -


Visits Getting pupils out and about safely

“When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.” Robin Hammerton, HMI Norfolk Curriculum Countdown Seminar (May 2011)

Over the last year, EVOLVE has been used to plan 15,795 visits, involving 384,796 pupils out for a total of 479,463 pupil days including 218 overseas visits.


any Norfolk schools have positive comments in their OFSTED reports about Educational Visits, which are inspected under the Safeguarding section. The most effective way to show a broad and balanced range of well managed visits is by using the data about visits held on your school’s EVOLVE system (Educational Visits On-Line Virtual Environment). EVOLVE can be found at This Easter, EVOLVE had a major upgrade and is now even more helpful for staff in planning effective visits. We have also adopted new national guidance for off-site visits and learning outside the classroom. Please ensure that your school has attended and complied with the requirement for EVCs to update training every 3 years. We are also revising some model policies to include key points for schools to adjust and adopt such as to establish the establishment of a new Category now known as Level 1 for those local regular visits that have standard operational procedures and are covered by block parental consent and generic risk assessments. For help and support please contact Graham Lodge – Adviser Outdoor Learning

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Network | 7

PE, School Sport and Physical Development High Quality Physical Education Chartermark Award The Leader’s Challenge

8 | Network

Derrick Murphy, Leader of Norfolk County Council


very child in Norfolk has the right to expect a high quality entitlement and experience in physical education. To date, 37 schools have achieved the prestigious High Quality PE Chartermark Award and I have had the pleasure of presenting these schools with their awards and of visiting some of them and seeing the quality of their provision in person.

Norfolk Integrated Education Advisory Services -

I would like to encourage all schools in Norfolk to accept the challenge of putting in a bid this year in the run up to London 2012 – what a great way to celebrate 2012 with your school receiving the recognition for the quality of the PE provision offered to all pupils. Energising your school by celebrating high quality PE could start your focus on the inspirational events happening in London in the summer. In rising to this challenge you will show the children and young people in your school how much you not only value PE and an active and healthy lifestyle and promote the Olympic values. The Award is open to all schools, and there are seperate Special School, Primary and Secondary School Awards.

I hope that you will accept my challenge to submit your portfolio this year – after all, doesn’t every child deserve a high quality experience and entitlement to PE? To apply for the High Quality Physical Education Chartermark Award schools can log onto: Schools can contact us directly on 01603 303304. Support is also available at workshops and clinics. The next round of applications closes on July 31st 2011 with announcements in October 2011 and again on December 31st 2011 ready for announcements early in 2012.

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Network | 9

Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre Award winning scheme ‘On Track’


ineteen young people benefited from an award winning scheme aimed at engaging them in further learning, training and employment at Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre (WOEC) in Trowse last year. The scheme called On Track was part of a programme of initiatives under the Youth East funding framework provided through the European Social Fund and aimed at young people 16-19 years who are identified as NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) or who are at risk of disengaging from school or other learning programmes.

10 | Network

The award, presented by Herts Regional College recognised WOEC’s innovative approach to delivery, using outdoor and adventurous activities to achieve the programmes objectives and complete a Level 1 Asdan accreditation in Working with Others. The centre is now gearing up for part two of the project, which has a wider age range of 14 – 18 years and can now work directly with schools to identify those at risk of becoming NEET. Mike Roper, Head of Centre for WOEC said,

“The skills gained whilst taking part in outdoor activities are far wider than just the techniques of the discipline but about the need to be organised, communicative and constantly aware of your surroundings.” For more details call direct on 01603 632307 Email – or visit

Norfolk Integrated Education Advisory Services -

Health and well-being in schools


he Importance of Teaching DfE White Paper 2010 emphasises that “good schools play a vital role as promoters of health and well-being in the community.” Whilst the national Healthy Schools programme has now been wound down in line with current government policy there is a strong commitment locally from both Norfolk Children’s Services and the two NHS Primary Care Trusts to continue to support schools with this important area of work. The Healthy Schools Team continues to support schools to become effective and accountable health-promoting settings through training advice and support with an increasing emphasis on contributing to local health priorities and devising local needs-led approaches. All members of the Norfolk team are experienced teachers who have worked in the field of school health and health improvement for more than 8 years. Our training will be publicised through the usual systems and we are developing an e-newsletter that will be distributed from September 2011. For more information, to request support or to register an interest in receiving the newsletter, please contact: Sue Astbury 01603 221803 Marian Fox 01603 221810 Adele Godsmark 01603221812 Anna Sims 01603 221828

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Who’s Who? David Orsborne is Head of Integrated Education Advisory Services and is supported in our new structure from this June by four Lead Advisers, who oversee various strands of traded specialist support, consultancy and training. Lead Advisers Paul Hoey, Teaching and Learning Services Martin Radmore, Targeted Teaching Services Peter Simmonds, Governance and Leadership Services Heather Tyrrell, School Leadership and Improvement Services Business Support Officers Julia Idiens (Team Leader) Lisa Battle Nicola Bruce Claire Browne Alison Neale Lisa Poploski Danielle Youngs

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etwork - The Magazine of the Integrated Education Advisory Services - Summer 2011 - Issue 2  

Network: The Magazine of the Norfolk Integrated Education Advisory Services. Issue 2