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NORDIC g in Liv ISSUE NO.6 | JULY 2015

Lazy Summer Days

The warm weather and long days of the Scandinavian summer are creating perfect conditions for relaxing and enjoying lazy summer days. With time off, it is the perfect time for longer reads. That is why we packed this issue with more inspiration than usual, and I’m so happy to be able to present more fantastic contributors to you! Designer Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin wrote an article dedicated to the colour Verdigris. With references to the colours of the sea, it fits perfect for this summer season. Stylist Charlotte Frey Svidén created dreamy and quirky pictures inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Add buckets of pastels to it, tons of sunshine and we’re ready for the heat! We are also bringing you on a roadtrip to Gothenburg, to meet talented photographer Dan Isaac Wallin. This and much more in the summer issue of our magazine. Welcome, and thank you for reading, following and supporting us!

Maria Richardsson Founder and CEO of Nordic Design Collective Ps. As always, we love to hear your what you think about our work! Tell us through social media or send us an e-mail. We want to hear it all - the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Meet the designer: Away From The City Interview: Meet Dan Isaac Wallin Trend: Knock On Wood




Meet the designer: Nordic Fox


A day in the life of: Jenny Kåberg


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BLUE-GREEN SUMMER SEA DREAMS We are surrounded by an infinite number of colours, shades and colour variations. It is usually not something we spend a deeper thought about until we are faced with a choice of colour. Which colour will you choose? Will you choose a colour that makes your soul “vibrate”? Presumably most of us choose colours with both heart and mind when we decorate our homes. Text: Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin. Photo and styling: Maria Richardsson.

Wassily Kandinsky believed that colours have a direct impact on our innermost being, the soul. “Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the

piano with many strings. The Artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposively, to cause vibrations in the soul”.

Paper vase Chrome Waves by Future Days, Estra Deco Alpaca Plaid by Aperie, Poster Trust by Camilla Edfors.


This spring and summer season colours are leaning to the colder sea blue-green shades and toward soft pastels in earthy tones. Among the blue-green colours there is a special greenish aqua shade known as Verdigris that inspires us to dream away towards warmer latitudes. Verdigris is a blue-green hue, colour code and pigment. Imagine the Mediterranean’s diverse green turquoise shades and you will find Verdigris amongst them. A colour is always “unfinished”, it is created and re-created with variations in hue and saturation. Opposite this volatile characteristic, colours develop a symbolism carried and developed through time and history. How we use colour intuitively and how it is used by us designers today is interlinked. We can find inspiration for a colour selection through a picture, in a book, on a trip or in nature. From Greece to Scandinavia Stefan Nilsson, also known as Trendstefan, launched the trend Marine Naive at Formex in January. Freely translated Trendstefan describes the trend like this, “Blue is sassy and classy. This season starts with lots of blue shades and sea-inspired environments, always with a splash of coral, watercolour, denim and cobalt“. The name Verdigris is derived from the French Vert de Greece, literally the Greek green colour. It is precisely in the Mediterranean green turquoise shade family in which Verdigris belongs but these shades can also be found in the waters of the Scandinavian archipelago.

Porcelain plate by Camilla Brøyn. Note books Sailor by Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin, card Lets Get Lost by Away from the city.

The pigment of Verdigris is described as a greenish substance that occurs artificially when dilute acetic acid comes in contact with copper. This way the pigment was produced since ancient times. Verdigris was the strongest available green turquoise until the early 1900s, before we could re-create the hue and produce a stable green turquoise pigment. We can still admire the beautiful shades of Verdigris caused by uncontrollable patina on bronze statues and thanks to modern technology on many design objects. The secret behind the magic of the thousands infinite shades of the volatile vibrant green and blue of Verdigris, is that our collective image memory connects these colours directly to the water and the sea. The name

Verdigris is therefore not a definition of a marketed or packaged colour. Verdigris is a cultural term for an ephemeral “floating” and universally appealing green-blue that inspires us to dream away to warmer seas and sunny days that lasts forever. As appealing as the thought of a warm summer sea is, could blue-green colours on design details in your home be. The colours and the nautical trend can be seen on designs such as the plastic rugs with geometric designs by Lina Johansson, posters with sea glass by Havsglas and trays with nautical patterns designed by me and on many other objects by the designers of Nordic Design Collective.

Hexagon earrings by Och Form, Lou Deco Alpaca Pillow Turquise by Aperie, Sailor tray by Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin, Harlequin ring by Sägen.


On the sea miniprint by Majali Illustration & Design, Sea glass mobile Ombre by Havsglas Sverige, Poseidon print by A Grape Design, Cloud hangers by Lilys Island, Tribus Turquise plastic rug by Lina Johansson, Fjord scented candles by Skandinavisk.


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PASTEL PINK WONDERLAND Are you sure the sky is blue? Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, we’re getting ourselves lost among the bright pastels. Styling: Charlotte Frey Svidén. Photo: Jonas Gustavsson.

Wonderland silk scarf by Lisa Edoff Design, Paper glasses by Ejvor, Lets get lost miniprint by Away from the city.



Left: Ro scented candle by Skandinavisk, Le Touriste poster by Lilys Island, Elephant earrings by Made by Leena. Right: Everyday Is A Carnival poster by Adelina Mehmeti, Dot coffee cups by Camilla Engdahl.

Right: Bugs & Butterflies Pink cushion cover by Nadja Wedin Design, Balloon metallic box by Susanna Sivonen, Paper Glasses by Ejvor.


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Meet the designer

AWAY FROM THE CITY Away from the city is a designcompany based in Aarhus, Denmark. Maria and Nelli created the brand in a mission to enrich peoples lives by creating beautiful prints. The inspiration comes from their own travels, where they felt life and let themselves be overwhelmed by different places and experiences. Tell us about your background! We are to creative individuals, 25 and 26 years old, living in Aarhus. We both have a Academy Profession degree in Multimedia Design and Communication, and a top-up Bachelor in E-concept Development. We have travelled a lot, both together and on our own. What’s the story behind your brand? The adventure of AFTC started a cold January-evening in 2014. Based in graphical design, our ideas started to emerge. We had known for a while that we wanted to create something together, and since we shared a passion for graphical design it quickly became obvious that this should be our starting point. Another one of our shared passions are travels, adventures and outdoor life. There we began to create a common vision to combine our interestes and inspirations. Shortly after that, the identity of AFTC was created and we knew at once what Away from the city was for us. What inspires you to create? Away from the city is a design business, based on the values of authenticity, honesty and

beauty, and based on our love of nature. We cultivate the creativity of the design world, and we love dearly to create products that make sense for both users, ourselves and the environment. We find most of all inspiration in nature in all its forms. The raw, harsh, the mild and the beautiful scenery. In addition, we let ourselves be inspired by travel, culture and the concept of slow living. What made you decide to start your own company, and what do you like most about it? We chose to start AFTC, primarily because we couldn’t not do it. Because we have always had a dream to create independently. Also, because we wanted to create a brand and products, which involves some of the most important elements we consider essential in life: to travel. To develop. To stop. To listen. To feel and indulge in experiences, surroundings and amazing nature.



Meet the designer DAN ISAAC WALLIN

“I LOVE WORKING WITH OLD TECHNIQUES” The art made by photographer Dan Isaac Wallin is loved by people all over the world. The magical atmosphere is created using old photography and printing techniques, something he fell in love with during his studies. Text and photo: Maria Richardsson

Looking back, he has always been doing photography and got his first camera at the age of 10. His father was also very interested in photography on a hobby level, but it wasn’t until he got to visit a dark room at the age of 19 he really fell in love with the process of photography. “That was when it really clicked for me”, Dan tells us when we’re visiting his studio in Gothenburg. “That’s when I decided that this is what I want to do, and shortly after that I got my own dark room equipment.”


After a few years of studies, including Photo Journalism at the renowned school at Biskops-Arnö, he started working as a photographer and combined this with running a gallery and store. “It was really fun and really hard work. The store became the most important meeting space for photographers in Gothenburg at the time. We ran workshops, sold equipment and hosted the gallery. I learned so much, and got to know so many amazing photographers during these years” Dan says.


Working as hard as he did during these years takes its toll, and finally he needed a break from photography. “I went to learn carpentry in Grebbestad, a small town at the west coast of Sweden. It was really something I needed, just working with my hands and creating something else with great finish. I loved spending time in the workshop, trying to stretch the boundaries and create beautiful details”. Ironically, this is when the photography business started to take off again, and he has never worked as a carpenter. With the release of a beautiful photo book, a lot of assignments and new inspiration (quite a few of the motifs on his posters are from this area), photography became his main business again. He did a lot of projects for advertising agencies during these years, but has now moved away from that to focus more on his art. “Nature, and being close to the ocean, is so important to me and I think that reflects in my work. It is almost like meditation for me” Dan continues. “And I do love working with old techniques, the slow pace and thoughtfulness it requires. You get a bit dirty, it smells, and you sometimes get surprised when you develop the film... It is like Christmas every time!” he says, with a big smile on his face. Most of his work is done with Polaroid film, which in itself is quite a challenge since the production stopped in 2006. “I spend a lot of time on eBay”, he confesses. “As soon as I find something, I put a bid on it and I have quite a big stock of film now” he says and shows us the three (!) fridges packed with Polaroid film. That should have him set for another couple of years. But it’s not all about the film. The cameras are equally important. “Yes, I guess I have somewhere between 10 and 15 cameras. They all have their own stories, personalities and characteristics, just like the film. My oldest camera is from the 40’ies.”


For now, Dan is able to focus on his own artwork. Last year he had several exhibitions in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, and he would like to do more. He has also been travelling with his cameras, so we are convinced that we have lots of new amazing posters to look forward to. Meeting with Dan, it becomes clear to us that he is a man with a big heart. By his own words, he believes that he is put on this planet to create beautiful pictures, and we agree! Working with his hands, with people he cares about, is his passion and we are truly honoured to be part of his journey.


From top left: Always There, Context, Echo, Seclusion, Fairyland, Haväng, Tjurpannan, Fever and Alone.




KNOCK ON WOOD Raw wood is very Nordic, and we have some talented craftsmen among our designers to make the best of the material. Why not invest in a birch plywood cabinet or a side table in ash and oak? Your iPad will look even better in an handmade walnut cover, and you will look smashing in earrings made from wooden backgammon markers.

From top left: Triangel poster from Lucky me studios, Lotus lamp from Yndlingsting, The U table (ash and oak) and Mjøvik iPad cover (walnut) by Evertopia, cushion covers Plywood and OSB by How Are You, Backgammon dark earrings and Backgammon light bracelet by Alexandra Inn, Wooden flowers by Nordic Fox. Right: Plywood cabinet by How Are You.



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Meet the designer

NORDIC FOX There is something about nature that is very appealing to the folks in the Nordics. Danish Helene and Sandra are not exceptions, and they have combined the love of nature with another Nordic obsession - wood.

Tell us about your background! We are Helene Bech and Sandra Myrtue and we both have a background from the Academy of art in Copenhagen doing architecture and graphic design.

We imagine our products as a creative alternative to the classic hostess bouquet or mother’s day present – or just a way for all us design-loving people to decorate our homes in a new way.

What’s the story behind your brand? Nordic Fox is a Danish design company specialized in laser cut arts and crafts inspired by Nordic nature. It all started with the frustration of keeping regular flowers alive and the desire to display some beautiful vases. The idea of making wooden flowers came to us when we were working together at a laser cutting company. This way we could get some nature in to our homes without having to worry about watering flowers again.

What you see in our products, is our passion for design as well as nature. Everything is produced in Denmark.

What inspires you to create? Our wooden flowers are all inspired by wild growing plants from Scandinavia – we got everything from dandelions to cherry blossoms as well as a line of spring flowers and Christmas ornaments.

What are your plans and dreams for the future? We are constantly working on new products, so keep an eye out for us…



A day in the life of

JENNY KÅBERG Talented Jenny Kåberg spends her days working with metals of different sorts. We asked her to take us behind the scenes for a day in her life, using Instagram. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM


08.36: Good morning! Welcome to Jenn Kåberg metalldesign. Today it will be all about jewellerymaking.

09.52: My happy place!

11.16: The gemstones I work with is ethically sourced and the materials I use are fairtrade or recycled.

12.54: Recycling silver. I love to melt stuff.

13.59: The result of the recycled silver lumps! A heavy ring where the surface is left with the marks from the melting.

15.17: The sun is getting closer!!! Love how the sea changes everyday

17.23: Catch of the day!! Now to the post office...

18.41: I work with a fantabulous photographer: Mette Ottosson!! Last task for today is to choose images from the latest photoshoot .

Check out the work of Jenny KĂĽberg Metalldesign in our store!

19.22: Thank you for letting me take care of your Instagram today! Had lots of fun whilst working :-)


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