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NORDIC HERITAGE MUSEUM MISSION Nordic Heritage Museum shares Nordic culture with people of all ages and backgrounds by exhibiting art and objects, preserving collections, providing educational and cultural experiences, and serving as a community gathering place.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Letter from the President


Letter from the Treasurer 2 Letter from the CEO


Nordic Heritage Museum Board of Trustees

Honorary Trustees


Exhibitions 4 Programs 6 Collections 2016 Donors to the Permanent Collection Volunteers 9 Development 10 Membership 12 Nordic Legacy Circle Donors 14 President’s Club Annual Fund Capital Campaign Donors 16

Nordic Heritage Museum receives support from:

Irma Goertzen, President Tom W. Malone, Vice President Rick Peterson, Secretary Steven Barker, Treasurer

Trustees Margaret Wright (Immediate Past President) Hans Aarhus Lars Anderson Per Bakken Brandon Benson Anne-Lise Berger Ray Brandstrom Earl Ecklund Arlene Sundquist Empie Ann-Charlotte Gavel Adams Mike Hlastala Tapio Holma Christine Ingebritsen Ken Jacobsen Sven Kalve Jane Klausen Kurt Manchester Valinda Morse Kurt Ness Allan Osberg Vi Jean Reno Maria Staaf Birger Steen Nina Svino Svasand Tor Tollessen

Dr. Stig B. Andersen Senator Reuven Carlyle Leif Eie Synnøve Fielding Senator Mary Margaret Haugen Floyd Jones King County Council Member Jeanne Kohl-Welles Bertil Lundh Mark T. Schleck Representative Helen Sommers Mayor Ray Stephanson Representative Gael Tarleton

Eric Nelson, Chief Executive Officer Danielle Hill, Executive Assistant Jan Woldseth Colbrese, Deputy Director of External Affairs Sandra Nestorovic, Deputy Director of Operations Kirstine Bendix Knudsen, Special Project Coordinator Erik Pihl, Community Engagement


Marketing & Communications Jenelle Clark, Marketing Manager Devon Kelley, Marketing Coordinator Ani Rucki, Graphic Designer

Curatorial Fred Poyner IV, Collections Manager Kaia Wahmanholm, Registrar Kathi Ploeger, Music Library Archivist Jonathan Sajda, Program Manager Alison Church, Children’s Education Coordinator Stina Cowan, Public Programs Coordinator Robin Kaufman, Exhibitions Coordinator Sarah Olivo, Adult Education Coordinator

Ex Officio Eric Nelson, Chief Executive Officer

Erik D. Laursen, Denmark Matti Suokko, Finland Kristiina Hiukka Honorary Vice Consul, Finland Jon Marvin Jonsson Consul General, Iceland Geir Jonsson Honorary Vice Consul, Iceland Kim Nesselquist, Norway Lars Jonsson, Sweden

D. V. and Ida McEachern Charitable Trust


Katy Ahrens, Development Associate/ Stewardship Jenny Iverson, Event & Sponsorship Coordinator Kelsey Svaren, Membership & Database Coordinator


Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle

Nordic Heritage Museum Staff

Operations Pamela Brooks, Finance Manager Donna Antonucci, Caretaker Rebecca Bolin, Weekend Receptionist Carolyn Carlstrom, Bookkeeper Michael Ide, Volunteer & Staff Resource Coordinator Mary Ann Namvedt, Museum Store Manager Bob Smith, Custodian Evan Miller, Custodian

Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation


The construction site for the new Museum is alive with the activity of progress. We’ve witnessed an exciting transformation over the past months— from demolition of the FenPro building, to excavation, to the completion of the 350 sunken pilings, and now the rising of the steel framework. At this point, we can start to see the strongly delineated outline of the beams, which will not only support the new physical structure of the Museum, but also provide a base from which the organization will continue to flourish and grow. So many of you have given your support to this project, and we thank you. Your unbounded enthusiasm and generosity in sharing your time, talents, and treasure is making Nordic Heritage Museum’s new home a reality. As we look toward the future, we are excited to continue to provide many opportunities for our members and visitors to engage with exciting events, fine exhibitions, and enriching educational programming. We are proud to be the only museum in North America that represents all five Nordic countries. No other museum brings all of these perspectives together in such a vital way. We look forward to continuing to provide an open and inclusive community gathering space that welcomes regular visitors and newcomers alike to “Share the Nordic Spirit” in all the myriad ways that this can represent. It is through the hard work of our staff, and the support of our dedicated volunteers, that we are able to bring such a high-quality experience to our

Irma Goertzen, Board President

members and visitors. I want to personally thank all of our staff members and wonderful volunteers for using their time, creativity, and abundant skills to shape the success of the Museum. Finally, Nordic Heritage Museum is a critically important cultural organization in our local and global community. It is only through your continued support that we thrive in the future. Because of your support this past year, the dream of a new museum has become a reality and we treasure your participation. To those of you who will make a gift this year, please let me express my gratitude in advance and I look forward to thanking you personally!



The Museum continued to maintain a robust position in 2016, while also advancing our work toward a new state-of-the art facility on Market Street. Operating earned revenue from program fees, facility and rental income, Museum Store sales, admissions, interest income, and membership fees totaled $635K, and contributed operating revenue from donations, grants, and special events totaled $3.324M. Donations significantly outperformed the prior year due to a generous bequest from the Estate of Jane Isakson Lea. The Capital Campaign made a significant stride forward with the receipt of a number of substantial gifts and commitments. We extend our gratitude to 4Culture, Ray R. Brandstrom, Breivik Family Trust, Earl and Denise Ecklund, Jon Halgren, Jon and Susan Hanson, Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle and Kolbeinn S. Thordarson, Jackson Remodeling LLC, Kristen Lindskog Jarvis, Floyd and Delores Jones Foundation, The Lars and

Laurie Jonsson Family, D. V. and Ida McEachern Charitable Trust, Microsoft Corporation, A.P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Nesholm Family Foundation, The Norcliffe Foundation, Allan and Inger Osberg, Osberg Construction Company, Osberg Family Trust, City of Seattle, Scan | Design Foundation by Inger and Jens Brunn, John and Berit Sjong, State of Washington, and Robert L. and Mary Ann T. Wiley Fund. Capital Campaign income for 2016 totaled over $12.900M—an outstanding year for the Museum. The hard work and fiscal diligence of our staff and volunteers continues to yield positive, responsible financial results; the Museum closed 2016 with a strong cash position of $8.818M, and over $35.136M in assets. The Museum enters 2017 in a strong position as we look to an ambitious year of programming for the current facility, and advancing construction for our new facility on Market Street.

NORDIC HERITAGE MUSEUM FINANCIALS 2016 UNAUDITED 2015 AUDITED REVENUE Contributed Revenue 2,710,040 900,586 Earned Revenue 466,256 684,871 Program 169,555 83,379 Special Event 614,489 465,762 Capital Campaign 12,900,106 8,165,791 Total Public Support and Revenue 16,860,446 10,300,389 EXPENSES Advertising 33,253 30,816 Overhead 504,913 500,977 Program 239,089 140,160 Payroll 929,519 908,121 Special Events 144,666 137,169 Capital Campaign* 619,887 486,644 Total Expenses 2,471,327 2,203,887 BALANCE SHEET Total Assets 35,136,342 24,028,465 Liabilities 271,243 157,697 Total Net Assets 34,865,099 23,870,768 Net Assets, Unrestricted 18,128,652 12,787,438 Net Assets, Temporarily Restricted 15,016,258 9,278,997 Net Assets, Permanently Restricted 1,720,189 1,804,333 Total Liabilities and Equity 35,136,342 24,028,465 * Construction Expenses total 3,633,255 for 2015 and 4,027,652 for 2016. Construction expenses are included in Unrestricted Net Assets figure



Jason Brooks

Eric Nelson

Nordic Heritage Museum had an exciting and successful 2016. Thanks to the support of our members and patrons, we saw a year full of growth. The July groundbreaking for our new home on Market Street was celebrated with over 400 supporters in attendance. We hosted several well-received exhibitions, and welcomed a record number of people at our Eric Nelson, CEO festivals and programs. Last year’s successes created a momentum that will drive our efforts in 2017. We kicked off 2016 with an exhibition from Bergen, Norway, entitled Flora Metamorphicae. This exhibition brought together the sculptures of six ceramicists, and blurred the lines between indoors and outdoors, organic and man-made. In the spring we presented the international debut of Magnus Nilsson’s Nordic: A Photographic Essay of Landscapes, Food, and People. Nilsson, a world-renowned chef, examined the culinary history and techniques of the Nordic region through photographs, personal stories, and recipes. We also hosted Nathalia Edenmont: Force of Nature, which shared the highly symbolic photographs of the Stockholm-based artist, and examined several themes including conformity and repression. The Weather Diaries used photographs, textiles, installations, and a live fashion show to explore the driving forces behind fashion

in the western Nordic region (Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands). As part of the exhibit, we welcomed Icelandic artist Steinunn Sigurðardóttir to create a site-specific installation that connected her own ideas of fashion and space to the existing art. The Museum also launched innovative new programs in 2016. These included the international Nordic Immigration Conference (Nordic Immigration in the Pacific Northwest from Then to Now: Technology, Innovation, and Migration) and the Nordic Culinary Conference. The Nordic Lights Film Festival celebrated its seventh year featuring films from the Nordic countries and the Sápmi region. Attendees of the Mostly Nordic Concert Series enjoyed a powerful season of Nordic chamber music, and joined us in recognizing our Artistic Director of twenty-one seasons, Lisa Bergman, as we bid her a fond farewell. 2017 will be a year of transition. Construction on the new museum is scheduled to be completed in December, and we plan on opening to the public in early May of 2018. Work is well underway to move our collection of over 77,000 objects and artifacts to our new home while we continue to bring exciting programs and unique exhibitions to the Museum. Fundraising for the building continues to be a major priority as we work to close the gap on the last few million dollars. I want to thank you for your continued support, and I hope you have an opportunity to drive by the construction site to see our progress. I also hope you will have a chance to come by the Museum to enjoy the exciting array of exhibitions and programs we have scheduled for 2017.


EXHIBITIONS IN 2016 Visiting Exhibitions & Accompanying Programs Visiting exhibitions in 2016 furthered the Museum’s mission to share the richness and diversity of Nordic and Nordic-American art, history, and culture.

Magnus Nilsson’s Nordic: A Photographic Essay of Landscapes, Food, and People

Skål! Scandinavian Spirits

Flora Metamorphicae

Denmark: October 1943




was an exhibition featuring the ever-evolving art collaboration of six Norwegian ceramicists. The artists installed 4,000 ceramic flowers across the gallery floor, activating the space in this unique, colorful installation. A children’s clay class was presented in connection to the exhibition.

told the story of Danish citizens’ resistance against Nazi persecution of their Jewish neighbors. Approximately 7,200 Danish Jews were saved by citizens of Denmark, who ferried them by boat to safety in Sweden.

shared the Scandinavian history of beer and aquavit enjoyment, and how that tradition is incorporated in Nordic-American communities. Accompanying programs included an aquavit flavoring workshop and a prohibition lecture. Dec.11.2015 Feb.28.2016 Exploring the role of aquavit and beer as symbols of Scandinavian heritage

presented by Aalborg and Linie Aquavits





NORDIC HERITAGE MUSEUM 3014 NW 67th Street in Ballard


Magnus Nilsson’s Nordic: A Photographic Essay of Landscapes, Food, and People (03/18/2016–05/08/2016)

was the international debut of renowned chef Magnus Nilsson’s traveling exhibit, which featured his photographs, stories, and recipes. The exhibition highlighted unique Nordic ingredients and examined the rich culinary history and cooking techniques of the Nordic countries. Accompanying programs included a cooking class focusing on New Nordic Cuisine.

Norway and the United States: Partners in the Polar Region (04/29/2016–07/10/2016)

was organized by the Fram Museum in Oslo in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This exhibition examined the long-standing partnerships established between Norwegian and US explorers of the Arctic and Antarctic regions through photographs and text.


Jason Brooks

The Space In Between

Nathalia Edenmont: Force of Nature

The Weather Diaries

The Space In Between




explored the creativity behind the fashion of the Western Nordic Region: Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. The exhibit featured large-scale photographs by artist duo Cooper & Gorfer, as well as fashion installations from various designers. A fashion show highlighted the member preview.

debuted in October as a special addition to The Weather Diaries exhibit. This captivating, sitespecific installation by artist Steinunn Sigurdardottir featured over 1,000 pieces meticulously assembled over a span of five days.

shared artist Nathalia Edenmont’s large format color photographs. Rich in symbolism, these beautiful prints explored themes including cultural norms, conformity, and repression. NATHALIA EDENMONT





The most sought-after contemporary photographer of her time.

People, Places, Changing Lands: The Photography of Anders Beer Wilse (12/02/2016–02/28/2017)

featured historical photographs of the Seattle and Norway regions taken by 19th-century Norwegian photographer and engineer, Anders Beer Wilse. Local and international organizations partnered to share images from their own collections.

  People, Places, Changing Lands


Nathalia Edenmont: Force of Nature

The Photography of Anders Beer Wilse DECEMBER 2, 2016 – FEBRUARY 26, 2017

August 12–November 6, 2016

E XH I B I T I O N PA R TNERS IN & Industr C LU D E : y ( MOHA Museum of Ballard Histori I); Univer sit y of Washin g ton Histor y L ibraries ; Nor way ; and cal S ociet y ; Nor sk Folkem useum Nor sk Teknisk , Oslo, Museum , Oslo, Nor way. Courtesy University of Washington Libraries


Juanita with Black Hands, 2014 / Barbara Ì Gongini © Cooper & Gorfer


PROGRAMS IN 2016 Children’s and Youth Programs

Public Programs

In 2016, more than 3,200 children participated in educational programming offered by the Museum. The school tour program, leading groups through The Dream of America exhibit, as well as self-guided school groups, brought 1,346 children to the Museum on fifty-eight tours. The four outreach trunks (Immigrants, Nordic Folk Art, Trolls/ Norse Gods, and Vikings) were used by nearly 700 children throughout greater Seattle.

2016’s first exhibition, Flora Metamorphicae, included several public programs. Two of the artists hosted a gallery talk, discussing the project and how it evolves based on the space in which it’s installed, and two local ceramicists joined us to teach a children’s clay class. Class participants made their own nature-inspired clay pieces, which were then displayed at the Museum until the end of the exhibit.

Special programs for children and families served another 1,241 children. Programs included Viking Days and Yulefest, where children’s craft projects, visits with Santa, and Nordic folk music and dancing were available. The annual Pippi Longstocking pancake breakfast was well attended, as were Syttende Mai, the Museum’s summer camp program, and the popular Moomin Mania. Workshops directly related to temporary exhibitions were given and well attended. Another 169 people were exposed to the Museum through our collaboration with Northwest Film Forum in a showing of Moomins on the Riviera.

Events in conjunction with The Weather Diaries exhibition included an opening reception and book signing with artists Cooper & Gorfer, a reception with installation artist STEiNUNN, and a runway fashion show. The fashion show was a huge success, with a sold out audience that filled the Museum’s entire second floor. Crowds lined the hallway as models presented fashions from local designers KLÄD, Silvae, Varsha, and Cute Like Mad. In addition, a rhythm knitting group experience was led by artist STEiNUNN in conjunction with both The Weather Diaries and the Nordic Knitting Conference. The exhibition and accompanying programs attracted over 4,500 visitors.

Nordic Stories, our monthly preschool reading program in its ninth year, continued to be a great success, with an attendance of 206 children and 164 adults. The local children’s Scandinavian dance and music group Barneleikarringen continued to practice at the Museum in 2016 and performed at several Museum events.

In January, the Nordic Lights Film Festival shared Nordic films with huge audiences at the Seattle International Film Festival theater. The Festival attracted 910 visitors over four days, and showed contemporary, award-winning films from each of the five Nordic countries. Finnish screen writers Aino Lappalainen and Anna Lappalainen attended the festival and introduced their short film The Inspection, as well as participated in a Q&A session. Soup & Cinema, the Museum’s own lunchtime program featuring soup and a Nordic movie viewing, continued to grow, attracting 554 guests throughout the year. The popular Mostly Nordic Chamber Music Series celebrated its final year under the leadership of Artistic Director Lisa Bergman. The series drew over 400 audience members to its five concerts and smörgåsbords, and shared works by famous Nordic composers such as Jean Sibelius, Carl Nielsen, and Edvard Grieg. Mostly Nordic


The Museum hosted several lectures and book talks throughout the year, speaking on a variety of topics and interests. Local historian Shanna Stevenson presented on temperance and prohibition in Washington in connection to exhibit Skål: Scandinavian Spirits. Local author and anthropologist Margaret Willson presented her new book, Seawomen of Iceland, sharing the hidden lives of the courageous fisherwomen of Iceland who have braved the seas for centuries. And Professor Henrik Williams of Uppsala University presented Cracking the Runic Code: Spotlight on Viking Women! to a sold-out audience of 181 attendees. Our inaugural Nordic Culinary Conference brought five acclaimed Nordic chefs to Nordic Heritage Museum in May, presenting contemporary and traditional Nordic cooking techniques, philosophy, and tastings to over 500 attendees. Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson’s exhibit, Magnus Nilsson’s Nordic: A Photographic Essay of Landscapes, Food, and People, had its international debut at the Museum in March, with Magnus attending the conference and leading visitors on tours of the exhibition. Popular teachers and special guests Arne and Carlos joined us again for the 2016 Nordic Knitting

Conference. Ten instructors presided over the three-day event, which attracted 275 attendees to forty-five classes, workshops, and lectures. Now in its sixth year, the 2016 conference had the highest attendance of any previous year. The most popular classes included Arne and Carlos’ “Two-Color Knitting” class, “Christmas Ball” class, “Dancing Around the Tree” class, and Judith MacKenzie’s “Dyeing with Lichens and Mushrooms” workshop. The Museum collaborated with six cultural institutions from the Nordic region to host the International Immigration Conference. The program featured five sessions with sixteen museum professionals and academics from Nordic, international, and local institutions to explore the impact of Nordic immigration to the Pacific Northwest. Attendees also participated in a PechaKucha Seattle presented on immigration, courage, community, and culture during the event.

Craft School and Adult Education Programs Craft School had another highly successful year with over 607 attendees taking part in classes on woodcarving, rosemaling, traditional cooking, aquavit tasting, knitting, mead-making, beer tasting and drinking songs, woven Christmas hearts, and genealogical research. Nearly 45% of attendees to the programs were non-Members, making these classes and programs an appealing entrance point to potential new Members.



will continue in 2017 under Artistic Director Laura Loge. In addition to Mostly Nordic, the Museum presented several individual concerts, ranging from Finnish folk trio Karuna to the Royal Nordic Opera Singers.


Collections The Nordic Heritage Museum Permanent Collection received a total of 142 new accessions from 131 donors in 2016. Some highlights include: a Swedish prayer book from 1812; four guache paintings from The Four Corners of the World series by artist Bjørn Wiinblad; a Norwegian Women’s Winter Olympics Ski Team Outfit; a Skautbúningur folk costume from Iceland; and a Sami knife with case and Sami needle case. New acquisitions are used to help illustrate the stories we will be presenting in the new permanent exhibition, as well as to supplement our existing archives with new information that visitors can utilize in researching family histories, arts, Nordic history, and culture. In June 2016, the Museum launched a new Online NHM Collections portal via the website, with 1,200 select items—artifacts, archives, photographs, and oral history interviews—available for review. This effort has been part of the Museum’s

ongoing commitment to make the collections publicly accessible. Collections staff have also begun work on the organization, packing, and transportation plans required to move the over 77,000 items in the permanent collection to the new building during 2017. The Nordic American Voices (NAV) Oral History Program continued to grow its archive of over 600 oral history interviews, with the addition of sixty-six new interviews added in 2016. In 2016, the Museum received two grant awards that support our permanent collection, including: a grant from King County 4Culture to support transporting the Gordon Tracie Music Library collection to the new museum; and generous support from the National Endowment for the Humanities in support of conservation and transportation of the National Costumes on display in the Folk Art gallery.

2016 Donors to the Permanent Collection  Sally Bjornson

In Memory of The Bogi Bjornsson Family

Anne-Marie Storslett Tod Gangler Charlotte Trayer Karin Bonding

In Memory of Jesper Bonding

Vesterheim NorwegianAmerican Museum Eskilsson Architecture Beverly Ylvisaker Jean Godden Stan Boreson Stuart Mork Margaret Wright Elisabeth Bodal Georgette Valle Gunnar Damstrom David Johnson William Andersen Mary Henry Mimmi Fulmer Louise Torseth Jonathan Borgsjö Lois Laughlin

In Memory of Millia Scott

Soos Creek Botanical Garden Susan Atwood Ronald Karjala Sharon Birks In Memory of Sylvia G. Birks

Quercus Publishing, Inc.

Ulla Hiatt

In Memory of Ola R. Gustavsson

Lori Talcott John and Berit Sjong Janet Carlson

In Memory of Margrethe Jessen Hauge

Cecile Hansen Anita Henriksen Bradford Bodley Susan Emery Ellen Beck Georgette Valle

In Memory of Dr. Odd Valle

Heikki and Eva Mannisto Nancy Gray-Hemstock In Memory of Anna Digernes Gray

Marie McCaffrey Kathi Ploeger and Don Meyers Folklore Centrum Barbara Sacksteder Estate of Jane Isakson Lea Sune Sandling Gunvor Sorensen Jane Klausen and David Hoerlein Janice Johnson Emmy Jones Sharon Friel Victoria Sangrey-Hunter and Tim Hunter Donna Murphy In Memory of Elsie M. Murphy

The Seattle Athenæum Folio


Jon Luopa James Lande Joseph Molvik Lawrence Rockne Bernard Borgen Khris Olsen Thor Bakland Astri Coupland Julie Keymer Trudy Lye Linnea Hillesland Kari Allen Rolf Skorge Barbara Sjoholm Scott Martinez Debbie Stavanger Ronald Rolla Marlene Howard William Lagreid Mar Jean Krupp Toni Eaton Edward Almquist Jussi Mikkola Cornelia Blay Satu Mikkola Patricia Loftin Egon and LainaMolbak Morris Thurston Kay Barmore Marion Hunter

In Memory of Ann Nesset Hunter

Seattle Art Museum—Dorothy Stimson Bullitt Library

(list compiled in chronological order)

Bonnie Jarvela Bernice Loken Swedish Club Berit Holmboe Walker Allan and Inger Osberg William Shaw Leif Holmes Anne-Lise Berger and Ozzie Kvithammer Julie Svendsen Skandia Folkdance Society Inger Saltonstall Carolyn Staley Rhonda Adkins Berit Walker John and Nancy Iversen Otto Brask In Memory of Toben and Anna Barfod

Gordon Jackins Patricia E. and Bob Charlson

In Memory of Evert Sodergren

Vita Davies John Iversen, Jr. Gene R. Fosheim

In Memory of Raymond Margato Fosheim

Gisli Olafsson Jens Eysteinsson Gloria Gulseth Gene Fosheim John Hansen Gregor Henrikson Astrid Feldman

Ed Nolan

In Memory of Edna Nolan

Scan|Design Furniture

In Memory of Jens Brunn

Michael McFaul

In Memory of Anna Weflin

George Kulstad

In Memory of Captain Alv Kulstad

Mary Kenny

In Memory of Dr. Bror Pearson

Arnfridur Sigurdardottir Bill Proctor

In Memory of Sara Hollis Proctor

Vance Ekrem NHM Institutional Archive John Szabo, donated by Theodora Fine

In Memory of Leon P. Shulman

Judith H. Dern Sylvia L. Rangel Karen Riston Karla Anderson Kirsten Chalfen Jerker Liljestrand Nancy Carrs Roach Margaret and Michael Hlastala Roar Irgens

In Memory of Johan S. Welhaven

Vesterheim NorwegianAmerican Museum Mari-Ann Kind Jackson

Since the Museum’s inception, volunteers have played a vital role in our success. Each year, over 400 volunteers support every area of the Museum: they provide authentic experiences for patrons; keep our building safe and operational; provide invaluable support and leadership for our major fundraising events; share compelling stories in our community; serve on the board and advisory committees; and assist staff members in every department. Their contributions ensure that the Museum operates smoothly and efficiently, and their presence enables us to fulfill our mission of sharing the Nordic spirit. In 2016, exciting new programming, new opportunities in exhibitions, our popular Æbleskiver craft school program, and our partnership with the Scandinavian Language Institution brought us many skilled and passionate volunteers. Of the eighty-six new volunteers we welcomed this year, forty-two were festival volunteers, fourteen were conference volunteers, twelve signed up to support our regular programs and events, ten were engaged to support various departments, seven have been trained in visitor services, and one joined our Thursday Crew. Volunteers usually participate in multiple areas of the Museum. Special events volunteers represent the majority of volunteer support, with over 90% of active volunteers participating in programs and events in 2016. We continue to rely heavily on volunteer support for our annual festivals as well: Viking Days utilized 193 volunteers, while Yulefest had the support of 230 volunteers. Yulefest volunteer contributions exceeded 1,580 hours on the festival weekend alone, not counting the extensive preparation hours they contributed.



= 10 volunteers

Total Active Volunteers in 2016

New Volunteers/Interns

Volunteers usually participate in multiple areas of the Museum. Four hundred and four volunteers participated in 502 shifts. Percentages are of 502 shifts.





Maintenance Support

% 9 15%

Visitor Services Support

At our Spring Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and Awards Ceremony, the following distinguished volunteers were recognized with the Director’s Award: Bill Briest, Kris Ewing, Kerri Keil, Kathy Macaulay, and Minda Unseth. Louise Torseth received the Volunteer of the Year Award for her ongoing commitment to the Museum. For more information about volunteering, contact Michael Ide, Volunteer Coordinator, at michaeli@ or 206.789.5707 x12.

Staff Support

Includes Collections, Exhibits, Development, and Visitor Services



Program/Event/ Festival Support



Thanks to the efforts of volunteers and staff, we experienced growth in attendance, revenue, and sponsorship support in 2016. Our Northern Lights Auktion was highly profitable, we enjoyed a busy Viking Days weekend, and Yulefest was once again extremely well-attended. The success of these events allowed us to exceed our goals by over $147,000 for the year. The success of these events can be measured financially in the contributions made to general operational support, as well as through the impact they had in broadening the

Jason Brooks

Museum’s outreach efforts.

HIGHLIGHTS 31st Annual Northern Lights Auktion

33rd Annual Viking Days

Held at the Grand Hyatt Seattle on April 23, 2016

• • •

Sold-out event

Visitor favorites included: Viking Encampment, traditional music on three stages, Swedish pancake breakfast, Viking Grill, Valhalla Beer Garden, and Scandinavian Food Hearths

Performance by the Norwegian Male Chorus

Viking Encampment presented educational demonstrations such as: cooking, forging, spinning, and traditional Viking fighting techniques.

First time as a Seafair-endorsed event

Record revenue of over $450,000 Honored longtime supporters of the Museum, Kaare & Sigrunn Ness

Nordic Heritage Museum 2017 Special Events

May 17, 2017 Syttende Mai Celebration

June 3, 2017 32nd Annual Northern Lights Auktion Seattle Marriott Waterfront


August 19–20, 2017 34th Annual Viking Days Festival

November 18–19, 2017 40th Annual Yulefest: A Nordic Christmas Celebration

Jason Brooks


39th Annual Yulefest


• •

Record-setting attendance

• •

Fiscally, the best Yulefest to date

We also celebrated a momentous event in the Museum’s history this past July as we officially broke ground on our new facility. We had a full house on Saturday, July 30 for the outdoor celebration, held in a tented courtyard just behind the now demolished Fenpro building on Market Street. Around 400 Museum supporters, community members, volunteers, and staff were in attendance for this joyous and memorable event.

Larger tent made room for more vendors, expanding the Valhalla Beer Garden, Viking Grill, and silent auction Visitor favorites included: traditional music on three stages, æbleskiver demonstration and sale, Viking Grill, Valhalla Beer Garden, Goodies-2-Go, and Nordic Café serving open face sandwiches

Thank You to Our 2016 Special Event Sponsors:


MEMBERSHIP IN 2016 Membership Benefits

We thank all of our Members whose continued support has helped make Nordic Heritage Museum a strong and vibrant institution. To date, we have about 2,300 membership households consisting of over 3,500 individual members. We welcomed a total of 327 new Members and launched a new level of membership, Family Plus. The Museum joined the North American Reciprocal Museum Association (NARM) and is now able to pass on greater benefits to our Members who sign up or renew at the Family Plus level and higher. This program gives Members free admission, a 10% discount in gift shops, and price reductions on events and tickets at over 800 partner institutions across North America. NARM launched the week before Viking Days and garnered 112 memberships by the end of the year. We held a Membership Drive between October 15 and December 31, where eligible visitors were given the chance to win two tickets to our 32nd Annual Northern Lights Auktion. In order to qualify for the raffle, individuals had to do one of the following:

• • •

Purchase a new membership at the Family Plus level or higher Renew current membership at the Family Plus level or higher Purchase a gift membership at the Family Plus level or higher

This Membership Drive was a big push during our Yulefest weekend: we welcomed sixty-four new Members and forty-eight renewals. Overall, 130 names were entered into the Membership Drive raffle.

• • • • • •

Discounts in the Museum Store Member exhibition previews Free admission to the Museum Free admission to Yulefest Subscription to Nordic Kultur magazine Subscription to Nordic News

NARM Membership Benefits (includes all regular benefits, plus):

Free admission, a 10% discount in gift shops, and price reductions on events and tickets at over 800 NARM institutions across North America

President’s Club A special thank you goes to our President’s Club Gold Circle members who support Nordic Heritage Museum with a minimum annual commitment of $5,000, our Silver Circle members with a minimum annual commitment of $2,500, and our Bronze Circle members with a minimum annual commitment of $1,000. In 2016, the President’s Club enjoyed a luncheon with outgoing Artistic Director, Lisa Bergman, and incoming Artistic Director, Laura Loge, of the Mostly Nordic Concert Series; and a summer party with local celebrity personality and gardener, Ciscoe Morris. Thank you for being a member of Nordic Heritage Museum! Please help us share the Nordic spirit by encouraging membership to those who may enjoy becoming a part of our community. For more information about membership at the Museum or to give the gift of membership, contact Kelsey Svaren at 206.789.5707 x24 or For more information about the President’s Club Circles, contact Katy Ahrens at 206.789.5707 x33 or katya@

Jason Brooks

Members of the President’s Club Gold Circle, Silver Circle, and Bronze Circle are listed on page 14.



Nordic Legacy Circle Members of the Nordic Legacy Circle have indicated to Nordic Heritage Museum that the Museum is part of their estate planning, and we thank them for their generous support. Making a planned gift to Nordic Heritage Museum ensures that the Museum will thrive well into the future. Bequests are one way that a person can leave a significant gift that they may not be able to give during their lifetime. The Museum received a generous bequest this year from Jane Isakson Lea. The Museum is incredibly grateful to Jane for including Nordic Heritage Museum in her estate plans. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Nordic Legacy Circle, there are a number of ways to include the Museum in your estate plans. Most commonly, planned gifts are made through a bequest, which may include cash, securities, real estate, retirement plan distributions, or life insurance proceeds. By making the Museum a beneficiary in your estate plans, you are leaving a legacy that will help further our mission. Any donation or planned gift you make to the Museum may remain anonymous. For more information about planned giving or your intent to include the Museum in your estate planning, call Jan Woldseth Colbrese at 206.789.5707 x39 or email

Lars Andreasson Keven Beder Pirkko and Brad Borland Patricia and Robert Charlson Todd Clayton Peggy Jorgenson Cooper Nancy Debaste Paul and Ellen Duernberger Shirley Fjoslien Pearl and Ben Graham* Jon and Susan Hanson JoAnne Hardt Rudo Inga Hemming Olavi Hiukka Rolf Hokansson Curtis Jacobs Floyd and Delores Jones Foundation Edith Kilgren* Mari-Ann Kind Jackson Bill and Michelle Krippaehne Olav Lunde* Don Meyers and Kathi Ploeger Egon and Laina Molbak

Karoline Morrison Eric and Yvonne Nelson Alice Ness* Russell Oberg Gordon Olson Clara Otness* Eric and Ingrid Pearson Georg and Nina Pedersen Elna Peterson* Ann Ringstad Dean Robbins Vivian Sandaas* Chris Siddons* Mia Sillanpaa Carol and Norman Sollie Monica Stenberg Gordon Strand Frank and Jennifer Swant Pam Thorstenson Judith Tjosevig* Jacklyn Toman Doug Warne Anonymous (6) * denotes deceased



Brandon Benson Raymond Brandstrom Leif Eie Jon Halgren Leif and Cindy Mannes Allan and Inger Osberg

President’s Club Silver Circle

donors to the Annual Fund

Irma and Don Goertzen Marilyn and Rodney Madden Sandy and Christine McDade Larry R. Small Debbi and Larry Vanselow

President’s Club Bronze Circle

Donors to the Annual Fund

Paul Birkeland Henry Bjornsson Elisabeth Bodal Hans and Kristine Aarhus Hans and Kristine Aarhus Kristina Adams Waldorf and Myrna Aavedal and Edmund Thomas Bodal Allan and Trish Bodine Christopher Waldorf Schramko Dorothy Boe Stig and Ruth Andersen Gloria Adair Laurie Boehme and Mike Steven and Kathleen Barker Kristina Adams Waldorf Muzi and Christopher Waldorf Bjorn Bayley In Memory of Grace Greina Adobe Systems Inc., Paul Birkeland Matching Gift Program Boeing Employee Individual Per Bolang Giving Program Karin Ahlstrom Bean Pirkko and Brad Borland Boeing Political Action Kathryn Altus Jette J. Bunch Committee In Memory of Lenore and Lowen Clausen Janice Bogren Elvina Anderson Jan Woldseth Colbrese and Susan and Richard Alvord Per Bolang Mike Colbrese In Memory of Chris Siddons Ebba and Ingvar Andermo Ross* and Lynn Davidson Andrea Bonnicksen Chris and Terrie Rae Peter Davis and Kristiann Lisa Booth Anderson Schoening John and Tonjia Borland Jan Anderson Anne-Lise Deering Pirkko and Brad Borland In Memory of Victor H. Doug and MaryAnne Dixon In Memory of Chris Siddons Anderson Earl and Denise Ecklund Jo Ann and Alan Anderson Robert Born Arlene Sundquist Empie Carol Borson Julie Anderson Miller Francisca Erickson* Beth and Mark Bowers Marilyn C. Anderson Raymond and JoAnne Mark and Angela Anderson Regina and Bill Boyd Eriksen Eregina Bradford and Paul and Beth Anderson Anita Fjortoft William Gillanders Roger Anderson and Gene Ann-Charlotte Gavel-Adams Raymond R. Brandstrom Ampon Jon and Susan Hanson Minna and Otto Brask Tad and Cindy Anderson Mike and Paula Hlastala Erik and Berit Breivik William and Beverly Ernst and Linda Jensen Anderson Marty Brennan Stan Jonasson and Linda Per and Gertrud Andersson Herb Bridge and Edie Jangaard Hilliard Odd Rune Andersstuen In Memory of Donald Mowat Suzanne and Barry Broback Floyd Jones Lars Andreasson Lars Jonsson and Laurie Pamela and Jason Brooks McDonald Jonsson David Anthonsen and Doug and Betty Brownlee Annette Seaberg Sven and Marta Kalve Karen-Margrethe Bruun Vebjorn Antonsen Mari-Ann Kind Jackson Lou and Ann Bunk Apex Foundation Jane Klausen and David Ward and Boni Buringrud Hoerlein Arctic Storm Management Rick and Cheri Burkhardt Group, LLC Karen Koon and Brad Dennis and Winifred Burton In Memory of Kaare Ness Edwards Billie Butterfield Evelyn Arrigoni Georgene and Richard Lee In Memory of Vivian Gordon and Sandy Asheim Sandaas Renee Lund Maynard and Darlene Atik Bunnee Butterfield Bertil O. Lundh In Memory of Vivian Susan and Gary Atwood Tom and Drexie Malone Sandaas Kurt and Ritva Manchester Sylvia and Phillip Augustavo Teresa Bzdek Lars Matthiesen and Yara Lenore Bailey Jan Carline and Carol Sue Patricia Baker Silva Ivory-Carline Duane Bakke Egon and Laina Molbak Eric Carlson Kristen and Lars Bakken Valinda and Lyle Morse Eugene Carlson Per and Lisa Bakken Mountain Pacific Bank In Memory of Edward E. Ballard Historical Society Ozzie and Joan Nordheim Carlson Norwegian Commercial Club Karen and Randy Barber Tim and Kathy Carlson Pacific Fishermen Shipyard, Burton E. Bard Linda Carr In Memory of Ole Brahe Inc. Jennifer Carrell Pedersen Einar* and Emma Pedersen Christine Carrs Steven and Kathleen Darryl and Jane Pedersen Wendy Casper Barker Georg and Nina Pedersen In Memory of Rich Johnson Virginia Barker Rick Peterson In Memory of Vivian Sandaas Steve and Liz Cedergreen Erik Pihl Diane Chapman Laila Barr Börje and Aase Saxberg Douglas Chatfield and Kea In Memory of Shelby Gilje Rehn Chris Siddons* Herb and Diana Barstad Bonnie Chow John and Berit Sjong Bjorn Bayley Joan Christ and Tom Everill Jacqueline Sorensen-Pinch Ellen Margrethe Beck Daniel and Barbara Sonja Sørvik Sune and Sally Beck Christensen Maria Staaf and William Glen and Susan Beebe Louis and Anna Christensen Jones Inger Beecher In Memory of Kaare Ness Birger Steen Mark Bellesiles Ruth Christensen and Gordon Strand Bellingham Cold Storage Glenn Henrikson Inger Svino In Memory of Kaare Ness In Memory of C.S.F. Nina Svino Svasand and Brandon Benson Henrikson Ernest Svasand Nan Bentley Carl and Linda Christenson Pam Thorstenson Margaret Berg Erika Christoffersen Sweger Lisa A. Toftemark Ivar and Mary Berge Brian Christopherson Svend and Lois Toftemark Matt Berge and Aslaug Caryl and Duane Clark Tor and Ingrid Tollessen Haraldsdottir Sonja Coffman Dorothy Trenor Ellen Bersas Mike Colbrese and Jan Robert L. Wiley Beta Chapter—Alpha Delta Woldseth Colbrese Kappa Margaret and Richard Thelma and Jack Colman In Memory of Vivian Sandaas Wright John and Felice Congalton Bill and Melinda Gates Fran Cook Foundation Carolyn C. Cooper Karen Billings Gayle Crawford


Katie Crawford Maren Culter Renée Dagseth Daughters of Norway, Nellie Gerdrum Lodge #41 Ross* and Lynn Davidson

Asmus Freytag and Laura Ruth and Gene Hockenbery Wideburg Kristen Hoiby In Memory of Shelby Gilje Norma Fuhrman Charlotte Hood Fride and Frank Fulleton In Memory of Phil and Larry Deborah Fulton-Kehoe Sturholm Ann-Charlotte Gavel-Adams Nancy Horman In Memory of Richard Gerring In Memory of Ann-Marie In Memory of Chris Siddons and Gunnar Gavel Steve and Synnove Davidson Tore Hoven Kari Gilje Judy Ann Davis Janet and Steve Hunter Shelby Gilje* Letitia and Don Davis Robert E. and Mary R. Hunter Wilmot and Mary Gilland Susan Day Lois Huseby Kare and Aase Gjolmesli Nancy Debaste Christine Ingebritsen and Jeff and Miyako Gledhill Mandie Deeter Jim Rogers Britt Glomset Claudia and Richard Scott Ingham Shannon Glover DeGagne Maurie Inglis and Verda Irma and Don Goertzen Jan E. Delismon Mosier Inger and Ulf Goranson Edla Deppman Patricia Itzen and George Karin Gorud Scovill Judith Dern Burmeister In Memory of Chris Siddons Leslie Dierauf and James Marilyn Iverson Evelyn Grahn Hurley In Memory of My Norwegian Gordon and Debbie Dirker Sharon and Gary Greenwood Parents Einar and Heddy Gundersen Sandra Drake Jacobson Giving Fund John and Mary Gustafson Joy and Bob Drovdahl Gert and Lyla Jacobsen Greta Haagensen-Roseberg James Jacobsen David Durham and Lee Roseberg In Memory of Leanne Jon Jacobson Korsgaard Durham Alan Otto and Inger Paul and Carole Jacobson Toni Eaton Haakenstad Jerry and Vicki Jager Earl and Denise Ecklund Tracy Hagen Kristen Jarvis Betty Edwards Carina Halgren In Honor of Sunnie Empie In Memory of Chris Siddons Elizabeth Egan Sally Jepson Jon Halgren Sandra Egtvet Violet Jesberg In Memory of Philip A. Egtvet

Leif Eie Donna Eines John and Linda Ellingboe Joyce Emilson Lynn Emmert Arlene Sundquist Empie Gail Engler Ronald and Sherri Enoksen In Memory of Kaare Ness

Roy and Arline Enoksen

In Memory of Chris Siddons

Valerie Jesionowski Lisa Hall In Memory of Sanna, Otto, Larry and Cindy Hallgrimson Violet, and Elsie In Memory of Thomas Stang Kari Johannessen Christie Hammond Anna Marie and Einar Geraldine Hansen Johanson Jon and Susan Hanson Eva and Lars Johansson In Honor of Keri Ann Nelson’s Graduation from the Brent and Catherine Johnson University of Washington In Memory of Shelby Gilje, Alice and Wayne Mellsroth, Kaare Ness, Chris Siddons, and Andy Solberg

In Memory of My Father, Richard Johnson

Charles Johnson David Johnson Pam Hanson and Peter Reilly Edward Johnson In Memory of Fred Erickson, Richard M. and Marilyn L. Margaret and Max Johnson Hanson O.A. Erickson, and Francisca Marta Johnson and Johann Erickson Bill Harbert Rocholl In Memory of Nancy Strand Joyce Erickson and Kenneth Robert L. Johnson Harbert Brown Bonnie Johnson JoAnne Hardt Rudo Raymond and JoAnne Theodore and Linda Susan Haris Eriksen Johnson William Harju Olav Esaiassen Bob and Oddny Johnston Peter and Pat Haug Vivian Evans James and Dianne Johnston William and Sandra Evenson Sandy Haug Kathryn Johnston In Memory of Einar H. Expeditors International of Pedersen, Wally and Kristin Susan Johnston and Jerry Washington Haugan Hollingsworth ExxonMobil Foundation Lena Hauser Floyd Jones Hannah Eymann John Heggem Gerd Jones Anna Louise Falck Paul Heneghan Valdean Jones Jim and Birte Falconer Elly Henriksen Elaine Jorgensen Barbara and Frank Fanger In Honor of The XMas Kristin Jostad Mary Kay Feather and Morning Club Linda Juliano and Carl Frost Michael Dedrick Lynn Henry-Sharp Pat and Paul Kaald Priscilla Featherstone Ingeborg Herring Kevin and Penny Kaldestad Joan Valaas Ferguson and Korali and Michael Heryla Karmoy Club of Washington Geoff Ferguson Erling Hesla In Memory of Kaare Ness Nancy and Donald Ann and Dick Hetherington David and Sherry Kaufman Ferkingstad Nancy Hevly Arnold and Martha Kegel In Memory of Kaare Ness

GeorgeJean Erickson John W. Erickson

In Memory of Einar H. Pedersen

Joyce Ferm Michael Fiegenschuh and Suzanne Avery Richard and Pamela Firth Irene Fjærestad Merle and Virginia Follstad Viggo Forde Paul Forseth Marianne Forssblad and Roland Wedenström Sue Frause Mark Fredrickson Dick and Sharon Friel Family Foundation at Seattle Foundation

In Memory of Shelby Gilje

Lawrence E. Hicks

In Memory of Richard Arthur Johnson

Alison Hill

In Memory of Kaare Ness

Petra Hilleberg Ann and Fred Hillier Deborah and Cory Hitchcock

In Memory of Harold and Myrtle Strom

Kristiina Hiukka Sylvia Hjelmeland Michael and Margaret Hlastala Mike and Paula Hlastala

Jim and Cris Kelley

In Honor of The Danes

Ingrid Keune Jan and Alita Kiaer The Kilgren Family Fund Neil and Debbie Kilgren

In Memory of Eileen Kilgren

Lois and Doug Kimball Mari-Ann Kind Jackson

In Honor of Dolly Kenney’s 104th Birthday and Nordic American Voices; In Memory of Shelby Gilje, Einar H. Pedersen, and Chris Siddons

Sharon Kinder Joyce Kirk

In Honor of Jens Jensen

donors to the Annual Fund Jytte Kirkwall

In Memory of Kaare Ness

Jane Klausen and David Hoerlein Megan Knight and Alison Mondi Lowell and Shirley Knutson In Memory of Chris Siddons

Jack and Beth Kolle Paul Korsmo and Karen Tsao Jacqueline Kozdras Georgia Kravik Tom and Patty Krise Paul Kromann Jack and Eleanor Krystad Jon Kummen and Donna Driver Kummen In Memory of Shelby Gilje

Robert and Debbie Kvithammer Frances Kwapil Nils and Lois Ladderud Mina and Raymond Larsen Debbi Larson Willard Larson M.D. Barbara Laughlin Daniel and Eleanor Laxdall Tamara Layton Kristine Leander Georgene and Richard Lee Kristi and Robert Lee Solveig M. Lee Leif Erikson International Foundation

In Memory of Vivian Sandaas

Terje and Ingunn Leiren Hazel Leung Laila Lie Kerstin Liland Vivi-Anne Lindback and Eckhard Schipull James Linde and Joan Thorstenson Linde Kathleen Lindlan Virginia J. Lindsey Roland Lindstrom In Memory of Florence Lindstrom

Georgia Lindquist and Peter Aberg Linda Lingle John Linvog Lockspot Cafe Georgia and Raymond Loe Robert and Claire Loe Robert and Vicki Loe Pat Loftin Gary and Kaisa London Flemming and Karen Lorck Jette Lord

Marcos Martinez

Kurt and Geneva Ness Michael and Laura Ness Shane and Emily Ness Mary Maslow Elise Nesselquist and Alex Johanna Mastenbrook Brueske In Memory of Chris Siddons Kim and Krystn Nesselquist Mary Masterson Andrew Nestingen Lars Matthiesen and Yara Sandra Nestorovic Silva Karen and Gary Newbill Carolyn and Peter Maxim Christy and David Nicandri Mary Maxwell Nona and Robert Nicholson In Memory of Einar H. Chris Nielsen and Maija Pedersen Margonelli McDade Family Don and Melissa Nielsen Elaine McClure Family Foundation at Linda McCrea Seattle Foundation Congressman Jim Mikko and Judy Niemela McDermott Barbara A. Nordin Robert S. McEwen Christian Nova Andrea McFadden In Memory of Grethe Laurie McKay Christensen Nova Sharon McLachlan Solveig Nygaard In Memory of Vivian May Catherine Oberg Sandaas Russell and Patti Oberg Donald McLaren and Occidental Lodge #72 F. Joanne Chase & A.M. In Memory of Ray Pederson Barbara Ogle and Peter Reid Laura McMahan Claudia McMurray and Don O’Hara Corporation In Memory of Kaare Ness Moorehead In Memory of Betty Le Duc Ted and Jean Oien Ellen Medley Vern and Martha Olsen Roger Mjeltevik Leanne Olson and Jim Bailey Magnhild Meland Roselyn M. Olson Steven Mempa and Juliet Shawn Olson In Honor of Fred Olson and Schwalbach Olson Family Fred and Aini Messmer Gary and Linda Oman Bruce and Carol Meyers In Memory of Marjorie Yusem Darlene and Ryan O’Rourke Elisabet Orville Don Meyers and Kathi Ploeger Allan and Inger Osberg Microsoft Employee Giving Marian Osterby Program John and Ingrid Osterhaug Juhani and Satu Mikkola Carol Oversvee Johnson In Memory of Donald E. Joan Miller Nelsen Edith Miller Helen Overton Shaun Miller and Colleen Doug and Kristin Page O’Brien-Miller In Memory of Rich Johnson Craig Pape In Memory of Harry Don Moe and Maggie Fimia Tengelsen Maiken Moeller-Hansen Barbara Paquette Odd and Helga Moen In Memory of Alice Mellroth, Jens Molbak Richard H. Paquette, and In Honor of Pecha Kucha Night

In Honor of Egon and Laina Molbak

Chris Siddons

Derick and Nancy Pasternak Barrett Monsaas and Alana Marcia Patten Brandstrom In Memory of Alice Mellroth Lee and Gretchen Monteith Karen and Jim Pauley In Memory of Chris Siddons Michael and Rose Peck Arya Monson Darryl and Jane Pedersen Min Moon Dean Pedersen Diane Morgan In Memory of Samuel Lord Winnifred Pedersen Debby Morio Randall Lucas and Jeanne Captain Dale Pederson Harold and Gretchen Mork Cawse-Lucas Edd and Virginia Perry Stuart Mork and Laura In Memory of Betty Irene Le Stuart Lundahl Cooper Due and Kaare Ness Alan Lundeen Roberta Morrow Barry and Darlene Peterson Gary and Cheryl Lundgren Christie Most and Rich Carol Pettersen In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Folsom Edward Lundgren Virginia Phelan Deliah Munday Kippi Lundgren Glenn Phillips and Ruth In Memory of Vivian Sandaas Darren and Ilene Lunsford Klemola-Phillips Deborah and Michael Gunilla and Vidur Luthra Zaiga Phillips Murphy Phyllis MacCameron Erik Pihl Richard and Carolyn Murphy Marilyn and Rodney Tove Pors Burrows In Memory of Thomas Stang Madden Margareta and Charles Irene Myers Pam and Vince Madden Post-Brown Andrew L. Nelson* Lois and David Madsen Fred Poyner IV Anne Nelson John and Hanna Liv Mahlum Eilert and Virginia Constance Nelson and Dave and Peggy Mainer Prestegaard Robert Weaver In Memory of Andrew Nelson Ann Maki Eric and Yvonne Nelson Solfrid Price Jon and Jean Malmin John and Harriet Nelson In Memory of Peder M. Myhre Tom and Drexie Malone Sharon L. Nelson Megan and Greg Pursell Frank and Meghan Mannes Tiffany Nelson Mark and Janice Quam Leif and Cindy Mannes Michael Nerland Timothy and Letitia Quigley Joyce Manson Betty Nes Wabey Anita Raistakka and Joe Jayne Markuson Barnes

Deborah and Eric Ramsing Gary Ramstad Ralph Ramstad Arnold and Asbjorg Rasmussen Vija Rauda Allison Reak Geness and Bill Reichert Christine Olsen Reis Nicole Rendahl and Tom Rabideau Vicki Resendez Jeannette Reynolds Carole and Edward Rich Glenn and Peggy Riddervold Loretta Rindal Ed and Marjorie Ringness Julia Ringrose Dean Robbins Darren Robertson Elsie Mabel Rockness

Sons of Norway, Vesterdalen Lodge #2-31 Sons of Norway, Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge #2-164 Evan and Janet Sorby Anker and Ruth Sorensen Casper Sorensen and Soomie Ahn Janice Sorensen Lexie Sorensen Tove Lise Sorensen Daniel Sorenson Margie Sorlie Claude and Susan Soudah Beverley Sperry Maria Staaf and William Jones Robert and Myrna Stahman Jim and Sonja Staley Kathleen Stamm In Memory of Olaf Rockness Richard and Donna Stenerson Lillian Rogstad Johnston Elaine Stevens Sidney Roswick Patricia Stevens Charles Royal Rebecca D. Stewart Robert Rudine and Janet Rita and Mike Stewart Yoder In Memory of Volfred Ken and Darlene Storkson Fabian Rudine Gordon Strand Erika Rusch In Memory of Sheila Stangvik Björn Ruud Karen Strand Janet Ruud Orv and Mary Lou Strandoo Loren and Anne-Marie Ruud Tanya Strozier Alice Sagstad Jennifer Stuller Victoria Sangrey-Hunter Lea and Rick Sund and Tim Hunter Erik Sundholm In Honor of Mari-Ann Kind Robert and Mary Jo Jackson Svendsen Ariadna Santander and Paul Inger Svino Norlen Terry and Leland Sateren Nina Svino Svasand and Ernest Svasand Karol Satterthwaite Colleen Swanson Lisa Sawtell In Memory of Rich Johnson Börje and Aase Saxberg Norman and Phyllis Patty and Paul Schafer Swenson Michael Schick and Carrie Sylvester Katherine Hanson Charles Symoni and Lisa Rose Ann Scott Persdotter City of Seattle, Employee Arlene and Ernest Templin Giving Kris Templin Seattle Foundation— The General Mills GiveBIG Foundation Carleen and Charles See Ken and Mary Ann Esther Sellers Thompson Marilyn Sheldon Eric Thorsen and Maureen In Memory of Alice Mellroth Brinck-Lund Gerald and Kim Shogren Valerie Thorson Gordon and Virginia Siddons Bill Thurston In Memory of Chris Siddons Carl and D. Marlene Arnfridur Sigurdardottir Tingelstad Janice Sigurdson Ron and Whitney Shirley Jo Hanna Sigurdson Tjerandsen John and Berit Sjong Carolyn J. Tobin The David J. Skar Fund Hans Olav Toftdahl C. Elmer and Patricia Skold In Memory of Betty LeDuc Eva Sköld Westerlind Lisa A. Toftemark Ellen Grude Skugstad Hans and Janet Tofting Larry R. Small Hilkka Toivola In Memory of Patsy M. Small

Carol Smith and William Gilbert Cydly Smith Cameron Smock and Shannon Shinnick Dianne Snell Susanne Snortland Doris Snow Julie and Larry Snyder Louise Solheim Carol and Norman Sollie Lance and Marcia Sommer Sons of Norway, Edmonds Lodge #130 Sons of Norway, Hovedstad Lodge #94

Gary and Caryl Utigard Randi Valdok Don and Leota Van Wieringen

In Memory of Chris Siddons

Betty Vandermeer Diane VanderPol Georgette Vikingstad Valle and Odd Valle Jeanette and Jim Vinson Richard and Eivor Von Hagel Lois Wade

In Memory of Vivian Sandaas

Raiti Waerness Erik Wakefield Dianna and Chris Walla Steve Wallace Wallace and Donna Walsh Gail L. Wasberg Arthur and Judi Washburn

In Memory of Olaf Kvamme

Washington State Combined Fund Drive Washington Women’s Foundation Bill Weed and Pam DymondWeed Corinne Wegener Terje and Paula Wennberg Gale and Helen Wergeland Benita Westerberg Western Rosemalers Association Marilyn Whitted In Memory of Shelby Gilje and Chris Siddons

Robert L. and Mary Ann T. Wiley Fund Suzanne B. Wiley Eva Willenburg David and JoAnne Wilson Lynn and Sonny Wirta Glorianne Wollen Jim Wood Rob and Ali Wood LaVerne Woods Ginny and Ed Wortman Margaret and Richard Wright Marsha Wright Elisabeth Yagen

In Memory of Dick and Eva Carlstrom

Peggy Yost Debra Yowell

In Memory of Vivian Sandaas

Sharon Zerr-Peltner * denotes deceased

Louise Tollefson Andrew Tollessen Tor and Ingrid Tollessen Lorraine Toly In Memory of Robert Gamrath

Cyndi Toms Andrea Torland Louise Torseth Karna Town Dorothy Trenor

In Memory of Naomi Briest

Trident Seafoods Corporation United Finnish Kaleva Brothers & Sisters Lodge #11


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Osberg Family Trust; Allan and Inger Osberg; Osberg Construction Company


Brandon Benson The Bergquist Foundation Per and Inga* Bolang Irma and Don Goertzen $3,000,000–$4,999,999 Michael and Jill Heijer The A.P. Møller and Chastine Leif Erikson International Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation Foundation Georgene and Richard Lee Jane Isakson Lea and James Lea* Marilyn and Rodney Madden State of Washington Tom and Drexie Malone Karl Momen $1,000,000–$2,999,999 Valinda I. and Lyle S. Morse 4Culture Nordic Council of Ministers Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Peach Foundation Foundation Louise Solheim Breivik Family Trust Lois and Svend Toftemark In Honor of the Breivik Family, In Honor of Our Daughter, Michael, Freide, Berit, and Erik

Floyd and Delores Jones Foundation The Lars and Laurie Jonsson Family Kaare* and Sigrunn Ness The Family of Einar and Herbjorg Pedersen Einar* and Emma Pedersen Scan | Design Foundation by Inger and Jens Bruun City of Seattle John and Berit Sjong


Earl and Denise Ecklund Jon and Susan Hanson M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Nesholm Family Foundation The Norcliffe Foundation Robert L. and Mary Ann T. Wiley Fund


Raymond R. Brandstrom Jan and Priscilla Brekke Svanhild and Russell Castner In Memory of Henry and Hildur Swasand

Patricia and Robert Charlson Peter Henning*

In Memory of My Wife, Helen Serine

Stan* and Doris Hovik Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle and Kolbeinn S. Thordarson Joshua Green Foundation Koon Family Trust Karen L. Koon Microsoft Corporation Donald and Melissa Nielsen In Honor of Jens and Erna Nielsen

Everett and Andrea Paup Reimert and Betty Ravenholt Chris Siddons* Norman Kolbeinn Thordarson and Judy Thordarson In Honor of my Icelandic Heritage and Ballard Roots

Estate of Leo Utter*


Pirkko and Brad Borland

In Honor of Olavi Hiukka’s 50th Birthday; In Memory of Robert Thorstenson

D.V. and Ida McEachern Charitable Trust Estates of Dr. C. Ben Graham and Pearl Relling Graham* Jon Halgren

In Honor of Jahn Hedberg, Dorothy Trenor’s 90th Birthday, and Bill Weed, In Memory of Robert Thorstenson and Norman Westerberg

Jackson Remodeling LLC

In Honor of Mari-Ann Kind Jackson

Kristen Lindskog Jarvis Egon and Laina Molbak Skandia Music Foundation Maria Staaf and William Jones Arlene Sundquist Empie Estate of Judith Tjosevig*

Steven and Kathleen Barker Patti Benson Dwayne M. Berg Margaret V. Berg Anne-Lise Berger and Ozzie Kvithammer Lisa Bergman and David Fluharty Keith and Kathy Biever

James and Marilyn Giarde Glacier Fish Co., LLC Jeff and Miyako Gledhill Gary and Bonnie Graves Greta Haagensen-Roseberg and Lee Roseberg Marja Hall John Martin Hansen Richard and Marilyn Hanson Harbor Enterprises, Inc.

Outstanding Alumni Award

Jo Ann and Alan Anderson

Dean A. Robbins Kathleen Robel and Herman Payton Norman Rockness Rotary Club of Ballard

Roger Anderson and Gene Ampon Lars Andreasson Fred Arnason and Family

In Memory of Alice R. Ness, Karla Anderson Cora Peterson Robbins, Myrtle Marilyn C. Anderson B. Peterson

Solveig M. Lee John S. Legg Adrian Leven C. Stephen and Donna Lewis

In Memory of Dick Lundgren

Kerstin Liland Limback Lumber Vivi-Anne Lindback Charles Lindholm Family In Memory of My Norwegian Elmer and Joan Lindseth Ancestors In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Eva Long and Bill Jepson Robert and Connie Blair In Memory of John and Mary Fred and Karin Harder Sandra Boeskov Swedstedt Christopher Hardy Anders and Karen Bolang Svenn L. Lovlie Scott and Lisa Harpster In Memory of Inga Lisa Bolang In Memory of Inga Lisa Bolang Ivan Lund John and Tonjia Borland Estate of Olav Lunde* Peter and Pat Haug Robert Born In Memory of Louise and Olav Sandy Haug Lunde Herb and Shirley* Bridge In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s Florence Lundquist* 90th Birthday; In Memory of Naomi Briest* Lisa Toftemark In Memory of My Parents, Einar H. Pedersen, Chris Siddons, Diana Brooking Algot and Alveda Lundquist Anonymous and Robert Thorstenson Douglas and Betty Brownlee Birgit Lyshol Wally and Kristin Haugan Jackie Brudvik Jon Magnusson Norman Haugen $10,000–$24,999 Jette and Stephen* Bunch In Memory of Anna Hodgson Barry and Dee Dee Hawley Karin Ahlstrom Bean Ward and Boni Buringrud Electa Hendricks* and Electa John and Hanna Liv Mahlum Kenneth M. Beck Gloria Mae Campbell Josephine* and William Mahon Anderson Boeing Employee Individual Grace Carlsen-Jones and In Memory of Sverre Mogens In Memory of Ole Hendricks Giving Program Andersen Roger Jones and Norman Carl Anderson Etienne* and Nancy Debaste Victor and Karen Manarolla Jean K. Carlson Jeff and Linda Hendricks Leif Eie In Memory of Coley Carlson Leif and Cindy Mannes Paul Heneghan Asmus Freytag and Laura In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Elaine and Richard Carpenter In Memory of Barbara Brady Wideburg Heneghan Tom and Carolee Mathers Robert and Katherine In Memory of Evelyn Nordqvist Cederstrom Woody and Ilene Hertzog Lars Matthiesen and Yara Silva Lotta Gavel-Adams and Birney Joanne Chase Kristiina Hiukka Robert S. McEwen Adams* In Memory of Ray Pedersen In Memory of Andrew and Olavi Hiukka Gertrude Glad Sofia Freelund Children of Richard and Anna Ruth and Preben HoeghIn Honor of My Deep Nordic Chester Don Meyers and Kathi Ploeger Christensen* Roots and Families—Glad, Nars, Jordan Chester Microsoft Employee Giving Sars, Andrew Hendrickson Roy Holmlund* Program Louis and Anna Christensen Estate of Helen K. Hagg* Karen Holt Kaare Mikkelsen Carol L. Christiansen Elling B. Halvorson Janet and Steve Hunter In Memory of Robert Thorstenson In Memory of Frieda Knudsen Brent and Catherine Johnson Coastal Transportation Karen Mildes Mike Colbrese and Jan Gunnar Ildhuso, Sr. Steven J. Jones Darlene (Stensland) Miller Woldseth Colbrese Curtis and Shirley* Jacobs Sven and Marta Kalve In Memory of George E. and In Memory of Leo Utter JoEllen Connell Olaf Kvamme* Loretta (Foss) Stensland Don and Lynne Jangard Laura Cooper and Stuart Mork Patricia J. Lundgren Ronda and Brad Miller In Memory of Ola and Helen Ernst and Linda Jensen In Memory of Richard E. Luanne and John Mills Mork Lundgren Richard and Ingri Johnson John Mitchell and Marie Reidun Crowley In Memory of Ron Olsen Norman and Constance* Anderson Ragnar Dahl* McDonell Sirkku and James Johnson Kay Most* In Memory of Anna Pauline Danish Brotherhood Lodge #29 James and Dianne Johnston Huusby In Memory of Silius and Gladys Ritva and Harvey Musselman Sandra Egtvet Robert and Maria Nelson Eric and Yvonne Nelson Ranta and Laina Taipale In Memory of Philip A. Egtvet Betty Nes Wabey Alice Ness* Stan Jonasson and Linda Ned and Nanette Eisenhuth Jangaard Susan and Russell Ness Eldon and Shirley Nysether John and Linda Ellingboe In Memory of Marie Haga In Memory of Jan Koren In Honor of Jon Hanson, Pastor Jacob and Ellen Jordal Anderson Harald Sigmar’s 70th Anniversary Mari-Ann Kind Jackson Sigurd and Else* Odegaard of his Ordination, and Dorothy Norman Archibald Charitable In Honor of Knut Einarsen’s Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Price Trenor’s 90th Birthday; In Foundation 100th Birthday, Nordic Börje and Aase Saxberg Memory of Inga Marta Ahman, American Voices, Aaron and Nysether Family Foundation Jim Cole, John Hendricks, Olaf Marvin and Barbara Stone* Marni Kahn’s Wedding, Dolly In Honor of Maurice Nysether; Kvamme, and Kaare Ness Nina Svino Svasand and Kenney’s 102nd Birthday, Jan In Memory of Jan Koren and Embassy of Denmark, USA Knutson and Ed Hutchsinson’s Ernest Svasand Marie A. Malone Marriage, Kathleen and Keith Swedish Finn Historical Society Embassy of Finland, Russell and Patti Oberg Stamm’s 40th Anniversary, and Washington D.C. Donald* and Kay Thoreson Ted and Jean Oien Gordon Strand; In Memory Embassy of Sweden, In Memory of Lois Robb Tor and Ingrid Tollessen of Elsa Ellefsen, Svein Gilje, Washington Kathi Goertzen, Christopher Cindy and Ron Olander Lorraine Toly Olav Esaiassen R. Graff, John Hendricks, Dick Richard and Kay Olsen Anonymous (3) Lundgren, Jarene Lundh, Kaare Thomas and Willy Evans Gordon Olson Ness, Gustav Raaum, Thomas Frank and Barbara Fanger Stang, John Stevens, Ole Petter Ulla and Harold Olsson $1,000–$9,999 In Memory of Sverre Hatley Stoltz, Robert Thorstenson, and Desiree Omdal Steve Aanenson and Thore Ness Norman Westerberg Carol Oversvee Johnson Hans and Kristine Aarhus James Feeley In Memory of Donald E. Nelsen In Memory of My Mother, Vera Ken and Rachel Jacobsen Soomie Ahn and Casper Sorensen Pat and Paul Kaald Pacific Nordic Council C. Feeley Rick, Marlene, and Derek Kevin and Penny Kaldestad Craig Pape Geoff Ferguson and Joan Akesson Janice B. Kaplan-Klein Valaas Ferguson Barbara Paquette In Memory of Henry and Ina In Memory of Grete Ulland and Arnold Kegel and Martha In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s Holma John Robert Knox Valaas, Sr. 90th Birthday; In Memory of Fagnastøl Kegel Richard and Constance Rich Johnson Finn Room Committee In Memory of My Parents, Albrecht Gjøri and Ivar Fagnastøl Kathryn and Jay* Pearson Gunilla and Jerry Finrow Edward Almquist Jim and Cris Kelley Walter Pereya Pamela Arntzen Firth and Myrna Amberson Jan and Alita Kiaer Richard Douglas Firth Rick Peterson American Seafoods Company LLC Megan Knight and Alison Gary and Maureen Fisker Erik Pihl Bruce and JoAnn Amundson Mondi Marianne Forssblad and Eilert and Virginia Prestegaard Stig and Ruth Andersen Henning Knudson Roland Wedenström Evan T. Pugh Chris and Terrie Rae Anderson In Honor of Allan and Inger Lowell and Shirley Knutson Megan and Greg Pursell In Memory of Hans & Agnethe Osberg; In Memory of Peter Peter and Janice Kolloen Ness and Harold & Alice Ness Christian and Joanie Raaum Henning, Kaare Ness, Gustav Jan Anderson Raaum, and Norman Westerberg Susan Alkire Lane Gustav and Claire Raaum* In Memory of Svein Gilje Mina and Raymond Larsen B&N Fisheries Company H. Weston Foss* In Memory of Kaare Ness John Rabourn John Frederick Larson Family Gwyn and Rick Fowler Isabella Backman Johnson Paul Friis-Mikkelsen and Rita Leadership Tomorrow Alumni Karen Richstad Association Bainbridge Community Ed and Marjorie Ringness Hackett In Honor of Sonya Campion, Foundation and the Harald Lisa Garbrick Ringstad Enterprises 2006 Edward E. Carlson Hurlen Fund In Memory of Robert G.


E. Paul and Gayle Robbins


In Honor of Marianne Forssblad’s Retirement

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington Vivian Sandaas* Ralph Schau In Memory of Pearl Osborn Schau

Seattle Latvian-American Embroidery Group Karen Sheldahl Craig and Nancy Shumate Edward Smith Carol and Norman Sollie Sons of Norway, Hovedstad Lodge #94 Harriet Spanel* William Stafford Birger Steen Elaine Stevens Gordon Strand

In Memory of Inga Bolang, Robert Thorstenson, Thomas and Julia Strand, and Norman Westerberg

Susan Stroomer Frank and Jennifer Swant Norman and Phyllis Swenson Phil and Julie Swenson Symetra’s Matching Time and Matching Gift Program Lisa A. Toftemark Dorothy Trenor In Memory of Alfrid and Karolina Samuelson and Robert Thorstenson

Trident Seafoods Corporation

In Memory of Bill Kristjanson

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Karna Town Joan Tracy Pat Loftin Candace and Phillips Trautman John and Jodi Coney Mimmi Fulmer In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Roselyn M. Olson In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Mary and Jim Jessen Anne Tstee Aronson Janice Coogan F/V Gene S. Inc. Michael and Laura Logan Gary and Linda Oman C. Elmer and Patricia Skold Carl and Ellen Johanson Sonia A. and Richard L. Turner, Jr. Christine A. Cook In Memory of Robert Thorstenson In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s Hans and Ingrid Orth Eva Sköld Westerlind Richard Johnsen* Gordon Tweit 90th Birthday Debra and Chris Covert-Bowlds Ivar Gilje Elisabet Orville Ellen Grude Skugstad Bonita G. Johnson In Memory of Robert Thorstenson In Memory of Lempe Aurora Gary and Kaisa London Shelby Gilje* In Memory of My Parents In Memory of Ron Johnson Thomas Ousdale Barbro Carlson Ulbrickson Koski Lorraine Longo and Frederic Veronica Giordano In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Patricia and Landis Smaaladen David Johnson In Memory of Sigrid and K. John Cruce Dahlem In Memory of Ruth K. Ramstead Bob and Marge Giuntoli Rolf and Janet Oversvee Einar Carlson Jerome and Susannah Johnson Jette Lord Clyde Curry Rosemary Small Betty Godo Christina A. Owens Sonja Ulvestad Coffman Margaret and Max Johnson In Memory of Robert Thorstenson In Memory of Samuel Lord In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s In Memory of Kaare Ness In Memory of My Ulvestad Jonathan Gomez Richard A. Johnson* Dan and Andrea Daniels 90th Birthday Richard and Carolyn Luark and Gunderson Families Dorothy Owens Bonnie Good In Memory of Svein Gilje, In Honor of Olavi Hiukka’s Daughters of Norway, Gina John and Jana Smistad In Memory of Amanda United Finnish Kaleva Brothers Shirley Jacobs, Yvonne 50th Birthday Nancy Goodno Krog #38 Sundquist Green Delores and Drew Smith & Sisters Lodge #11 Johnson, and Gustav Raaum Sharon Lucas Bill Greger Daughters of Norway, Sigrid Stephen Padre Barbara Snoey Sylvia Vikingstad Sigurbjorn Johnson* Sarah and Arnold Ludvigsen Lisa A. Grimm Undset Lodge #32 In Memory of Donald Alene Patterson Paul and Charlene Snyder Paul and Lillian Johnston Stuart and Dorothy Lundahl Thoreson, Christine Anita Kevin Grose Karoline Derse Virginia Paulsen Helen Sommers Elaine J. Jorgensen Siddons, and Leiv Vikingstad In Memory of Folke Landstrom Kirsten and Erik Gulmann Lunde Marine Electronics, Inc. Jeffrey Payne Sons of Norway, Cascade Eric, Laura, and Emery Jorgensen In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Mark Vinsel Patricia Desmond Estate of Elvin B. Gustafson* In Honor of Mary Matson Lodge #87 In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Ellen Juhl Laura Lundgren In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s Eran J. Gutkin Eric and Ingrid Pearson Sons of Norway, Grays Harbor Malfrid Vintertun Camille Kariya 90th Birthday Steven Lundholm Duncan A. Haas Lodge #4 Ray and Ruth Pennock In Memory of John Kvinge In Honor of Terry Taylor In Memory of Ruth Granquist Cathleen Dickey In Memory of Rolf and Elsa Bengt Hag Sons of Norway, Poulsbo Pelley Yvonne and Clay Vollan Astrid Karlsen Scott In Memory of Robert Ulricksen Lodge #44 Jack and Elaine Hakala Ed and Joyce Waight Christina and Michael Katsaros Sally Mackey Thorstenson Melba Petersen* Anker and Ruth Sorensen Carina Halgren In Memory of Chris Siddons In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Raisa Kaufman Roger and Ruth Diemert Douglas and Sheila Peterson Margie Sorlie Betty and Reidar Hammer Lois and David Madsen Markus Walbaum In Honor of Olavi Hiukka’s In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s Sissel Peterson Henrik Sortun 50th Birthday Christie Hammond Edith Maines Marlys S. Waller 90th Birthday Mardell and Mark Portin Vivien Sparacino Irwin and Judith Kennedy Heidi Hansen Kurt and Ritva Manchester James Warren and Wendy Grete Dixon In Memory of Ray Pedersen Virginia Prestegaard Linda and Michael Sprague Hutchins Cook Rigmor Hansen James and Karen Marshall April Doiron In Memory of Ray Pedersen T.J. and M.O. Kennedy Puget Sound Regional Council Don K.* and Evelyn K. Weaver Dana M. Hanson Pat Martin Richard and Linda Domholt In Memory of Ray Pedersen In Memory of Edith Kilgren Robin A. Stacy In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit and Jane Hanson Richard and Elizabeth Marquardt Matt Quint Warren Doty Linda Kent Stephen Northfield Eli Stahlhut In Celebration of the Marriage Bill Harbert In Memory of Anna Malinda In Memory of Ray Pedersen In Honor of Ove Gullin’s Margit Weingarten* Jim and Sonja Staley of Collin and Deanna Madden In Memory of Nancy Strand Nelson Kent 80th Birthday Marie Ramstead Zobrist In Memory of Mrs. Sissel Slette Harbert Liv Stangeland* Joseph and Charlotte Matsen Donald Kerr John and Mary Douglas Solveig and Astor Rask Penny S. Welsh In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Susan Haris Hans and Irina Mauritzen In Memory of Anna Hodgson Marcia R. Douglas Vija Rauda Norm Werner Monica Stenberg Kari Hauge Allen Paula Maxwell Ginny Kettunen In Honor of Rue Gullickson Dorothy Raymond, L.T. Raymond Judith Anne Stenford West Coast Finnish American Mary Margaret Haugen In Memory of Klaus and Selma Berit and Robert McAlister Douglas; In Memory of James Family, Paul Raymond, Singers Association In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Kettunen Ivan Haugen Theodore Douglas Art McDonald grandchildren, and greatNorman* and Benita Kirk Gunnar Stensvig Doug Kilgren Douglas and James S. Douglas Torgeir and Helen Haugland Andrea McFadden grandchildren of Lars Brekke Westerberg In Memory of Kathleen Stensvig Ove and Edith Kilgren* Jim and Ann* Hayes Drew Dresman In Memory of Darold Brekke Gwen McGrath Richard and Judith White Carol Sterling Sam Kito In Memory of Evelyn V. Staaf Alice Hedberg Anna Marie Drexler Laurel A. Rech In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Mary Ann Stewart In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Donald McLaren In Memory of Arthur I. Price John Heggem Mollie M. Reeves James Whiteley Virginia Stout Anne and Gary Klokstad Mark and Virginia Dublin In Memory of Mabel Kyle Eeva and Jeffrey McFeely Robert and Donna Hegstrom In Memory of Loran Olsen Joyce Strand Victoria Knoll Steven and Gail Dzurak Karen Regenauer Neil McReynolds Ken and Ruth Helling Randal and Kristi Wiant Richard A. Strand In Memory of Fanny Ingertila Elise Knudsen In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Edna Eckrem In Honor of Ivar Reiten’s Mary Henry Jussila In Memory of Jon Knudsen James and Jenny Strock In Memory of Opal Erickson Birthday Renate McVittie Tom Herche In Memory of Robert Thorstenson In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Kea Rehn and Douglas Betty Edwards Dorothy Wicklund In Honor of Pat Loftin’s 70th Laura Knudson In Memory of Olaf Kvamme Chatfield Bethany Sugawara In Memory of Marvin Meyer Joan Melcher Birthday Larry and Kay Wicks In Memory of Margaret Joyce Jeanne Kohl-Welles and Alex R. R. and Hedda Reid Donna Eines Walter Meredith Inger-Marie Hermann Sheree Louise Wilkinson Northfield Gustavson In Memory of Oscar Jorgenson Welles In Memory of Robert Thorstenson In Memory of Margareta Sharene and Zac Elander Laurie and George Williams Vesa Suomalainen Kay Reinartz and Richard Frith Jari and Minna Koponen Rundquist In Memory of Inga Bolang Bruce and Carol Meyers Lorrin Williams and Lisa In Honor of Olavi Hiukka’s In Honor of Olavi Hiukka’s Kirk Reiten In Memory of Cecile Meyers Jason Herrington Jim and Marie Ellingson 50th Birthday Lindstrom 50th Birthday In Honor of Ivar Reiten’s Birthday William and Bonnie Meyers Val and Joe Hillers Kathryn Emmenegger Molly Svendsen Lynn and Sonny Wirta Bo and Ulla Kordel In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Steven Reiten In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Mary and Mark Hillman In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Archer Wirth In Honor of Ivar Reiten’s Birthday Norma Kosche Curtis and Mary Mikkelsen John Enge Nancy Hiraoka Robert and Mary Jo Svendsen Elsa and Ron Wise Fred and Alyne* Richard Glenn and Rosemary Krantz In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Per Mikkelsen Regina Hjemlestad-Anderson In Honor of Pat Loftin’s 70th In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Carl Swenson Ivan Kristjanson Gail Engler W. C. Twig Mills and Alison Birthday Margaret and Michael Hlastala In Memory of Rev. Harald S. Carl E. Swenson* and Jean Elaine Richards Stamey Amy Erickson In Memory of Sigrid and Tani Richard T. Wise Eastman Swenson Sigmar Julia Ringrose In Memory of Opal Erickson Odd and Helga Moen Bjornson In Honor of Pat Loftin’s 70th Alice Swinland John Kvinge* GeorgeJean Erickson Birthday Donald and Dolores Mooney Roger Rippel Ruth and Gene Hockenberry In Honor of Ivar Reiten’s Birthday In Memory of Ron Olsen In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s Ann Risvold In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s In Memory of Sisko Svaleng & Connie and Roger Wolter Taku Graphics Rolf Laderach and Minna 90th Birthday 90th Birthday Arne Svaleng Robert and Carmen Robbin Rosemary Wood In Memory of Fern Gwin Gronlund-Laderach John Erickson Jami Moravetz Todd and Dee Hoeke Stanley and Erika A. Rogala Sonnera Joyce and Edward Mary Tannehill In Honor of Olavi Hiukka’s In Memory of Fred Erickson Karoline Morrison and Dennis Frank Hofmeister Mabel Rosvold 50th Birthday Wood Ron Tanzi Kristin Erickson In Memory of Eva Carlstrom Beals In Memory of Robert Thorstenson David and Marlene Lafave Patricia Yeager Ian Terry Daniel and Karen Erlander Charlotte Hoiosen Christie Most and Rich Folsom Claire Sagen In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s Larry T. Yok Norma Thomasson In Memory of Robert Thorstenson John and Katherine Evans 90th Birthday Maureen Munger Alice Sagstad In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Vivian Zagelow In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s Rolf Hokansson In Memory of Ray Pedersen Lang Manufacturing Co. Jonathan Sajda Neil and Patricia Thorlakson 90th Birthday Frank and Shirley Zahner In Memory of Eric Håkansson In Memory of Evelyn Nordquist Andrew L. and Doris I.* Nelson Luis Salazar and Yolanda Leon In Memory of Dr. H.F. Thorlakson In Memory of Sheila Stangvik Lucas and Alisha Evans Tapio and Brend Holma John and Betty Langkow Marvin and Sandra Nelson In Honor of Olavi Hiukka’s Bill and Susie Thorness Sharon Zerr-Peltner Elaine and Paul Everitt Ingrid Holmlund and David In Honor of Olavi Hiukka’s 50th Birthday Carsten S. Larsen Heidi Thorsen and Johnny Murlyn Zeske Anna Louise Falck 50th Birthday Thompson Victoria Sangrey-Hunter and Dorothea Larsen Adaskin In Memory of Evan Moe Stutsman In Memory of Roy Holmlund Family of Reidar Fammestad In Memory of L. C. and Sigrid Sharon L. Nelson Tim Hunter Anonymous (18) Robert Thorson and Leone In Memory of Reidar Fammestad Ronda and Ray Holmdahl Larsen Ingrid Ness John Salenjus Murphy Mildred Fast Fritz Horand Kris N. Larson In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Sandra Nestorovic Valerie Thorson In Memory of Louise Modine Ingrid and Lennart Larsson Sylvia Field In Memory of Naomi Briest Terry and Leland Sateren * denotes deceased Horand Donald and JoAnn Thuring In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Nona and Robert Nicholson Susie Larsson David, Bryn, and Bridget In Memory of Orthos Huseby Horgan Associates Inc. Elvira and Don Fife In Memory of Christina Savage and Laurie Medill Stella Nieman and Vic Spino In Memory of Robert Thorstenson In Memory of Arthur I. Price Larsson In Memory of Al Edwards Nordiska Folkdancers Ryan and Amy Tillotson Tore Hoven Finnish American Heritage Mike and Sisu Lazzareschi and Nordstrom, Inc. – Employee Virginia M. Schacker Lorna and Ritchie Tilson Sharon Swenson Howard Committee Mina Manchester Charitable Match Program Robert and Kay Schertzl Carl and D. Marlene Tingelstad Charles Huckabay Finnish Lutheran Church Kristine Leander Michael Schick and Katherine Carl J. Nordstrom III* Hilkka Toivola In Honor of Allan Osberg Lars Husby Joanne Foster Hanson Steve and Catherine Numata In Memory of Elsa Rydin Stuberg Lois Huseby Daniel and Jean Tolfree Helen Lee* In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Steve and Peggy Schmitz In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Ryan Franklin IBM International Foundation Berit and LeRoy Lehner Roy Schonberg Sheila Nyhus List compiled 12/31/2016. In Memory of Ray Pedersen Sandra and Richard Tomlinson Martha Leigh Icelandic Room Committee In Memory of Robert Thorstenson In Memory of Lloyd Nyhus Every effort has been made In Honor of Dorothy Trenor’s Rich Franko and Stephanie In Memory of Marion to ensure its accuracy. For Gail and Roger Ide Jenny K. Scroggs Joan Oates 90th Birthday Bower Lundblad Leigh corrections or additions please In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Melanie Ito and Charles Carleen and Charles See Per H. Tonning, M.D. Senator Karen Fraser contact Jan Woldseth Colbrese Bill and Jody Lemke Ib Odderson Wilkinson John and Karen Selle Laurie and Don Torcaso at 206.789.5707 x39 or Fred Fredrikson Kathleen Lindberg and David Rick Olafson Roald Severtson and Liz Camille and Alan Torget In Honor of My Father, Gunnar Sandi and Joel Ivie Skar In Memory of Robert Thorstenson John and Justine Jacobsen Gallagher Severtson In Memory of Arnold L. Torget Fredrikson in Sweden Joan B. Linde Kenneth Olsen Patricia Jacobsen and Alan Marilyn Sheldon James and Anna Freyberg Rocky and Casey Lindell Shawn Olsen In Memory of Robert Thorstenson Gurevich Mary O. Fricke In Memory of Robert Thorstenson In Memory of Jake and Arleen Mattson

Hansine Frostad

Brian and Pamela Jaynes

In Memory of Eva Leier Carlstrom Sally Jepson

In Memory of Millie Scheldrup Jacobsen

Brett and Jennifer Liskey

Shirley Olsen

In Memory of Robert Thorstenson

In Memory of Nolan Olson and Lars Steinnes


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NORDIC HERITAGE MUSEUM VISION Nordic Heritage Museum is an internationally recognized museum and cultural center where people of all backgrounds are welcomed to be inspired by the values, traditions, art, and spirit of the Nordic peoples.

NORDIC HERITAGE MUSEUM INSTITUTIONAL VALUES OPENNESS Support everyone’s right to express their opinions

SUSTAINABILITY Employ responsible business practices and demonstrate respect for our environment

COMPASSION Practice tolerance and show conviction for the equal value of all people

INNOVATION Encourage creativity, resourcefulness, and new ways of thinking

TRUST Act with integrity and be worthy of the community’s trust

NORDIC HERITAGE MUSEUM EQUITY STATEMENT Accessibility and equity are institutional priorities which are reflected in Nordic Heritage Museum’s programming and business practices. This institutional commitment ensures our efforts are devised with sensitivity. Our focus on equity promotes openness and makes the Museum welcoming and accessible to diverse audiences.

3014 NW 67th Street  Seattle, WA 98115

Nordic Heritage Museum 2016 Annual Report  

The official 2016 Annual Report of Nordic Heritage Museum.

Nordic Heritage Museum 2016 Annual Report  

The official 2016 Annual Report of Nordic Heritage Museum.