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In this volume we welcome in Spring with Scandinavian traditions of celebrating the equinox, Easter trends and traditions, and a wonderful visit to Copenhagen. We explore gorgeous ar tisan heirloom pieces and brand new edits for your home and lifestyle.

Spring 2019

The joy of Spring Dear reader A new season, and another first for all of us at Nordic House – our first spring edition of our Life & Style Magazine! Since starting this project in the autumn of 2018, it has become such a pleasure and a ritual for us creating it, as well as for many of you who’ve been reading along. Our spring magazine focuses on the symbols, rituals, and feelings of the new season, inspired by Scandinavian traditions and the beauty of nature, which comes into its own at this time of year. We’re sharing our favourite ways to refresh and renew our homes – and spirits – in the springtime, as well as ideas for celebrating Easter and the spring equinox. We take a look at ways to organise our homes, bringing order and peacefulness to everyday life. And of course we share some of our favourite ways to get out in nature now that there’s more light and warmth in the air. At home, I’ll be slowly rearranging things to suit the new season. There will be small but significant symbols of spring – flowers, pretty egg decorations – and subtle differences in where I place the candles and lights now that daylight is shifting. And I’ll be spending time pottering in the garden, planting seeds literally and metaphorically for the year to come. May this be the season we all emerge, full of life and vitality,

Sandie xx


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Design by Kristian

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Content by Sandie

Selection of stock images courtesy of Danish Tourist Board, IB Laursen

Writing by Jenny Photography by Polly Wreford Product Styling by Sally Denning

Additional Photography by Paul Ryan Goff Product images copyright © 2019 Nordic House Ltd.

All products shown available from Nordic House

Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy | £69

Crafting heirlooms of the future This season, we’re thrilled to be introducing a new range of wooden furniture and accessories. But it’s not just the final designs we’re delighted with. There’s a whole unseen world of craftsmanship we’re excited to tell you about…


art of our mission at Nordic House is to

a home, and last for generations.

source beautiful pieces that are unique

Each piece is hand-planed in partnership

and stylish, but that are also thoughtfully

with the wood, in a process that isn’t


predictable or automated.

We care about sustainable materials,

The story of the wood – everything it has

traditional techniques, and the attention to

already been through – comes through as

detail that comes from hand-making.

layers are softened and planed away.

Our new wooden range is no exception:

The wood will show its own resistance,

hand-crafted in the English countryside,

letting it be known when it’s enough to those

surrounded by wildflower meadows and

who know how to listen.

sustainable forests, each piece uses classic joinery techniques that complement modern life beautifully.

Each piece is tested in a home until the weight, size and shape are just right. Corners are tweaked to make sure they’re

Made by a hard-working creative couple, our

just soft enough. Trays are tried out to make

new range uses sustainable materials. The

sure they’re not too heavy and the handles

gorgeous wood is sourced from discarded

make them easy to carry.

scaffolding boards – used once, but deemed less stable to be used in the same way again – and wooden pallets.


t the end, each piece takes on a life of its own as the hard wax finish is poured

This is strong wood, sturdy enough to hold

and completed. This is where the grain and

up humans and carry weighty deliveries.

texture of the wood really shines through –

The trees it comes from are old, and deserve

no two pieces are ever quite the same.

more than one short flash of purpose.

We’ve fallen in love with the art of artisan

Through careful discernment and skilled

woodwork. And each design is unique to

craftsmanship, the wood is transformed into

Nordic House – a quiet unique spirit that’s

furniture and accessories designed to live in

made with so much care.

Taking reclaimed wood…

adding traditional methods…

to create versatile pieces…

with heart and history.

Artisan endeavours A STUNNING NEW COLLECTION Practical pieces to treasure for generations We can’t help but agree with William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” And the best investments, of course, are both. Whether it’s a milking stool that doubles as extra seating or an occasional table, or perhaps the most gorgeous bath caddy we’ve ever seen, we’re slightly obsessed with blending beauty and practicality for years to come. Each piece holds a story, made from preloved wood and turned into something new. And each item is ready for its new life – to be loved in your home, among friends and family.

Reclaimed Wood Side Table | £110 White Graceful Ceramic Vase | £45 Linen Ruffle Edge Cushion - Natural | £45 Tibetan Sheepskin Rug | £100

Combine reclaimed white washed wood with soft cotton towels and natural bath accessories for luxury everyday bathing.

White Washed Milking Stool | ÂŁ59 Natural Bath Brush | ÂŁ12

Reclaimed Wood X Bench | £195 Ar tisan Glass Hurricane Lamp | £32.50 Nordic Touch Tableware | from £7 Stylish White Pillar Candles | from £2.50

Because all our repurposed wood has already had a life of its own, it has an immediate “lived in� charm, with soft edges and gorgeous textures.

Car ved Wall Panel - Mia | £45 Reclaimed Wood Trestle Bench | £175 Natural Bamboo Hurricane | £79.95 Blom Dining Chair - Grey | £150

“Sink in to the new season, and allow yourself to renew and refresh...”

Reclaimed Wood Milking Stool Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy Ivor y Linen Hammam Towel Hand Blown Glass Vase

| | | |

£59 £69 £35 £15

Hand Blown Glass Bowl | £45 Seagrass Shopping Basket | £37 Reclaimed Wood Console Table | £150 Grey Wooden Mirror | £85

The thing about spring EMBRACING THE EQUINOX, ENHANCING WELLBEING Breathing fresh life into your home...


n many Scandinavian households, there’s

inside, reflecting in our homes the light, air,

an emphasis on living with the seasons,

and quality of each season. For springtime,

and this isn’t just about what we see when

this means shifting from darker, colder

we look out of the window. Rather, there’s

months, and back to warmer days, lighter

an emphasis on bringing the natural world

evenings and fresher air.

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