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STYLIST & BLOGGER ELISABETH HEIER: How to decorate with light fixtures

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A most beautiful day in the CITY OF SMILES, AARHUS w w w. n o rd l u x . c o m


Artist, copper ø40 Dee, glass Strap, black ø36 Front, black 36 cm 3

Artist, copper ø40



Strap, black – with changeable leather strap in black and brown.


ø27 / ø36 / ø48

28 Publisher Nordlux A/S Karlskogavej 8 DK – 9200 Aalborg SV T +45 98181611 Magazine Design Nordlux A/S Writers Cathrine W. Wichmand, Anne Voss, Susanne Holte and Elisabeth Heier


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6 40 years of democratic design Foreword by Peter Terkelsen

32 ALRUN by Nordlux 33 AUD by Nordlux 38 REYKJAVIK by Sebastian Holmbäck 40 ASKJA by Kok & Berntsen 46 STRAP by Bjørn + Balle 48 MIB by ​​Bønnelycke mdd 49 BELLY by Bønnelycke mdd 50 FOLD by Bønnelycke mdd 51 HUNT by Bønnelycke mdd All light fixtures are sold in selected lighting shops and builders’ merchants. See more at or write us at for more information.

8 Be inspired See why we love Instagram so much 10 40 years of lighting How Nordlux started in 1977

BEFORE YOU GET STARTED, we would like to inform you that the prices listed in the magazine are suggested retail prices. All products can be found on our website, where you may also see alternative surfaces and colours. And last but not least, we naturally make reservations for any errors.

25 Nordlux news 28 New light for the old film factory We visit blogger Rockpaperdresses, who styled her home using her Nordlux favourites 34 Nordlux’ design honoured Read the article about the prestigious design awards won by Nordlux’ Design For The People brand in 2017

14 Café Rømer Join us for a visit to the newly opened Café Rømer 36 Design For The People news and learn more about how the right lighting creates an atmosphere 42 Soft minimalism See how Norwegian blogger and interior stylist Eli18 A mini guide to Aarhus sabeth Heier styled her home with selected news Things you should see, the best shops and from the Design For The People collection cafes and cool places to stay 22 40th Anniversary Event Be inspired by the atmosphere at our beautiful event in the Kinfolk Gallery in Copenhagen 5

40 years of democratic design Creating something is no art in itself, but creating enthusiasm is. At Nordlux, we use that knowledge to create innovative design products which both move and excite. For four decades, good lighting at attractive prices has been the Nordlux mantra, and this year we celebrate our 40th anniversary – in a year which has been very eventful so far. This year, no less than seven international design awards have been bestowed on us. 4 Red Dot Awards and three iF Design Awards. Behind the award-winning light fixtures, which have now received seals of approval for their excellent design, are recognised Danish designers. We are very proud of these impressive awards and they confirm our belief in our ability to develop designer products that appeal to a large and design-conscious audience. With winning design awards come raised standards, and by no means are we going to lower our level of ambition – quite the contrary. Without compromising on design, up-front technology or product development, we continue to frame good light beautifully. This is also true of our news for 2017, which feature exquisite materials, surfaces and designs which are both functional and succeed in balancing tradition and innovation. An awesome party is part and parcel of any anniversary. We kicked off our anniversary with an event in the beautiful and minimalist Kinfolk Gallery in the heart of Copenhagen in early May. Here, we presented some of our best sellers, news for 2017 and our award-winning designs. In the magazine, you can see photos from the event and be inspired. This magazine has many other bright spots as well. Among other things, we celebrate Aarhus, the European Capital of Culture 2017. We love the energy and vibe of Aarhus – it is inspiring, and we therefore made a mini guide to some of the best places in town. You can also look forward to an interview with Danish blogger Rockpaperdresses, who picked out her Nordlux favourites and now shows us how she used them to decorate her home. Norwegian stylist and blogger Elisabeth Heier styled her beautiful and minimalist home with Design For The People light fixtures. Last but not least, you can read about how Nordlux was established 40 years ago. Happy reading.

Peter Terkelsen CEO

Dee, glass






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Over four decades, the mantra of Nordlux has been great lighting at a great price. In many ways it still is, although even greater emphasis has now been placed on design, technology and exports. Even though Nordlux celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, the company is more agile than ever.


he year is 1977. Nordlux’ founder, Svend Erik Poulsen, is in his basement in Gistrup, developing a stylish square light fixture in wood. Svend Erik Poulsen believes he can produce the light fixture both cheaper and better than the other players in the market. Soon after, he has a prototype made, and Model 2626 – Nordlux’ first light fixture – is born. Shortly after, Svend Erik Poulsen calls Dansk Supermarked (Danish Supermarket) to ask whether they would like to buy Model 2626. “They said that if I could deliver within three or four months, I would get an order for 5,000 light fixtures. And then we were talking! So, I set about finding components at competitive prices, brought them home from Italy and Germany and had the light fixtures produced in Denmark. And then we were underway,” Svend Erik Poulsen recounts.

Light fixtures for chain stores Back in Svend Erik Poulsen’s basement, the light fixture project rapidly evolves with more models in new constructions, other sizes and not least materials. The light fixtures are sold to chain stores, whilst FDB, Silvan and Bauhaus join Dansk Supermarked on the list of customers. “From the very beginning, my mission was to make lighting for the Joneses, well, everyone. My philosophy was that it was perfectly fine if people bought PH light fixtures to hang above their dining table, but the rest should be delivered by Nordlux. And that is what happened,” Svend Erik Poulsen. In 1983, Nordlux enjoyed early growth as the company moved into a property south of Aalborg with an office, a small warehouse for samples and a repair shop. Nordlux now has four employees. 10

Text Anne Voss, Sortpå | photo Skovdal Nordic / Clienti


years of functional lighting in high quality

A well-run company with its own fax machine As part of a generational change in 1988, Jørgen Havemann steps in as director and partial owner. The company is well-run and the products continue to be developed with components from Germany, Italy and Denmark and assembled at various workshops in northern Jutland. “Nordlux had a good concept, which was a great springboard for my thoughts and ideas. There was no need to make drastic changes. Of course, there are always opportunities to optimise, with information technology and the like, but when I joined, Nordlux was already a pioneer in billing systems, and they had a fax,” recalls Jørgen Havemann. The creation of a classic In the early 1990s, Nordlux develops quite a few light fixtures for outdoor use. This was also when the Scorpius was created – a model which has become a classic and one of Nordlux’s best-selling light fixtures, easily seen on the residential streets of Denmark. Jørgen Havemann recalls “When I arrived, Nordlux already had a few outdoor lights in plastic and glass in their assortment. We expanded the assortment with metal products; galvanized steel, copper and stainless steel, and gradually the distribution of sales became fifty-fifty between indoor and outdoor light fixtures.” New design course sees the light of day When Peter Terkelsen is employed as a sales director in 2002, Nordlux had come under massive pressure in the chain stores from manufacturers with a greater production capacity. Nordlux, therefore, had a pressing need to differentiate themselves. Simultaneously, the specialist stores and other chains begin to demand Nordlux products which are not available at low cost from DIY retailers. Therefore, Nordlux decided to bring Danish designers into the design of the light fixtures.

(1). Scorpius is one of Nordlux’ most popular and best-selling outdoor wall lights. It was designed in 1997 and is still on the market today. 2. Nordlux’ name and logo were invented by Svend Erik Poulsen when the company started in 1977. 3. Strap, designed by design duo Bjørn + Balle, is Nordlux’ best-selling new design and winner of an iF Design Award as well as a coveted Red Dot Award. 4. Model 2626 measured 26 times 26 centimetres, and consisted of a pine frame with a metal grid below it. The design was extremely popular in 1977.


4 3


“We entered into a collaboration with Jacob Jensen Design and launched Nordlux’s first light fixture with a recognised designer behind it. It made perfect sense, and as people embraced the new design, the pressure on prices eased,” said Peter Terkelsen. Nordlux powers two brands In 2008, Jørgen Havemann sells Nordlux to a private equity fund, and Peter Terkelsen becomes the co-owner and CEO. Peter Terkelsen brings several Danish designers into the development process, and success is now so great that in 2014, Nordlux opts to divide the assortment into two brands: Nordlux, focusing on price and quality, mainly to be sold in DIY retailers. Design For The People, which always has a Danish designer behind it, focusing on Scandinavian design at a good price. Designer light fixtures are to be sold partly in DIY retailers, partly in furniture stores, specialised and professional shops, and in the project market for hotels and restaurants.

opportunity to expand further in export markets. As a Scandinavian brand with Danish designer light fixtures at an affordable price, the brand has a clear message to promote to the world. “We gained an even greater foothold in England, the big furniture stores in Germany and more recently in China. Our products are hung in hotels and restaurants in Mauritius, the Seychelles, Africa and South America. In addition, we have a distributor in Bangkok selling Design For The People in Burma, Indonesia and Mongolia,” says Peter Terkelsen. “We have a good, authentic history which is well received, and can therefore proudly say that we sell our light fixtures in 47 countries – and we are not finished,” Peter Terkelsen smiles.

“With Design For The People, we have created something which the others do not have – design products with their own DNA at prices which do not exclude anyone. It made us a trendsetter in our segment and perhaps also in the segment a level above ours,” Peter Terkelsen.

Nordlux celebrates its 40th anniversary in a year when acknowledgements have been queuing up in the form of no less than seven international design awards for Design For The People light fixtures Dee Glass, Artist 40 in copper, Strap 36 in black and Front 36 in black . With four coveted Red Dot Awards and three iF Design Awards, the great ambitions and the vision to develop innovative lighting in collaboration with some of Denmark’s most talented designers have been rewarded.

Large-scale export of Scandinavian design With the establishment of Design For The People, Nordlux seized the

The awards and the rubber-stamping of the products show that design, innovation and attractive prices can go hand in hand beautifully. • 11

Nordlux celebrates its 40th anniversary and on this occasion launches a number of fantastic anniversary products which celebrate Scandinavian design tradition and Nordic minimalism.

NORDIC EDITION Float, Pure and Karma have their beautiful wooden tops in common. Now, selected pendants from the 3 series are launched in a ‘Nordic Edition’ with a lighter top in ash wood. The combinations of the lighter wood, metal and glass frame that distinctly Nordic design expression, where the mix of materials is ​​one of today’s biggest trends.


1. Nordic Edition, from left to right Float Nordic ø18 by Bjørn + Balle Karma Nordic ø14 by Seidenfaden Design Karma Nordic ø20 by Seidenfaden Design Pure Nordic by Bønnelycke mdd Float Nordic ø27 by Bjørn + Balle

2. Canto in brass by Bønnelycke mdd 3. Artist in silver ø25 by Bønnelycke mdd Artist in silver ø40 by Bønnelycke mdd


1 3

Artist is available in black – with a detachable leather strap in black and brown ø27 / ø36 / ø48 13

Text Susanne Holte | photo Bønnelycke mdd

Gorgeous light and Latin American notes Quite in the spirit of astronomer Ole Rømer, magic has been conjured with light at the Rømer in Aarhus. The new gastronomic hot-spot has been created in collaboration with Bønnelycke Architects who, like the worldfamous Rømer himself, have a special sense of lighting.


picy sharing platters, of the kind which sends your

atmosphere is designed to support the colourful Latin American

imagination on an exotic journey, a warm and homely


atmosphere, cocktails which titillate the taste buds,

“To complement Rømer’s “spicy food”, we first and foremost

atmospheric light which calls for casual gatherings, and a decor

worked very intensively with creating the right lighting. Lighting is

characterised by spicy hints. These are the main ingredients in

a very important factor when you need to capture just the right

Rømer’s new concept.

atmosphere,” Henrik Bønnelycke explains.

The newly opened meeting place in Aarhus, by the canal close to the Clemens bridge, is a condensed sensory experience, inspired

“If you need to create the optimum atmosphere in a room, it is

by the many travels of hosts Inge and Uffe Jakobsen. The two

crucial to get the balance between light and shadow right. It

enterprising restaurateurs, who run several cafes and restaurants

cannot be too bright, but not too dark either,” explains Bønnelycke,

in the capital of Jutland, have condensed their impressions from

who designed a wide range of light fixtures over the years, for

visits to South America, Asia and the Mediterranean into one

among others Design For The People by Nordlux. Indeed, he also

international universe with lots of authentic atmosphere. To give

chose his own designs for Rømer, where the room is so large

their ideas wings and find the perfect materials, colours, textures,

and high-ceilinged, there was plenty of room for the expressive

furniture – and not least light fixtures – Inge and Uffe Jakobsen

Dee glass pendant, which has just been awarded with a Red Dot

contacted Bønnelycke Architects.

Award, one European Product Award and a A’Design Award . The new pendant, which consists of a glass dome which has been

Atmospheric lighting

sandblasted at the bottom and has clear glass at the top, has

As always, when architect Henrik Bønnelycke and his team

been placed high up, all the way down through the 32 metre room.

embarks on the type of tasks where a coherent universe must be

It provides a natural flow through the room as well as the feeling

created which embraces many different types of guests, the basis

of a little mist or steam being caught in each of the light fixtures.

for the good result is always a very close dialogue with the owners

In a magical way, the light creates an effect in the room and each

to find out what their dreams looks like. In Rømers case, the

individual pendant stands out to impressive, sculptural effect.

The balance between light and shadow

lighting, Bønnelycke Architects focused on using warm, natural

The Rømer is a fine example of the nice and welcoming atmosphere

materials which age beautifully. For example, an oak plank floor

occurring when the balance between light and shadow is right.

with lots of graining and knots leaves a rustic impression.

“Good light is not created by a single lighting type. We must work with both direct and indirect light,” says Bønnelycke who used an

“Too delicate materials and surfaces easily result in a dismissive

Anniversary Pendant with a metal shade and a warm source of

atmosphere. That is why it made sense to select materials which

light above the tables, where it offers the same warm atmosphere

already have that weathered look. At the Rømer, we therefore

as candles. “The light fixture also has the effect that it creates

opted to cover the very long bar with burned steel. It gives a

intimate spaces along the 32-metre long facade. The effect is

warm, blue-brownish and visually soft surface,” explains Henrik

supported by the award-winning MIB spots – a super simple light

Bønnelycke who, in order to emphasise the informal atmosphere,

fixture series based on classic design virtues. The tiltable light

also mixed many different types of furniture. With a trained eye

fixture with its sleek and Nordic design, sends a focused lightbeam

and a top-tuned sense of colours and patterns, you can go all-

down on each table. This creates a cosy and private atmosphere

in and let different styles meet: Benches and soft upholstered

amidst an otherwise large room,” explains Bønnelycke, who used

chairs mixed with dining chairs in stained wood, natural wood and

lighting to create a comfortable and inviting setting for 150 table

aluminium with and without varnish. Everything is tied together by

and bar seats. Thus, one might argue that Bønnelycke Architects,

lots of colourful and patterned pillows and from it, harmony arises.

with their own point of departure, build on Ole Rømer’s almost

“We have a mix of natural oak, burned and galvanized metal,

400-year-old theory of the hesitation of light.

natural stone, transparent curtains, glass and a myriad of different furniture, each with their own expression. It is a material orgy

A friendly place

on the grandest of scales, but along the way, we maintained a

The point of departure for designing the Rømer has been to

constant focus on the smallest of details,” says Bønnelycke who

establish a friendly and welcoming place – a little homely in that

has been involved in everything from facade, decor and lighting

unpretentious and inclusive way – in short, a place where you feel

to graphical identity and logo to doorknobs, napkins and the bent

welcome and at ease. To achieve this ambition, apart from the

neon signs showing the way to the lavatories.•

Bønnelycke Architects have used the lighting to create a comfortable and inviting setting for 150 table and bar seats at the Rømer. The right atmosphere is not just about furniture and fabrics. Sound and light are just as essential ingredients in the recipe for cosiness and fun.

To complement the Rømer’s “spicy food”, consisting of many small dishes which guests share with each other around the table, a wide range of different materials, colours and surfaces has been used in the decor. The atmosphere has been cemented with an evocative lighting.



- you do it well! We (also) love Aarhus. Because Aarhus just has a bit of everything and is possibly the world’s largest provincial town. Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture in 2017, which certainly only highlights some of the city’s appeal. If you are looking for inspiration for a beautiful day in Aarhus, we have compiled some of the best shops and restaurants and chosen a nice place for you to stay the night. 24 hours in Aarhus

- here you go!




Volden 29, 8000 Aarhus C.

You will find the FF2 in the Latin Quarter, a shop which you should not cheat yourself out of visiting. Here, you will find gorgeous Danish and international brands like Alexander Wang, Chloé, Frame, Britt Sisseck, Hanne Bloch, La La Berlin, Stella McCartney, Valentino and many others. You’ll also find beautiful designer jewellery, handbags, shoes and a small hand-picked selection of beauty brands.


Studsgade 2, 8000 Aarhus C.

In the atmospheric Latin Quarter, you’ll find the ultra gorgeous and cool shop Stylepaste. Stylepaste is a multi-brand store where you can find gorgeous brands like Acne Studios, Carven, J.W. Anderson, A.P.C, AF Agger Flachs, Fonnesbech, Missoni, MSGM etc. There is also the chance to fall in love with beautiful interiors, furniture and international art. Definitely


Store Torv 4, 8000 Aarhus C.

worth a visit when you are in Aarhus.

selection of famous Danish and foreign brands like Acne

Also drop by...

Studios, Adidas, Closed, Ganni, Gestuz, MIH jeans and many

In Aarhus, you also find the Magasin department store. Here, there is ample

others. You will also find jewellery from e.g. Danish Anni Lu and

opportunity to satisfy your shopping desires with many different brands

Jane Kønig. The staff in the shop is well updated, as several

under one roof. Additionally, you will find high street chains such as COS

times each year, they visit fashion capitals like Paris, London,

and & Other Stories, which are certainly worth a visit.

On the Store Torv square, right by Aarhus beautiful cathedral, you will find the shop Støy Munkholm. They have a wonderful

New York and Berlin.

A slice of Aarhus


Banegårdspladsen 9, 8000 Aarhus C.

If you like Italian specialities, dramatic lighting and plush velvet upholstered chairs, then dinner must be had at the Café Opera. Here, you can choose from antipasti, salads, pasta and pizza, among other things. The wine list is very good, and you may also have a cocktail or end the meal with a cup of Italian coffee and a trifle with the fruits of the season.

Here is where you should spend the night SCANDIC

Østergade 10, 8000 Aarhus C,

Nestled in the heart of Aarhus’ city centre, Scandic Aarhus provides easy access to both shopping, sightseeing, cultural and culinary experiences. The hotel is decorated by Aarhus architect Henrik Bønnelycke and the Nordic-twist lounge style is followed through down to the smallest of details.

Do not miss... CAFÉ STIFTEN

In addition to tempting shopping opportunities and a large Banegårdspladsen 11, 8000 Aarhus C.

selection of delicious eateries, Aarhus also offers many

At a very central location near the central station square of

a cultural gem. Do not miss the ARoS, and that great

Banegårdspladsen, on the lower floor of the Aarhus Stiftstidende

view over the city from the rainbow, The Old City with its

local newspaper, you find Café Stiften. In these pleasant

nostalgic exhibit about the 70s, a visit to DOKK1 which

surroundings, you may enjoy a delicious salad which you may

is Scandinavia’s largest public library, an exciting day at

combine to suit your taste, fresh smoothies and juices. If you

Moesgaard Museum or a festive day in Tivoli Friheden.

prefer a classic café burger, that is also on the menu of course.

Aarhus has it all! 21


celebrated in minimalist surroundings


A BIG ANNIVERSARY HAS TO BE CELEBRATED IN STYLE Therefore, one warm afternoon in mid-May, we invited people to the anniversary event in beautiful, minimalist Kinfolk Gallery in the heart of Copenhagen. Invitations has been sent to the home and lifestyle press, selected bloggers and influencers and not least friends of the house. Kinfolk Gallery was adorned with our award-winning light fixtures, news and bestsellers from both Design For The People and Nordlux. The press and bloggers could therefore – in addition to delicious food and drinks – enjoy the Strap, Dee Glass, Artist, Patton, MIB, Belly and Siv which were all styled in the Kinfolk Gallery. 22

1. Belly pendant ø38 by Bønnelycke mdd 2. Artist pendant copper ø40 by Bønnelycke mdd 3. Siv table light with glass shade, by Nordlux 4. Nexus table light, by Bønnelycke mdd 5. Dee in glass by Bønnelycke mdd MIB table light by Bønnelycke mdd


3 4


A BIG THANKS to our partners POSY by Interflora for delivering beautiful bouquets forathe location and bloggers and Drops by Samira, No Crap Gourmet and Nordstjerne for providing delicious products for the goodie bags.


Nordlux 1977-2017 40-year anniversary “We have a Nordic DNA and an authentic story which we built up ourselves, and which our clients and their customers embrace worldwide”. Peter Terkelsen, CEO

Today, Nordlux is a fast-growing, market-leading company with close collaborations with a number of recognised Danish designers, own production in China, two notable brands and an export which is responsible for 60 percent of our revenue. Who would have thought it would end up like this, when back in 1977, then-director Svend Erik Poulsen was in his basement in Gistrup, North Jutland, putting together his first prototype – the square pine light fixture, Model 2626? In 1988, Svend Erik Poulsen sold Nordlux to Jørgen Havemann, who remained at the helm until Peter Terkelsen, the company’s current CEO, took over in 2008. The three CEOs have made each their own mark on the company, but always based on one clear vision; creating quality products at prices which exclude no one. That is how it was in 1977, and that is how it is today – 40 years later.





The Siv series is based on the rawness of nature and displays a contrast between the sleek, cool marble surface and the warm, decorative light source. For many centuries, marble has been used as a popular, natural material, which always looks unique with its colours, patterns and finishes. The series is both time-typical and classic, and the replacement of the decorative bulb allows you to create a personal and creative expression. The Siv series is available in three versions and colours; black, white and green and as a pendant, table light and a table light with removable glass dome.





1. Siv table light fixture, available in black, green and white marble 2. Siv pendant, available in black, green and white marble

3. Siv table light with glass shade, available in black, green and white marble 27

Text and photos Cathrine Widunok Wichmand

New light for the old film factory One of Denmark’s dominant lifestyle bloggers, Cathrine Widunok Wichmand, is behind the blog where she shares her colourful life as well as tips and tricks for everything from interior design to outfits. Cathrine shares her admirable, beautiful home in an old film factory at Frederiksberg with her husband Adam and dog Frida. Read and see how Catherine has chosen to use her favourite novelties from Nordlux, and learn more about decorating with light fixtures with her best tips and recommendations.

What atmosphere are you trying to create with your photos? For us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where we spend our time at home – except when under the covers. We work in the kitchen, entertaining guests, cook, talk over everything large and small. We make plans and dance on the floor and, occasionally, on the table. The kitchen needs a high ceiling, room for life, be practical, be smartly utilised, and comfortable. The kitchen is both a work zone, a party zone and a cooking zone, and that atmosphere is hopefully captured in the photos. Why did you choose these Nordlux light fixtures in particular? We live in an old film factory, and the lights over the dining table I fell for because of their slightly rustic, industrial look. They have a certain weight about them with their metal and glass screens – they’re solid work. The marble light fixtures are clean, classic and beautiful. Again, the weight – they have that heftiness about them. I really like alternating between materials such as glass, metal, stone, leather and wood. For me, the mix adds depth and an opportunity to make my expression deeply personal. You even get a tactile experience. It makes me want to touch it with my fingers, and that is what good design can do – make you curious. What do you emphasise when you decorate with light fixtures? That there are enough of them! I once read that you have to have a minimum of five light sources in a room for the best experience. That, I think, is true. We live in a country where it is dark much of the time, and therefore it is important to have proper light sources. The right lighting can, in addition to playing an important aesthetic part in a room, also set 28

the mood. Over the course of an evening, I switch five different lights in the kitchen on and off. Those above the kitchen worktop, the ones above the cooking island, those above the dining table, the one by the armchair and those by the cookbooks. They change the room completely when they are turned on. What trends in light fixtures and lighting characterise 2017? We see a lot of natural materials. Metals will continue to be in; metal sockets, metal shades. They can cast a soft golden light in the room and appear luxurious. Wooden light fixtures which add warmth and fit well into the Nordic decor, and then marble continues to be triumphant, but in new and more varied colours, like the dark green marble. Are we daring enough when we decorate with light fixtures and lights in our homes? We can be guilty of just picking the ones other people have. But then that is how it is with trends and tendencies – we follow them to a greater or lesser extent. Then we all have need of an architect light, a feather light, a Copenhagen light. But compared to many other countries I visited, we care very much about the right lighting. Again, perhaps that is because we live in a country where it is dark more than half the time. We barely notice that it is getting light before it gets dark again. We have taste and we would not dream of slapping a fluorescent light on the ceiling. We could be even better at venturing into the big light fixtures – chandeliers, lights which dare take up a bit of space in the room; “Boom, here I am!”.

“Good work lighting is important, especially above our kitchen island. POP provides good work lighting and, in the best possible manner, highlights the raw and industrial expression of our kitchen. At the same time, the delicate peach adds a little warmth to the otherwise slightly cold materials dominating our kitchen.� The Pop pendant is available in six attractive colours.

Who: Cathrine Widunok

Wichmand, 28 years. Married to Adam and lives in an old film factory on Frederiksberg Behind the blog, which she works on full-time


“String lights can be used both inside and outside, and by winding it around, for example, a beam in the ceiling, a railing on a balcony or a staircase, or as I have done around a ladder, you can create your own unique expression. The only limit is your imagination, really. “ Buster string lights, 10 lights.

“The lights over the dining table I fell for because of their slightly rustic, industrial look. They have a certain weight about them with their metal and glass screens – they’re solid work.” Alrun on the left, Disa on the right .


Siv table light fixture with glass dome, available in black, green and white marble

Cathrine’s 5 best tips for decorating with lights 1. Each room requires a minimum of five lights, so that you can adjust according to the time of day and mood.


A light fixture is not just a light fixture. You can play with dimmers and various bulbs and get entirely new expressions.


Consider what your needs are before buying light fixtures. If you need light for the kitchen worktop, the light should not be dispersed around the room, but focused on the worktop. Conversely, over a dining table – it is nice that the light is dispersed softly throughout the room.

4. Choose light fixtures you can move around easily; table lights, a bulb in a socket, you can move around. That way, you can move it around according to your needs, without making holes in the wall and ceiling. 5. Do not get hung up on what light fixtures are intended for – if you want a chandelier over the cooking island – do it! If you dream of having spots throughout the kitchen – do it. The most important rule is that there are no rules. Do whatever you want.

“Light in the windowsill can sometimes be difficult for me because I like my plants, pots and trinkets to be allowed to stand alone. By putting the Siv pendant among my plants and pots, a beautiful and unconventional mix of materials occurs, and it also gives me the opportunity to light a little cosy lighting at night.” Siv pendant suspension, available in black, green and white marble. 31

Alrun T

he Alrun family is a modern glass series in clear and smoky shades which create contrast and comfort. The coloured glass provides a subtle and pleasant

lighting effect, making the contrast between colours, form and expression the pillars of the series. The Alrun pendant is beautiful alone, but also looks great in clusters where the three different colours can be combined to good effect.



The AUD pendant suspension has a simple design certain to fit well into all types of decors. The retro-inspired suspension has a textile cord which, along with the rest of the light fixture, creates the perfect mood lighting.


1. Artist in copper ø40 2. Strap in black ø36 3. Front in black ø36 4. Dee in glass


2 3


“We are very proud of the four wonderful Red Dot Award and the three iF Design Awards, which confirm our view that we develop design products which tap into a modern trend in home decor.” - Peter Terkelsen

iF Awards For more than 60 years, the iF Design Award has been an acknowledgement of high quality and exceptional design. The German-based award is an international seal of approval awarded in different categories such as concept, service, architecture and design. This year, a jury 58 people strong and made up of experts from around the world, rated all 5,500 nominees from 59 countries. See more at


Red Dot Award For three days, a team of 40 design experts reviews the many products submitted to the Red Dot Award to find this year’s best in three categories. Since 1955, a Red Dot Award has been a seal of approval in an industry with extremely strong competition and thousands of wonderful design products. See more at

Text Susanne Holte | Photo Skovdal Nordic

Nordlux design honoured with international awards An international spotlight has been directed to Design For The People by Nordlux which, within a few months, received a number of design awards for their classic and innovative lighting design. With four coveted Red Dot Awards and three iF Design Awards, the lofty ambitions and the vision to develop innovative lighting in collaboration with some of Denmark’s most talented designers have been rewarded.


ordic – and especially Danish – design enjoys great recognition around the world. The simple design, our understanding of function and the balance between tradition and innovation create excitement. This also applies to framing the good light beautifully.

This enthusiasm is now also bestowed on Design For The People. The Danish lighting manufacturer, which focus its ambitions on reaching designconscious audience worldwide, has just been rewarded with no less than seven international design awards for pendants STRAP 36, designed by Bjørn + Balle, DEE GLASS and ARTIST, designed by Bønnelycke MDD and the FRONT 36 wall light, designed by HolmbäckNordentoft. “We are very proud of the four wonderful Red Dot Award and the three iF Design Awards, which confirm our view that we develop design products which tap into a modern trend in home decor.” The awards and the rubberstamping of our products also demonstrates that it is possible to combine innovation with attractive prices,” says Peter Terkelsen, CEO of Nordlux. There is great prestige associated with the two international awards, both of which have been handed out for more than 60 years, and awarded only to the best and most innovative products. Design with attitude One of the light fixtures which have been awarded with both a Red Dot Award and an iF Design Award is the obviously simple STRAP metal pendant by Bjørn + Balle. The duo created a light fixture with a strong identity characterised by the distinct leather strap which, in combination with the metal shade, gives the light fixture a modern and industrial look. In their motivation for the award, the jury behind the Red Dot Award highlights

the Nordic inspired pendants’ modular composition which harmonises beautifully with contemporary interiors. The other Red Dot Award-winner is Bønnelyckes sculptural DEE GLASS pendant in frosted glass, which, according to the jury, wins the award because it exudes sculptural elegance and clean lines which emphasise a contemporary functionality. DEE in glass, which also received a European Product Award and an A’Design Award, consists of a glass dome which is sandblasted at the bottom and maintains its clear glass at the top – an effect which creates an almost magical atmosphere in the room. The light fixture works well in clusters, but also conquers a room in its own right. Bønnelycke is behind another award-winner, as his ARTIST pendant received both an iF Design Award and a Red Dot Award. The light fixture, which is a beautiful take on a future classic, is partly inspired by the cymbal of a drum kit. The super slim design with the musical inspiration is also rewarded for its balanced proportions and its gently rounded curves, which come together in an elegant and delicate expression. The fourth and last award-winner is HolmbäckNordentoft’s streamlined FRONT 36 wall light, which has been awarded an iF Design Award and a Red Dot Award. The light fixture is cast in aluminium and, by virtue of its simple design, matches both modern and classic interior as well as exterior. The fixture, which is fitted with energy-efficient LED technology, can be used both indoors and out, and the jury behind the Red Dot Award indeed motivated the award with the light fixture’s timeless aesthetics and exceptional elegance in regard to the lighting of outdoor areas. 35

Design For The People From idea to excitement Creating something is no art in itself, but creating enthusiasm is.

This is our saying at Nordlux and, with this in mind, we develop innovative design products which are both interesting and visionary. We cannot help it, we simply love the development process from early concept to final enthusiasm. Fortunately, we are surrounded by people who prefer to go all the way, rather than compromising. People who are not afraid to use their elbows and intelligence, and for whom innovation is nothing new, because at Nordlux, all successes begin with innovation. Only in this way can we ensure that our products follow the global impulses – or are even a step ahead. Design For The People is for anyone who appreciates classical and innovative lighting design. We are guided by our vision to develop designer products at a price which excludes no one. Design with a Nordic twist, for everyone, everywhere. Therefore, we invest our resources in the form and functionality of each design we make, and always take into account both people and environment in all our solutions. Behind our Design For The People products is a selection of recognised, Danish designers who appreciate developing light fixtures which decorate and seduce, and where good looks go hand in hand with functionality.



Reykjavik A NORDIC TOUCH A trip to Iceland materialised into this beautifully simple porcelain pendant light with lots of Nordic attitude. The grooved surface, which lends Reykjavik its particular character, is inspired by the corrugated sheets fitted to many Icelandic homes. The unique thing about this light fixture is the translucent porcelain which allows a soft light to penetrate it – and magically transform the pendant into a decorative bright spot.

SEBASTIAN HOLMBÄCK Aesthetics, the concept of beauty and how we perceive it, has been the common thread in Sebastian Holmbäck’s career. Alongside the technical understanding of materials and manufacturing, which he loves, runs a deep fascination for how people perceive the form, colour and functionality of an object. Today, his work as a designer is divided between the creation of products for Danish and international customers and his work as a consultant for companies. 38

Ø12 / Ø18 / Ø22 39

Askja 40

FUN AND GAMES ABOUND with the Askja pendant range, which allows you to mix pendant suspensions with glass shades. This makes the number of creative combinations almost endless. With Askja, the designers created a whole new coupling between the light’s components and turned the socket into a substantial and pivotal part of the design. They explored classic geometric shapes and set new standards for innovative lighting. The pendants hang beautifully individually or together in a cluster.

THE COPENHAGEN DESIGN DUO of Mathias Kok and Maria Berntsen, joined forces in 2015 after working together for some years. Mathias Kok is a recent professional design graduate and Maria Berntsen is a well-known name in industrial design, with several design classics on her resume for brands such as Holmegaard, Georg Jensen and Stelton. “Throughout our collaboration, we learned how we and our design processes developed beyond our individual abilities through a rarely seen common understanding, and through the way our different backgrounds and approaches helped make us even stronger.” Kok and Berntsen aim to develop products which evoke emotion, give a good experience, offer uncompromising functionality and creates a strong bond between the consumer and the object.

Pendant suspension in six attractive colours. Delivered without bulb. Askja shades – available in transparent, amber and smoked glass.


Text and photos Elisbeth Heier

Soft minimalism Lighting should be an exciting and fun part of the decor. That is the belief of Norwegian interior stylist and blogger Elisabeth Heier, who used a number of her favourite Nordlux Design For The People light fixtures in her styling.

What mood did you try to create with your photos and styling? Today, many interior shots are very similar and stuffed with things. A style which characterises my expression quite well is ‘soft minimalism’. Get good quality products in materials which soften an otherwise very minimalist decor. You should not be so afraid of adding textiles, using wood or other materials which add warmth and cosiness to the interior. The light fixtures have a clean and minimalist look, which contrasts with a gorgeous woollen rug, a wooden table or light linen curtains. Together, the various objects create a whole which is soft and minimalist. Why did you choose these light fixtures in particular? The lights I used for styling are part of the whole of the decor. They complement the furniture and materials and are chosen for that exact reason. I like the MIB for the simplicity of the design and its ability to fit into different expressions. The light fixture is functional and the light can be directed to where you need it. It is part of a series of several light fixtures and is available as both ceiling and wall spotlights, floor light, table light and pendant. By being able to choose different light fixtures from the same series, you automatically get a coherent whole in the decor. The Strap pendant has fine details which make its expression exciting. Metal and leather combined into a Nordic design fits my style well. Contrasts in the materials give that exciting look. What do you emphasise when you decorate with lights? Both function and aesthetics are important to me. The light fixture must serve a purpose, while also complementing the decor. It has to provide good lighting, like the Strap pendant which disperses the light softly 42

across the table. On contrast, the MIB focuses the light exactly where I need it. The table light and the floor light work as a work light by the desk and a reading light, respectively. I also choose light fixtures with a timeless expression, rather than following a trend. A light fixture must remain part of the interior for many years, and with a classical form language, you will appreciate it for longer. What trends characterise light fixtures and lighting in 2017? Both the industrial and metallic trends continue into 2017. Nordlux has many fine designs, such as the Strap. The Strap is available in both brass and brushed steel and combines the raw, industrial metal with the Nordic style through the leather strap. We also see many sculptural light fixtures which, to a greater extent, are allowed to dominate the decor. On the whole, choices in lighting are greater than ever before and, as with the rest of the decor, you are free to choose from personal tastes and styles. Are we daring enough when we decorate with light fixtures and lights in our homes? It would probably do us good to be even more daring – especially when it comes to letting our light fixtures have an even more central position in our decor. But I think a lot has happened over the past years, and we dare more and more, choose with our hearts and are more conscious about design. Not least, we know more about design and how “our” light fixture in particular came to be. Since the awareness of how important light is for us humans has increased and with interest in lighting and light fixtures increasing, we will also become more daring and playful in regard to the lighting in our homes.

Who: Elisabeth Heier, Oslobased stylist and interior designer. Among other things, she is behind one of Norway’s largest interior and decor blogs,, which she has run since 2011. Elisabeth keeps readers and followers updated on the latest trends and styles, giving good advice for decoration, presenting both private and professional images. All of which is wrapped in a sophisticated, minimalist and Scandinavian expression which characterises Elizabeth’s decoration philosophy. In addition to running the blog and Instagram for followers around the world, Elisabeth is also doing interior design projects and interior styling for businesses and individuals. Blog: Instagram: @elisabeth_heier

“The Strap pendant has fine details which makes its expression exciting. Metal and leather combined into a Nordic design fits my style well. The contrasts in materials create an exciting look. “ Available in white, black and brushed steel.


“I like the MIB for the simplicity of the design and its ability to fit into different expressions. The light fixture is functional and the light can be directed to where you need it.� Available in white and black.


The light fixtures have a clean and minimalist look, which contrasts with a gorgeous woollen rug, a wooden table or light linen curtains. Together, the various objects create a whole which is soft and minimalist.” Available in white and black.

Elisabeth Heier’s 5 top tips for decorating with light 1.

Think about lighting as part of the whole when you decorate. The lighting should be planned in relation to the rest of the decor, and is as important as the furniture, materials and colours. Get a lighting designer to help you, if you are in doubt.


Plan from the principles that you need general lighting, work lights, reading lights and mood lighting. Light fixtures with dimming is always a good idea, as it allows you to adjust the brightness as needed.


Consider that all parts of a room must be illuminated according to function and cosiness. You do not need floodlights throughout the room. I have seen many examples where downlights dominate the entire room and this type of light in, for example, a living room is flat and boring. In addition, we cannot highlight the areas which actually have a need for light. Light fixtures should be placed at different heights to provide a more exciting look – and not least because it offers so much more atmosphere to the room. Imagine your living room, where you probably need a light fixture above the coffee table, a floor light which gives a pleasant light and acts as a reading light by your favorite chair, a table light on a shelf or side table and maybe lights to illuminate the wonderful pictures on your walls. That amounts to both a pendant, a floor light, a table light and a wall/ceiling light. More light fixtures at different heights provides both a more cosy and pleasant lighting.


When choosing general lighting for the room, you get the best results by selecting light fixtures which can be turned and directed to wherever you need the light. Downward lighting on the floor creates a flat expression. Rails with adjustable lights can be a great and flexible solution.

5. Light fixtures can often be used in several ways. Think alternatively, so that the decor becomes more personal and exciting. A floor light can be used as a reading light by the bed, a pendant hung at the right height may well be a reading light for the lounge chair in the living room and many light fixtures are so beautiful and sculptural that they can bear becoming the dominant element in an area of the room as works of art in their own right. See lighting as an exciting and fun part of the decor!


Ø27 / Ø36 / Ø48

Strap 46

Bjørn + Balle

The design duo Bjørn + Balle consists of designers Christian Bjørn and Rune Balle. In recent years, they worked together to design various products which combine minimalist Scandinavian design with a sense of current trends. Materials and details are taken to a higher level, which gives the products a strong identity.

Available in white and black


Available in white, gray and black METAL AND LEATHER goes well with the light, Nordic style. The combination of these materials also allows the light to visually interact with a modern interior, where combining materials is one of the biggest current trends. With STRAP it seems obvious – just as obvious as how a Nordic light design is named after a leather strap. The narrow and elegant leather gives STRAP both a warm and raw look, which balances between the classic and the industrial. Includes two leather straps in brown and black, allowing you to apply the final look to STRAP.

Table light, available in white and black Floor light, available in white and black


The MIB collection is based on classical virtues of design, with an emphasis on simplicity. The adjustable light fixture head ensures a sleek and Nordic design. MIB is available in several variations, and as a collection offers a great variety of applications. An indestructible lighting collection that spreads light and joy in any modern home.

BØNNELYCKE MDD Bønnelycke is driven by an unmatched desire and wish to work constructively and innovatively. Bønnelycke started his career in 1988 with designing light fixtures, furniture and decor. He quickly gained status as an unconventional architect with humour and imagination. “It might be fun” and “of course it can be done” are phrases frequently uttered in his business. Bønnelycke mdd is a multidisciplinary design firm with both national and international experience. We are perfectionists with a professional curiosity. We offer a wide range of design disciplines from architecture and interior design, furniture and product design to graphic design and web design. 48

Ø29 / Ø38 / Ø46


COMPLETE HONESTY The relationship between Nordic and Japanese design is close. Both schools display an affection for simplicity of expression and honest materials. In giving shape to the Belly pendant, Bønnelycke MDD drew inspiration from the traditional, Japanese teapot. A closer look also reveals clear references to the cast-iron stove or the archetypal jingle bell. The artisanal look dominates, and the Belly combines in a convincing way the weight of the shape with the lightness of the suspension.


“FOLD A SHEET OF PAPER, PLACE A BULB BEHIND IT – AND YOU HAVE A LIGHT FIXTURE.” While the reality is not that simple, designer Henrik Bønnelycke wants it to look as if it is. Based on the A format, Bønnelycke MDD developed the Fold light fixture, which is incredibly well-defined and distinct in regard to shape. Fold gets its unique character from its selected materials. Materials which age beautifully over time and enter into harmonious dialogue with their surroundings.


Hunt References to both lunar and solar eclipses, or perhaps endless, starry nights, are obvious when light streams from the Hunt wall light. Designers Bjørn + Balle pair the square and the circle, playing with the interaction of light and shadow. The light fixture, which is cast in metal, consists of a rectangular wall plate and a circular dome. From the meeting between the two geometric shapes, the light escapes and settles like a soft aura of the square plate. The dome is perforated, and allows dots of lights to be released – resulting in a bright, starry sky.

ø19, available in white, black and aluminium ø26, available in white, black and aluminium


All light fixtures are sold in selected lighting shops and builders’ merchants. See more at or write us at for more information.

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