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FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014

Santa Barbara 4th of July Parade See page 15A

African Roots, American Family

EDC-VC Staff and Advisor Achieve Six Sigma Certifications See Around VC - Page 2A

CI’s Gamma Beta Phi Chapter Wins Top National Awards See Education - Page 5A

Brownley Announces $1.4 Million for Ventura County See State - Page 6A

Bonaventure Wakam, Daniel Wakam, and Dr. Irene Wakam

Former Apple Exec Murdered by Prostitute See Tech News - Page 10A

Edison Informs Consumers About Rate Hikes

By Tim Pompey Most of us come from families which have emigrated to the U.S., assimilated, and become modern day Americans. Such is the case with the Wakam family: father Bon and mother Irene, children Bonarene, Glenn, and Daniel. When Bon and Irene

moved to the states from Cameroon in 1980, they both attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. They started dating there and got married four years later. Bon, who received a degree in chemical engineering from Wayne State and a master’s degree in busi-

(Photo Credit: Phillip George)

ness from Central Michigan University, worked in the automotive industry for many years. In 1998, he opened KHAM (meaning peaceful), his own business brokerage firm in Ventura specializing in business sales, business evaluation, mergers and acquisitions. Irene became

Camarillo Fiesta & Street Fair in Camarillo Old Town See Local - Page 1B

Russ Worden (left), a director in the SCE rates group, and Sandy Close (right), executive director of New America Media, held a meeting for journalists and other media representatives on July 1 at the Ventura County Government Center to explain the recent rate increase implemented this month by Southern California Edison. (Photo Credit: Keisha Brown, LaGrant Communications)

Quattro at Heritage Square See Community Calendar Page 10B

By Tim Pompey If you haven’t opened your electric bill this month, prepare for a surprise. Southern California Edison is passing along a rate increase for summer usage. Not a small one either. Many domestic consumers could see their monthly bill

jump by as much as ten dollars a month from now until November. As if to help consumers brace themselves for the news, Edison is going town to town informing the general public about its rate hikes. One of those meetings with journalists

and other media representatives took place on July 1 at the Ventura County Government Center. Russ Worden, one of Edison’s rate group directors, provided some rationale for recent rate hikes. As he explained, “We have an obligation to EDISON, See page 12A

a board certified family practice physician and has an office in Ventura. For Bon and Irene, their home may be America, but many of their values are rooted in their Catholic faith and their Cameroonian culture. “The way that I grew up in Cameroon,” said Bon, “that’s

what I know. When I grew up, I was careful not to do something that my neighbors would find out and tell my parents. I had to be respectful of other people in the community. This has kept me grounded.” He admits, however, that the issues facing today’s FAMILY, See page 14A

By Charlene Crowell NNPA Columnist You’ve probably heard the advertisements on urban radio urging consumers with at least $10,000 in debt to call a number right away for a financial rescue. Promising to end debt troubles by getting creditors to somehow accept less money than what is owed can sound really appealing. In reality, however, consumers mired in debt may often find debt settlement programs to be costly, misleading, and far less helpful

than the radio ad promises. In the newest chapter in the research series titled The State of Lending, the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) finds that debt settlement is a risky strategy that can leave consumers more financially vulnerable and still laden with debt years after they enroll in such programs. Regardless of how well consumers follow the instructions of their debt settlement firm, they may ultimately be unsuccessful DEBT, See page 12A

Debt Settlement Programs are Misleading

Page 2A

Tri-County Sentry


JULY 11, 2014

Around the Tri-Counties What you are doing with your life? Words to Live by

Dr. Lonnie G. McCowan, pastor of Miracle Center of Ventura

By Pastor Lonnie G. McCowan As a pastor I really try to get people to THINK! To really THINK about what you are doing with your life and why they don’t have the peace, purpose, prosperity, passion, and abundance they deserve. I also let people know that it is never too are always right on time...Here’s the important thing , if they’re going to spend their consciousness of Christ and the consciousness of the abundant life that Jesus himself said we are to live,(John 10:10) . It starts with awareness! Awareness is always the first step to change. The lessons I share with people in our church and everywhere I go are about awareness and the great news is that you get to choose what you want to do with your new awareness. There are only two things you can do with your brainpower. You can either spend it, or you can invest it. Time spent (wasted) is

gone forever. However, time invested in the form of learning creates a lifetime of payoff in knowledge and increased prosperity and joy! Make today the day... decide right now that you are going to invest your greatest asset, which is your time, in learning and studying things that will bring you closer to God and your God given desires. Human beings need contact, closeness, and affiliation. Connection is so important that solitary confinement is often used in prison as a means of punishment. People are generally happier when they feel close, connected, loved, and appreciated. And, the most common psychological disorder in people is depression. What is depression? Depression sets in when the gap is too wide between how one thinks life should be vs. how it is. And the biggest contributor to depression is loneliness, feeling rejected, alienated, disconnected, and separate from other people. SO ALWAYS... GET CONNECTED! Notice how often much more you get done with people helping. And, notice how often you want to ask someone for help, but are reluctant either because you are afraid you may be turned down, or you will be perceived as weak. The first impulse most people have Paid Advertisement

when OFFERED help is to say NO! and,... the first impulse most people have when asked for help is to say YES! So, remember to engage the power of relationships by asking for help! To do that, you must change the association you may have between asking for help and appearing weak. Rather than associate WEAKNESS with the thought of asking for help, associate STRENGTH instead. Every human being longs to be seen and heard, yet this very basic desire is too often denied to those who need it most...The sick who need to be healed. The broken who need to be held. The despondent who need reassurance. We all have a great need for someone to acknowledge our strengths and struggles. My heart’s desire is to connect with you as a member of the Body of Christ and a member of our community on an individual basis—but time and distance make that impossible. After much prayer and preparation, the Lord has shown me how I CAN bring a word to YOU when you are struggling with fear, anger, finances, health or loss. I wanted a way to listen to your needs and share HOPE with you, personally, even though we cannot sit down together and LIFE, See page 12A


Serving Ventura County for over twenty-two years

Give Yourself Permission The Mind Matters By Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, C.Ht., EFT-CC Do you remember field trips? A day of learning, exploring and adventure that took place outside of the classroom? Do you remember the excitement and anticipation leading up to the big day? And of course, you must not forget the all-important “permission slip” which was necessary proof that your parents knew where you were going and they with okay with you taking a day off from the responsibilities of school. Without it, you were unable to board the bus and were assigned to some other classroom to do stupid busywork. All the while your friends have 96 bottles of beer on the wall and you know you are missing out!

A field trip meant a bus ride, often to new and unfamiliar territory. You might even cross a state line! You got to sing silly songs and make faces at drivers passing by. Instead of your teacher telling you what to do, you were now instructed to listen to somebody’s mom or dad and stay with your buddy. Of course, teaming up with your good friend was always a plus because you got to spend more time together. Hopefully your group got a “cool” parent who would let you get away with stuff like buying an ice cream instead of eating what was packed in your brown bag lunch. A field trip is an ordinary day made extraordinary because we choose to make it happen. We make a plan to have fun. It’s a de-

Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, C.Ht., EFT-CC

cision we make to step out of the day to day and create a different experience. A “permission slip” is still necessary but now you are the one in control. You can board any damn bus that you want and you can take it wherever you want to go. PERMISSION, See page 12A

Things I Wish I Knew In My 20’s Inez Knows

Inez Lanns

By Inez Lanns As I slowly inch toward 40, I’ve been reflecting on life. I realize that I have been blessed with a very wonderful one, but also recognize I could have saved some time, money and resources if I would have known some things when I was younger that I now know. Let’s go over just a few of those life lessons.

#1. Other people cannot make you happy. True enough there are people who come into our lives that contribute to our happiness for various reasons. They may be the best of company or possess qualities you can learn from them. They may give you lots of money or material things. Whatever it is, the things that they do bring about happy feelings and memories that can be life impacting. But another person cannot make you happy. You must be happy with yourself in order for the joy to be lasting and not circumstantial. True happiness comes from within. #2. College counselors are knowledgeable but may not have all of the answers. College counselors are a fantastic resource and many

do a great job at what they do. However, if you are not sure of what you should really be doing they can only work as far the information you give them. When I finished all of my general education courses, I thought that I wanted to be a teacher. I thought that it was the military wife friendly thing since we moved around a lot and would be a good career to have as a mother because then I could be on vacation when the kids were out of school. Those were good reasons, but when it comes to what I am really meant to do, these were not good reasons. When I was in my junior year of college I began to realize that this might not be the best career choice for me. I went to my college counselor and was THINGS, See page 12A

EDC-VC Staff and Advisor Achieve Six Sigma Certifications


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CAMARILLO, Calif. – Efficient manufacturing processes are critical for companies’ bottom line. To help area businesses with process improvement strategies, EDC-VC’s Small Business Development Center director Ray Bowman, loan officer Marvin Boateng, and program manager Jason Ham completed a Six Sigma training course. After the 15-week program with 60 hours of direct training, paired with a process improvement project, the three earned their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Level 1 certification. Lean manufacturing expert SBDC advisor Carlos Conejo conducted the training. He recently became a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, the program’s highest achievement level. Developed by Motorola in 1986 and named for the mathematical term, Six Sigma is a program where inefficient procedures within companies are identified and eliminated and replaced with those providing increased perfor-

(From left to right) Jason Ham, Carlos Conejo, Marvin Boateng, and Ray Bowman mance. ated a streamlined SBDC As part of their their Six client intake procedure to Sigma certification, Bow- better appraise businesses man, Ham and Boateng creEDC-VC, See page 12A


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Tri-County Sentry


JULY 11, 2014

The People’s Throb What is The Best Way to Celebrate the Fourth of July?

Page 3A

By Gary L. Harbour

Tyson Clayton, 32 Los Angeles, CA

Laura Stokes, 32 Oxnard, CA

Beatrice Romero, 55 Oxnard, CA

Daniel Romero, 50 Oxnard, CA

Marc Angeu, 56 Oxnard, CA

Fahma Clayton, 33 Los Angeles, CA

“I’m originally from Bakersfield, CA, which I think is the hottest place on Earth, outside of Las Vegas. We decided a few years ago to buy a vacation home in Oxnard as a central place for family to meet. Every Fourth of July, we meet here in Oxnard as a family, and my grandmother can ride on her scooter without her batteries exploding from the summer heat. Thank you Oxnard.”

“The best way to celebrate the Fourth of July is with family, friends, making sure the kids have fun, and everyone stays safe.”

“Coming out to Channel Islands Harbor to watch fireworks with my husband.”

“The best way to celebrate the Fourth of July is to watch the fireworks on the base.”

“We spend our Fourth of July celebrating freedom with friends and family; reminding our kids what it means to live in a free country, where we can be whatever we wish to be. We also give thanks to those who fought for our freedom!”

“Being an immigrant, the best way to celebrate the Fourth of July is to appreciate the freedom and opportunity America has given my family and I. We are proud to be citizens of the United States of America!”

VC Public Works Agency urges Estrada hits deputy Music Concert This Weekend general public, businesses to with truck, flees scene in Santa Barbara not dump on County roads

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif.—In an effort to curb illegal dumping on County roads, the Ventura County Public Works Agency is urging the community to use caution when disposing of hazardous and nonhazardous waste. The VCPWA Transportation Department and Integrated Waste Management Division are finding that businesses and the general public who generate hazardous and non-hazardous waste often find the process of disposal to be complicated, time-consuming, and

Santa Barbara, CA — Blue Ocean Sciences LLC (BOS, LLC), a local water technology company that just opened a new office in Goleta is participating in the Americana Alive: Sound of Santa Barbara event on Sunday, July 13th at the Lobero Theatre. Hosted by The Clean Water Tour, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the global clean water crises, the event will be showcasing many talented musicians in the Santa Barbara community. On July 13th, various local musicians including Erland, The Kinds, Haddon Cord, Doublewide Kings, Omar Velasco, and Bear Erickson will be performing at the event. Prior to the show, the pre-event reception on the front terrace

expensive. These difficulties have led them to risk fines by illegally dumping or abandoning hazardous and non-hazardous waste in the trash, down the drains, or onto County roads. Such careless actions endanger the health and safety of sanitation workers and the general public, as well as pollute community water supplies. “Ventura County Public Works is taking steps to prevent businesses from disposing of questionable waste and keeping our roadways clean,” said Raul WORKS, See page 12A

Get the Scoop on Crime! On June 28, officers from the Oxnard Police Department Special Enforcement Unit attempted to contact a known gang member on felony probation in the 4600 block of South ‘J’ St. The suspect, Uriel Barrera, fled from officers and attempted to jump a fence into the backyard of a residence. Barrera was quickly apprehended by the officers and was found to be in possession of a loaded handgun that was concealed in the pocket of his pants. Barrera is a documented gang member and has prior felony charges, both of which prohibit him from possessing firearms. Barrera was charged with several weapons related violations and was booked into the Ventura County Jail. In an effort to address the recent increase in firearmsrelated crimes, the Oxnard Police Department launched the Operation Safer and Stronger initiative, as well as the Firearms Strike Team (FAST) led by the Violent Crimes Unit, to proactively remove firearms from prohibited persons in the city. The objective of the initiative and FAST is to reduce gun violence in Oxnard through education, intervention, and enforcement.

Ruben Estrada, 42, of Fillmore was arrested on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, hit-and-run, and driving under the influence Friday, July 4, 2014.

FILLMORE, CA (KABC) -- A Fillmore man was arrested on the Fourth of July holiday after he allegedly hit a sheriff’s deputy with his truck and then fled the scene. Ruben Estrada, 42, was allegedly driving his red truck up and down the 600 block of Manzanita Drive, challenging people to fight. When a responding deputy attempted to remove Estrada from his truck, Estrada shifted the truck into drive and accelerated forward. The deputy was

thrown onto the hood of the patrol car, and transported to Ventura County Medical Center with minor injuries. Estrada then directed his truck towards another responding patrol unit, nearly missing it. He collided with another vehicle, and then fled on foot. He was later located at his residence where he was arrested without incident. Estrada was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, hitand-run, and driving under the influence.

Dr. Andrea Neal Founder and CEO Blue Ocean Sciences (BOS) LLC

will be opened at 5pm for the public to visit exhibiting water non-profits and companies. “Santa Barbara and California at large are facing serious water crises, and we think Americana Alive is a perfect setting to help promote community CONCERT, See page 12A

News from the D.A. District Attorney Gregory D. Totten announced that Alberto Govea, a resident of Oxnard, pled guilty on June 27, 2014, to second degree murder, criminal threats and auto theft in connection with a crime spree from December 2013. On the morning of December 13, 2013, Govea went to the home of a friend, Juan Carlos Garcia, age 26, and attacked Mr. Garcia with a knife, stabbing him multiple times and mortally wounding him. On December 16, 2013, while the police were actively seeking Govea for the murder, the defendant threatened Oxnard resident Erik Yanez. Govea was arrested later that day at the residence of his parents in north Oxnard. Additional charges concerned a car theft that occurred on December 2, 2013. The three cases were consolidated. The case was set for preliminary hearing at the time of the plea. Sentencing will be pronounced August 29, 2014 in courtroom 14 at 1:30 p.m. Govea will serve a stipulated sentence of 18 years to life in state prison.

Page 4A

Tri-County Sentry


JULY 11, 2014

Sports News Alysia Montano Runs in U.S. Championships The Most Important Moment of the at 34 Weeks Pregnant NBA Draft Involved a Player Who

By Michael Wagaman SACRAMENTO, CA — Alysia Montano will have a heck of a story to tell her first child. Thirty-four weeks pregnant, Montano ran the 800 meters in the U.S. Track and Field Championships. The five-time national champion finished in 2 minutes, 32.13 seconds — nearly 35 seconds slower than her personal best of 1:57.34 in 2010 in Monaco. "I've been running throughout my pregnancy and I felt really, really good during the whole process," Montano said after the qualifying heat. That the 28-year-old former University of California star finished last in her heat didn't matter one bit to the crowd gathered at Hornet Stadium. Trailing the lead pack by more than 120 meters for most of the race, Montano received a rousing ovation as she finished her first lap and the cheering grew louder when she finally crossed the finish line. "I just didn't want to get lapped and be the first

Won't Play Again

A pregnant Alysia Montano runs in the opening round of the women's 800 meter run during day 2 of the USATF Outdoor Championships at Hornet Stadium in Sacramento, California. (Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw) person to get lapped in the 800," said Montano, the 800 national champion the past four years. She was never close to being lapped, taking a nice relaxed pace from the start and maintaining it throughout. That was according to the plan Montano laid out after consulting with her physician. Not only did doctors give Montano the OK to run, they encour-

aged her. "That took away any fear of what the outside world might think about a woman running during her pregnancy," Montano said. "What I found out mostly was that exercising during pregnancy is actually much better for the mom and the baby. ... I did all the things I normally do ... I just happened to be pregnant. This is my normal this year."

By Michael Klopman It seems odd, but the 2014 NBA Draft's most memorable moment had nothing to do with a prospect entering the league. Instead, that magic moment came in the middle of the first round, when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took a break to recognize former Baylor center Isaiah Austin. Just days before the draft, Austin learned he wouldn't be able to pursue a professional basketball career, after being diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome. "Like the other young men here tonight, Isaiah committed himself to endless hard work and dedication to a potential career as a professional basketball player and we wanted to make sure he fulfilled at least this part of his dream," Silver announced, as the crowd at the Barclays Center gave a standing ovation. "So it gives me great plea-

Isaiah Austin of Baylor (R) is greeted by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver as he is honored on stage during the 2014 NBA Draft. sure to say that with the next God closes one door he pick in the 2014 NBA draft, opens up another for you." According to the Marthe NBA selects Isaiah Ausfan Foundation, Marfan tin from Baylor University." syndrome affects how the The emotional 7-footbody produces connective 1-inch Austin then put on tissue, which “plays an a hat with the NBA logo important role in helping on it and walked up to the the body grow and develop podium to greet Silver. The 20-year-old, who was pro- properly.” One feature of jected to be an early sec- Marfan Syndrome, aortic ond-round pick, told ES- enlargement, can be lifePN's Jay Williams "when threatening.

By Tim Reynolds MIAMI -- Dwyane Wade has made his choice. Chris Bosh is still mulling his. Either way, free agency for the Miami Heat is shaping up as an absolute circus. Wade told the Heat that he is opting out of the final two years and nearly $42 million in his contract, and will become a free agent the same decision that LeBron James revealed earlier. Also, Udonis Haslem told the Heat that he will not pick up his $4.6 million option for next season. But Bosh is still weighing his options, agent Henry Thomas told The Associated Press, after a miscommunication earlier in the day suggested that the forward was already sold on the idea of opting out. Strange as it may sound, the decisions by James and now Wade and Haslem are considered good for the Heat, since those three moves alone free up about $45 million in what would have been salary Miami was committed to paying

Chris Bosh #1 of the Miami Heat celebrates with Dwyane Wade #3 against the San Antonio Spurs during Game Two of the 2014 NBA Finals at the AT&T Center. next season. If Bosh opts already been mentioned as out, that figure goes to $66 a target of the Los Angemillion, and the idea of not les Clippers, the Chicago having that locked into the Bulls, the Houston Rockbooks gives Miami tons of ets - and, of course, the flexibility to lure their stars Cleveland Cavaliers, the back into new deals - plus team for whom he spent have enough money left his first seven seasons. over to make additional But things are already roster upgrades. looking good for Miami, Regardless of what which got the rights to Bosh decides, the start of former Connecticut guard free agent frenzy will be Shabazz Napier on draft busy for Miami. James and night - and Napier just hapWade could be wooed by pened to be James’ favorite plenty of suitors. James has player in the draft.

Wade Set to Become Free Agent; Bosh Deciding Serena Williams Upset in Third Round at Wimbledon

LONDON — Five-time champion Serena Williams lost to 25th-seeded Alize Cornet of France 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 in the third round of Wimbledon. It's Williams' earliest exit at the All England Club since 2005, when she also was beaten in the third round.

"I don't know how I did it," Cornet said. "Just with my heart — and the help of the crowd." The No. 1-ranked and No. 1-seeded Williams owns 17 Grand Slam titles, but she now has departed before the quarterfinals at four of the past five major

Serena Williams tournaments. That includes a fourth-round loss at the Australian Open in January, and a second-round loss at the French Open in May. But of Williams' five total losses in all tournaments this season, two have come against Cornet, who also beat the American at the Dubai Championships in February. Still, this result was rather unexpected, given their comparative Grand Slam careers. Cornet never had been past the third round at the All England Club, and she only once before got to the fourth round of a major — way back at the 2009 Australian Open. The match was halted at 1-all, deuce in the opening set because of rain that disrupted play around the grounds most of the day. After a delay of about 4 1/2 hours, Williams was terrific when they resumed, reeling off five games in a row to grab the first set. And then, quick as can be, things changed dramatically. Suddenly, it was Cornet who was putting shots right where she wanted them, and Williams who had trouble finding the mark. In all, Williams wound up with 29 unforced errors — 11 more than Cornet.

Boxer Mormeck Victorious in Comeback Fight

A s n i è r e s - s u r- S e i n e (France) - Frenchman Jean-Marc Mormeck, the two-time former WBC and WBA cruiserweight champion, made a successful return to the ring on Thursday, the referee stopping the fight against Hungary's Tamas Lodi in the fourth round. Mormeck has not fought since losing out in the fourth round to Wladimir Klitschko in a WBOIBF-WBA heavyweight title fight in March 2012 in Duesseldorf, Germany. But after 27 months on the sidelines and at the age of 42, Mormeck made no mistake in his cruiserweight bout in a skating rink in Asnieres near Paris.

Jean-Marc Mormeck Mormeck knocked Lodi down in the fourth for an eight count, the referee stepping in to stop the bout moments later. True to his previous

ring form, Mormeck continually advanced on his opponent, making solid facial contact in the second round before setting about the Hungarian's body. An avalanche of punches opened the third round with Lodi in obvious trouble, before the denouement a round later. The victory allows Mormeck to dream of competing in another world championship fight before the year's end, as he previously stated he wished to do. Mormeck, from Guadeloupe, won the WBA cruiserweight titles in 2002 and 2005 and the WBA-WBC crowns in 2005 and 2007.

Tri-County Sentry


JULY 11, 2014

Page 5A

News On Education Word-Finds

Find and circle the words in the puzzle. The words read forward, backwards, up, down and diagonally. Joel Part Pentecost Pour Power Promise Sight Spirit Spoken Times Tongues Vapour Wait Water Wind Wine

A new poll suggests California voters are losing enthusiasm for the Common Core State Standards. The annual PACE/USC Rossier School of Education poll queried more than 1,000 Californians to gauge their views on a number of key issues, including the recent Vergara vs. California teacher tenure ruling and the job performance of state and national policymakers. Among the highlights: • California voters aren’t sold on the Common Core, which sets expectations for deeper learning by grade level: 32 percent of respondents supported the implementation, with 42 percent opposed. That’s a reversal from last year’s poll, when the majority supported implementation. • Voters over 65 were the most likely to oppose the Common Core, and Republicans were more likely to have

Answers on page 12A

To solve a Sudoku puzzle, place a number into each box so that each row across, each column down, and each small 3 x 3 square with the larger diagram (there are 9 of these) will contain every number from 1 through 9. In other words, no number will appear more than once in any row, column, or smaller 3 x 3 square. Working with the number already given as a guide complete each diagram with the missing numbers that will lead to the correct solution. Answers on page 12A


negative perceptions of the standards than Democrats. • More than 60 percent of poll respondents supported using public money to make preschool available to children from lowincome families. But when asked if they would approve of a small tax increase to fund such programs, support dropped to 41 percent. • After California’s

teacher tenure law was explained to them, 61 percent of respondents agreed with a statement opposing it on the grounds that “it makes it extremely difficult to fire poorly performing teachers, so that many California schoolchildren, particularly those in economically challenged school districts, get stuck with poor teachers year after year.”

Gamma Beta Phi Chapter President Dallas Lawry CI has consistently amazed me with thousands of hours of community service and outreach both on and off campus. This chapter is a shining example for which we stand. We do community outreach in the name of academic excellence, and no chapter does it better than CI. ” Over the past year, Gamma’s CI Chapter volunteered 7,082 hours of service, held multiple events to benefit the needy, and made siz-

able contributions through fundraising, collections and donations. Among the highlights, the students collected 450 Christmas toys for children at the RAIN Transitional Living Center; raised $2,000 as an American Cancer Society Relay for Life team; donated 100 teddy bears to the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation; sent 300 cards to the troops; collected 200 books for elementary school children; and provided 160 sets of blankets, plates and cups to migrant families. The Exemplary Chapter of the Year Award recognizes CI as the top chapter out of more than 130 chapters nationwide. The national organization also recognized Chapter President Dallas Lawry as President of the Year and Chapter Advisor Wm. Gregory Sawyer, CI’s Vice President for Student Affairs, as Distinguished Fellow and Advisor of the Year. For more information on Gamma Beta Phi, visit

-- was all it took to get him excited about reading. In the United States, the traditional market for book buyers has been the top 10 percent of the socioeconomic strata. Which means most authors, characters and stories that are published reflect the lives of affluent white families. For decades, publishing insiders have argued that like it or not, this is what the market wants. Books about “other” kinds of children, “other” kinds of families and communities, they say, simply don’t sell. But they’re wrong. Di-

verse books can and do sell. We’ve just been looking at the wrong market. Last year First Book stepped up to the plate, making a commitment through the Clinton Global Initiative America to pioneer a market-driven solution to the lack of diversity in children’s books. Through our CGI commitment, which has put over 270,000 books into the hands of kids in need, we’ve learned some valuable lessons that we hope will inform the national conversation on children’s literature. 1. To become readers, kids need to see themselves in books. In a survey last year of more than 2,000 educators from First Book schools and programs, 90 percent of respondents indicated that the children in their programs would be more enthusiastic readers if they had access to books with characters, stories and BOOKS, See page 12A

CI’s Gamma Beta Phi Chapter Wins Top National Awards

Crossword Companion

Across 1. Sam Trammell, on Trinity 5. Owns 8. Rooftop item 12. Folklore monster 13. Timber tree 14. Soon 15. Yule quaffs 16. _____ Zedong 17. Visitor of Working Girl 18. WB sitcom about a fictional teen soap (2 words) 21. Like some verbs (abbr.) 22. Government energy agcy. 23. Hotel Malibu actor Pepe 26. Actress Hill of AllAmerican Girl 27. ________ masque 30. Like a bump on ______ (2 words) 31. Born (Fr.) 32. Boss Lady star Lynn 33. Damon actor Irrera 34. That’s So Raven channel (abbr.) 35. War of the Worlds actress Ilse von ____ 36. Like, à la Maynard G. Krebs 37. _____ Playhouse 38. Tony Randall’s Mr. Peepers role (2 words) 44. Kenneth of The Forsyte Saga 45. Pasture 46. “Auld Lang _____” 47. Lamb’s pen name 48. Computer network (abbr.) 49. The Edge of Night role for Lester Rawlins 50. Tabitha’s mortal

California Voters Losing Faith in Common Core

Camarillo, Calif. – The CSU Channel Islands (CI) chapter of Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society has earned a trio of national awards recognizing its outstanding leadership and community service. CI’s oldest student honor society garnered the highest national honor as Exemplary Chapter of the Year and also picked up accolades for President of the Year and Advisor of the Year, making it the only chapter in the 50-year history of Gamma Beta Phi to win all three top national awards in a single year. Since the service-based honor society was chartered on campus in 2003, it has also received the coveted Distinguished Chapter Award each year for the past 11 years. “I consider CSU Channel Islands my flagship chapter of the Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society,” said Jimmy McNutt, National Executive Director of Gamma Beta Phi. “Year in and year out, the Gamma Beta Phi Chapter at

Three Reasons Why Everybody Benefits from More Diverse Children’s Books brother 51. Noah’s vessel 52. Fred Savage, on Working Down 1. Good Advice star Shelley 2. The Munsters’ pet bat 3. Jason’s ship 4. Debra of Will & Grace 5. Danny Thomas actor Rusty 6. PDQ 7. Just _____ (2 words) 8. Letter-turning White 9. Med. student’s course 10. Zero 11. Hartman of Dan August 19. Spanish lady (abbr.) 20. Actress Bethune of Father Murphy 23. Blue 24. “Xanadu” band, for short 25. CD-_____ 26. Loser to DDE

27. Bleating sound 28. Sister Wendy’s passion 29. Seinfeld actress Sheridan 31. Chef Lawson of Forever Summer 32. Mayim Bialik sitcom 34. Army gp. 35. Post-college test (abbr.) 36. The Great American ______ Machine 37. Hilary of Evening Shade 38. _____ That Note 39. Opera highlight 40. Age unit 41. Sedgwick of TNT’s The Closer 42. Monogram pt. 43. Camper’s shelter 44. Draw ______ Laugh (2 words) Answers on page 12A

By Roxana Barillas Alfonso, age four, had never willingly visited the library at his early-learning center. But one morning Alfonso’s teacher had something new to show her class -- a brand-new collection of children’s books about Latino culture and history. Later that day, instead of going to the playground during his free play period, Alfonso headed straight to the library, excitedly pointing out a book about the Mexican folktale La Llorona to his friends. We know, and every study confirms, that strong reading skills are critical to a child’s success in school, impacting everything from English class to their performance in math. But kids won’t simply take to reading just because they’re told to. They need a way in. For Alfonso, seeing a book about something familiar -- something that reflected his life experience

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JULY 11, 2014

State News Assemblymember Brown Gives Special Congresswoman Lee Announces Recognition to Fontana Business Owner $3 Million in Federal Head Start Funds

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown (D-San Bernardino) presented the Small Business of the Year Award to State Farm Insurance agent Phil Cothran during the annual California Small Business Day hosted by the California Small Business Association on Monday, June 16, in Sacramento. “I’m excited to recognize State Farm Insurance agent Phil Cothran as my Small Business Person of the Year. He’s a successful business owner and advocate for his community. He’s been very involved as a member and community volunteer with organizations such as the Fontana Chamber of Commerce, the Fontana Rotary Club, the Fontana Police Department and the San Ber-

Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown, State Farm Insurance agent Phil Cothran, and his wife Lena. nardino County Workforce Assemblymember Brown. Development Board. He is Cothran became a lian asset to our community censed State Farm Insurand I greatly appreciate his ance agent in 1989. His dedicated service,” said BROWN, See page 12A

Traffic Safety Program Targets Summer Risk to Kids

TORRANCE, CA — School’s out for the summer, and many families are making travel plans to enjoy quality time together. Yet few parents will be aware of an additional risk to their kids during the summer months – a significantly higher death rate from traffic crashes. Reasons for the increase likely involve an increase in traffic during the summer period, increased drinkingdriver rates, and fatigue as drivers undertake longer road trips. The situation is made worse by the fact that 9 out of 10 children are not properly buckled up.

St. Francis Medical Center, Lynwood, in partnership with child passenger safety non-profit SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A., is offering parents the chance to ensure that their children are riding safely this summer at a free safety seat checkup to be held on Saturday, July 26. Safety seat inspections will be provided by certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians and other trained staff from 10 am to 2 pm in the parking lot of the Medical Center, located at 3630 E. Imperial Highway, in Lynwood. Car crashes are the number 1 killer of children; yet

9 out of 10 safety seats inspected at safety seat checkups are being used incorrectly, putting children at unnecessary risk in a crash. California Highway Patrol estimates that more than 80% of young children killed in car crashes would have survived if they had been restrained correctly. To make an appointment for a car seat check, families should call the Safe Ride Helpline: (310) 222-6860 or (800) 745-SAFE. For Spanish: (310) 222-6862 or (800) 747-SANO. Further information on risks to children in crashes is available at

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) announced a $3,070,400 federal grant awarded to Alameda Family Services to expand Head Start and Early Head Start Programs. The grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “I am excited to announce this critical funding for Alameda Family Services to expand Head Start Programs,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee. “Early Head Start and Head Start Programs are critical to closing the achievement gap and breaking the cycle of poverty. By ensuring all children are prepared for success in Kindergarten,

Congresswoman Barbara Lee we are priming them for future academic achievement and to compete and thrive in tomorrow’s economy.” Congresswoman Lee continued, “as a member of the Appropriations

Subcommittee on Labor, Health, Human Services & Education, I will continue to fight for investments to expand early childhood education until all children have access to universal, quality preschool.” Alameda Family Services is a nonprofit, human services organization that serves Alameda and the East Bay with programs to improve the emotional, psychological and physical health of children, youth and families through Early Head Start, Head Start, school-based health centers, homeless youth services, counseling, drug and alcohol treatment and a clinical training program.

Brownley Announces $1.4 Million for Ventura County

Congresswoman Julia Brownley (D-Westlake Village) announced Ventura County will receive more than $1.4 million from the U.S. Department of Interior through their 2014 Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program. This is an increase from the $1.3 million that Ventura County received in 2013 under this same program. “Rural communities are important drivers of Ventura County’s diverse economy,” said Congresswoman Julia Brownley. “These investments will help Ventura County continue to provide the vital services – including firefighters and police, public school and road construction, and search and rescue operations – that make our

Congresswoman Julia Brownley community a great place to live and work.” “We appreciate all the work that Congresswoman Brownley did in helping to secure additional PILT funding on behalf of the County,” said Ventura County

Executive Officer Michael Powers. “This funding will support critical safety, social and health services for our community.” Congresswoman Brownley has advocated throughout the FY2014 and FY2015 processes to ensure funding for this critical program. Ventura County received a total of $1,473,281 in PILT funding for FY2014. PILT program eligibility is reserved for local governments (mostly rural counties) that contain nontaxable federal lands and provide vital services, such as public safety, housing, social services and transportation. These jurisdictions provide significant support for national parks, wildlife refuges and recreation areas throughout the year.

Law Authored by Jackson to Strengthen Paid Family Leave Takes Effect

SACRAMENTO – A law authored by State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) to strengthen California’s Paid Family Leave Program by allowing workers to receive benefits while also caring for seriously ill grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, and in-laws took effect on July 1. July 1 also marks the 10-year anniversary of the implementation of the Paid Family Leave Program. A decade ago, California became the first state in the nation to enact a program to provide partial pay to workers – funded entirely by employee payroll deductions - to take up to six weeks off to bond with a new child or provide care for a seriously ill family member. According to a report released today from the California Senate Office of Research, 1.8 million claims for Paid Family Leave have been filed over the past decade, with an increasing number of men using the program to bond with a new child. “A decade ago, our state boldly took the step of being the first in the nation to offer what I believe should be the right of all our citizens – the right to care for their close family mem-

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson bers for a period of time without jeopardizing their livelihoods or economic well-being, “ Jackson said. “Over 10 years, particularly as we’ve seen a growth in two-income families, this law has been a valuable way to balance work and caregiving responsibilities.” Funded entirely by employee payroll deductions through an expansion of the State Disability Insurance (SDI) system, Paid Family Leave provides up to six weeks of partial wage replacement benefits per year. It compensates workers through money they’ve set aside in their paychecks for caregiving responsibilities.

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JULY 11, 2014

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National News Boyfriend of Missing Teacher Extradited Black GOP Candidate in Florida Faces Horrific Racism

Angelo Smith Jr. By David Lohr The boyfriend of a missing North Carolina teacher will face charges surrounding the delinquency of her 3-year-old son. Angelo Smith Jr., 30, was moved from the Illinois jail where he has been held to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he will face a misdemeanor charge of contributing to

Bianca Tanner the delinquency of a juve- burg Police Department on nile. No additional details June 10 alleges Tanner's on that charge are immedi- 3-year-old son told police ately available. that his mom and Smith were Bianca Tanner, a 31-year- involved in an altercation old second grade teacher prior to her disappearance. from Greensboro, was last Questioned by police, seen at Smith's Charlotte Smith allegedly said he home on June 7, police said. and Tanner argued over a What happened to her after text message on the night that remains a mystery. of June 7 and Tanner left A search warrant obtained his home “intoxicated.” BOYFRIEND, See page 12A by the Charlotte-Mecklen-

Theodore Wafer Trial Judge Disallows Victim's Texts

By Ed White DETROIT — A judge on Friday rejected a request to turn the victim's text messages into evidence for the defense at the upcoming trial of a Detroit-area man who fatally shot a young unarmed woman on his porch. Attorney Cheryl Carpenter said slang references to marijuana were critical for the defense because they suggest Renisha McBride was selling drugs and may have had an aggressive side. "I don't want to use this to drag her through the mud.

Theodore Wafer You won't hear me argue at trial she's a bad person. ... If you strip this from me, you're going to hamstring the defense," Carpenter said.

Texas Law Sends Dad to Jail After Child Support Withholding Error

Clifford Hall and 12-year-old son Dreydon Hall Harris County, TX – On Tuesday, June 24, 2014, Texas father Clifford Hall voluntarily arrived at the Harris County Civil Courthouse and was taken into custody to begin a sixmonth jail sentence. Hall’s complex child support case received international attention last year when he received the harshest punishment under the law. Hall was sentenced to six months in jail even though he became current on child support arrearages made late at the fault of his then employer AT&T. “My client Clifford Hall is one of the first casualties of the repeal of Texas Family Code Section 157.162(d) that formerly protected parents who were current in the payment of child support,” said Eraka Watson, Hall’s new legal counsel with The Childs Law Firm. “In June

of 2013, the 83rd Texas Legislature repealed the law (HB 847) making a jail sentence a judgment option for being in contempt of the court for failure to pay child support. There are no exceptions, there is no notice served to the defendant indicating a period of time to cure the default. The law is not defensible,” said attorney Watson. “Repeal of the Texas Family Code was initially meant to deter dead-beat dads from being chronic offenders of late child support and making last minute payments before their court date,” continued attorney Watson. “However, in Mr. Hall’s case, he was unaware that the child support payments being withheld from his check were not getting to the court due to the employer’s clerical error. Unfortunately, even DAD, See page 12A

But Wayne County Judge Dana Hathaway said using the messages as evidence would be unfair because "none of these" show the 19-year-old was an aggressor before she was shot in the face last November on Theodore Wafer's Dearborn Heights porch. Wafer, 55, is charged with second-degree murder. His lawyers say he shot McBride in self-defense because he feared for his safety when she banged on his door before dawn. Prosecutors, however, say he should have kept the door closed and called 911.

By Alex Lazar Gloreatha "Glo" Scurry-Smith, who is running in the Florida GOP primary to take on Rep. Corrine Brown (D) in November, recently experienced a very disturbing case of racial discrimination. Smith tweeted a picture of a vandalized campaign sign, in which her face was covered in white spray paint. Smith, who says her husband found the sign in Jacksonville, Florida, told National Review that she "expect[ed] signs to be tampered with or stolen, but not to this extent.” “Throughout this entire incident, I go back to Martin Luther King’s comment that we look forward to a

Gloreatha “Glo” Scurry-Smith time when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” Smith added. “I’ve got too much work to focus on to be bothering with things like this.”

Brown said regarding the incident that "to be talking about signs is ludicrous to me -- and you know, and whatever happened was unfortunate but I personally do not get involved in campaigning months in advance." Her primary opponent, Thuy Lowe, condemned the vandalism. "I was shocked by this," Lowe told National Review. "There have been some comments out there that this may have been caused by bigotry. This is a message that she is an African American woman who is a Republican and therefore has a white point of view." The GOP primary will be held on August 26.

Navy Gets Its First Female Four-Star Admiral

By Amanda Terkel WASHINGTON -- The Navy has promoted Michelle Howard from vice admiral to admiral, making her the first female four-star admiral in its 236-year history and the service's new vice chief of naval operations. Howard paid tribute to the nation's service members at her promotion ceremony, held at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. In her brief remarks, she said that the "willingness to step up and contribute to a noble cause in your life is a sign of true selflessness." "Our sailors and Marines are this legacy. They are volunteers," she said. "And with every mission, they demon-

Michelle Howard strate our core values, values our founders would have understood -- courage, honor, commitment." Howard graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1982, and she was the first black woman to com-

mand a ship. She recently told the Navy Times that there are many more opportunities for women in the military than there were when she first joined. “Now I think about it all these years later, the combat exclusion law was repealed and women can serve on all classes of ships, all types of aircraft. And then the last couple of years, opening up the submarines to women -- it's significant," she said. But she has still encountered obstacles. "There were individuals who didn't want me there or wanted to undermine what I was trying to do," Howard told WJLATV in Washington, D.C.

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JULY 11, 2014

Claim a Tax Credit for Summer Daycare Expenses

Put a Premium on Your Home Insurance

By Jason Alderman For harried parents, the definition of true panic is realizing in April that you forgot to enroll your kids for summer day camp and now all the slots are filled. Cut to: as the school year ends, you're feverishly trying to find adequate daycare because neither of you can take time off work to watch the kids. In fact, bonus points if you thought ahead and signed up during last fall's open enrollment for a dependent care flexible spending account (FSA), which allows you to pay for childcare using pretax dollars. But if you didn't enroll in an FSA or your employer doesn't offer them, there's still a way to get a tax break on your summer daycare expenses (and other dependent care costs throughout the year): the Child and Dependent Care Credit. Here's how it works: If you pay someone to care for your young child (or other qualifying dependents) so you can work – or look for work – you may be eligible for this tax credit worth up to 35 percent of those expenses. Because it's the IRS doling out the credit, there are a number of qualifying provisions: • Typically the dependent must be a child in your custody under age 13.

• However, the credit is also available if you paid for the care of your spouse or other dependent who is physically or mentally incapable of self-care and lives with you more than half the year. • Your tax-filing status must be single, married filing jointly, head of household or qualifying widow(er) with a dependent. If you're married but filing separately, you generally cannot receive the credit. • You (and your spouse, if married) must be working or seeking employment when the care was administered. Exceptions are made if one spouse is a full-time student or physically or mentally incapable of self-care. • The payment must be made to a care provider who is not: your spouse; someone you claim as a dependent; the child's parent; or your child under age 19. • Typical eligible caregivers include: summer day camps (but not overnight camps); daycare, before-school or afterschool care providers; babysitters or nannies; housekeepers who also provide care for your dependent; and nursing, home-care or other providers who care for a disabled dependent. • You must provide the

FCC Doublespeak:

By Blanche Evans

taxpayer ID number (usually the Social Security number) of each qualifying dependent on your tax return. • You also must report the name, address and taxpayer ID number (either the Social Security number or the employer ID number) of the care provider. • Employer-provided dependent care benefits could reduce your credit amount – for example, company-provided daycare or money you contributed to a dependent care FSA. The maximum amount of expenses that qualify for the Child and Dependent Care Credit is $3,000 a year for one dependent and $6,000 for two or more. If your adjusted gross income is less than $15,000 you generally can claim a credit for 35 percent of eligible expenses. The percentage gradually decreases, the higher your income. It caps out for those earning more than $43,000, who can claim 20 percent. To learn more about the Child and Dependent Care Credit, see IRS Publication 503 and Chapter 32 of IRS Publication 17 at

Diversity, African-American Broadcast Ownership Snubbed

By Armstrong Williams (NewsUSA) On March 31, 2014, the FCC voted to slam the door shut on an important gateway to enhancing localism, viewpoint diversity and oppor-

tunities in broadcast television ownership. It did so by ruling for the first time that when a TV station provides sales and marketing support for another station in the same market under

Armstrong Williams a Joint Sales Agreement ("JSA"), that station will be deemed the "owner" of the other station for regulatory purposes. JSAs have been approved by the FCC for more than a decade and were in fact shaped by the FCC and its staff to comply with the ownership (duopoly) rules. JSAs have been an almost ubiquitous facet of the marketplace, as they are used by scores of stations in numerous markets. In fact, just two months prior to its latest ruling, in January 2014 the FCC approved Gannett Co.'s $1.5 billion acquisition of Belo Corp., and Tribune Company's $2.73 billion purchase of Local TV Holdings LLC. Both of these deals rely heavily on JSAs and other sharing agreements. At the same time, direct competitors of local television -- cable, satellite and telecom companies -- use their own JSA-like agreements, called "interconnects," to sell local advertising with no percentage limit. I am the sole owner of Howard Stirk Holdings, which holds the licenses for two broadcast television stations: WEYI-TV in Saginaw, Michigan, and WWMB-TV, in Florence, FCC, See page 12A

There are two reasons to buy hazard insurance for your home -- to protect your lender and to protect yourself. If you use the purchase price of your home for the insured amount, you may believe you have all bases covered. But, you could be in for a nasty surprise if you have to make a claim. Your purchase price and the cost to replace your home can be thousands of dollars apart, especially if you bought your home at a discount, or if you've owned your home for some years and haven't increased your premium. In 1992, the median price of a new home in the U.S. was $52.31 per square foot, says the National Association of Home Builders. By 2013, the median cost was $95 per square foot. In some high-cost areas such as California, building costs can be much higher. If you purchased your home for less than the median per square foot, you could be underinsured. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), you should review your dwelling cover-

age annually to make sure it doesn't drop below the cost to replace your home. "If it drops below 80% of the full replacement cost of your home, your insurance company may reduce the amount that it will pay on a claim," posts the NAIC consumer guide. So how do you determine replacement costs? First, insurance doesn't include land and landscaping, only the main building and any other buildings included in your policy. Ask your real estate professional to help. He or she can give you prices per square foot for homes similar to yours. Compare those numbers to similar homes that are newly built in your area. You can also call your insurer and ask to reevaluate your insurance needs. Insurance companies have cost-to-repair and costto-replace prices for your area. If you want to save money, there are many things you can do: • Shop your insurance with other providers. • Insure your car with the same insurer to get a discount.

• Raise your deductible. From $500 to $1000, you can save about 12% annually on your premium. • Pay your bills on time. Good credit gets lower premiums • Be loyal. Some insurers give discounts to longterm customers. • Step up alarms around the house, including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. • Check your policy annually. You may be able to get your premium lowered with as little as a phone call. To protect your assets, make sure you not only cover basic fire insurance, but that you also get flood, earthquake, and any other natural disaster insurance that is appropriate to your area. You also may be limited to coverage for personal belongings, typically half the amount of your dwelling coverage.

How to Prepare Your Home for Quick Sale

Every seller dreams of a quick sale—preferably at or even above asking price. As market conditions across the country continue to improve, those dreams aren't so far fetched. While a competitive asking price is crucial to a quick sale, there are many other, perhaps less obvious elements that also come into play. Competitive Price Point Listing your home at the most competitive price point will determine how quickly you'll receive offers. Before agreeing upon the value of your home, request for your realtor to run comps of your neighborhood. This will tell you what other homes within your community are selling for, and also provide details around square footage, beds and baths, and any updates to neighboring properties. Curb Appeal Though we're taught not to judge a book by its cover, this popular saying doesn't exactly translate in real estate. The curb appeal of your home is incredibly important in that it sends a message to potential buyers, and determines whether or not individuals will request a showing. Fortunately, you can DIY some highly effective curb

appeal projects at minimal costs. A new front door in a bright, trendy color invites visitors in from the curb, as do seasonal flowers and a manicured, well maintained lawn. Declutter, Minimize and Stage Staging your home for sale is all about highlighting its strengths and downplaying its weaknesses. The first rule of thumb is to declutter and downsize. The Container Store offers an array of decorative bins and boxes to camouflage clutter. If you're house is full of personal mementos, minimize these items and leave buyers with a clean palette. Eliminate chunky furniture and keep only the basics

needed to complete a room. Though it can be costly, hiring a professional cleaning service to scrub down your property from head to toe is worth it. As for staging your home, ensure the furniture items you've kept flatter each room appropriately. Create a cohesive style that allows home seekers to get a feel for how they could potentially manipulate the space. Neutral colors for both furniture and paint are ideal. Keep everything organized within your home, from your cupboards to your closets, allowing viewers a chance to see how organized their own lives could potentially be.

The Obama administration announced that it will extend its Making Home Affordable Program to help home owners avoid foreclosure, as well as use Treasury funds to ramp up construction of affordable rental housing. The Making Home Affordable Program will now be extended through December 2016. More than 1.3 million home owners have already used program to modify their mortgages.

"We need to continue to be there for home owners who are facing foreclosure, those who are struggling with increasing interest rates on their modified mortgages, and those whose homes are caught underwater," said Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. The average home owners have reduced their monthly payments under the program has been about $540 a month, according to the administration.

High demand in rental housing lately has caused rental costs to skyrocket. Lew said the administration also will allocate funds from the Treasury Department’s Federal Financing Bank to help housing agencies fund the construction of more affordable rental housing nationwide. The Federal Financing Bank could provide $500 million to $1 billion in annual funding for rental housing projects.

Government’s Flagship Foreclosure Program Extended to 2016

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JULY 11, 2014

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Senior Living:

Spotlight on Health:

By Shelley Emling An unhappy marriage may impact your heart in more ways than one. A new study out of the University of Pittsburgh finds that people in unhappy unions are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with a heart ailment. Indeed a troubled marriage is linked to thicker carotid arteries, which carry blood directly to the brain. "Growing evidence suggests that the quality and patterns of one's social relationships may be linked with a variety of health outcomes, including heart disease," researcher Thomas Kamarck, professor of psychology at University of Pittsburgh, said in a press release. "The contribution of this study is in showing that these sorts of links may be observed even during the earliest stages of plaque development (in the carotid artery)," he added. "And that these observations may be rooted not just in the way that we evaluate our relationships in general but in the quality of specific social interactions with our

By Sloan Luckie We spend most of our day sitting. We sit during the train, bus or car ride to work. We spend most of the day at work sitting at a desk. We then sit on the train, bus or car ride home. Once we get home, we do more sitting. Excessive sitting has been associated with: • Increase risk of heart disease, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine • Back pain due to constant pressure on vertebral disks • Hip, neck and shoulder pain due to poor posture while sitting • Weight gain and obesity One of the best ways to counter the health risks that come with excessive sitting? Do the opposite. Stand up. Standing can: • Burn 20%-25% more calories versus sitting

Yes, A Happy Marriage Really Does Want to Burn Calories and Reduce Risk of Heart Disease? Stand up! Lead to a Healthy Heart

partners as they unfold during our daily lives." The study found that those with negative marital interactions may have an 8.5 percent greater risk of suffering heart attack or stroke than those with positive ones. Nataria Joseph, lead author of the study, noted in a press release that: "These findings may have wider implications. It's another bit of support for the thought that marital or serious romantic relationships play a significant role in overall health. Biological, psychological, and social processes all interact to determine physical health."

The study looked at 281 healthy, employed, middleaged adults who were married or living with a partner in a marital-like relationship. Their interactions were monitored hourly over the course of four days, with the partners rating their interactions as positive or negative. Carotid artery thickness was also measured. Those partners reporting more negative interactions were found to have thicker carotids. Joseph said that nothing else could account for these associations. The findings were consistent across age, sex, race and education level. However, Joseph noted that there are some limitations to the study because all the data was gathered at one point in time. Causality, therefore, has not been proven, though a strong correlation has been established. "What it does show," she said, "is that health care providers should look at relationships as a point of assessment. They are likely to promote health or place health at risk." MARRIAGE, See page 12A

Four Arthritis Treatments to Try Now

By Tom Slear Stephen Barry couldn't remember a time during the past 10 years when his hip didn't cause him pain. On many occasions the discomfort was so severe, he says, that he could barely step from the dock near his Davidsonville, Maryland, home into his boat. The retired educator, 64, took medications and exercised "religiously," but nothing seemed to help. Barry suffers from osteoarthritis (OA), an often debilitating disease caused mainly by wear and tear on the joints. In its most advanced form, OA results in the complete loss of cartilage in a joint, causing bone to rub against bone. Some 27 million Americans have OA — more than any other chronic disease except heart disease and cancer. Until fairly recently, doctors have been limited in their treatment options: exercise, anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy and, more dramatically, joint replacement — the route Barry finally took to get the relief he needed. In recent years, though, several lesser-known treatments have emerged.

1. Pain Relief In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug Cymbalta to treat pain associated with osteoarthritis. First approved in 2004 to counteract major depressive disorders, Cymbalta boosts levels of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain, inhibiting pain perception. But Cymbalta doesn't work for everyone. Doctors have high hopes for a medication called tanezumab, which seems to inhibit nerve growth factors. In 2010, the FDA halted clinical trials of tanezumab after some patients' osteoarthritis worsened. After reexamining the data, the

FDA has cleared the way for more controlled clinical trials to resume. 2. Injections Our joints are bathed in synovial fluid, a clear, gellike substance that provides lubrication. Within the synovial fluid is hyaluronic acid, which deteriorates in those with OA. Doctors will frequently inject synthetic hyaluronic acid into patients' joints to reduce pain. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections — which involve withdrawing blood from a patient, spinning it to separate the platelets and then injecting the concentrated platelets into a joint — also have shown great promise. 3. Distraction As the name implies, this procedure involves distracting the stress on a joint by creating a metal frame outside the skin around the joint and anchoring the frame surgically to the bones above and below. The frame absorbs the weight, but the real benefit comes from the bones' separating. The ends of the bones become softer, enhancing blood flow and stimulating the growth of cartilage. ARTHRITIS, See page 12A

By James Hamblin A multinational survey released found that 59 percent of people incorrectly believe that Alzheimer’s disease is a typical part of aging. “People misunderstand that Alzheimer’s really is a disease,” Angela Geiger of the Alzheimer’s Association, which led the survey, told me. “It’s fatal. And it’s going to be affecting more and more people, whether or not it runs in their family.” Aging increases a person’s odds of getting Alzheimer’s disease, and researchers are still learning how age disposes neurons to the disease process, but it’s clearly distinct from normal aging. Even before a per-

son starts experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia, their brain is developing deposits of proteins called amyloid plaques and tau tangles. Neurons begin to work less efficiently, eventually failing to connect and communicate with on another and dying. Damage spreads to the hippocampus—the seat of forming new memories—which shrinks as its neurons die. In the final stage of Alzheimer’s, a person’s brain is appreciably diminutive. The United States’ National Alzheimer’s Plan has the goal of being able to “prevent and effectively treat” Alzheimer’s disease by 2025. The G7 adopted the same goal in

December. Geiger said realistically meeting that will require billions of dollars in research investment—though that would pale compared to the costs of caring for millions of people with the disease. In 2010, costs of care for people 70 and older with dementia in the U.S. were between $159 billion and $215 billion, according to the department of Health and Human Services. Those costs are set to soar as worldwide prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease increases, affecting roughly 76 million people by 2030. “With the right amount of awareness,” Geiger said, “this is a disease where we can have a major breakthrough in our lifetimes.”

Stephen Barry, arthritis patient

Most People Think Alzheimer’s is a Normal Part of Aging

• Distribute your body weight over a variety of body structures (muscles, tendons, joints, etc.) to avoid excess pressure on vertebral disks • Improve posture • Assist in reducing risk of heart disease and other chronic health problems Here are some healthy ways to reduce excessive sitting:

• Set your cell phone to chime every hour as a reminder to stand up for a few minutes • Stand up during telephone conversations and conference calls • Stand up during part of your train or bus ride to and from work. Simply standing more puts you one step closer to optimal health.

Dangerous Ingredients Viscous lidocaine is a gel-like syrup that’s used as a local anesthetic, typically to treat mouth ulcers in chemotherapy patients. It requires a prescription. Benzocaine can be found in many popular over-the-counter products like Baby Orajel, Anbesol, Hurricaine and Orabase. These local anesthetics contain ingredients that can lead to overdoses and a rare but serious condition called methemoglobinemia, a disorder in which the amount of oxygen carried through the blood stream is greatly

reduced. Children under age 2 are at particular risk and according to FDA pharmacist Mary Ghods, R.Ph., the most severe cases can end in death. Symptoms of overdose include: • Falling asleep too easily • Confusion • Shaking • Vomiting • Vision problems Safer Alternatives “Teething is a normal phenomenon; all babies teethe,” says Ethan Hausman, M.D., a pediatrician and pathologist at FDA. “FDA does not recommend any sort of drug, herbal or homeopathic medication or therapy for teething in children.” Instead, the FDA supports: • gently rubbing or massaging the gums with your finger, and • giving your child a cool teething ring or a clean, wet, cool washcloth to chew on The FDA is now requiring a warning label to be included on all over-the-counter oral numbing products.

Teething Medications Deadly in Infants

By Sandria M. Washington A teething baby can be an unhappy baby, and it’s not uncommon for parents and caregivers to try and soothe their little one with over-the-counter oral/”gum numbing” medications. U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) officials now warn that teething babies don’t need medicine on their gums and in fact, these popular remedies can cause serious injury and even lead to death. In a June 25 article released on the FDA’s Consumer Updates page, the agency states that local anesthetics known as viscous lidocaine, or benzocainecontaining teething products, should never be used for teething children, unless under the direction and supervision of a doctor.

Mental Health Training Reaches Public with eCPR

(NewsUSA) - Training employees, first responders and the general public how to perform CPR and first aid techniques has a long record of success. Understanding how to respond during a mental health crisis, however, is not commonly taught, even to police officers or EMTs. Dr. Dan Fisher, the executive director at the National Empowerment Center, saw the need for a solution. Dr. Fisher's experience with mental health is personal. While at Harvard Medical School, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Since then, he has spent forty years as a board-certified, community psychiatrist developing innovative treatments for schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. In 2009, he created the concept of Emotional CPR -- or eCPR -- as a training system that teaches safe ways to help individuals in an emotional crisis. The course, taught over either two or four days, has only been made available during the last three years. "This is an approach for anybody to help anybody else," said Dr. Fisher. "It helps restart a person's emotional state." For more information about the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care, visit

Mammograms in Ventura County Information provided by Ventura County 2-1-1

Free mammograms St. John's Medical Center 1-800-511-2300 Free mammograms for low income, uninsured and under-insured Conejo Free Clinic 805-497-3575 Low income uninsured or under-insured women age 40+ mammograms Every Woman Counts Screening and Referral 805-981-5221 Low cost to no cost mammograms Ventura County Public Health 1-888-285-5012 Sliding fee scale, state funded, Medi-Cal mammograms Planned Parenthood 1888-898-3806 Free, Sliding scale, Medi-Cal, no one turned away due to inability to pay mammograms Clinicas Clinics: El Rio Office 805-436-3444 Fillmore Office 805-524-1263 Maravilla Office 805-488-0210 Newbury Park Office 805-498-3640 North Oxnard Office 805-988-0053 Ocean View Office 805-986-5551 Oxnard Office 805-487-5351 Santa Paula Office 805-933-0895 Simi Valley Office 805-522-5722 Ventura Office 805-659-0560 Ojai Valley Office 805-640-8293

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JULY 11, 2014

Tech News

Google Just Announced Its Facebook Tinkered with Users’ Feeds Master Plan To Own TV for a Massive Psychology Experiment

You love your Android phone. But will you love your Android TV? Google seems to think so. The company recently announced Android TV, an operating system for Internetconnected televisions, game consoles and set-top boxes. Like Android, the mobile operating system that Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and many other companies use to power their smartphones, Android TV will be available for manufacturers to integrate into their own hardware. Google said that TVs from Sharp, Sony and TP Vision, as well as set-top boxes from Asus and Razr, will run on Android TV. TVs "are becoming computing devices in their own right," Dave Burke, senior engineering director for Android at Google, told a crowd gathered in San Francisco for the company's annual developers' conference Wednesday. "So we see a great opportunity to bring some of the strong capabilities of Android, such as voice input, UI and content, to the largest screen in your house." Google's announcement comes as the largest technology companies battle for control of your living room. In April, Amazon unveiled Fire TV, a $99 set-top box that people can also use to play games. Roku, a company that has

Dave Burke, director of engineering at Android, speaks about Android TV during the Google I/O 2014 keynote presentation in San Francisco. made set-top boxes for vices that attach to your TV years, announced in Janu- to provide online content, ary that it had licensed its according to NPD Group, a own platform to Hisense market research company. and TCL, two Chinese TV Android TV integrates manufacturers. An update live TV from cable boxes, to Apple TV, which has showing at the top of the been out since 2007, is ex- screen the channel and inpected soon, and rumors of formation about what's an Apple-made TV have playing. To access Internetbeen circulating for years. connected apps like Netflix, Android TV is not or to download movies, a Google's first attempt to viewer can press "home" on tackle television. Earlier her smartphone or remote. tries included Google TV Like other smart TVs and and the Nexus Q, both of set-top boxes, Android TV's which were unsuccessful. programming and apps are Much more successful is presented in a tiled grid. CusChromecast, the $35 dongle tomers can scroll to access that Google announced last apps like Netflix, iHeartRayear. In the 12 months that dio and the Google Play store, ended in May, Chromecast which sells music, movies accounted for nearly 40 per- and TV, or else go back to cent of the U.S. sales of de- watching live television.

By Benjamin Hart Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia recently announced that

his company would “pause our operations temporarily” after a Supreme Court

Aereo Goes Dark After Major Supreme Court Loss Former Apple Exec Murdered by Prostitute

Santa Cruz police say a Bay Area high tech mogul was murdered on his yacht by a high-priced prostitute. SANTA CRUZ, Calif. help him or call 911. (KABC) -- A high-priced "She was so callous that prostitute is accused of in- in gathering her things, she jecting a Silicon Valley ex- was literally stepping over the ecutive with a lethal dose of body, and at one point stepped heroin and then leaving him over the body to grab a glass to die on his luxury yacht. of wine and finish the glass of Alix Tichleman, 26, has wine," Clark said. been charged with manTichleman's fingerprints slaughter in the death of were discovered on the 51-year-old Forrest Hayes, wine glass. On July 4, pothe former senior director lice posed as a potential cliof Apple's worldwide op- ent and lured her to a hotel, erations. Tichleman is also where she was arrested. charged with administering "She was incredibly calheroin and possessing heroin. lous and non-caring about People at the Santa Cruz the state of the victim in this Harbor thought Hayes' particular case, and we feel death last November was that warrants the secondcaused by a suicidal over- degree murder," said Clark. dose until details of the case Tichleman did not enter a emerged on Tuesday. Santa plea during her court appearCruz Police Chief Steve ance on Wednesday and was Clark said detectives dis- appointed a public defender. covered surveillance video Police say Tichleman is during their investigation. also being investigated for a Police say that in the similar death in another state. video, Hayes was injected Hayes was working on with heroin supplied and "Google X" at the time of administered by Tichleman. his death. According to investigators, KGO-TV and The Associated Tichleman never tried to Press contributed to this report.

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia decision struck a major blow to its business model. The 2-year-old startup threatened to upend the broadcast television industry by setting up small antennas in about dozen U.S. cities to pick up broadcast TV channels and streams those signals to computers, smartphones and other devices. The service was available for $8 a month. Those broadcast signals from Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS are available for free to anyone with an antenna, but cable companies like Comcast are required to pay billions in fees for the right to include their channels in cable packages. In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court reversed a lower court ruling, maintaining that Aereo was infringing broadcasters’ copyrights by retransmitted their programming. The ruling was a big victory for broadcasters and cable companies, who worried that a decision favoring Aereo would open the floodgates for similar businesses that would drive consumers away from high-cost TV packages. Critics contend that services like Aereo gave consumers more choices and that the Supreme Court decision gives broadcasters more power to raise prices.

By William Hughes Scientists at Facebook have published a paper showing that they manipulated the content seen by more than 600,000 users in an attempt to determine whether this would affect their emotional state. The paper, “Experimental evidence of massivescale emotional contagion through social networks,” was published in The Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences. It shows how Facebook data scientists tweaked the algorithm that determines which posts appear on users’ news feeds—specifically, researchers skewed the number of positive or negative terms seen by randomly selected users. Facebook then analyzed the future postings of those users over the course of a week to see if people responded with increased positivity or negativity of their own, thus answering the question of whether emotional states can be transmitted across a social network. Result: They can! Which is great news

for Facebook data scientists hoping to prove a point about modern psychology. It’s less great for the people having their emotions secretly manipulated. In order to sign up for Facebook, users must click a box saying they agree to the Facebook Data Use Policy, giving the company the right to access and use the information posted on the site. The policy lists a variety of potential uses for your data, most of them related to advertising, but there’s also a bit about “internal operations, includ-

ing troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement.” In the study, the authors point out that they stayed within the data policy’s liberal constraints by using machine analysis to pick out positive and negative posts, meaning no user data containing personal information was actually viewed by human researchers. And there was no need to ask study “participants” for consent, as they’d already given it by agreeing to Facebook’s terms of service in the first place.

By Corey Arvin Reflections on the historic U.S. civil rights era often conjure up images of the grandeur-scale marches during the 60’s era, restaurant sit-ins and civic uprising that played its role in advancing black America and cultivating support. Today, experts say the temperament of black activism is comparable, but takes place in digital spaces where young African-Americans share stories and invoke conversation about their struggles with friends and strangers. Social media has become the tool of choice for African-Americans who are rallying support and a newfound understanding to their causes by spreading messages through their networks and watching them go viral. Twitter, YouTube, and most recently Tumblr, have become a popular springboard for young “activists”, even though some reject the label.Several black students at Harvard University became the most recent topic in the national spotlight with their “I, Too, Am Harvard” campaign. On Tumblr, the students can be seen in photos individually holding boards with various quotes and statements to draw aware-

ness. The #ITooAmHarvard hashtag circulated throughout Tumblr and Twitter. The students’ various, tongue-in-cheek signs include statements such as “You don’t sound black … You sound smart.”, “’I’m not ‘pulling the race card.’ You’re just being racist.”, and “Oh, I heard her say she was going to Harvard. I just assumed she misspoke. – white parent to my mother”. Their campaign garnered national media attention and coverage by The Boston Globe, USA Today, and Huffington Post amongst other major media outlets. Last year, black male students from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) were a part of a “spoken word” video posted in November in which the group protested the lack of diversity

among enrolled students at the university. The video, which was posted to YouTube, eventually went viral and currently includes a link to a petition page. The sprawling influence of social media propelled by young African-Americans was seemingly about young African-Americans issues as well, beyond college campuses. The death of Trayvon Martin and subsequent trial of George Zimmerman drew the ire of blacks, but also became fodder on social networks, highlighting concerns about young black men who are victimized and racially profiled in their communities. In large numbers, African-Americans have flocked to Twitter, which has become almost a staple of many of their online habits. According to a 2013 Pew Research Center study, blacks accounted for more use of Twitter than any other ethnic group. In a separate study released in January, African-American internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 accounted for 40 percent of Twitter users compared to 28 percent of whites in the same age group. Blacks’ use of Twitter has created such an impact that its cross-section of the site has been labeled “Black Twitter”.

Apple Inc’s suppliers will begin producing larger versions of the iPhone in China next month, Bloomberg reported citing sources. Apple is ramping up production of iPhones with 4.7 and 5.5-inch screen sizes, which may be shipped to retailers around September, the report said. Apple launches new versions of the smartphone line that drives half its business around the fall of

every year. The industry has speculated for some time now that Apple intends to design and sell a device with a larger screen, to fend off Samsung phones with much bigger displays that have proven popular in Asia and elsewhere. Hon Hai Precision Industry will recruit over 100,000 people in mainland China to produce the newest iPhone from Apple, Taiwan’s Economic Daily

News reported, in what the report called the firm’s largest single hiring spree in China. Fellow Taiwanese contract manufacturer Pegatron Corp will also expand its workforce in one mainland factory by 30 percent, in response to expected high demand for the new iPhone. Apple was not immediately available for comment outside regular U.S. business hours.

‘Clicktivism’ Moves Civil Rights Forward in a New Generation

Apple Will Release Two Different-Sized Phones This Year

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Chartering a Better Educational Path

Bill Fletcher, Jr. This, however, is an anathema to many conservatives who wish to see all healthcare privatized. It is for that reason that in the midst of the current VA crisis, there are those who are suggesting a voucher-like system for veterans rather than actually fixing the problems. These critics would rather dismantle the VA and hand out vouchers, than repair a system that has worked for thousands of veterans. In order for the VA to be repaired, however, the career managers have to be punished for retaliating against whistleblowers within the workforce. VA workers, many of who are represented by the American Federation of Government Employees, have spoken up to identify some of the problems that are currently coming to light, only to face various forms of retaliation from management. One must ask the question of whether career managers who have watched the juggernaut of privatization proceed down the tracks since the time of the Bush administration, are more interested in preparing their own nests in the private sector over ensuring that veterans receive the service to which they are entitled. How else can one explain retaliating against workers who speak up?

Harry C. Alford

The VA needs to be repaired, rather than dismantled. Veterans need improved and prompt service. But this also means that the atmosphere of panic that has been spread by both the Republicans and many people in the media must halt. Here is an example of why. Part of the reason for delays in care was the direct result of the expansion in VA service to veterans facing disabilities that had previously not been fully covered, e.g., Agent Orange; Gulf War Syndrome. Yet, this has not been discussed in the mainstream media, most likely because to raise the fact that the VA was now serving additional veterans would beg a simple question: Why is the VA not receiving additional resources in order to accomplish its mission? It makes you wonder… Bill Fletcher, Jr. is a racial, labor and global justice writer and activist. He is an employee of the American Federation of Government Employees but this column does not necessarily represent their views. Follow Bill on Facebook and at

primary to penitentiary.” They brilliantly explain what is happening in our public schools. There is certainty, in my mind, about this conspiracy. I lived it. In elementary school, I was breezing through my studies. I was pretty much a straight-A student. It was in the fifth grade when it all started. My report card was full of Cs. I was disciplined at every turn. They even declared me crazy and had a psychiatrist come and examine me. My parents thought they had a dummy. I had to keep every quiz and test so that I could show them that my grade should have been an A, not a C. My mother met the psychiatrist and he confessed to her, “Mrs. Alford there is nothing wrong with your son. The fact is he is brilliant and the faculty is jealous for some reason. His IQ is higher than any of these teachers and administrators.” She shared this with my father and he went to “war.” When he got through with the school board, the principal of my school was removed and the teachers were put on watch. My grades returned to A’s and the trouble was gone. Not many parents have that resolve and courage. Thus, most targeted students (usually Black males) are doomed to failure. I saw

many of my classmates become victim of this vicious system. As we grew into adulthood it was apparent that the mental scars would never go away. A lifetime of under employment and crime would certainly appear. The first thing we need to do is find a better education system. One answer is charter schools. Charter schools hold teachers and parents accountable for the proper education of a child. It works. They must show positive results. In other words, charter schools are truly accountable. According to Public School Review, “Charter schools fit in a niche between private and public schools. They are funded with public money (except for facilities) and they are an alternative to regular public schools systems…Charter schools receive waivers from public school districts in exchange for promising better academic results…. If academic performance lags behind comparable public schools, then the charter is pulled and the school is closed.” PATH, See page 12A

Lee A. Daniels

Julianne Malveaux offer a living wage, they shift a wage burden to the rest of us because those who earn the minimum wage are subsidized by federal benefits to the poor, which we all pay. This is also true when states refuse to expand the base for Medicaid for the purposes of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare). In more than 20 states, people have to earn less than $11,000, or $23,000 for a family of four. With Medicaid expansion, people can earn as much as $15,000 to qualify for Medicaid, and as much as $32,000 for a family of four. Without the Medicaid expansion, some states are saying that poverty and poor health are acceptable for some of its citizens. The moves by Ikea and the Gap put some wage pressure on their competitors. It also makes it clear that these companies understand that raising wages will not significantly affect their profits. These companies also understand that better paid employees are also productive employees. Memo to fast food and big box stores set on paying the minimum wage or little more – pay your workers a living wage. Ikea gets it, so does the Gap. What’s wrong with the Congress? Whether they are Democrats or Re-

Our public school system is a wreck. It didn’t happen by circumstance. It is by design, a design to control the minds of our children and manipulate them for the personal gain of the powerful few. This vile attempt to control others started thousands of years ago. A good education can lead to freedom and success. The time has come for us to get seriously involved in the education of our children. We cannot trust someone else to do it. We must treat it as a choice between freedom and slavery. Black Americans cannot find economic parity in this country until we have an education system that is functional. I have no doubt that the biggest targets are Black boys. Why? It is an attack upon our family unit. Destroy the husband, father/ mentor and you will deliver a lifetime of failure. Thus, the Black boy must be destroyed mentally to maintain control of or prevent success of the racial rival. It is evil, but it is also real. You need to read, if you haven’t yet, “Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys” by Jawanza Kunjufu. Also, there is a recent DVD by Rasha Entertainment titled, “Elementary Genocide – from

Voting While Black in Mississippi

Ikea and the Gap Fill the Wage Gap President Obama would like the national minimum wage to rise to $10.10 an hour. By executive order, he has already raised the minimum wage for federal contractors. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has threatened to sue President Obama for his use of executive order, which he says circumvents Congressional authority. Ikea said it will raise the average minimum wage to $10.76 an hour, which is an increase of 17 percent. Ikea says its goal is to offer their workers a living wage, regardless of whether their competitors offer it. Half of Ikea employees will get a raise, while those who already earn a living wage will not. The chain now provides other benefits, such as a 401-k match. Ikea has just 38 stores in the United States, which may minimize the impact their wage increase has on its competitors. Still, Ikea has done the right thing and earned a competitive advantage in the areas where they have stores. The Gap, too, has increased its wage to $9 an hour, which will rise to $10 an hour next year. Seattle has raised its minimum wage to $15, and dozens of municipalities have also increase their minimum wage. When employers and municipalities fail to

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Beyond the Rhetoric:

Bush Marched Us Off to War While Cutting V.A. Benefits In 2003, we were lied into a war with Iraq. Just about everyone now admits that. At the same time that we were being lied into the war, the then Bush administration was cutting benefits to veterans. This was such an odd set of circumstances. At a point when the U.S. was preparing for war, at a point when one must expect casualties, the Bush administration cut benefits. The current crisis in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which has been described as a situation of long waits, in some cases allegedly leading to the deaths of patients, cannot be understood in the absence of a discussion of funding cuts, insufficient funding, and retaliation against workers who have identified the depth of the problems at the VA. In fact, it is fair to say that many of the most vocal critics of the VA, on the Republican side of the aisle, were equally unwilling to fund the VA to the extent that it has needed funding. Why? The VA gets very high marks from veterans for the actual service that it delivers. Their expertise with physical, emotional and psychological wounds and injuries simply cannot be matched in the non-VA health care systems. It is, in effect, one stop shopping.

JULY 11, 2014

publicans, they have constituents who would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage. Why are they resisting? Might it be because President Obama has pushed for an increase in the minimum wage? If our President pushed for blue skies it is likely that some obstructionist members of Congress would oppose it. If the minimum wage kept pace with inflation, it would be $10.90 by now, a bit higher than the amount President Obama has proposed. The same Congress that opposes an increase in the minimum wage gets an automatic increase in their pay. This is the kind of hypocrisy that engenders indifference and contempt for our elected representatives. It is overtime for our congress to offer working people the same wages they get automatically. It is overtime for our Congress to embrace a living wage, or at least a higher minimum wage. Ikea gets it, why doesn’t Congress? Julianne Malveaux is a Washington, D.C.-based economist and writer. She is President Emerita of Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, N.C.

Last week, AfricanAmerican voters in Mississippi proved Blacks will vote for a Republican candidate – when doing so meets the time-honored tradition all American voters have always followed: they judge it to be in their self-interest. On June 24, Thad Cochran, the courtly, six-term senior Senator from Mississippi, eked out a narrow 51-to-49 percent victory in a special Republican primary runoff contest over a Tea Party favorite by doing something rarely seen in Republican primary contests in the last half century: actually appealing to Black voters. Cochran’s turning back two-term state senator Chris McDaniel, in effect, assures his return to Washington come November. And the post-election parsing of the vote makes it clear he’ll owe his continued presence there to the state’s Black electorate. McDaniel, who has a nasty history of extremist comments and racially-coded appeals to bigotry, and last year delivered the keynote speech to a meeting of a state chapter of The Sons of Confederate Veterans, actually got 1,400 more votes than Cochran in the June 3 GOP primary. But he didn’t surpass the state-mandat-

ed 50-percent vote-total threshold to win it outright. Thus, the special runoff. McDaniel and his Tea Party supporters, which included Sarah Palin and a constellation of conservative pundits and talk-show hosts, confidently predicted victory, boasts which grew louder in the wake of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s shocking defeat by a Tea Party candidate in Virginia just days later. But two things then happened in Mississippi that derailed those expectations. The first is that Cochran, who’s assiduously kept the pipeline of federal largesse flowing to Mississippi during his 36 years in Congress, and the state and national GOP establishment, locked in an increasingly furious battle with the Tea Party, decided to fight back by appealing to the only group of voters in the state whose participation in the runoff could shift the balance of power: Black Democratic voters. The second thing that happened was that Black voters decided they needed to support Cochran to protect their interests, and the interests of Mississippi, perennially among the states in the union most in need of federal aid. (McDaniel had said during the primary he wouldn’t pursue federal aid

for many state programs.) Mississippi’s open primary system allowed any registered voter who had not voted earlier in the month in the Democratic primary to vote in the special Cochran-McDaniel runoff. The result was that, while the runoff contest as a whole drew about 17 percent more voters to the polls than had showed up for June 3 primary, the percentage increase in Black voters far outstripped the increase in White ones. That meant that, while McDaniel increased his overall vote total by about 30,000 votes, Cochran increased his by nearly 38,000 votes. The 10 Mississippi counties where Cochran improved his vote totals the most were those where Blacks comprised at least 69 percent of the population. On the other hand, less than 1 percent of the increased votes McDaniel drew came from Black voters. Are you surprised that, aside from Cochran’s rather cloaked references himself, there’ve been no expressions of gratitude from the GOP – well, at least the VOTING, See page 12A

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EDISON From page 1A describe why that is and our customers have a right to know what’s driving those rate increases.” An important factor in the current cost jump is the price of natural gas, and that price has spiked in part because of the severe weather that blanketed most of the Midwest and the east coast last winter. “Much of the supply for California is driven by natural gas-fired power plants,” said Worden. “In addition, natural gas tends to drive the clearing price for wholesale electricity on the markets.” Worden also noted why severe winter weather has a significant impact on power prices in California. “California imports about 85% of its natural gas,” he said, “so California is very sensitive to the markets.” In addition, Edison is updating its infrastructure and investing more money in a smarter grid that, according to Worden, will improve its services. An immediate example of that includes the new smart meters that have recently gone into many local homes in Ventura County. But something else is happening with rates. Remember when the energy crisis hit California ten years ago? After that energy crisis, the legislature passed a law that established tiered rate structures for customers in California. Edison believes that, after nearly 15 years of implementation, the cost of these tiered structures seems unfairly slanted toward larger consumers. “Every tier became more expensive,” he said. “Over the succeeding 1314 years, it became apparent that customers who used less electricity were not paying the true cost of the service.” Worden noted that Edison, pending California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approval, has proposed to even out those rate increases among tier users. For instance, the average increase for larger users for this round of rate hikes will be less (7%) than for smaller users (11%). For Edison, this summer’s increase in energy prices are the beginning of a long-term plan to make electric rates more equitable. “It’s the first step in the larger effort by the state legislature and the Public Utilities Commission to take a look at rate reform,” said Worden. The proposal, due to be voted on some time next year, would reduce the current tiered structures from four to two. Added to this would be a flat rate tacked onto a user’s bill that would cover about one-third of Edison’s fixed costs. Worden believes the overall impact of these changes would make rates more equitable for all customers: “We think a more fair allocation of our cost recovery is to try to equalize rate costs but still preserve some incentive to conserve. So we think that having only two tiers and a longer term plan for a fixed charge is a better way to treat all of our customers.” For households who may need assistance paying their electric bills, Worden pointed to an energy assistance program called California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) that targets rate reductions for low income households. For those who qualify, it could significantly reduce any future rate increases. Worden encouraged all customers to investigate and apply if they qualify. Information for CARE and any special energy assistance programs can be found at www. DEBT From page 1A because many creditors simply refuse to deal with debt settlement companies. According to the report, “Debt settlement companies do not tell consumers whether creditors will work with their firms at the time of enrollment. However, even if debt-settlement companies were required to disclose whether a particular creditor routinely works with their firm, this provides no real guarantee. In many cases, the party who owns a debt changes over time, since a debt may be sold successively to multiple parties.” Available data suggests that at least two-thirds of debts must be settled in order to achieve a net positive outcome from debt settlement. Even more debts must be settled for the consumer to achieve real savings if they end up being liable for taxes on the debt reduction. In the end, many consumers never realize that kind of experience. Rather, they end up worse off financially. According to the American Fair Credit Council, an industry trade association, consumers must typically be enrolled in debt settlement plan for three to four years in order to complete the program. During this time, debt balances grow an average 20 percent while consumers wait for settlements to be reached. Additionally, their credit scores are negatively affected, financial instability increased, and the likelihood of creditor lawsuits loom near. According to Leslie Parrish, co-author of the report and deputy research director at CRL, “When a consumer stops making payments on a debt, not only


is she/he vulnerable to fees and an increased interest rate, the reporting of this delinquency to credit bureaus can impact credit scores for years.” In general, the higher a consumer’s credit score is, the lower the cost of credit they will incur. Conversely, the lower one’s credit score, the higher the cost of credit and interest will be. Whether applying for a credit card, auto loan or a mortgage, bad credit histories make future credit and borrowing more expensive. In 2010, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued regulation that barred debt settlement companies from charging fees until they reached settlements with the client’s creditors. While this regulation has stopped some of the most egregious industry practices, CRL’s report finds that significant financial risks remain for debt settlement clients. Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shares regulatory oversight of debt settlement with the FTC. Thus far, CFPB has taken multiple enforcement actions against several debt-settlement companies and one payment processor. CRL also sees a role for states to establish meaningful limits of debt settlement fees. One recommendation is to limit the fees that can be charged and to calculate such fees on the basis of the amount of savings achieved for the consumer. State and federal regulators could also require better screening of prospective customers to lower the risk of a bad outcome. Factors such as the amount of debt to be enrolled, creditors and the consumer’s financial circumstances would be taken into account. Additional recommendations can be found in the report located at: http://rspnsb. li/1x5lPOe. Ellen Harnick, co-author of the report and senior policy counsel at CRL, said, “What’s clear is that more action is necessary to protect consumers.” Charlene Crowell is a communications manager with the Center for Responsible Lending. LIFE From page 2A talk. I have come up with a very effective, discreet, private, and convenient way for you to get support and encouragement with your area of struggle whenever you needed. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, angry, struggling in your career or working through family conflicts, I have a very special way to help you if you’re interested, simply email me at and I will send you information on how you can share your heart with me, and let me share mine with you—you deserve to be heard! And you deserve to receive good solid biblical balance advice and insight. Hear Pastor Lonnie each Sunday live at the Miracle Center 5105 Walker St Ventura Ca, (805)6447722 Lonnie G. McCowan is pastor at The Miracle Center of Ventura, in Ventura, CA. He can be contacted through email at or by visiting PERMISSION From page 2A But you have to grant yourself permission first. A few weeks ago I gave myself permission and took a field trip to Santa Cruz Island, part of the Channel Islands National Park, an amazing galapago just off shore of the gold coast of California. My friend Susan was planning a trip from Chicago and we had discussed this adventure during one of her previous visits. Everything was aligned for now. I invited another friend, Amy, to join us. She shares a love of the sea and was in need of such a field trip. She said “Yes”, the magic word. Our field trip was magical. A very brisk wind was howling when we first set out from Ventura Harbor aboard our bus - Island Packers’ ferry. The sea was a bit choppy from the wind waves but we had sunny, clear skies and warm temperatures. During the crossing, we were visited by hundreds of dolphins who played in the wake alongside the boat. Squeals of human and dolphin delight filled the air. As we approached Scorpion anchorage, we were met with more than a dozen whales. Amazing, gigantic, graceful blues, grays and humpbacks. Wow! I’ve sailed this channel for more than twenty years and although I have been blessed with many whale sightings, this was awesome! Upon disembarking the vessel we were given instructions about when to return to dock. We were warned of the dangers, reminded of the remoteness and the distance from any medical facility, and strongly cautioned about the lack of drinking water available. We were told of the presence of the hanta virus and rodents and to stay away from the foxes and not to feed any animals. When released from orientation, we took a short walk where we feasted on our deluxe picnic lunch in the shade of a eucalyptus grove. From there we began a hike (moderate to strenuous by park stan-

JULY 11, 2014

dards) which brought us up a very steep trail. Trusting that we would be rewarded with a scenic view at the top, we trudged our way up. It was 88 degrees and very sunny and we whined a bit. When we reached a place where there was no longer a climb in elevation, we were still far from any view of the ocean but we knew it must be just ahead. And then the reward… After our hike, we made our way to the beach where we nestled ourselves in the cool shadows of an open cave carved into the cliff on the rocky shore. We planted ourselves on the smooth boulders and sat there with our feet in the sand while the waves splashed over them. We gazed at the mainland and the civilization which seemed so very very far away from this wild island. We reveled in the now moment of the experience. And we congratulated ourselves for making the time to do it. On our return crossing, we were again greeted by a massive congregation of dolphins as a fine ending to the day. Do you remember that summertime childhood feeling you would get when you had been outside in the sun playing all day long? A little sleepy. Content. Your mind full of happy. Summer’s here. I encourage you to make the choice to plan a field trip. Take a day and make it fun. Discover the child again. What are you waiting for? Tick tock. Time is passing. Give yourself permission. Now. THINGS From page 2A advised to simply finish the degree since I was so close to completing it. During my senior year, I had to spend time in a classroom and at that point I knew that teaching elementary school children was not what I was called to do. Once again, I went to my counselor and was told to finish the degree. I was told it was good to have the degree and that many people don’t work in fields that they went to school for. Needless to say, I never went into teaching, but I did spend a lot of time studying to teach. It was true I obtained one of the degrees as the counselor recommended, but had I taken time to realize my heart’s call, I could have made better use of my educational higher learning opportunity to obtain a degree in a field I loved and would do even if no one paid me. #3. Taking the job that offers more money may not be the best choice. Money is a great thing. It affords us a comfortable lifestyle and allows us to purchase things we need and desire. It is wonderful when we are able to move up the ladder. However, more money should not be the only reason for taking a job. There are other things to look at, such as the benefits package and also what type of working environment it is. Taking a job that is more money but mentally wears you down and keeps you stressed out isn’t worth the money. Working very hard for money and things but never having time to enjoy them isn’t worth it. Working so much at the expense of greatly damaging or losing your family and important relationships is not worth it. More money isn’t worth less peace of mind. If you work really hard and make an abundance of money but wear your body out and are sick when you retire, you won’t be able to enjoy it. If you lose your family for the sake of money, you better have a lot of money for good senior citizen housing and care because it takes an investment in love for people to want to care for you when you are old and sick. #4. Exercise and eating healthy are a much better means of having energy then drinking coffee. When I was growing up, I played sports. But when I became an adult, got married and on my own I no longer worked out. I think that I became so busy parenting and moving with our military family from place to place, that I did not think about the long term importance of committing to exercising regularly and eating healthy. Did you realize that many of the foods that we eat contain certain chemicals that can produce energy or cause us to be sluggish, cause tumors or increase our antioxidants? A good rule to follow is if you can’t pronounce that ingredient or it has initials in bold, don’t eat it. Not only is eating the right food and getting regular exercise the healthier way to get energy, the energy also lasts longer. Caffeine and energy drinks give a temporary boost – a very quick up that also has a very fast down. Another way to be in good health? Regular exercise. When we work out consistently we will have more energy and also find it easier to get up in the morning. #5. Long term lasting benefits/ legacy outweigh temporary rewards. I have learned that the things that end up having lasting results are the ones that take longer to get. Quick fixes don’t last forever – that’s why they’re quick! Diets and pills can cause a person to drop weight quickly, but once they stop taking that pill or stop that diet the weight comes back. Fast money doesn’t always keep producing more, but good investments produce good returns. Many times when sounds too

good to be true it really is. #6. The people that are meant to be in your life will be there. People come and people go. Different people have different experiences to share with you or things you may need to impart in their lives. Sometimes we would like to have people in our life who are not meant to be a part of the best purpose and plan for us. Those we expected to always be there sometimes have to go, but the ones that are really meant to be there will weather the storms, stand the test of time and be there. It goes with the saying that God doesn’t always give us what we want, but He always gives us what we need. Inez Lanns was born and raised in Ventura County. She currently owns an Internet Marketing & Communications business called Inez Knows. She also writes on her blog on her web site: EDC-VC From page 2A and their needs. This system, which matches advisors to the appropriate clients, is the first of its kind in the greater SBDC network and provides a more focused approach to consulting. The program’s goal is to reduce consulting hours and related costs. WORKS From page 3A Gallo, Roads Engineer for Ventura County Public Works Agency Transportation Department. “Raising awareness and creating programs that assist the community to save time and money to safely dispose of waste is our main focus.” Businesses that generate more than 220 pounds (approximately 27 gallons) of hazardous waste per calendar month, or no more than 2.2 pounds of acutely hazardous waste in that calendar month are considered a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG). These businesses are invited to bring their hazardous wastes on the 4th Saturday of each month to the County’s Business Hazardous Waste Collection Event. “The County’s website has a wealth of information on the types of hazardous and large non-hazardous waste, such as furniture, tires, oil, and paint, and the safe ways to dispose of them, as well as available waste disposal facilities in the County,” explains Gallo. For more information on VCPWA’s Integrated Waste Management Division services and its waste-disposal facilities, visit water-sanitation-department/ integrated-waste-management. CONCERT From page 3A awareness as a single voice,” says Conor Quinn, President of the Clean Water. During the event, BOS, LLC will be providing attendees with the opportunity to purchase Hope2o, a comprehensive water analysis kit that is capable of testing for a wide range of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and organic chemicals in tap or filtered water. In the same way families use smoke detectors in the home, Hope2o is a solution to detect contaminants in water and inform the community about the existing pollutants and their concentration. The water analysis kit is uniquely capable of detecting chemicals down to the part per trillion –because lowlevel contaminants can have a long-term impact. In small concentrations, toxic chemicals can have detrimental health effects when consumed over long periods of time. Hope2o is a simple solution to provide accurate information on water quality and provide peace of mind. Hope2o water analysis kit will launch in August, 2014 and will be available online via For more information about Hope2o and/or BOS, LLC, or to schedule an interview with the founding CEO and water expert, Dr. Andrea Neal, contact Minh Tran at (951) 317-8481 or BOOKS From page 5A images that reflect their lives and their communities. 2. White children need diverse stories, too. This is something not everyone realizes. Seeing only white characters in books can turn children of color off of reading, but it also keeps white children from getting a clear picture of the world they live in. 3. Multicultural stories empower and inspire teachers. BROWN From page 6A company offers counseling and guidance on a variety of services including auto, life, fire, health and business commercial insurance. He prides himself on his ability to meet the specific needs of clients and exceed their expectations. He currently serves as chairman of the Fontana Planning Commission and was appointed membership director of the Personal Insurance Federation of California (PIFC). Each year, he and wife Lena coordinate the annual Miss Fontana Pageant, which awards $3,500 in college scholarships to young women residing in the

city of Fontana and the unincorporated parts of Fontana. BOYFRIEND From page 7A Smith reported her missing the following day. The search warrant also reveals that Smith has an outstanding warrant for domestic battery in Arkansas. Smith disappeared in the days following Tanner’s disappearance. U.S. Marshals reportedly arrested him at a relative’s Glenwood, Illinois home. DAD From page 7A after Mr. Hall paid the arrearages and court fees, and had a positive balance, he was sentenced to six months in jail for child support underpayment and over-visitation. Prior to the repeal, my client could not have been incarcerated. Because his case was reset six times until after the repeal, Mr. Hall was held in contempt and sentenced to jail.” Hall’s attorneys have exhausted all appeal recourses. Attorney Eraka Watson will file a motion for reconsideration introducing the AT&T sworn affidavit for the existing court’s consideration. The affidavit was signed and delivered to Hall’s previous attorney on January 21, 2014, and was not available nor considered during Hall’s November 18, 2013 hearing. The motion for reconsideration, if successful, could mean Hall’s freedom. If the motion is not successful, Hall’s lawyer will take the next course of legal action to free Hall. Attorney Watson will also seek full custody for Mr. Hall of 12-year-old Dreydon Hall, his son. FCC From page 8A South Carolina. Without the help of JSAs my company has entered into with Sinclair Television Group, Inc., I would not have been able to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a TV station owner. These agreements allowed me to obtain access to capital that would have otherwise been unavailable to me. Access to capital and financing are without question the single biggest obstacles to new entrant and minority broadcast ownership. Single buyers of a TV station, especially in small- and medium-size markets, simply cannot get financing without JSAs and similar types of shared services agreements. In my experience, JSAs and shared services arrangements provided the only means over that obstacle, and are thus a critical avenue for addressing the FCC’s goals of serving the public interest in fostering competition, diversity, local programming and minority ownership. Therefore, the FCC’s statement that its recent action banning JSAs is designed to “enhance broadcast diversity and minority ownership” rings hollow. Nevertheless, the FCC also invited parties to seek waivers of this new rule, promised a prompt review and stated it had “an obligation to take a hard look at whether enforcement of a rule in a particular case serves the rule’s purpose or instead frustrates the public interest.” I immediately filed for such a waiver -- which costs thousands of dollars in legal fees and costs -- to acquire three more station licenses in the hope of doubling from three to six the total number of full-power TV stations in the country owned by AfricanAmericans. Armstrong Williams is the sole owner of Howard Stirk Holdings and Executive Editor of American Currentsee. MARRIAGE From page 9A Over the years, many studies have found married people to live longer than their single counterparts. More specifically, research has linked marriage with a lower risk of developing cancer, having a heart attack and being diagnosed with dementia and various diseases. But there also has been some good news for singles, too. Research has shown that unmarried people with active lifestyles enjoy their own health benefits. ARTHRITIS From page 9A Distraction does have drawbacks. Knee distraction is not widely available in the U.S. (most patients opt for full knee replacement). The frames stay on for months. Rehabilitation is long. And the cartilage produced may be less durable than natural cartilage. 4. Cartilage Replacement Because it’s the loss of cartilage that makes osteoarthritis so painful, researchers have focused on finding ways to replace this connective tissue. Autologous chondrocyte implantation, or ACI, involves doctors’ taking a small amount of cartilage from the patient’s joint, cultivating the cells, sealing the affected area and injecting the cultivated cells under the seal. For all its promise, though, ACI works only when the arthritis is contained in a relatively small area. PATH From page 11A There are now more than 5,300 charter schools and 41 states and D.C. have passed charter school legislation.

Harry C. Alford is the cofounder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: VOTING From page 11A establishment wing of the GOP? No praise of Black voters responding to their civic duty? No pledges to really show Black voters in other states it’s in their interest, too, to vote for Republican candidates? No mention of the once vaunted “outreach” effort the Republican National Committee promised to mount in the wake of its national ticket’s decisive defeat in 2012? Of course, you aren’t. For one of the many ironies of Black Mississippians’ rescue of the veteran conservative Cochran is that it undermines the longstanding, three-card-monte GOP rhetoric that Blacks unthinkingly vote Democratic against their own best interests. Here, Black Mississippians, perhaps the most reliably Democratic voters anywhere in the country, chose to vote for a Republican conservative who has delivered resources that benefit their districts, their interests and those of the state as a whole. Lee A. Daniels is a longtime journalist based in New York City. His latest book is Last Chance: The Political Threat to Black America. FAMILY From page 14A education was the key to being successful in life. They knew that education was the most important thing they could give to us. So we went to the best schools in Cameroon and we emphasized that with our kids.” As a result, Bon and Irene’s kids graduated from St. Bonaventure High School. Bon and Irene then gave their children the gift of an undergraduate education and paid for it without any scholarships. Their efforts seemed to have paid off. Bonarene graduated from Harvard and is currently working in marketing. Glenn graduated from Princeton and is attending UC San Francisco’s School of Medicine. Daniel recently graduated from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon with a degree in economics. For two busy professionals like Bon and Irene, working fulltime and raising children has its challenges, but Bon emphasized that the key to making it all work is to be respectful. “No matter whether we agree or disagree,” he said, “we have one common goal—what benefits the family. We don’t always have to agree but we always have to respect each other’s decisions.” Bon loves living in Ventura where the temperature is “never too hot and never too cold,” and he has participated extensively in local community life, including being a member of the Chamber of Commerce, serving with Rotary Club, the Boys and Girls Club of Ventura, and being a board member for AYSO. “The way I see it,” he reasoned, “when you’re involved in a small community, you take a lot of satisfaction in giving back to the community.” While Bon holds tight to his Cameroonian roots, he also enjoys life in America. In particular, such things as jazz and classic TV comedies like “Sanford and Son” and “The Bill Cosby Show.” He talks about the benefits the U.S. has offered to him and his family. “I’m glad for the opportunities that are available here,” he said. “This country provides lots of opportunities and allows for everybody to work hard and succeed.” WORD-FINDS, From page 5A

SUDOKU, From page 5A


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JULY 11, 2014

Entertainment News

Page 13A

Aretha Franklin Set to Record with Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy Andre 3000 for New Covers Album Leaving 'The View'

As Outkast continues their comeback tour across the country, Aretha Franklin has summoned one half of the rap duo, Andre 3000, to help wrap up her scheduled September covers album. During an interview with Billboard, the Queen of Soul recently said that despite executive producer Clive Davis’ concerns of meeting the album’s deadline with five songs complete, she’s thrilled to have Andre on board to craft the final four tracks. "Well, Clive is concerned, but we're on it. We are ON it," she said before adding, "I'm pretty sure it's going to be fun working with [Andre 3000], just watching his videos and things," Franklin says.

Aretha Franklin "It should be fun. And, of Daryl Simmons to assist course, they all come with with the album’s producgreat music, so I expect tion, which includes rendithat." tions of Gladys Knight & Franklin has also called the Pips' "Midnight Train on Kenneth "Babyface" to Georgia," Barbara StreiEdmonds and Grammy sand's "People," and Donna Award-winning producer Summer's "Last Dance."

'Private' Michael Jackson Footage Triggers Lawsuit

By Lauren Duca According to The Hollywood Reporter, unseen footage of Michael Jackson has triggered a lawsuit. The company behind "Michael Jackson: The Last Photo Shoot" is suing Jackson's estate for rights to a 2007 video of what would be Jackson's final interview. The film's director, Craig Williams, says the footage in question was taken by Ebony magazine at the Brooklyn Museum of Art for part of Jackson's first magazine feature in over a decade. The production company claims it legally acquired rights after Jackson's estate passed on purchase rights in 2011, but the estate asserts that Jackson counts as the author and that the shoot was considered "work for hire." "The makers of the documentary are attempting to exploit footage and photographs of Michael Jackson, which we believe are owned by his Estate," Howard Weitzman, attorney for the Jackson estate, told THR. "The documen-

Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy In a separate statement, Barbara Walters all saying ABC seemed to suggest goodbye. With the hiring that the departures were of McCarthy, the program less than voluntary. seemed to be making a "'The View’ will be conscious attempt to move moving in an exciting new away from the kinds of direction next season and contentious political arguABC has made decisions ments that previously leant to evolve the show cre- it much of its buzz. atively," the network said. Clearly, however, the TMZ claimed that the new format was found two women had been fired. wanting. There was no imThe Associated Press re- mediate indication as to ported that Shepherd and who would replace ShepABC had failed to agree on herd or McCarthy (or, interms for a new contract. deed, Walters, who left in Whatever the case, May), or what the newly "The View" finds itself in revamped show would the midst of another great look like. But the version upheaval. The show has of "The View" that returns seen a steady stream of to the airwaves in the fall co-hosts depart over the will be a drastically differlast year, with Elisabeth ent one than viewers have Hasselbeck, Joy Behar and become used to.

By Stephanie Webber Things aren't getting any easier for Columbus Short. The fired Scandal star has been ordered to pay spousal and child support to his estranged wife Tanee Short, TMZ reports. The couple share a 2-yearold daughter. According to the site, neither the 31-year-old actor nor his lawyer showed up for a court hearing on Thursday, June 26. Amid their absence, the judge reportedly ordered Short to pay $17,005 a month in spousal support and $4,542 in child support. In addition, he may have to pay $25,000 for Tanee's legal bills. Short has had a couple of rough months. In

sal battery. On March 26, he was arrested on a felony battery charge after allegedly punching a man during a bar brawl on Feb. 15. To make matters worse, Tanee officially filed for divorce in April, the same month Short exited the ABC hit show Scandal. "Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas," Short said in a statement at the time. "I wish nothing but the best for Shonda [Rhimes], Kerry [Washington] and the rest of the cast, who have become like a second family to me in such a short amount of time. For this, I will forever be grateful."

Columbus Short Ordered to Pay $21,000 a Month in Spousal, Child Support

Michael Jackson tary contains footage of that the singer was strugMichael during private gling with lawsuits and debt. moments that he never Since his death, Jackagreed could be publicly son's estate and likeness and commercially exploit- have similarly been sured without his consent and/ rounded by legal battles. In or involvement. Michael June alone there was a $10 never authorized or ap- million case over the holoproved the use of this ma- gram of Jackson seen at the terial in the film.” Billboard Music Awards as This dispute comes on well as a class action suit the heels of Jackson's death against Jackson's record anniversary (June 25). As label, challenging the authe story of his final years thenticity of his vocals on unfolded, it became clear a recently released album.

'Think Like A Man Too' Star Shares Thoughts on Possible Third Installment

By Alicia Rancilio NEW YORK -- Romany Malco says the ensemble cast of "Think Like a Man Too" had to be fast on their feet. Malco, who plays semireformed ladies' man Zeke, said in order to get the busy cast back together for the sequel, we "figured out the script as we went along." "I didn't see the script until the day I showed up," he confessed in a recent interview. Malco credits director Tim Story for being a "great general" and "captain" in keeping everything moving and staying true to the story once filming began in Las Vegas. Once the scenes were mapped out, the writers went to work to put it on the page. Still, there were a lot of last-minute changes. "I would rehearse a scene, be ready to do the scene and they'd go, `Oh no we've changed that.

By Jack Mirkinson and Joanna Zelman In a move that signaled yet another major shakeup on "The View," co-host Sherri Shepherd announced that she was leaving the show after seven years, and Jenny McCarthy appeared to confirm that she was also stepping down after just one season. The moves leave Whoopi Goldberg as the program's sole remaining host. In a statement, Shepherd said, "It’s been seven wonderful years on 'The View' and after careful consideration it is time for me to move on. I am extremely grateful to Barbara Walters and Bill Gedde for giving me the opportunity. I look forward to the business opportunities that lay ahead for me and I am incredibly grateful to my View family and my fans for supporting me on this journey." “If Sherri goes... I go too. #sisters,” Jenny McCarthy posted on Twitter. “My View will be changing too. As will with many hard working folks. Thanks to everyone at the show for your dedication and an amazing year.”

Romany Malco You're gonna do this in the As for the prospect of a water with your clothes on third film? and you're gonna say these "I'd be game because I lines instead,'" laughed like the people that I work Malco. with on this job and I've nevHe says the erratic er really been part of a franschedule was worth it to chise before. ... I want to be make it all happen, adding: involved ... because I hon"That's the gig. That's what estly feel as though there's we signed up for." still more to be done." Their efforts paid off. "Think Like A Man" is The movie opened at No. adapted from Steve Har1 at the U.S. Box office, vey's best-selling relationpulling in $30 million. ship advice book.

File No.: 20140707-10012033-0 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS (ARE) DOING BUSINESS AS: ABLE OFFICE SOLUTIONS 2205 FIRST ST #104 SIMI VALLEY, CA 93065 VENTURA COUNTY State of Incorporation/Organization: CA Return Mailing Address: Able Ribbon Technology, Inc., 2205 First St #104, Simi Valley, CA 93065 Full Name of Registrant Able Ribbon Technology, Inc. 2205 First St #140 Simi Valley, CA 93065 This Business is conducted by: A Corporation The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on N/A. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares information as true any material matter pursuant to Section 17913 of Business and Professions Code that the registrant knows to be false is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000).) /S/Ralph Ramirez NOTICE - In accordance with subdivision (a) of Section 17920, a fictitious name statement gener-

Columbus Short March, he was ordered to stay away from his wife of nine years after being charged on Valentine's Day with a misdemeanor spou-

ally expires at the end of five years from the date on which it was filed in the office of the county clerk, except, as provided in subdivision of section 17920, where it expires 40 days after any change in the facts set forth in the statement pursuant to section 17913 other than a change in residence address or registered owner. A new fictitious business name statement must be filed before the expiration. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under Federal, State, or Common Law (see section 14411 ET SEQ., Business and Professions Code). THIS STATEMENT WAS FILED WITH THE COUNTY CLERK OF VENTURA ON 07/07/2014. MARK A. LUNN By: QU Deputy County Clerk Publish No.: July 11, 18, 25, Aug. 1, 2014 - 4T TCS14-0264 xxxxT.S. No. 0125001208 Loan No. 2010902276 APN: 636-0-133-025 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE NOTE: THERE IS A SUMMARY OF THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT ATTACHED 注:本文件包 含一个信息摘要 참고사 항: 본 첨부 문서에 정


Official Records in the office of the Recorder of Ventura County, California, executed by: Herbert H. Hill Sr., a married man, as Trustor, Generation Mortgage Company, as Lender/Beneficiary, WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER FOR (payable at time of sale in lawful money of the United States by cashier’s check drawn on a state or national bank, check drawn by a state or federal credit union, or a check drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, or savings association, or savings bank specified in Section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in this state) all right, title and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust in the property situated in said County, California, describing the land therein: As more fully described on said Deed of Trust. The street address and other common designation, if any, of the real property described above is purported to be: 766 Wishard Avenue Simi Valley, CA 93065 The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address or other common designation, if any, shown herein. Said sale will be made is an “AS IS” condition, but without covenant

Page 14A

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JULY 11, 2014

(Photo Credit: Phillip George)

Willamette University Grad Gets Lavish Party

Lloyd Fobi

Jess, drummer Sound Effect Band

Raissa Fobi, MD

Simone Fobi

Lisa, lead singer Sound Effect Band

Ariel Saah

Irene and Bonaventure Wakam

Bonaventure Wakam and Peggy Hunt, Publisher, Tri-County Sentry

Daniel Wakam

Sound Effect Band

Phillip George

Grace Fobi MD and Holley Calhoun

Angeline and Conrad Njamfa

Jim and Martha Tovias

Brooklyn and Grace Fobi MD

Fobi and Calhoun Kids

From page 1A parents are more challenging. “Raising kids today is different from raising them in the 50s and 60s,” he noted. “Television, internet, cell phones. For parents today, it’s more about adapting to their children’s environment. You do your best and hope that you’re lucky enough that your kids learn enough good values to keep them on a straight path.” For Bon and Irene, the key to successful parenting is patience and flexibil-

Lloyd Fobi

Todd Thoele

African Roots, American Family

Brooklyn Fobi

ity. “I think that we need to be patient and take the time and try to understand each child, their strengths and weaknesses, and to try to [help] them be the best they can be. If you look at a child with an open mind, that child can achieve great things, and the sky is the limit,” Bon explained. And something else they have focused on—the importance of education. “My parents were both business people,” he said. “Their emphasis was always that FAMILY, See page 12A

Peggy Hunt and Bob Braitman

Tri-County Sentry

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JULY 11, 2014

Page 15A

Santa Barbara 4th of July Parade The Santa Barbara 4th of July parade is an annual “must see” event. The community really knows

how to celebrate our country’s independence. The parade included marching bands, equestrians,

Porsche and Corvette car clubs, twirling clubs from Santa Barbara and Camarillo, Masons, ACLU

advocates, a Bill of Rights float, a California birthday celebration, costumed military reenactors from

the Revolutionary War and others firing muskets along the way. There were also Boy Scouts, a full sized

military helicopter, the Vesparados scooter club, and pop music bands. Spectators were there to view the spectacle from all over the world. The crowds that lined the street were fascinated with the parade, laughing and waving wildly as the parade entrants passed by. They took pictures and held up peace signs. On this day, Santa Barbara was a true reflection of a multicultural America.

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