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Trendspotting for the new season

We’re gearing up for the new autumn season, and as usual we visited the main trade shows in the Nordics to check out the latest trends. They are not open to the public, so tag along for a peak behind the scenes. Colours and materials slowly changes over the seasons, and we see a lot of darker tones on the colour schemes right now. But one of the major trends seems to be here to stay. Working with high quality materials, sustainability and craftmanship is still the biggest trend of all. Visiting the trade shows also means meeting our designers, which is so inspiring! It is always so much fun to meet with them in person, hear their stories and see their new products. Join us for a trendspotting tour of the Nordics, visiting both Copenhagen and Stockholm. I hope you will find it as inspiring as I do.

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Meet our designers


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TRENDSPOTTING AT NORTHMODERN IN COPENHAGEN The season for trade shows and fairs is on! Yesterday, we started off by visiting Northmodern in Copenhagen. The location itself, Bella Center just outside of the center of Copenhagen, is just amazing! The space and daylight really brings a lot to the experience. Text & photo: Maria Richardsson




This textile installation, with its soft colours is making the most of the height and light in the venue. Below is the area for Emerging Designers, and as always this is the most exciting part of the show.


One example of the Danish heritage of woodwork is this speaker. It was part of a section of the trade show dedicated to luxury ecological products. With nature being such a big inspiration for Nordic designers, there is no surprise that there is a big ecological focus among all the exhibitors. I really liked the move from Northmodern to put the focus on this.


So, what trends did we spot during our visit? Plants was definitely one of them, especially hanging plants. We’ve been seeing the smaller plants for a while now, but now we are seeing bigger plants leaving the floor for the hanging position as well.


New colours for this season is dark dusty pinks and purple tones, like aubergine and plum.




The Copenhagen Design School had a great exhibition (picture to the left), covering all from textiles and lamps to graphic design and ceramics. As always, the danes are great att building upon the heritage of Danish design. The exhibition with a century of Danish chairs was spot on, and really highlighted their love for

wood and clean lines. This is something that is still the base of Danish design, and it was very obvious throughout the exhibitions – the woodwork is amazing! All in all, the exhibition was as always - very stylish, high quality and inspiring and well worth a visit to get a dose of Nordic inspiration.




WORKSHOP The trend of tradition and craftmanship is still very strong, and throughout the shows in both Stockholm and Copenhagen, we saw examples and traces of the work behind the products. In Stockholm, a big area was devoted to the tradition of weaving. The different traditional patterns were displayed in a very graphic way, and you even got to try it yourself.







AT FORMEX IN STOCKHOLM This week, the design and trend trade show Formex opened up the doors to reveal the trends of this season. As usual, we spent a couple of days visiting to get an update on whats going on in the business and meeting with our designers. Text & photo: Maria Richardsson



At the entrance hall, architectual firm Codesign interpreted this years theme “Nordic Me� in this exhibition. I loved the shapes and lines of the structure, but found the exhibition a bit closed off. It was hard to get a glimpse just walking by it, you had to enter. Inside it was filled with beautiful products and settings, but the lighting and structure of the installation made it really difficult to photograph.




When it comes to colours, they are now turning more to the warm and rich colours. Burgundy, mustard and navy were seen everywhere.


This years trend restaurant was styled by Tina Hellberg, and she did a fabulous job! The products really stood out and the settings in this years colours created a warm, cozy and “autumny� atmosphere. One of the biggest trends of the show was splashes of dots, as showing on this wallpaper.


MEET OUR DESIGNERS This Formex, as many as 26 of our designer exhibited their products. This is the perfect spot to show off their season news and full collections to press and retailers. Tag along for a tour of their exhibitions! Many of the products are already available for order on Nordic Design Collective. Visit our online Popup Store with Formex news by clicking below.


Elin Wesslund has been a designer and a stylist for a couple of years now, but this was the first time for her at a trade show. She had a beautiful exhibition, and was spot on with the trends of splashing dots!


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Top left: Havsglas Sverige participated with her lovely hanging vases and products made from sea glass. Top right: La Bohéme showed her amazing macrame wall hangings (and also got noticed by Elle Decoration). They are truly stunning and she told me that the biggest pieces takes about a week, full-time, to make! So beautiful! Right: Äggcøddler was also part of Nordic Buzz and got some well-deserved attention. It really is a great way to cook eggs, we have them at home and use them to make luxury weekend breakfasts!



Opposite side, top: Patternplan has such a great sense of colours and patterns. Her lovely cotton plaid Viskadalen is spot on for this season colour trend! Opposite side, below: One of our newest designers is Kuviokioski from Finland. Her note books have covers in plywood, which shines through the pattern. Lovely! Above left: Details by M is well-known for her amazing posters. For this season, she has created cushion covers based on her photos as well – beautiful! Above right: Glimbling, also one of our newest designers, is creating tags and brooches in leather and reflective materials. Left: Form – a nomad design studio is working with a group of craftsmen in Vietnam to create the beautiful and smart bike bag. 29

Above: Pattern designer Anette Jakobsson Form has a beautiful collection with patterns that match and complement each other, all in very stylish colours that together creates a very sophisticated look. Love it! Her collection includes textile, trays, tea towels and more. Left: Qvist Jewellery was also part of Young Designers, showing her very graphic and origami inspired jewellery. Opposite side: E.Leijon is one of our newest designer, and I have to confess that I’ve fallen heads over heals in love with her ceramics. She is actually a graphic designer, but are using her graphic skills to create beautiful ceramics. The production is all local and the result just stunning!



Top: Tovelisa is well known for her amazing illustrations. For the coming season she has a few new calendars to show, and they will be available for order in a month or two. Left: Nadja Wedin is continuing to create the most amazing patterns. So colourful and full of details, you just got to love them! This is her latest pattern, the original was featured in her exhibition. Opposite top: Sägen is well-known for their jewellery made from classical, broken porcelain. For this show, they presented a very exciting collaboration with popular brand House of Rym based on their porcelain. The collection is just fabulous and it will be available in our store very soon. Right: KattvikDesign presented their smart and beautiful candle light holders, perfect for late summer outdoor dinners! 32



Camilla Brøyn showed her amazing porcelain. Her candlelight holders works well as a vase as well, and the small jewellery dishes with spots are just adorable! Opposite, top left: Paula Hagerskans is creating the most amazing jewellery, and her big news for this show was watches! Opposite, top right: SB Studio showed her big collection of posters. Opposite, below left: Lina Johansson presented her lovely wool blankets and some new plastic rugs. Opposite, below right: Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin is building on her collection on trays, notebooks and cards.


Scandinaviaform is always a big success with her adorable mini vases Featured in the trend list by Elle Decoration, we know this will the big hit of the season. The Glasilium vases will soon be available new colours and sizes!


Top left: Återbrukshyttan is upcycling regular wine and beer bottles to new products. Top right: Popular brand Ejvor showed their collection full of quirkyness and fun colours! Left: Kristin Erséus and I Love Design shared stand, and they are a perfect fit!

Did you like any of the products from our designers? You can be one of the first to get you hands on them! Check out our online Formex Popup Shop!



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Nordic Living 16-06: Trendspotting  

Join us on a trendspotting tour of the Nordics, visiting the most important fairs and trade shows in Copenhagen and Stockholm. This issue is...

Nordic Living 16-06: Trendspotting  

Join us on a trendspotting tour of the Nordics, visiting the most important fairs and trade shows in Copenhagen and Stockholm. This issue is...