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Inside Pictures Credits - Color Me Crazy Photographer: Sébastien Roy ( Stylist: Mélanie Brisson ( Stylist-Assistant: Ange Salvatrice Berwa MUA: Evangelia Pavlakos Hair: Nadia Geronimi Models: Erika (Next) Mathilde (Specs) Photoshop Assistant: Élise Leconte

Erika - Gold Bracelet in Hair: Stylist’s own - Black Cotton Dress with Crossed Strap: Valerie Dumaine (ask for price at - Black & Gold Leather Harness with Shoulder Pads: La la Yeah (sold at 55.00$ - Blue Leather Feather Necklace with Gold Seashell: Cliolunia (sold at www. 40.00$ - Black & Grey Leather Earings with Gold Lightning: Wolf me (sold at www. 45.00$

Mathilde - Blue & White Stripped Bandana with Chains: (sold at Simon’s) 15.00$ - Olive Green Lace Leave Shaped Earing: This Ilk (sold at shop/thisilk) 27.00$ - Gold & Black Leather A shaped ring: Wolf me (sold at 80.00$ - Turquoise Jersey Fringe Sleeveless: Body Bag (sold at JUDE clothing) - Green Cotton and Black Lace Jersey Skirt: Norwegian Wood (sold at http:// 95.00$

Welcome to another edition of Demur Magazine. This issue is packed with shopping and entertainment guides and as usual another Editors’ letter. I always have a lot to say but not a lot to put down on paper. Well here at Demur we are just in the process of improving with issue and each month proves to be a learning curve and an opportunity for us to deliver to the needs of our readers. We are currently in the process of working on our online shop which will deliver to you the brands that you cannot get from your local high street shops but the brands that make you stand out as an individual. We now have the bottom up approach, where we as a magazine will not tell you what is the trend, but you the reader tell us what the trend is, giving you more input into what we produce. There is plenty more to come within Demur and we want you to be involved. Where you see a gap you are the solution.

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Pick up an issue pass it on, Until next time

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Photography by Thorsten Jankowski

Out and About with Demur

Lufeng Zou Croydon Higher Education College Fashion Show at Free Range 2011

The 3-year BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Business course offered at Croydon Higher Education College presented some of the talented students at their fashion show including Lufeng Zou. Photography by catwalk

6 Essential Summer Shorts

Ready 1


2 3




1. Brown Roll Leg Shorts, £29.99, River Island 2. Floral Print Shorts, £28.00, Jane Norman 3. Brown Rope Belt Shorts, £14.00, George Asda 4. Satin Shorts, £7.00, New Look 5. Moto Red Cut Off Hotpants, £26.99, Topshop 6. Shorts Castell, £29.99, Mango

to Wear 2






1. Flat Pump in Braided Imitation Leather, £14.99, H&M 2. Pieces Gianna Suede Flat Twisted Sandals, £28.00, 3. Miso Knot Wedges, £34.99, Republic 4. Strech and Bend Black Fabric, £50.00, Office 5. Troy Woven Sandal, £12.00, Warehouse 6. Pink Print Chain Tie Sandals, £21.99, River Island







Summer Shoes 1. Vera Cadiz Espadrille, £50.00, Topman 2. Dune Greece Woven Slip-on-shoes, £45.00, House of Fraser 3. Poste Gladiator Sandal, £49.99, Office 4. Grey Hessian Sock Thong Sandals, £39.99, River Island 5. Woven Apron Loafers, £50.00, ASOS 6. Momentum Howard Slip Trainers, £22.00, Schuh


2 3

Cover Your Head 4



1. Beige Flower Ribbon and Bow Boater Hat, £16.99, River Island 2. Ditsy Floral Print Hat, £6, Asda 3. Crafted Stud Trilby Hat, £2.00, Republic 4. Felted Fedora Hat, £9.99, New Look 5. Soul Cal Deluxe Straw Trilby Hat, £9.99, Republic 6. Oversize Rim Hat, £16.00, Warehouse

Cover Your Head







1. Stone Wicker Straw Trilby, £14.00, Topman 2. Fred Perry Laurel Men’s Straw Trilby Hat, £32.00, 3. Vent Hat, £30.00, 4. Clement Striped Trilby, £19.00, 5. Howick Cotton Rugged Bucket Hat, £16.00, House of Fraser 6. Mantaray Blue Painted Straw Trilby Hat, £12.50, Debenhams

- Blue & White Striped Bikini top with gold strap: WESC (sold at com) $38.00 top $38.00 bottom - Gold Watherfall Leather earring: Wolf me (sold at $110.00

- Gold Spandex Bow in Hair: Cliolunia ( $8.00 - Black Cotton Necklace with chains: $124.00 - Gold Knotted Necklace: TamĂŠ ( $33.00 - Cream & Grey Polyester Tunic with Geometric Prints: Valerie Dumaine (ask for price at - Burgundy Gold Chain & Stones Bracelet: Charlotte Hosten ( shop/charlottehosten) $75.00 - Pink Flowered Cotton Bracelet: Cliolunia ( $23.00

- Lime Green Silk Flower in Hair: Charlotte Hosten (sold at charlottehosten) 44.00$ - Lime Green & Grey Knotted Necklace: TamĂŠ (sold at colorblindsmarties) 40.00$ - Turquoise Cotton Blazer with Shoulder Pads: BodyBag (sold at JUDE clothing) 258.00$ - Beige & Turquoise Striped JerseyT-shirt: Supayana (sold at www.supayana. com/#/shop-online) 55.00$ - Black Polyester Legging with Turquoise Prints: WESC (sold at com) 50.00$ - Pink Flowered Cotton Bracelet: Cliolunia ( $23.00 - Beige Leather Sandals: Noblez (en vente chez Go West) 30.00$

- Beige Flower in Hair: (sold at H&M) - Beige & Black Leather Necklace: Lala yeah (sold at 40.00$ - Pink & Black Striped Bathing Suit: (sold at American Apparel) 47.00$ - Dark Pink Cotton Tank Top: (sold at Trendi) 19.99$ - Dark Pink Leg Warmer: Stylist’s own - Grey Leather Stiletto: Vangelo (sold at Go West) 30.00$

- Black Leather Fringe Necklace : Geneviève Savard Design (sold at Unicorn) 45.00$ - White Cotton T-shirt with Black Leather Shoulders: NU.I fashion (sold at La Maison Nu.I Fashion) 85.00$ - Plum Nylon worn as a belt: Secret (sold at 7.50$ - Green Tutu : Stylist’s Own - White Cotton Leg Warmer: (sold at Trendi) 4.99$ - Yellow & Violet Leather Snake Skin Sandals: (sold at Go West) 30.00$

- Blue Silk Dress: Norwegian Wood (sold at http://www. 165.00$ - Grey Snake Print Leather Sandals: (sold at chez Go West) 30.00$ - Beige Leather Necklace with Studs: La La Yeah (sold at 40.00$ - Grey Cotton Bracelet: Cliolunia (sold at 23.00$ - Beige & Grey Leather Sandals: Noblez (sold at Go West) 30.00$

- Beige Straw Fedora: Brixton (sold at www. 40.00$ - Coral Flowered Mesh Tank Top: Norwegian Wood (sold at http://www. iheartnorwegianwood.etsy. com) 59.00$ - Turquoise Flower on Tank Top: (sold at H&M) 2/4.95$ - Green Cotton Flower Bracelet: Cliolunia (sold at shop/cliolunia) 23.00$ - Cream Spandex High Waisted Skinny Pants: NU.I fashion (sold at www. 95.00$ - Beige & Turquoise Leather Sandals: Noblez (sold at Go West) 30.00$

- Black & Gray Hat: Brixton (sold at 30.00$ - Gold Spandex Tube Dress: (sold at American Apparel) 40.00$ - Red Sporty Jacket with Cream Sleevess: WESC (sold at com) 110.00$ - Red Cotton Flower Bracelet: Cliolunia (sold at cliolunia) 30.00$ - Cream Mesh Suspender Belt: (sold at White Label) 69.00$ - Beige Leather Sandals: Noblez (sold at chez Go West) 30.00$

- White Cotton Sailor Hat: Stylist’s own - Grey Lace with Bronze Chain Earings: Terza Rouge (sold at White Label) 25.00$ - Coral Silk with Pearl and Stone Necklace: Charlotte Hosten (sold at charlottehosten) Ask for price - Coral Polyester Dress: BodyBag (sold at JUDE clothing) 164.00$ - Orange Coral Elastic Belt: Norwegian Wood (sold at http:// www.iheartnorwegianwood.etsy. com) 49.00$ - Blue Flowered Legging: (sold at Betsy Johnson) 35.00$

- Collier Blanc en Plexiglass: Norwegian Wood (en vente au iheartnorwegianwood) 110.00$ - Robe Bleu: Coccolily ( 200.00$ - Chandail Fuschia avec Ouvertures: Coccolily ( Prix Sur Demande - Bas Résine Rose Vintage: (en vente chez Coffre aux trésors du Chaînon) 1.00$ - Bague Noire en Plastique avec Faux Diamands: (en vente chez Trendi) 0.99$

Christin The Cyprus Born and up and coming fashion designer Christina Louca’s fashion design career started when she was very young as she came to this world by her both artistic parents. Her mom has been a seamstress and her dad a house painter for over 46 years. She remembers distinctively dressing up with leftover fabrics from her mom’s clients and standing in front of the mirror letting her imagination ran wild. In high school and then in college in NY where she spent 10 years of her life she excelled in her art classes and many times her work was exhibited in the school’s premises. She was also, already one step ahead in fashion trends. She had her unique style that made her the center of attention wherever she went.

na Louca Couture

Upon returning to Cyprus, and through some unfortunate events, that lead to soul searching she started designing. However, through the encouragement of a friend, she embarked on a fashion P. R career for 2 prolific Cypriot fashion designers. Her designs were still designs on paper. Her desire to bring them to life was boiling inside, until one day in 2009 with the expert hands of her mom, one by one took form and became a reality. At first, the designs were made for Christina’s inner satisfaction but after getting rave reviews from passers- by, friends and family she started designing more and more. She decided to launch her collection after moving to London in 2010 to make her dreams come true, showing her collection in fundraising events for animal and nature charity organizations. Her dream came true in June 2011, with the outstanding help of her dear mentor, Jack Lucas, CEO of Hello London Events that helped her to launch her line at a fundraising event by her suggestion for the Born Free Foundation for Endangered species and the Variety Club of UK for underprivileged kids. Turn over for more

The evening was at a cocktail hour where guests enjoyed delicious and refreshing cocktails prepared by the expert staff of the bar on a such hot day, listened to live performances by up and coming Jazz/Blues singers, where the 15 year old Jazz singer captivated the audience with her Adele esq voice accompanied by Christina



Louca’s collection where you couldn’t hear anything but “WOW this ” and “WOW that” and other exclamations from the guests. At the end of the show, the photographers and the models went to the neighboring China Town to take pictures where even there Christina’s collection left everyone so amazed that the passers-by took pictures of

the models and followed them everywhere they went. Christina’s collection is characterized by pleats, volumes, hand manipulation of the fabrics, to make unusual, eccentric shapes, different and various material sewn on the fabric, such as peacock feathers, zippers and playing with the textiles’ designs and colors/shades to create that

unique style. Christina gets her inspiration from the 1920’s and 1960’s as she reminisces of those nostalgic eras. Even though she wasn’t born in those times, often times she wished she did. She immerses herself with the dress code, behavior code and music of those days. Turn over for more


According to Christina, people in 1920’s had lots of class and finesse. She also gets her inspiration from nature as her goal is to showcase her collections to raise money for various animal and nature charity organizations around the world. Christina’s vision is working clothes for the modern career women with a touch of art on them. Christina wanted to create clothes that you wear to work and be exceptional stylish, not just a plain, black suit, and at the same time wear them to go out after work for a drink. Be sure as she has been experiencing by first hand to turn heads everywhere you go, get rave reviews at dinners and parties and become a conversation piece and don’t be surprised having your picture taken by passers by just by wearing her eccentric yet chic pieces. Candida Sampson, owner of Eskimo PR (London) said: “I liked it and it’s something I would wear”.

Her collection has been featured in: • • • •

Parikiaki (London Greek Newspaper) May 2011 Her own debut fashion show/fundraising event at Piano Soho in the West End of London for the Born Free Foundation and the Variety Club of UK with the Sponsorship of Hello London Events –June 2011 Style and The City Blog by Maryum Sharif-Founder of Style Moguls-Image Consultancy- June 2011 Amor Magazine (on line magazine, www.amormagazine. July 2011

Jacket designed by Victoria Bramwell

Vintage Exploring vintage by Mish Mash Vintage

Mish Mash Vintage is an online boutique selling top quality, genuine vintage clothing and accessories dating from the 1920s80s; set up by History student Micha Nestor in 2010. Not only does Mish Mash Vintage sell products both online and at fairs around the country but an integral part of the company is to promote vintage and spread awareness that to wear vintage clothes is not only sustainable as it recycles what would otherwise be thrown into a landfill, but it also allows you to create a wonderful, unique sense of fashion which stands out from the rest of the high street fashions and styles. With fashion icons like Alexa Chung and Lily Allen being regularly spotted sporting vintage clothing, it is no wonder why there has been a massive increase in interest in vintage over the past few years. A lot of people we speak to have never seen genuine vintage clothing and wouldn’t have the first idea about where to start, and we don’t blame you as finding vintage at first can be daunting. So we’re going to give you our top tips for exploring and shopping vintage.

Where to shop Vintage clothing can be found in a wide variety of different places from online to car boot sales, charity shops and markets; there isn’t one place to find it. Shopping for vintage clothing can take you everywhere and that’s part of the fun. Our favourite vintage hangouts include Brick Lane in East London which is best to visit on a Sunday and we highly recommend The Vintage Pop-up Market there. Not only are there dozens of vintage shops open along the street, but the vintage market on a Sunday can Turn over for more

fill the streets and the many side rides off Brick Lane, creating a wonderful atmosphere. There are lots of friendly sellers and if you’re not experienced they’ll be more than happy to help. Camden is also a great place to visit and has a few great vintage shops that are at very affordable prices and these are open throughout the week, we recommend the Stables Market as the best place to find vintage in Camden there’s lots of stalls to get lost in for several hours! Charity shops and car boot sales I would recommend for the more experienced vintage explorer as you’re going to have to rummage a lot to find vintage items and so it isn’t as easy to trace as say in the market or shops where they’re labelled. But don’t let that put you off as if you look hard enough often you can find a fantastic deal. Online sites such as Etsy and eBay are also great avenues these days to find vintage items, make sure you put vintage in the search criteria to avoid modern items and to narrow your search.

tips As vintage clothes are very old in their age and therefore rare the price often reflects this and you may find yourself paying more than what you would do on the high street, but remember vintage clothes are often of greater quality than many items made today and I can bet if you do buy that vintage dress you’ll never see another girl in it. Another top tip is that often the size written in the clothes won’t reflect the sizing today as this has changed overtime, I highly recommend you familiarise yourself with your measurements beforehand as this is usually given on the labels and will be more accurate for you and always try the outfit on if you can! A great tip to finding a genuine vintage piece can be by looking and feeling the materials as you will recognise it is often very different to modern clothing and is often more robust (which is why they last so long). Zips were commonly metal pre-1960s changing to vinyl post-1970s, which is a good indicator of age. Other clues to the age of the piece can be the positioning of zips as before the 1950s zips were usually placed at the side, moving to the back during the 60s. Enjoy shopping for vintage and creating your own unique style and look out for the great vintage festivals happening over the summer.

£7.50 ENTRY

Love Box Saturday, 16 July 12:00 - 23:00 Victoria Park, Old Ford Road, Bow, E3 5TB Tonight at CAMP basement, producer Derek Vincent Smith a.k.a Pretty Lights is over from Colorado for his first ever London headline show.Mixing glitchy electronica, hiphop, samples & dubstep elements, he’s huge in the US and this will most likely be the only chance to catch him playing a tiny basement in the UK. Also featuring are My Panda Shall Fly, Rival Consoles and Slum State DJ’s.

£28.50 ENTRY

Love Box Saturday, 16 July 12:00 - 23:00 Victoria Park, Old Ford Road, Bow, E3 5TB Saturday at lovebox this year looks immense. Snoop Dogg is performing his seminal album ‘Doggystyle’ on the main stage. Groove Armada - the guys who inspired the festival in the first place - play live, Lykki Li brings her melodies, and on the rave front we’ve got a full-fat DnB assault courtesy of Hospitality and techno overlords mulletover have their own arena to lose yourself in.

£22.50 ENTRY

Roy Ayers + Pete Rock Wednesday, 20 July 19:00 - 23:00 Jazz Café, 5 Parkway, Camden, NW1 7PG This might just be the most exciting musical collaboration we’ve seen since Mariah Carey and Westlife hooked up for a heart-rending take on Phil Collins’ ‘Against All Odds’ back in 2000. Jazz icon and genius Roy Ayers has teamed up with hip hop legend Pete Rock in a live band/DJ/MC format. These Jazz Cafe shows will feature Ayers’ greatest hits like ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine’ and ‘We Live in Brooklyn’, while Rock adds some of his magical production dust to create a new jazz and hip hop-infused sound. A meeting of true hugely respected musical minds, this is a very special gig indeed.

£35.75 ENTRY

Erykah Badu, Sunday 17 July 19:00 - Late O2 Academy Brixton, 211 Stockwell Road, Brixton, SW9 9SL Erykah Badu - the world renowned RnB, hip hop and jazz recording artist graces Brixton’s O2 Arena tonight. As one of the most uniquely creative artists in today’s popular music scene - expect nothing short of an amazing show.

£15.00 ENTRY

House Warming meets License 2 Rave, Saturday, 16 July 22:00 - 06:00 , Area, 67-68 Albert Embankment, Southbank, SE1 7TP House Warming Meets License 2 Rave present Mighty Moe, Marcus ‘International’ Nasty and Buttersbwoy birthday Bash. Employing a massive 100k soundsystem, laser and light system and screen displays, get down with your raving shoes on.


Whip It! Friday, 22 July 22:00 – Late, Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, New Cross, SE14 6TY A party that involves over sized props, cocktail deals, flashing lights and DJs who play everything from MGMT to The Monkees is always good, but the fact that the organisers have decided to name it after a Devo song makes this regular shindig amazing!

£20.00 ENTRY

Hed kandi Saturday 23 July 23:00 - 06:00 Pacha, Terminus Place, Victoria, SW1V 1JR Ska to Reggae to Dancehall to Bashment to Jungle to Dubstep and beyond - Johnny Clash and Duck aka Bam Bam Sound has been smashing it at the Big Chill bar since its inception. Tonight should be bangin’, as per usual.

Just Buggin Saturday, 23 July 22:00 - 03:00 Jerusalem, 33-34 Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, W1T 1JN Every Saturday Just Buggin’ brings you golden era hip hop, new jack swing, disco, rare groove, reggae and more from DJs on a rotating basis.

Until 23.10.11 £6.00 ENTRY , £5.50 (CON)

Glamour of the Gods National Portrait Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, WC2H 0HE A host of Hollywood photographs will go on show at the National Portrait Gallery, including the sumptuous likes of Clark Gable, James Dean, Joan Collins and Elizabeth Taylor.

£8.50 ENTRY , £6.50 (CON)

Thomas Struth Photographs 1978-2010 Whitechapel Art Gallery, 80-82 Whitechapel High Street, Whitechapel, E1 7QX German born photographer Thomas Struth is not one to be restricted by subject matter. His latest exhibition at Whitechapel depicts scenes as far afield as New York and Dusseldorf to Cape Canaveral space station and Korean shipyards. Boy, does this guy get around or what?


Women War Artists Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, Elephant and Castle SE1 6HZ The work of 59 photographers is exposed here, with street photography from 1860 to the year 2010.

FREE ENTRY Until 24.09.11

See Yourself Sensing Work 10a Acton Street, Kings Cross, WC1X 9NG The stranger side of art meets the wackier ends of science at WORK Gallery this summer in the form of See Yourself Sensing. Coinciding with the launch of Madeline Schwartzman’s book of the same name, the exhibtion features a range of weird ideas and contraptions, designed to reappraise we understand our own senses. So there’s things like an audio device inside a tooth, a digital recording of the movements of the human eye, and photographs taken using the artist’s mouth as a pinhole camera. Weird.

LMFAO Sorry for party rocking You may remember them from the hit “Gettin’ Over You” with Guetta, the uncle and nephew tag team are back with their fast paced, fun and puts you in the mood for partying.

The Horrors Skying After being nominated for a mercury award the Horrors are back with a second studio album with a n 80’s funky feel to it.

Kelly Rowland Here I Am She is back with her 3rd studio solo album after going her separate way from manager Mathew Knowles. Expect some heavy dance and pop mixes on this album where Kelly certainly steps out of her box.

3 Doors Down Time of My Life Multi platinum rockers from Missipi back with 5th studio album that carries and eclectic feel to it.

Monica’s Vintage Fair Saturday 16th July, 10am The Three Dwas, Town Pier Gravesend, Kent DA11 0BJ A Vintage day out for everyone. Celebrations and fun is on offer when ‘Monica’s Vintage Fair’ comes to Gravesend Riverside. Gravesend’s first Vintage fair arrives on Saturday 16th of July 10 am - 4pm and kicks off the big 7 fringe festival. LOADS OF THINGS TO SEE! If you would like a stall or a flyer for the Fringe Festival Events please call Monica on 07531079241 or you can email her at monicasvintagefair@hotmail.

Monica’s Vintage Fair Saturday 16th July, 10am The Three Dwas, Town Pier Gravesend, Kent DA11 0BJ New Gallery Jumble is a place to shop with a clear conscience. With a heartfelt belief in sustainability, stalls offer only up-cycled, re-purposed or second hand things in the form of quality hand crafted creations. Carefully selected vintage and bric-a-brac items exist alongside ‘WORK SHOPS’ that encourage people to make something new from something old, and various pop up attractions like an ‘ILLUSTRATION BOOTH’ where you can come and have yourself drawn a beautiful portrait, on recycled paper of your choice of course! Affordability and accessibility are values we hold dear - at the ‘MAKE IT LAST’ stall you can use our resources to revive old garments for free, sewing buttons and fixing holes! Our bargain bins mean you can also rummage and save! Delicious food & drink is always available, freshly made in the New Gallery London kitchen.

Photography by Thorsten Jankowski

Demur Magazine July 2011  

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