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Authors: Kertu Purkart- activities at V채ndra G체mnaasium Roland Hizanishvili- sport in V채ndra Paula V채rva- activities outside the school

Teen Culture In V채ndra Gymnasium Choirs

Although V채ndra is a small place, there are many after-school activities organized for students. Our school provides us with many interest after-school classes like choir singing, folk dancing, drama, and photography class. The school has a group called JATS that consists of the most active students. Estonians have a very long tradition of singing in choirs. We have two choirs in our school: primary students` choir and the older ones`. We also have a school band. Our school has many students who are interested in music, therefore we have split the choir into many categorized choirs. Folk dance The majority of the students taking part in the the folk dance classes are gymnasium students because they are easier to train, and after all, folk dancing is meant for strong youth. Last year, 2011, Estonians celebrated one of the biggest events in every 4 years in Estonia, Song and Dance Festival, where our school choir also attended.

Drama and photography classes The drama class is a choice of subject for the older students of gymnasium. We really enjoy our drama lessons where we can learn the secrets of acting. Our art teacher also teaches us photography. The best photos are selected for exhibitions. Students` own organisation-Jats Our school`s students `group JATS is a school organization which consists of the most active students in school. The organization has its specific tasks and events which are held annually.

Many students work hard for these events to happen. Recently there was an event called PlayBox 2011: Jungli Gourge looks for a Supersaari. The event was a big success. The members of JATS visit the students` council from time to time to stand up for students` rights and represent their ideas how to change the school life to be a more vivid and interesting one. Projects During the last years our students have taken part in various Comenius and Nordpus Junior international projects which have enabled them to make contacts with their peers from other European countries and Iceland. They have been hosts themselves and also enjoyed hospitality of new friends in different countries.

To sum up, V채ndra Gymnasium is in general a very active and highly developed school, with many annual events held successfuly year after year. If you are interested and try to look for an active class or students, you will most definetly find them here.

Sport in Vändra Sport is very popular among the people of Vändra. There are lots of people doing different sports and because of that we have some achievements to show. Football Football is the most popular sport here in Vändra. It is very popular among youngsters and it is even popular with these who do not play. There are always spectators there when we play on our home pitch in Vändra. Our local club JK Vändra has over 200 players, who are divided into 13, without having a single defeat in the table. Some players from Vändra represent the groups by age and sex. During summertime we usually play on our stadium but as our stadium is being renovated we are forced to play on a local company`s pitch. In winter we train in our renovated school gym. Our men’s team won the third league last year among the national teams. Grete Ojala, a student from grade 11 of our school, captains the girls` U19 national team and also plays for the A-team of women.


Light athletics We also have an athletics training. Over the years its popularity has fallen tragically and not many people attend it at the moment. However, we do have a few talents who have grown up in Vändra and have now competed on the international youth level. Ebe Reier, for example, has become Estonian champion in heptathlon and Janek Õiglane holds the Estonian record for javelin throw and has came

the eleventh in the youth World Cup.

Wrestling There is also a wrestling training here in V채ndra. Unfortunately, there are not many people attending the wrestling training any more either but we still have some Estonian champions in wrestling walking around in the school and a few joined the Audentes school in Tallinn which is a special sport school for talented athletes. Ball games Basketball and volleyball trainings also take place in V채ndra. There is a basketball training for men and for female students. Basketball players also visit some tournaments from time to time and they have won some cups. There are also two different volleyball groups: one for students and another for grown-ups. Volleyball players do not attend any competitions and it is mostly played just for fun. Cycling Cycling is of course a popular sport and quite successful one here in V채ndra. Three of our cyclists have made it quite far. Rein Taaram채e (right picture) cycles for the Cofidis team and in 2010 Tour de France he wore the best young cyclist`s white shirt for a day but then lost the title of the best young cyclist to Pierre Rolland from France by a quite small margin.There is also Tanel Kangert (left picture),born in

V채ndra, who cycles for Astana team and is the the U23 Estonian champion.

Car races Car races also attract a lot of people. In summers we have a demolition circle where people outside V채ndra can come to attend as drivers and spectators. During wintertime we drive on ice tracks and also have competitions. Martin Saar from V채ndra is the Estonian Rallycross champion and the tragically lost Tauri J체rioja ensured his first place in the Supercross Series with three races still to go. He was awarded his trophy posthumously. The derby from 2011: v=YqzowTiup3s .

Teenagers`life in V채ndra There is plenty to do in V채ndra even if you are not active and energetic. You can enjoy your free time quietly but also have a good time. Library The perfect place for young people who love to spend their time quietly is V채ndra public library. There are many books from different genres so there is someting for every taste. There is also a read corner with comfortable sofas, chairs, and tables where you can do your reading and your homework if you do not want to borrow the book which you need. Sometimes you can even meet the authors there. When an Estonian author finishes his or her book then V채ndras` library is one of the places where they come when they are on their book`s tours. Besides reading you can also use a computer there. You can call ahead and tell you are coming, just to make sure they have a computer for you. Using the computer is completey free and you can use it whenever the library is opened. The library is very big and there are many rooms and that is why many events take place there. There is a small gallery where many painters` and photographers` works are displayed for everyone to see. Next to the gallery room there is a room where smaller concerts take place.

Youth centre

The perfect place to spend time with your friends is our new youth centre. It was opened in November 2011. Teenagers renovated this themselves and they are responsible for organizing activities. There you can play many games such as pool, ping-pong, and different board games. You

can listen to music or just sit around with friends.

At weekends there are theme nights where you can watch films or have a pool tournaments. Many other events also take place there like karaoke nights, music school concerts, the contest of the bands, funny fashion shows, and you can also attend the DJ school classes there. Youth centre has its own facebook page so that teens can keep up with all the events and have a say in what they think what would make the youth center a better place.

Music school In V채ndra there is also a music school. The school is named after one of Estonian most famous composers Mihkel L체dig. You can learn many differtent instruments like the piano, the accordion, the violin, the flute, the recorder, the guitar, the drums, the clarinet, and the saxophone there. Besides these instruments you can learn conducting, history of music, the basics of music and singing. The school has its own ensemble and a teachers` band.

V채ndra offers many opportunities for all types of teenagers. Whether you are active, energetic, tall, short, sociable, shy, or lazy you will find someting cool to do. There is room to improve, though. Different teens want to do differnet things and we will keep coming up with new ideas how to make our life more interesting.

Teen Culture In Vändra  

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