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Oxnard Gets New City Manager See Lifestyle - Pages 14A & 15A

FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014

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Simi Valley businesses fooled by counterfeit $100 bills See Local - Page 1B

VC Women’s Political Community Center Being Launched by Council Sponsors Forum Huggins and St. Paul Baptist Church

Catherine Sepulveda, Education Chair for the Ventura County Women's Political Council and a former campaign manager for City Council Representative Carmen Ramirez, is helping to plan a series of forums addressing growth in women's leadership here in the county. (Photo Credit: Tim Pompey) By Tim Pompey The Ventura County Women’s Political Council (VCWPC) will host “When Women Succeed America Succeeds,” the first in a series of forums to help grow dynamic women leaders in Ventura County. Catherine Sepulveda, the chair of the VCWPC’s education committee and a former campaign manager for Oxnard City Council Representative Carmen Ramirez, elaborated on why this topic is so important to women in the

community. “We want to draw in women who are energetic and have a desire and a passion to serve,” she said. “We want to give women a place to assimilate as a group and encourage the women in our audience who are interested in serving.” Sepulveda believes that these types of forums are a way to encourage women to get out into the community and be socially and politically active. “Women, even though they are a FORUM, See page 12A

Bishop B.A. Huggins, Sr. Pastor at St. Paul Baptist Church is pictured here with Baxter Roseburr, one of his on-site construction assistants. Huggins has purchased property on 840 South "G" Street to use in partnership with St. Paul Baptist Church in south Oxnard. It will be called Community Outreach Worship Center. (Photo Credit: Tim Pompey) By Tim Pompey last January from its pre- on another property, or to what I decided to do is to Bishop B.A. Huggins, vious tenants, the Chinese add something else to our go ahead and purchase it in partnership with the St. Christian Church, which financial profile or to our through my own personal Paul Baptist Church in had moved its congrega- current building project on ministry corporation—BA south Oxnard, is launch- tion to Camarillo. Statham Boulevard.” Huggins Evangelistic and ing a new ministry on “I purchased it as a secHuggins felt that he Outreach Ministries.” 840 South “G” Street in ondary option,” said Hug- could not pass on the opThe center will be run Oxnard, called the Com- gins. “I initially wanted portunity to purchase the in partnership with his curmunity Outreach Worship St. Paul Baptist Church to property, largely because rent ministry at St. Paul Center. purchase it, but because of its ideal location and Baptist Church and will be Located directly across we’re right smack dab in its potential for ministry. referred to as the St. Paul the street from Community the middle of a building “I just felt that it was too Baptist Church Annex. The Center Park, Huggins per- project, it would not have much of a ministry op- plan is to move all of their sonally purchased the park been prudent for us to take portunity to pass up, so ST. PAUL, See page 12A

California Attorney General Engaged to be Married Shattering the NCAA Exploitive Business Model By Everett Glenn NNPA Guest Columnist The recent National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision granting Northwestern University football players the right to unionize, if upheld, will shatter the NCAA’s business model. When you add to the mix the frontal attack launched a few days before by noted antitrust lawyer Jeffrey Kessler, accusing the NCAA of colluding to deprive athletes of the ability to earn more than the value of their scholarships and the pending lawsuit challenging the NCAA rule that bars play-

ers from earning money from the use of their images, it is safe to say that we are at the dawn of a new era in college sports. At some point, the athletes, who do the heavy lifting, will finally receive a slice of the $16 billion per year college basketball and football pie. The ruling that college athletes are employees and not merely “studentathletes” confirms what we have known all along: College sports is big business – for everyone except the athletes who make it possible. College basketball and NCAA, See page 1B

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California Attorney General Kamala Harris is engaged to marry an attorney from Los Angeles after a yearlong courtship, it was announced Monday. Harris met Douglas Emhoff about a year ago on a blind date set up by a friend, said David Beltran, a spokesman in the attorney general’s office. Both are 49. Emhoff is partner in charge of the Los Angeles office of the Venable LLP law firm. Emhoff proposed on March 27, dropping to a knee in Harris’ San Francisco apartment, Beltran said. They plan to keep two households, one in San Francisco and one in Los Angeles.

Douglas Emhoff

Attorney General Kamala Harris

“The AG is thrilled and looking forward this next chapter in her life,” Beltran said.

The couple has yet to set a wedding date. It will be her first marriage and his second. Emhoff has two

children, one in college and one in high school. Harris is running for reelection this year and has previously served as district attorney in San Francisco. Emhoff runs the firm’s Los Angeles office and also is managing director for expansion, according to Venable’s website. The firm has more than 600 attorneys in nine offices across the U.S. The site says his experience is in commercial litigation, “primarily defending class action matters concerning claims of unfair business practices, the validity of advertising and marketing claims, cases challenging privacy statutes and wage and hour violations.”

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