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Annual Report 2010


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CEO’s report Excerpt from the Board’s Report A glance at 2010 - Norconsult - a group with broad scope - International priority areas - Professional skills development and knowledge sharing - Technology and innovation Business areas and projects in 2010 - Buildings - Energy - Environment - Industry - Oil and gas - Planning - Risk management - Transport - Water Financial highlights 2010 - Income statement - Balance sheet Our offices


CEO’s report

Norconsult - your local consultant backed by the expertise and experience of the entire organization As we have been in the consulting business for more than 80 years, we have a sound foundation as a leading player nationally and internationally. We provide comprehensive consultancy services in community planning and engineering.

Our business is primarily based on value creation through projects. Annually, we complete approx. 7,500 projects of all sizes. Each of them is like a separate business. We ensure that our project organization and our client have the same understanding of goals, challenges, progress and deliver-ables. Then we have to make certain that we have the relevant expertise and capacity available to implement the project as agreed. It is this kind of expertise in project management and good communication with our clients throughout each contract that is needed to achieve success. It is through our project work we show our achievements, and it is through having the most skilled employees, we prove ourselves to be better than our competitors and are the preferred consultant for our clients. Our clients are almost without exception, professional and demanding. They know how to make demands and have clear expectations from us. This keeps us on our toes and results in the necessary improvements and provides healthy development for Norconsult. We thank our many clients and partners for good contact and fruitful dialogue in 2010, and for all the constructive feedback that confirms that we have been valuable to them.

Profitable growth


growth of approx. NOK 220 million compared to the year before. The operating income before tax was 10%. It is with satisfaction that we note that growth has not weakened the company’s earnings ability and financial strength. Good results provide motivation, and the financial freedom that is essential to enable the company to prosper in a market that is constantly changing. Throughout 2010, Norconsult has been determined to continue to expand its range of services and its capacity through organic growth, the creation of new businesses and acquisitions, both at headquarters and in several of our other offices. In addition, we have enjoyed the boost from satisfactory market conditions. Our growth has its clear roots in our desire for professional development in width and depth. It is also gratifying to note that our major subsidiaries, Technogarden (consulting for hire and headhunting) and Norconsult Information Systems (IT solutions for the construction industry), both contribute substantially to the Group’s success.

Strengthened market intervention – increased competitiveness

Over the past few years, we have invested significant resources in a range of professional skills development projects. It is puzzling that this, our most important asset, cannot be read in the balance sheet.

During the year, we hired many new colleagues. This is a significant resource that provides the company with valuable expertise and new market opportunities. At the beginning of 2011, the Norconsult Group had about 1750 employees.

A prerequisite for creating good results is our own productivity and efficiency. It is therefore gratifying to note that 2010 was another record year for the Norconsult Group with a turnover of NOK 2 234 million, representing a

Our goal is to develop an employee-owned, interdisciplinary company that can compete on a par with major international players. Growth is an important prerequisite for strengthening our competitiveness and maintaining our leading posi-

John Nyheim, CEO

tion. As a consequence, in Norway we acquired the following companies: Techno Consult Møre AS, TekĂ˜k Data AS, Vest Landskap AS, Hardanger Consult AS and Pro Teknologi AS. The Norconsult Group has experienced substantial growth in recent years, and at the same time we have managed to integrate and consolidate the acquired companies, create synergies and ensure they become an integral part of the group.

International success for Norconsult

The group is also developing outside of Norway. In Sweden, our 8 local offices achieved a turnover of NOK 270 million in 2010, an increase of over 30% compared to 2009. A clear prerequisite for further growth in Sweden, is becoming more interdisciplinary and getting a broader geographic footprint and market coverage. A defined goal is to become a significant player in the Swedish energy market. In Denmark, we opened a new office in Kalundborg in 2010, and we are now well positioned to provide advice for environmental projects and the pharmaceutical industry. Our strategy is continued growth and future development in the Danish market. Over the years, Norconsult has had assignments in more than 150 countries. In recent years we have conducted a series of measures and are now well equipped to compete in the international market. Our focus on renewable energy in South America, southern Africa and South-east Asia has produced results, and we are currently heavily engaged in major hydropower projects in which our extensive expertise and unique experience are in demand. There is a huge

potential for further development in these areas, including sustainable energy. This is a field where Norconsult has much to contribute. In a world where greenhouse gas emissions are steadily increasing, it is motivating and in line with our social responsibility and desire for sustainable development that we are heavily engaged in renewable energy. We are therefore taking active measures against increases in greenhouse gas emissions.

Decentralized organization - same brand

Norconsult is a decentralized organization where local knowledge about the customer and the project is a key factor for success. As Norway’s largest consultancy company we have to offer our clients something more in terms of access to resources, expertise and experience. Sharing knowledge and cooperating effectively across disciplinary, organizational and geographic boundaries in a dispersed organization, will continue to be crucial for our competitiveness. During 2010 we invested significant resources in our Intranet, and further developed our disciplinary networks, improved our IT infrastructure and not least, carried a significant effort to further professionalize our expertise in project management. We work hard to streamline our operations to become more effective in our project execution and equip us to face even tougher competition ahead. Norconsult offers consulting in a variety of disciplines, through many organizational units and our local presence with offices in many countries. The goal is that the Norconsult brand, and thus the entire corporation, appears consistent and strong, so that partners and clients have the same impression of Norconsult, anywhere in the world.


Corporate responsibility

Norconsult takes social responsibility and has resilient approaches about how we provide advice. We ensure that our advice and the choice of solutions also protect society’s vulnerability. We have developed considerable expertise in this field over a number of years and see an increasing demand for our services in risk and emergency preparedness. This requires full understanding and active inter-action between our clients and us. This is something we strive for in every project - regardless of size. The culture of Norconsult is soundly rooted in the principles of honesty and respect for others. When one operates a successful company with a long-term perspective, one has to build up trust and a good reputation among the clients as well as in society at large. Norconsult has clear ethical guidelines for our business to ensure that all individuals acting on behalf of Norconsult adhere to the stipulated ethical standards and act in accordance with the standards the company has established.

Changing technology and environmentally sound construction

The building and construction industry is undergoing extensive changes. New contract models, technology development and BIM all create opportunities for closer and more binding cooperation between the different players in a construction project. The industry is also concerned with reducing its environmental impacts and developing energy efficient heating solutions for buildings, to name just some of the focus areas. As the Norwegian market leader in our industry, it is natural that we are at the forefront in this development. This makes sense on two counts - taking responsibility for the further development of the construction industry, while at the same time obtaining a competitive advantage by being the first to implement new technologies, and gain experience and knowledge to meet market needs. Our focus on development and innovation creates new arenas where ideas are exchanged with our clients. The company has established its own training course for innovation process leaders so that we can contribute as facilitators in creative project phases. As a company, we must always remain curious and find out how to improve our project implementation - not only by doing things right, but also ensuring that we are doing the right things.


The road ahead

The Norconsult Group’s financial strength, expertise, market position and contract backlog create a sound platform for the company in the future. We have clear ambitions for continued growth in the future. In the Norwegian market, we will work on maintaining our position as market leader and thereby be the clear first choice in our industry. At the same time, we will endeavour to be a leading player internationally in selected markets. The level of activity at the beginning of 2011 is high. In infrastructure, energy and environment, we are optimistic about the long term prospects. There is an increase in residential and commercial buildings and there is therefore good reason to look forward to a high level of activity in 2011. We believe that the improvements that act as a continuous process in the company will be beneficial for the owners, employees, clients and our partners. We will continue to be a sound company with an international perspective that is owned by the employees. This firm foundation and broad reach generates expectations of successful competition and innovative and exciting projects in the future.

John Nyheim CEO

Excerpt from

the Board’s Report

In 2010, Norconsult increased its revenues and delivered an operating margin that the Board finds satisfactory. Through organic growth, the development of new business opportunities and acquisitions, Norconsult has continued to reinforce its footing both in its home market in Norway and through local offices and companies internationally. Norconsult had a broad level of international activity and was involved in projects in 49 countries during 2010.

Control System

Norconsult’s control system is an integrated system to meet the requirements, risks and objectives, which are based on our core business: planning and implementation of projects of all sizes with a wide range of expertise and a wide variety of clients. The system meets all requirements in relation to relevant legislation and NS-EN ISO 9001.

Research and development

Through an active focus on R&D, Norconsult creates an important competitive advantage by being at the forefront of implementing new knowledge and technology in its consultancy services. Effective planning and good solutions require both standardization and creativity. Norconsult develops methodologies that open the way for innovative thinking in all projects and for all employees through our Innovation Program. Creative techniques have already been utilized in numerous projects with good results.

Social responsibility and ethics

Norconsult takes its responsibility seriously, and has firmly stipulated policies for its consultancy services. The company also emphasizes that its advice and choice of solutions take care of societal vulnerability. The company has for several years built up considerable expertise in this field, and there is also a growing demand for its services in environmental, safety / risk and preparedness issues. The Norconsult corporate culture is based on sound business practices, honesty and respect for other people. Norconsult's success is based on a good reputation and

trust with its clients as well as other stakeholders in the world at large. This is part of the day-to-day behaviour of each and every employee. Norconsult’s ethical guidelines ensure that all individuals acting on behalf of Norconsult act in an ethical manner, adhere to the applicable laws and regulations and work in accordance with the standards set by Norconsult. Norconsult will continue to pay close attention to ensure that its international engagements are conducted in accordance with its ethical guidelines, and will withdraw its operations from a country if the company sees that conditions are not conducive to doing business according to its standards. As a continuation of the work on the ethical guidelines, Norconsult is working on establishing a policy that encompasses all the elements involved in social responsibility in Norconsult (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) and complement its control system where needed. Through this work, Norconsult wants to demonstrate that it is a company that takes societal responsibility seriously, both in its own operations and on behalf of its clients. Norconsult also affects people, the environment and material assets directly through its direct daily behaviour. The employees' behaviour, especially when working outside the home office environment, can affect both their own and other people's safety, health and working environment. Such risk is minimized through good practice and awareness.

Health, safety and environment (HSE)

Norconsult has significant and lasting impact on people, the environment and material assets through the advice the company provides to its clients. Norconsult has implemented requirements for the safeguarding of these


issues in its procedures for implementation of projects, in line with requirements for safeguarding of technical and professional quality, time and financial matters.This ensures that the company provides its clients with sound advice that safeguards people, the environment and material assets in a satisfactory manner. Furthermore, Norconsult affects the environment directly through its own activities - specifically resource consumption, pollution and waste as a result of its operational activities. This influence is limited, but still it is desirable and possible to improve this through concrete measures. To achieve an even stronger focus on safeguarding the environment, the company has developed an environmental policy and an action plan for improvements in its direct impact on the environment. Improvements of the company’s procedures for safeguarding the external environment in the planning, design, procurement and implementation of projects are also underway. The energy needs of the company’s offices are mainly covered by electric power, while the head office’s energy needs are partly covered by district heating systems. Norconsult participates in return and recycling programmes for consumer goods where such arrangements are established. In 2010, the company has, among other things, also implemented the following environmental initiatives: • Comprehensive energy conservation measures (supported by ENOVA) to reduce energy consumption in the office building at the head office in Sandvika, Norway. • Implementation of a travel survey for its employees, improvement of the bicycle parking and planning the expansion of changing room facilities at head office. • Extensive use of video meetings for internal project meetings and meetings with clients, to reduce travel needs and thus CO2 emissions • Identification and implementation of specific environmental initiatives at the office in Bodø, Norway and testing the certification as an Eco-Lighthouse (pilot).


The Eco-Lighthouse Foundation offers environmental certification that helps private and public enterprises to conduct profitable and environmental friendly operations. To ensure continuous development of our systematic HSE work in our assignments, Norconsult has established a HSE Coordinator Group consisting of representatives from all divisions and offices in Norway. The Group is a driving force to promote HSE compliance in its projects and assignments.

Internal factors

Safety, health and working environment Norconsult actively works to develop a stimulating working environment that provides the opportunity for personal development within the different career directions offered. Norconsult aims to attract the most skilled engineers and technical consultants on the market. The Board considers Norconsult’s working environment to be good. The company's HSE Coordinator Group had 5 meetings in 2010. The cooperation with employee organizations is regarded as good. Sick leave in Norconsult constituted 3.1% of total working hours compared with 4.4% for 2009. The short-term absence amounted to 1.9%, while long-term absence was 1.2%. The high percentage of sickness absence in 2009 was mainly related to the swine flu. The company has a medical and health insurance programme for its employees. Norconsult has its own policy for internal control of health, safety and security and a system that meets the Internal Regulations. There were 11 recorded accidents in 2010 in Norway and 2 abroad. No accidents resulted in serious injuries. Equality and discrimination The company seeks to safeguard gender equality, equal opportunities and equal rights. It works to prevent discrimination based on ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, skin colour, language, religion or belief.

As of 31.12.2010 Norconsult had 23.9% female staff and 11% of its management are female. Efforts are underway to increase female representation in the operational units and at management level in the company. The proportion of women in the parent company's board of directors is 22%. 4 of the 6 elected representatives to the internal group for safeguarding the work environment are women. The elected senior safety representative is also a woman. Corporate governance The Board believes that Norconsult follows good practices for accounting, management and control. The Board plays an independent role in relation to management. None of the Directors on the Board has any function in the management team of Norconsult.


Norconsult has been an active participant in the restructuring taking place in the industry in Norway. The company will continue to participate in this effort both in the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets. Internationally, in line with the Group's strategy, Norconsult will expand the involvement in the locations where the Group can utilize its unique expertise, is competitive on price and has a channel into the market. The company has a satisfactory financial position. The Board does not anticipate a need for additional capital during the year. The Board still emphasizes that there is general uncertainty related to assessments of future conditions and developments in the market depend on economic conditions and the general economic development.

The Norconsult Group's financial strength, expertise and market position create a very good basis for the company in the future. Market prospects are considered positive in most business areas the company operates in.

Board of Norconsult Holding AS External board members: Per Kristian Jacobsen, Chairman Espen Ettre Anne Karin Kvam

Board members elected by the shareholders: Jens Kvarekv책l Per Kristian Nesse Stein Olav Utmo

Board members elected by the employees: Kristin Grenan Stein Sverre Hovden Harald Trosvik


Cheves hydropower plant, Peru SN Power awarded Norconsult the contract as a consultant for the power plant located on the Huaura River, about 80 km north of Lima, Peru. Cheves will replace some of Peru’s thermal power generation. The UN confirms that the project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 394 000 tonnes a year.


A glance at 2010 %001 relle 07 책p tetisapO :책sgo ednevlieps 책 tnfi r책g eD



Norconsult - a group with broad scope




The Norconsult Group is Norway’s and one of Scandinavia’s largest interdisciplinary engineering and design consultancies. We have a long, sound history as a leading player both nationally and internationally.








’07 ’08



Number of employees


Norconsult Holding AS

Norconsult AS

Norconsult Eiendom AS


Norconsult International AS

Norconsult Informasjonssystemer AS 100% 100%

NorCiv Engineering Co Ltd. 24,5% Thailand

Techno Consult AS

100% 100%

Norconsult Utvikling AS

Technogarden Eng. Resources AS Technogarden Human Resources AS

Norconsult Botswana (Pty) Ltd. Norconsult Mozambique Lda.

100% 100%

Norconsult Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Norconsult Laos Co. Ltd. Norconsult Management Services (Phils), Inc. Philippines

The largest companies in the Norconsult Group are: NORCONSULT – this is the largest Norwegian and one of the leading Scandinavian interdisciplinary consultants focused on community planning and design. The company also has significant international operations in select priority areas. NORCONSULT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (NoIS) is one of the largest Norwegian software companies and develops and delivers integrated IT solutions for design, construction and management of infrastructure and property. The company's major competitive advantage is to combine knowledge of discipline, system and industry in user-friendly and integrated IT-solutions.


Norconsult AB 100%


Norconsult Fältgeoteknik AB

100% 100%

Norconsult Danmark A/S


Technogarden Eng. Resources AB


Norconsult Andina SA


Norconsult Peru SAC

Lysenor AS SCDS Mozambique

The Norconsult Group consists of several entities, each of which has a leading position in its market. The core business of the Norconsult Group is its consultancy services organized in the Norconsult company. The respective other companies help to substantiate the mission statement that Norconsult will contribute to a sustainable society through innovative and targeted consulting services – from idea generation and overall planning to the engineering and operational support.





TECHNOGARDEN is an engineering consultancy and recruiting company that helps increase clients' competitiveness by offering flexible and efficient access to resources via the hiring of engineering consultants. In addition, the company specializes in recruitment for permanent positions within the various engineering disciplines, as well as project management positions. We are very sensitive to the impact our consulting has on people’s everyday lives, their work and to the communities they live in. Therefore, we use our interdisciplinary skills actively to ensure that all social considerations are taken care of in our processes. In addition to influencing the community through consulting, Norconsult is also very conscious about the company’s role in its business operations. Norconsult is a key player in local and national communities where we are present. Our business and our work have consequences and affect both the environment and the community. Norconsult focuses its attention on minimizing environmental impacts associated with the company’s operations.


Female employees

2006 20.2

2007 20.2

2008 22.6

2009 23.0

% 2010 23.9

Thousands of projects of all sizes

Annually Norconsult completes a large number of projects in the private and public sectors. The projects range from large and long-term contracts dominated by interdisciplinary team efforts, to small, short-term studies and pre-projects, where expertise and consulting experience dominate. Norconsult’s broad resource base ensures that necessary capacity is available to execute its contracts irrespective of content and size. At the end of 2010 Norconsult had 1750 employees (including subsidiaries), 1400 located in Norway and 350 in other countries.

Presence in more and more locations

Average age 2006 44.4


2007 2008 2009 2010 43.2 42.6 42.7 42.5


Sick-leave incl. children’s illness

2006 3.3

2007 2008 2009 2010 3.7 2.9 4.4* 3.1

* The high rate of absenteeism in 2009 was caused by the swine flu.


Norconsult has a wide geographical presence. We focus on local presence combined with the development of local skills. The concept is that local experts can profit from the huge pool of expertise and experience across the organization. With several acquisitions of local companies in Norway, the company is represented virtually "everywhere" in its home country with its 36 local offices. New offices that were established in 2010 were located in Eidfjord, Odda, Kristiansund and Ålesund. Outside of Norway, the company has significant local operations in Sweden with eight local offices, three local offices in Denmark, as well as permanent establishments in Africa (South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique), Asia (Philippines, Laos and Thailand) and South America (Chile). At the same time the company also has several project offices. In addition to expanding its presence in several locations during 2010, the company also expanded its presence in digital communication channels during the year. The creation of our own pages on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, means that the company has become more accessible and visible to the outside world. In addition, Norconsult Information Systems was in 2010 approved as a distributor of mobile applications through iTunes, and has developed its first app, which will be launched in 2011.

Responsible for a sustainable development

People are the foundation of our business, and it is the sum of all the work we do and the knowledge, attitudes and values we stand for, which essentially is the company. Norconsult's corporate culture is founded on sound business practices, honesty and respect for other people, and we understand the consequences of our operations in the community and take this into account when making decisions. With this background, during 2010 the company prioritized increasing its efforts to develop awareness of the company's social responsibility and what it means for the individual employee. The work to establish official corporate guidelines for social responsibility and train its employees in these are underway. In addition to focusing on social responsibility in our own operations and consulting practice, Norconsult participates in several initiatives to drive the industry's role and future standards for the good of the society and the environment. Among these are: NORWEGIAN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL (NGBC) In 2010, about 60 of Norway’s leading players in the construction and the real estate industries took the initiative to establish NGBC. Norconsult is one of the founding partners. The organization will work to achieve exceptional

environmental standards for Norwegian buildings. GLITNE The research project Glitne, along with Snøhetta, Bellona and SINTEF and Norconsult Information Systems as an IT partner, gives the building industry the opportunity to face up to the environmental challenges before a new law will force changes. The user-led research project suggests, among other things, to impose a "mortgage" based environmental fund as an "incentive" to make the construction industry build more environmentally friendly. THE ‘RENERGI’ PROGRAM In seeking to achieve its ambitious climate goals, the Research Council of Norway will distribute NOK 300 million to 49 research projects in green energy through the ‘RENERGI’ programme. The research council decided in 2010 to provide support to the Norconsult project "50% reduction in energy consumption from the hospitals of the future". INTPOW In 2009 Norconsult was co-founder of INTPOW (Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners), and has a representative on the board of the organization. INTPOW is a meeting place and network for Norwegian and foreign companies with activities related to renewable energy. Many global and local challenges must be solved to provide the world with clean energy and sustainable development. Norconsult takes its social responsibility seriously and continues to focus on building skills and knowledge concerning renewable energy.

Year 2010 • Norconsult had 39 offices in Norway and 18 offices in other countries • Norconsult acquired the following companies in Norway: Techno Consult Møre AS, TekØk Data AS, Vest Landskap AS, Hardanger Consult AS and Pro Teknologi AS • Turnover: Increased by 11% from NOK 2012.8 million in 2009 to NOK 2233.7 million in 2010 • Operating profit: NOK 224.8 million in 2010, compared to NOK 206.0 million in 2009 • International turnover: 24% of total turnover • Norconsult had 7500 projects in 49 countries • Number of employees: Increased by 2.9% from 1700 in 2009 to 1750 in 2010


International priority areas Norconsult’s international strategy is based on developing and building local expertise, while maintaining a strong focus on knowledge sharing within the organization. This ensures that the expertise developed in major offices is being shared with representatives in the smaller, local offices and vice versa.


Øyvind Engelstad, Managing Director in Chile The topography in Chile is very similar to Norway, therefore the experience we have from Norway really falls into place here. It has been a positive experience establishing myself with my family in a new country. We have been warmly welcomed both by the local community and the new colleagues.

Marte Ness, civil engineer – division International Being able to work in international projects from Norway, was the main reason I chose to leave my previous employer and move to Norconsult. Currently, I am working on a hydropower project in Peru.

Tore Horvei, Managing Director in South Africa South Africa is by far the most developed country in the region, and we see great growth opportunities here. We expect that we will be at least 80 employees by the end of 2011.

Britt-Mari Langåsen, civil engineer and participant in the Young Professionals programme The time I spent in Botswana was incredibly exciting. I was involved in lots of different local projects, both in Botswana and Zimbabwe, and also had time to travel in the region. Being involved in building up one of our new offices, also gave me a lot of new experience.

Over the past 50 years, Norconsult has worked on projects in more than 150 countries. During 2010, we conducted a series of new measures and are well equipped to compete on the international market.

throughout the year. Turnover increased by almost 30%, which reflects good market conditions and our positive development in Sweden. At the end of 2010 we had 250 employees at our Swedish offices.


DENMARK Norconsult in Denmark established a new office in Kalundborg in 2010. The office will primarily serve the local industrial enterprises, and our services primarily constitute of advising and consulting for environmental, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. We have offices in Copenhagen and Århus in addition to Kalundborg. Our presence in Denmark has grown further in 2010 and at year-end we were a total of 18 employees. Our strategy is continued growth and future development of our position in the Danish market.

During 2010, Norconsult had active assignments throughout Europe - including Albania, Belgium, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Russia and the Czech Republic. In addition, we continued to build our operations in Scandinavia through acquisitions, organic growth and collaboration across borders. SWEDEN In Sweden, the construction industry picked up again towards the end of 2009. This affected our level of activity positively in this business area. Within infrastructure the market has been good, and we have won a number of exciting contracts. The same applies in the areas of energy, environment and water and sewerage, which implies a good business activity level

Local presence in emerging economies

Norconsult has been engaged on infrastructure projects in a number of emerging markets for decades. During 2010, Norconsult developed and implemented the strategy


“ “

of having a strong local presence in select markets even further. The strategy is focused on building local expertise in South America, Southeast Asia and southern Africa. The company has several local offices in these regions. The areas are regarded as regions with great development potential, among other things in renewable energy. Norconsult can make an important contribution in this field. Our specific areas of expertise and locally established companies are major factors of success to our international activities. We have local staff with expertise in all our priority areas. We have built local organizations in combination with expert knowledge and management resources from Norway. Temporary project offices in other locations are established when needed. New establishments in other regions with promising potential are evaluated continuously. SOUTH AMERICA In South America, Norconsult has established a local company and office in Chile (Santiago). During 2010, the company also had projects in Peru, Costa Rica and Panama. ASIA In Asia, Norconsult has local companies and offices in Laos (Vientiane), Philippines (Manila) and Thailand (Bangkok). During 2010, the company also had projects in Afghanistan, India, China, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam and East Timor. AFRICA In Africa, Norconsult has established local companies and offices in Mozambique (Maputo) and Botswana

(Gaborone). In 2010, we established a new office in Johannesburg (South Africa). With this, we have further strengthened our efforts in southern Africa. South Africa is the largest energy producer and consumer on the continent. The new office will primarily focus on providing advice on energy production, transmission and distribution to public and private customers in the energy sector. The office will also gradually build up local expertise in transport, water and environmental consulting. Based on planned acquisitions in South Africa, Norconsult expects to have at least 80 employees in South Africa at the end of next year. This growth is to be based on acquisitions and the attraction and hiring of skilled local personnel. During 2010, the company also had projects in Angola, Kenya, Liberia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Young Professionals Program

In cooperation with the Norwegian Peace Corps, Norconsult established in 2009 an international development program for younger candidates – Young Professionals. The Norwegian Peace Corps provides for mutual personnel exchange between companies in Norway and Africa, Asia and Latin America, aiming to contribute to lasting improvements in the economic, social and political conditions in the world. The program consists of mostly Norwegian candidates who move to destinations in Africa, however the program also opens opportunities for exchange the other way around. The first candidates moved back to Norway in 2010, and the program was proven so successful that it will be continued in 2011.

Middle East





76 % Outside the Nordic countries

42 %

12 % 12 %

Nordic countries excluding Norway

Turnover Norway - Worldwide





23 % Europe excl. the Nordic countries

Turnover Worldwide (excl. the Nordic countries)

La Confluencia Hydropower Project, Chile Norconsult assists Tingiririca Energia (50/50 SN Power and Pacific Hydro) in connection with a tunnel representing one of two branches on the run to La Confluencia power plants. Work is performed with local geologists and engineering geologists with the support of the Norwegian engineering geologists.

Employees with PhD: 25

Britt-Mari Lang책sen has been stationed for a year at the Norconsult office in Gaborone, Botswana, as part of the Young Professionals Program. Here, she is visiting a location where a new substation is being planned that will supply Gaborone city with electricity. Richard Samsl책tt has been stationed for a year at the Norconsult office in Vientiane, Laos, as part of the Young Professionals Program. Here, he visits a location where a new hydroelectric power plant is being planned.


Professional skills development and knowledge sharing – a must in today’s knowledge society Skills development, knowledge sharing and facilitating interaction across the board, are all crucial success factors in today’s knowledge society. Norconsult is an interdisciplinary knowledge-based company. This means that we must constantly focus on new arenas, tools and measures to stimulate the development of both the individual and our common knowledge.


In today's knowledge society, we are constantly looking for means to better leverage our own experience and adjust ourselves according to external influences. In this work, it is essential to share our professional knowledge and our business expertise. With our extensive disciplinary scope over large geographic areas and with many different interaction points, Norconsult has particular focus on facilitating and ensuring optimal interaction - internally and externally. Achieving seamless integration across knowledge boundaries and roles is a prerequisite for success in today's knowledge society.

A systematic approach to competence development

Professional and personal development of employees is a key success factor in our industry. The company has further focused in 2010 on priority areas of skills development, especially through training of middle managers in a leadership development programme,

* RIF: Association of Consulting Engineers, Norway

Mari Gaaserud, lighting designer and member of the Youth Council In 2010 In the Youth Council we arranged seven interdisciplinary lunches at our head office in Sandvika in Norway. This proved to be a valuable venue for networking and internal marketing, in that people get the opportunity to become acquainted with colleagues across departments and disciplines in an informal setting.

Tom Baade-Mathiesen, Head of water and sewage infrastructure section and voted RIF* consultant of the year It is motivating that one’s efforts for the industry are appreciated, and that one’s contributions are valued. It was very exciting to be part of the team working on the analysis of the Norwegian infrastructure through the report “State of the Nation”. In addition, participating in RIF’s expert panel for water and sewage opened the way for stimulating meetings with other disciplinary experts.

Bent A. Børresen, Dr. Ing. - R&D section and recipient of Norconsult’s Work Environment Builder Award 2010 I have always loved the Norwegian scenery and natural splendour and all the discoveries one can make. I wanted to share this joy with my colleagues, an idea that was supported by the management. I began to create small booklets called ‘Nature in the pocket’; a series that people easily can take with them on a hike. It was inspiring that this interest helped me win our internal work environment award.

Tom Arild Junge, Vice President - finance, human resources and marketing Norconsult was ranked number seven in the Universum Student Survey 2010, and thus ranking the highest of the consultancies by technology students. This is the result of continuous work with selected universities and colleges over a long time, through professorship positions, sponsorship for further development and research, as well as competency development for certain educational directions.

in-house courses in contract management and the creation of yet more disciplinary networks with network meetings and disciplinary portals. THE NORCONSULT SCHOOL During 2010, Norconsult further worked on establishing The Norconsult School. The school is a learning arena and a forum to increase the awareness of the company's ethical guidelines aimed at the environment, our suppliers and business operations in other cultures than in Scandinavia. The school also includes both disciplinary and leadership courses. Part of the programme is mandatory to fill the requirements for some of the company’s roles. The school will first be launched in Norway, and participants in the courses will be employees from different parts of the country and from different disciplinary areas. One purpose is to create networks within the organization as well as to promote interdisciplinary cooperation.


DISCIPLINARY NETWORKS At the end of 2010, Norconsult had 15 active disciplinary networks. The networks are operational across the organizational structure. Each discipline has its own Network Coordinator. This person is responsible for actively working to facilitate the continuous updating and improvement of expertise in the disciplinary field. This includes overview of new laws and regulations that affect the particular discipline and thus affecting our clients. In addition, each Network Coordinator secures the disciplinary quality in all our assignments regardless of localization. Internal disciplinary portals are established and there are frequent disciplinary gatherings. This is crucial to keep the networks running despite geographical distances.

Creating a culture of sharing

Knowledge sharing depends essentially on the individual's desire, ability and opportunity to share. Therefore, it is critical to build a culture and an environment that encourages sharing. The company constantly evaluates and develops new set of principles, processes, organizational structures and technological solutions to promote knowledge sharing. Some of the initiatives we focus on are: WORK ENVIRONMENT BUILDER AWARD The Work Environment Builder Award has been awarded to select Norconsult employees for years. Candidates are identified based on their efforts in providing positive motivation to colleagues. In 2010, the winner was an employee who, over many years, has actively contributed to knowledge sharing both internally and externally. INTERDISCIPLINARY LUNCHES In 2010, The Norconsult

Youth Council organized seven interdisciplinary lunches at our headquarters. The objective of the lunches is to provide an opportunity for employees who do not normally interact with each other to meet in an informal setting. The lunches resulted in network expansion, exchange of disciplinary knowledge and improved insight into our many services offered.

Host, contributor and participant in the development of our industry sector

Norconsult is deeply engaged and makes it a priority to be present at the different professional arenas in our industry. We host and participate in various forums where the academic development is on the agenda. CREATING MEETING PLACES Creating meeting places for the exchange of experience between different stakeholders is an important learning and inspirational arena. Courses and seminars are held regularly under the direction of the company. COOPERATION WITH EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS We are committed to ensuring that the current education matches the skills that will be needed in the future. Norconsult works closely with various educational institutions by contributing to relevant design of study programmes and disciplinary training for tomorrow's engineers and planners. ACTIVITY IN DISCIPLINARY FORUMS Working closely with experts in the field, but with different points of view, is important to be updated and contribute to disciplinary developments. Norconsult has many active participants and board members on several disciplinary forums.

Competency development • Total number of certified project managers • Total number of certified interdisciplinary senior project managers - Norway • Total number of certified interdisciplinary senior project managers - International • Total investment in competency development (MNOK) • Investment in competency development per employee (NOK) * New course introduced in 2008







343 350 31* 225 390 27 26 25 25 26 16





14.7 20 000

21.7 22 400

28.7 27 333

35.0 20 588

36.5 20 914

Technology and innovation The construction industry is undergoing major changes. These structural and technological changes will have major social consequences. In this development, Norconsult has a definite role with the insight of an experienced contributor, driving force and source of influence. Our focus on research, innovation and the implementation of new technology are important areas where thoughts and ideas are captured. This is how we create the foundation to establish different ways to work that are more effective than at present.

Ellen Winje Melander, Geographer and attending the Norconsult innovation process management course I see that the innovation process can be used for many different purposes. Everything from a more efficient initiation of a project in which the direction will be defined early or to look for alternative technical solutions during a project. I've already noticed increased demand for expertise from several of our clients.

Magne Lilleland-Olsen, Project Manager Before we had to use a lot of effort to create good reports. With ISY Project Plan, we all report in an efficient manner without having to import files from other programs.

Torger Kjeldstad, senior consultant at Norconsult Information Systems We are in the process of making ISY Project Plan commercially available because there are no other systems that have the functions found in this solution.

Bård Hernes, Vice President of IT It’s exciting with the development of next generation mobile phones. We can increasingly use them as an integral tool. It opens up many possibilities for how the workflow can be made easier - especially when you are outside the office.


“ “

Climate issues and a completely different respect to society and the environment, means that our industry now faces major, and often positive, changes. In addition, technological developments create entirely new conditions, markets and methods. Norconsult is keen to focus on novelty and innovation. We encourage the deployment and testing of original approaches and solutions. Naturally these are to be within the framework of risk assessment, accountability, budgets and project management.

Focusing on creativity and innovation

Norconsult is committed to being at the forefront of the developments in our industry. Through our R&D activities, we focus on innovation for the industry as a whole in addition to applied research and development in our own assignments. R&D focus areas are as follows: CREATIVITY AND "CO-CREATION" Co-creation is a new concept for knowledge-intensive deliveries. The concept can be described as "customer participation in development". This is an expansion of the "Open Innovation" concept. In co-creation, the customer and supplier are equal resources in the development of a delivery. This makes the whole project work an advanced, dynamic learning arena. INNOVATION PROCESS MANAGEMENT EDUCATION In 2010, Norconsult started a training programme for our innovation process managers, as we believe that innovation is a sought-after commodity in the market. The programme focuses on training in creative tools and processes to assist clients and partners through creative project phases. RESEARCH IN PROJECTS Utilizing innovation actively in projects and to lead and participate in research projects, is important to take advantage of practical knowledge. Among other things during 2010, Norconsult worked on research projects with the following focus: 50% reduction in energy consumption from the future hospitals, safety assessment of high-speed railways, health risks in the ventilation of laboratories and implementation of environmental friendly infrastructure for water and sewage. EMPLOYEES WITH PHD Norconsult had, at the end of 2010, 25 employees with doctoral degrees, as well as 5 employees who are PhD candidates. The PhD candidates are researching developments in outdoor lighting, service innovation, hydropower, water resource management and drainage.


Always on the lookout for new systems, methods and solutions

Norconsult is constantly on the lookout for new methods and systems to improve the efficiency and implementation of its projects. The focus on the development and implementation of new services and solutions are made across the entire organization, and in many cases our subsidiary, Norconsult Information Systems, is also involved. BIM Systematic training and elevation of the company’s overall expertise on BIM, is an important element in Norconsult’s strategy. We have established an internal steering committee for BIM. This group works with the BIM coordinators who manage and operationalize Norconsult’s BIM strategy. The group provides expertise in connection with internal Norconsult work and also assists BIM coordinators in the larger construction projects. Norconsult has also established our own resource portals for BIM. Here, users have access to relevant BIM methods, process descriptions, product news, discussion groups, user manuals, examples and training courses. NEW PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL In the course of 2009, we began to use the project management tool developed by our subsidiary Norconsult Information Systems, ISY Project Plan. Norconsult was the pilot of this new solution. During 2010, we implemented ISY Project Plan further, and several major projects were steered via the tool. One of them was the interdisciplinary team working on the planning and design of the new terminal ‘T2’ at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, which utilized ISY Project Plan to control resources, costs and progress in the project. MOBILE APP In January 2010, more than 70% of Norwegian employees had a smart phone. It is therefore essential to explore the opportunities this creates. Norconsult Information Systems became in 2010 an approved applications supplier in Apple's App Store. The development of Norconsult’s first mobile app is called ‘The Norwegian Price Book’, and is an updated reference book that contains pricing information for the Norwegian construction industry, as well as CO2 values. The application will be launched in March 2011. 3D VISUALIZATION Application of 3D visualization in the planning stages and as a tool for analysis, simulation and design, opens up new insights. Through 3D visualization, it is easier to understand the end result, even for those who have no background in engineering and planning. Norconsult offers a wide range of 3D visualizations, and is actively working to further develop the use of this technology in the industry.

The training of innovation process managers started in 2010

Employees with a PhD: 25

Turnover in R&D projects 2010: NOK 20 million R&D employees 2010: 20


FIS World Cup in Holmenkollen – Oslo, Norway In March 2010, the new Holmenkollen ski jump opened for the first time to the public in connection with Continental Cup and FIS World Cup. 25 000 spectators were in the arena on Sunday March 14. They created a taste of the atmosphere which is expected during the World Ski Championships which will take place in the arena in 2011. We have been lead consultant for the new Holmenkollen ski jump. Our services include construction design, foundation design, wind analysis and protection, safety and various technical facilities.

Photo: Stian Broch

Photo: Stian Broch


Business areas and projects in 2010 %001 relle 07 책p tetisapO :책sgo ednevlieps 책 tnfi r책g eD



Norconsult - a complete interdisciplinary consultant Norconsult has grown considerably in recent years, offering services in all phases of a project lifecycle from the earliest pre-investment and feasibility studies, through planning and design, tendering and construction supervision, to project implementation, operations and maintenance. Norconsult's knowledge base consists mainly of civil engineers, engineers, architects, landscape architects, social scientists and economists. The company works actively to facilitate cooperation across disciplines internally as well as externally. Norconsult has a broad customer base and participate in approximately 7500 small and large projects annually. These projects are split between private companies and public administration. Norconsult emphasizes the importance of working as an extended arm of its clients’ teams, putting the mutual sharing of knowledge in focus, in collaboration with its clients and partners.

Our nine business areas

All of the company’s services are organized in the following nine business areas: • Buildings • Energy • Environment • Industry • Oil and gas • Planning • Risk management • Transport • Water Our international activities outside the Nordic countries are focused around the following business areas: Energy, Oil and Gas, Transportation and Water.

All projects, large, long-term and the smaller, short-term ones, profit from consultants with expertise developed in a broad disciplinary environment. This allows the company's consultants to work with a holistic focus. This again strengthens the professional advice given, as it will always be evaluated and seen within a larger context.


Buildings The future of sustainable buildings requires development of integrated construction concepts. They will be both resource-efficient and of high quality. Smart solutions that satisfy both the external and internal environment are essential. A building is a complex structure with integrated sustainable technical solutions. The building should have energy efficient installations to ensure maximum energy utilization. It should also have functional design which meets users’ requirements, whilst enhancing the indoor environmental quality and taking into consideration the building’s surroundings. Today’s construction processes are hectic and demanding. They put great demands on the different parties’ ability to adapt. A number of different contracting models also include requirements for specific competence and a flexible organization. In addition, there are stringent demands on building owners to have in-depth knowledge and to implement applicable, technical and aesthetic qualities to their buildings. The resulting building environments must meet users’ needs while protecting the local community and follow public guidelines and requirements. Norconsult has been involved in designing and developing buildings for the future for a long time. We are also actively involved in R&D projects where we look at how to reduce energy consumption and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.

ill: White arkitekter

Færder high school, Norway

The new Holmenkollen ski jump, Norway


Askersund knowledge and cultural centre, Sweden

We offer a total range of services within: • • • • • • • •

Cultural buildings Educational buildings Hospitals and institutional buildings Hotels Office buildings Residential buildings Shopping centres Sports facilities

Some reference projects 2010: Holmenkollen ski jump, Norway Norconsult has designed the new ski jump at Holmenkollen in Oslo. The assignment includes the steel structure of the new takeoff ramp, the landing, spectator's stands and all technical installations. We will continue with the fine-tuning and completion right up to the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2011. Færder High School, Tønsberg, Norway Building mass of approx.15,000 m2. Joint project between the county municipality, contractors and designers. Norconsult has the consulting and engineering of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, fire, acoustics and building physics, as well as engineering management and BIM design. Cultural quarter, Bodø, Norway Consisting of Bodø Cultural Building and Library with a total of approx. 8 000 m2. Norconsult is responsible for the following disciplines:

civil engineering, electrical and HVAC engineering, fire engineering, geosciences and water and sewage. Lysaker Park, Norway Storebrand Eiendom office building of 55,000 m2, total refurbishment and extension building. Norconsult has developed supplier documentation for technical contract for electrical installations, carried out subsequent detailed design, as well as complete fire safety advice from sketches up to operating permit. Haukeland University Hospital Centre for Nuclear Medicine / PET, Norway We have led the work on completion, commissioning and validation of a complete PET radiopharmaceutical production. Structure of quality control system with a balance between GMP and radiation protection. The centre is the second Norwegian PET centre - we have worked on both.

Nordland Hospital Vesterålen, Norway We won the contract for the planning of the new hospital with Boarch Architects AS and ProsjektPartner Bodø AS. The new hospital is approx. 15,000 m2. Norconsult is in charge of electrical, plumbing and fire engineering. Oslo University College, Norway Faculty of Nursing and offices, approx. 19,000 m2. Norconsult has conducted preliminary and detailed project engineering for HVAC, fire, acoustics and the environment. The project has had a strong focus on the environment and energy. Knowledge and culture centre in Askersund, Sweden Our architects and acousticians have prepared plans for a building that will serve as a gathering place and catalyst for creativity, music, education and information in the municipality.


Energy Global climate changes means that access to clean energy now is a challenge that concerns us all. A more energy-efficient world with the goal of sustainable growth and long-term benefits, is a challenge that must be resolved. The demand for energy will continue to grow. Making energy production more efficient and reducing energy consumption and energy-related emissions of greenhouses gases are goals that the whole industry, the authorities and the global community generally agree on. Involvement, innovation and long-term thinking are the keys to building a renewable energy future with the focus on minimal greenhouse gas emissions and access to energy on demand. It is essential to meet the growing need for energy in a way that safeguards our society and takes environmental, economic and social factors into consideration. Norconsult has been involved for a long time in creating the basis for environmentally- friendly power development and a secure energy supply throughout the whole world. We are actively involved in research projects and initiatives that endeavour to solve the energy challenges of the future, and are one of the founding partners of INTPOW (Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners).

Devoll, Albania

Cheves, Peru


We offer a total range of services within: • • • • • • • •

District heating and -cooling Energy conservation Energy planning Hydropower Renewable energy Thermal energy Transmission and distribution Wind power

Some reference projects 2010: Devoll, Albania Hydropower development of the Devoll River in Albania. One of Europe’s largest ongoing hydropower projects, and a joint venture between Statkraft and EVN. Norconsult is responsible for all engineering work and preparation of environmental and social assessment studies. La Confluencia Hydropower Project, Chile Norconsult assists Tingiririca Energia (50/50 SN Power and Pacific Hydro) in connection with a tunnel representing one of two branches on the run to La Confluencia power plants. Work is performed with local geologists and engineering geologists with the support of the Norwegian engineering geologists. Cheves hydropower plant, Peru SN Power awarded Norconsult the contract

as the consultant for the power plant located on the Huaura River, about 80 km north of Lima, Peru. Cheves will replace some of Peru's thermal power generation. UN confirms that the project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 394,000 tons a year. Transformation capacity in Vest-Agder, Norway Norconsult conducted a study to establish a 20-year development plan for the central network stations and regional networks in light of plans for new production in the region, wind power, hydropower and smaller hydropower plants. Clean energy investments in developing countries Energi Norge and Norad commissioned Norconsult to identify key success factors and challenges facing Norwegian companies investing in clean

energy projects. One project was a merchant wind power plant selling all the power in the spot market, while the five others were hydropower projects on long term Power Purchase Agreements with state owned utility companies. The projects were located in Nepal, Laos, Uganda, The Philippines and Chile. Energy efficiency analysis, Norway We have carried out energy efficiency analysis of several hydropower plants. Trondheim District Heating, Norway Norconsult made a preliminary construction plan for the new district heating linefrom Lilleby to Ranheim, Trondheim. Construction plans have been prepared for the entire stretch of 7.3 km and the addition of lines to new customers.


Environment Climate consequences as a result of the world’s population growth, gives us a common challenge to balance the protection of nature and the environment while further developing our society. The increasing impact we make on the earth’s resources is a global challenge - and it must be solved. Challenges range from overall, global climate changes down to local measures for protection of local communities. The most important thing is to realize and understand long-term environmental consequences and impacts combined with today's actions and measures. All contributions are important to preserve natural resources and reduce emissions. The huge challenge for authorities, organizations and businesses is to ensure a balance between continued growth and social development with regard to nature and the environment. It requires knowledge of the activities involved, and of the environmental conditions that have to be regulated and controlled. Environmentally efficient utilization of resources, reduction of pollution of the outer environment and health impacts are in this respect key focus areas. Norconsult has over a long time built the experience and insight to ensure that all levels in today’s and tomorrow’s environmental challenges are met and resolved in a good way. A sound academic environmental expertise combined with comprehensive experience provide the conditions we need to conduct studies, analysis, action plans and development projects for a sustainable future.


We offer a total range of services within: • Acoustics / noise • Acute pollution • Waste and waste disposal • Pollution of water, soil and sediments • General environmental monitoring and environmental consultancy in projects • Hydrogeology • Climate adaptation and climate change • Air pollution • Environmental assessment and redevelopment of buildings

Some reference projects 2010: New road E18 Momarken-Melleby, Norway Norconsult prepares the environmental plan that includes environmental technical studies of contaminated sites, as well as action plans for several areas: monitoring of water quality and pollution in streams and rivers, environmental and waste management plans for the safe demolition of existing buildings, and biological studies of local fauna. Environmental project, Avinor, Norway Avinor is investing in environmental measures at its airports through the Environmental Project - a national 3-year project that will run on all Avinor's airports during the period 2010-2013. Norconsult is engaged in several areas in this project, especially in contaminated sites, spreading of deicing fluid and environmental monitoring.

Groundwater monitoring, Norway Norconsult was commissioned by the Norwegian National Rail Administration to monitor groundwater level and pore pressure in Frodeåsen and surrounding areas during and after the demolition of the railway tunnel between Barkåker and Tønsberg. Waste Management Norway (Avfall Norge) Cooperation project with the Romanian regional environmental authorities . In 2010, Norconsult gave seven presentations on various topics of modern waste management at two major seminars. The Climate and Pollution Agency (former SFT, now KLIF), Norway Evaluation of the results of 700 samples to detect the "new" pollutants found in buildings to be rehabilitated or demolished, and what needs to be investigated further.

The Climate and Pollution Agency (former SFT, now KLIF), Norway Evaluation of management of discarded tires, including an assessment of the environmental consequences of various ways of handling discarded tires. Pollution situation at shooting ranges, Norway Norconsult has investigated and proposed measures for remediation at several shooting ranges. By Bråtan shooting range in Mysen a survey was conducted with XRF, which was correlated to the samples. It was revealed severe lead contamination of land and water, and plans for the area was prepared.


Industry Industry processes, technology, logistics, various risks and functional requirements are constantly changing. In addition, the industry has a special responsibility to constantly minimize their impact on the environment. Because of all this, the industry must adapt and renew itself continuously. Finding environmental and socially responsible ways to meet world energy needs is one of the industry’s main challenges. This is also at the core of the industrial development in the near and far future. Industrial owners are expected to deal with these constant changes. Safeguarding the value chain, with constant focus on areas that affect their operations, requires detailed management combined with a long-term overall perspective. Norconsult has been involved in helping to realize large industrial investment and development projects for a long time. Sound theoretical insight combined with solid practical experience provide us with the conditions we need to carry out consultancy and engineering services for various industrial enterprises.

Iron ore port, Narvik, Norway


Sydvaranger Mines, Norway

We offer a total range of services within: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Aluminium plants Cement production Food processing industry Mechanical workshops Melting plants Mining industry Petrochemical industry Pharmaceutical industry Shipyards Solar industry Waste treatment plants Wood processing industry

Some reference projects 2010: Iron ore port, Narvik, Norway Northland Resources is building a large mining area on the border between Finland and Sweden, and iron ore will be exported via the port of Narvik, Norway. Norconsult has prepared plans for temporary reception and export terminal facilities at Narvik and for the permanent facility in the Grundstad bay north of the city. Production line at Institute of Energy Technology (IFE), Norway We have assisted Algeta with the establishment of the production line of radiopharmaceuticals. Regulatory requirements for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and radiation are key. Norconsult had the role as responsible applicant and the designer of the plumbing, electrical, building and fire engineering, as well as geotechnical and

environmental design. Also acted as link between Algeta, IFE, contractors and other consultants on technical issues. Sydvaranger Mines, Norway The mining and ore processing plant at Kirkenes, Norway, was re-opened in 2009. We assist the mining company with the planning and execution of work in construction design, electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines. Our commitment also includes the planning of process improvements of the plant. GC Rieber Oils In 2010, we worked with GMP-related services at the GC Rieber Oils AS new Omega 3 Concentrate Plant, located in Kristiansund, Norway. We have been responsible for quality assurance and validation management of the project. Services

provided were the establishment of procedures, requirement descriptions, supplier assessments, assistance with commissioning, preparing validation plans, installation qualifications protocols and the practical implementation of these activities. We have also conducted GMP training and general QA assistance to GC Rieber Oils AS. Norcem AS Brevik, Norway The solid waste receiving facility at the Norcem cement plant in Brevik has been expanded with new storage bunkers and the waste incineration plant with a new improved dosing plant. Norconsult has submitted concept study for the plant, and carried out detailed design and technical supervision for building, construction and plumbing engineering


Oil & gas As the largest industry in Norway, the petroleum industry is central for the country’s value creation. With a strong and long-term focus on innovation and technology, this industry also becomes an important driving force for innovation for other industries. The need for oil and gas as energy sources has increased steadily, and will remain a primary energy carrier for a long time to come. The long-term development of the industry requires continued innovation, focusing on the development and application of new technology, new processes and new solutions. The oil and gas industry includes high-tech enteprises with a focus on continuous R&D. Production and use of fossil energy sources affect the environment, and the industry has a renewed focus on finding new ways to reduce emissions and waste. The development of the oil and gas industry in Norway has continued to provide exciting challenges for the industry players, as well as for related engineering consultants and construction companies. Norconsult has been involved in developing the oil and gas industry nationally and internationally for many years. Good theoretical knowledge combined with sound practical experience gives us a very strong foundation on which to carry out consultancy and engineering for oil and gas-related construction projects, infrastructure and processes. We engage in additional efforts to find new ways to minimize emissions from petroleum activities.

Photo: Gassco

Kårstø gas terminal, Norway


Høegh LNG production vessel

We offer a total range of services within: • Gas distribution • Greenhouse gas management • Natural gas and LNG • Offshore facilities • Offshore power generation • Oil and gas processing • Onshore facilities • Pipelines • Storage facilities

Some reference projects 2010: Høegh LNG production vessels Norconsult has worked, on behalf of Høegh LNG AS, with engineering of their floating LNG production vessel, where the technical challenges are large and complicated. All LNG terminals have previously been installed onshore. We are responsible for the allocation of technical resources for Høegh LNG AS’s management team for the follow-up of engineering contractors, as well as key suppliers to the FPSO. Reserve Power Station, Tjeldbergodden, Norway Detail planning and implementation of packaging, delivery and reinstallation of Statnett’s reserve power plant at Tjeldbergodden. The project is based on Norconsult’s in-depth knowledge and experience with rotating machinery, in particular gas turbine powered generator sets from offshore installations in the North

Sea. The relocation was completed in less time than originally scheduled. Skangass Risavika LNG plant, Norway A greenfield LNG production facility at Risavika on the western coast of Norway. The plant has an annual output of 300 000 tons of LNG, equivalent to the energy demand of two cities the size of Stavanger. The Norconsult group has had an Owners Engineers position covering the following positions: Preconstruction phase: Project Management, procurement documents including all commercial and technical disciplines. Construction phase: Project management, Authority communication, electrical, instrument, HSE & Technical safety, high pressure gas pipeline, process. Norconsult designed the main LNG storage with capacity of 30 000 m3 LNG and the LNG export jetty.

Draupne project, Norway Draupne selected Norconsult to deliver services on the disciplinary expertise and support to the monitoring of contractors through pre FEED and FEED phase. Root Cause Analysis, Statoil, Norway Statoil chose Norconsult as facilitator for Root Cause Analysis for recursive turbine breakdowns in the North Sea. We utilize recognized principles based on NASA’s problem-solving methodologies in this project. Kårstø gas terminal, Norway Upgrading of the Kårstø gas terminal, KEP2010. Norconsult is responsible for all civil engineering. We have previously completed several large assignments at Kårstø, and has unique expertise and experience from the gas terminal.


Planning Society is in a constant state of change, therefore there are a variety of considerations, requirements and expectations that must be met. Planning is a complex discipline which includes development of varied locations and regions, requiring qualified insight and comprehensive oversight from the planners. Studies and plans must lead to sustainable solutions so the planners must take into account society's many facets; groups with different and sometimes conflicting agendas, the general public, landowners, developers and administrations. Societal planning also includes functional planning for specific areas such as business growth and changing demographics, climate and environmental considerations, urban development and other related issues. In order to address the many needs of the different interests, the core of planning is to have the overall perspective and the cross-disciplinary knowledge to create solid and long-term plans. Norconsult has been involved in and contributed to the development of societies for several years, worldwide. The company’s social scientists, geographers, architects, landscape architects and engineers combine excellent theoretical knowledge with reliable up-to-date practical experience. Our experts conduct fieldwork, studies and analyses directly related to the challenge at hand.

Strømsø, Drammen, Norway

The Voss junction, Norway

Straume centre, Bergen, Norway


ill: Norconsult/MIR AS

Reopening of the Veum stream, Fredrikstad, Norway

We offer a total range of services within: • Land use planning and planning processes • Urban, city and town planning • Regional and municipal planning • Analyses and studies • Strategic consulting

Some reference projects 2010: Strømsø, Drammen, Norway Norconsult won in April 2010 the idea competition to develop a climate neutral urban development of Strømsø centre in Drammen. The competition is an important part of Drammen’s strategy to develop its downtown area and is the key in Drammen’s contribution at the urban exhibition Future Built. Conceptual study, Bergen area, Norway There are major challenges in managing growth in population and traffic in the Bergen area. Norconsult has developed alternative concepts for land use and transport policies in urban areas to deal with this in the period until 2040. Sorgenfri, Trondheim, Norway Urban development from industrial area to general city area. Norconsult has assisted Sorgenfri

Trondheim AS to finalize a plan with the quality committee for the first property that is deregulated in the area. Straume, Norway From shopping centre to city. The plan facilitates the development of Straume centre to a regional service centre with a variety of functions and activities. Norconsult has led the planning process with multiple partners in close dialogue with the municipality. Reopening of Veum stream, Fredrikstad, Norway The project includes evaluation of alternative solutions for the opening of the stream and illustrated plans for the chosen solution. The concept includes new urban spaces and parks with good connection to the water, shared space and continuous pedestrian / bicycle paths.

Slambanken, South-Varanger, Norway Planning program, zoning and environmental impact assessment, process. The contract covers over 1,000 acres that are considered zoned for commercial and industrial use, especially designed for the petroleum industry. Voss junction, Norway A junction for train, cable car, bus, taxi, commuter parking and embarking and disembarking. New development of hotels and commercial buildings between Voss station and the centre. A new E16 will be outside the town centre, and the old road will become a local street. In close cooperation with several others, we have prepared a feasibility study which will form the basis for zoning.


Risk management Our constantly changing world becomes increasingly more complex, global and open day by day. This also increases the community’s vulnerability. Risk assessments, accident prevention and emergency preparedness are therefore becoming increasingly important elements for the society as a whole - from governmental authorities to the private sector. Exposure to increased risk and vulnerability to unwanted events is partly due to changing climatic conditions, increased technology dependency, structural changes in society and a change in local and international threats. This creates a need for professional assistance to get an overview of current threats and future vulnerability of own business. This entails primarily probability and consequence. Focus is on prevention and efforts to reduce the possibility that something will occur and also finding measures to reduce its impact. Norconsult has been involved in helping to create a safe and well-functioning society for a long time. Our advice and solutions provide the basis for ensuring active risk management. Managing risk requires thorough systemic insight, knowledge of relevant methods and focus on the operative measures.

Light rail network in Bergen, Norway

Gulating Court, Norway


We offer a total range of services within: • • • • • • • •

Audit/due diligence Emergency preparedness HSE management IT security Quality management Risk management Technical safety Work environment

Some reference projects 2010: Dam Safety and Rehabilitation Project, Ghana Norconsult is working with the Ghana Water Company Ltd (GWCL) to provide construction supervision and environmental monitoring services on the Dam Safety and Rehabilitation Project. The Project aims to improve the safety of 10 dams and weirs nation-wide in the first phase (and a further 5 in the second phase), including implementing engineering measures that were defined previously in a detailed design report prepared by a consortium led by Norconsult.

Aker Solutions, Aker Engineering and Technology Working environment analyses and risk assessments (chemicals) in the design and construction of Skarv FPSO (Floating production storage and offloading vessel).

Krüger Kaldnes AS, Norway Development of new QA system that provides solution for wastewater treatment, water treatment, rehabilitation and service. We have assisted in developing a new quality management system based on requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and present QA system in Krüger.

Gulating Court, Norway Fire engineering in connection with the construction of new buildings for Gulating Court. Due to short distance to surrounding buildings, protection was made via facade sprinklers, thereby preventing the fire to spread from adjacent buildings.

Emergency preparedness – Northern region Preparedness against oil pollution in the Northern areas. The project included clarification of status and anticipated development and was conducted for the Norwegian Oil Industry Association.

Oslo Central Station, Norway Fire condition assessment of buildings. Fire engineering in connection with major reconstruction of NSB’s hub for rail traffic in Eastern Norway. Smoke ventilation calculations, escape analysis. Technical review of fire conditions of existing buildings. HSE - Risk assessment and safety report, Norway Norwegian Crystallites AS in Drag, Tysfjord, is covered by the requirements of the Major Accident Regulations and ‘Regulations for the handling of fire-hazardous, reactive and pressurized substances and equipment and facilities used for handling’. Norconsult has carried out a risk assessment of activities with special focus on storage and handling of hydrofluoric acid in addition to preparing safety reports to the government under the Major Accident Regulations.


Transport A well organized transportation infrastructure is a prerequisite for a society on the move. In a society where development of infrastructure and changes in utilization of land are naturals, long-term and flexible transportation solutions enhance and support growth. Transportation methods and volume are always influenced by social trends. Solutions must be adapted to the public, not harming the environment or the landscape. Various traffic user groups have different needs. It is a challenge to create safe and flexible transport solutions covering all forms of traffic and the different groups’ needs. Both population growth and global climate changes give the transport sector a special challenge and a special responsibility to develop solutions that contribute to reduced emissions. Simultaneously transport solutions must support community development and growth. Norconsult has for a long time been a major contributor in developing comprehensive plans that provide environmentally sound, aesthetic and cost effective transportation solutions. With a holistic approach, studies, analyses, calculations and plans for complete communications systems from idea to execution emerge with the additional effort to find new ways to minimize negative environmental impacts.

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Terminal 2, Gardermoen Oslo Airport, Norway

Joint project E6-Dovre railway, Norway


Remodeling of Høvik station, Norway

We offer a total range of services within: • • • • • • • •

Airports Bridges Harbours Rail systems Parking Traffic analysis Roads Tunnels

Photo:Atle Kårstad

Some reference projects 2010: Terminal 2 Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway Norconsult is the main consultant for the airside facilities including taxiways, aircraft parking and associated technical infrastructure. On the landside Norconsult is planning and designing access roads, traffic plaza, parking lots and technical infrastructure. Central Region Transport Network Project, Vietnam Design, contract administration and construction supervision for rehabilitation of about 750 km of provincial and district roads in 19 provinces. Local contractors are used to upgrade the roads to bituminous standard including strengthening and improvement of drainage structures, bridges and traffic safety measures. Institutional strengthening and training is an integrated part of the project. Client is the Ministry of Transport.

Kampala to Wobulenzi Road, Uganda Construction supervision for this 45 km of main road in the northern outskirts of urban Kampala. Norconsult has been responsible for the review of the detailed engineering design and contract documents as well as assistance in the procurement process. During 2010 we have mainly carried out the supervision and progress monitoring. Client is Uganda National Roads Administration. Rush hour charge in Gothenburg, Sweden Studies, feasibility studies, work plans and construction plans for bus lanes, adjustable lanes, commuter parking, highway and junctions. E39 Os - Bergen, Norway The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has contracted Norconsult for the design of two parallel tunnels with two lanes each on the section from Svegatjørn in Os to Rådal in Bergen.

The project will include three new intersections and a new between Endelausmarka and Åsenvegen. Ulriken tunnel (Arna-Fløen), Norway The Norwegian National Rail Administration has signed a contract with Norconsult for the Ulriken tunnel. The contract covers the development of complete and detailed construction plan for all disciplines, except lighting. The joint project E6–Dovre railway, Norway About 6 km allotment of new double track railway and a new 4-lane highway along the lake Mjøsa from Minnesund to Espa. Covers all disciplines, and about half the distance will be in tunnels. A joint development by The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and The Norwegian National Rail Administration.


Water Water is the vital resource for creation of life and for living it well. Sustainable use of water resources must secure water supplies for future generations. To achieve this, the technical solutions have to take into account our growing environmental pressures, demographic changes and the result of the expected climate change. Our society is moving ahead. The development of infrastructure must support future population growth. This requires water and wastewater systems that optimize supply for industrial operations and the population, while emissions from wastewater should not harm the environment. The hydrological cycle must be protected, as supplying clean and sufficient water to everybody is a major challenge in the strive for sustainable development. Water resources are threatened by pollution, so monitoring water quality is therefore extremely important. Norconsult has for many years contributed to the development of safe water and wastewater systems. We have also adapted the systems for new and challenging climate changes. We are constantly working actively to build on experience and knowledge about the complete water cycle from rainfall via usage to drainage and evaporation.

Water supply, Staver-Bryn, Norway


Bekkelaget treatment plant, Norway

We offer a total range of services within: • • • •

Storm water management Waste water Water resources management Water supply

Some reference projects 2010: The Midgard Serpent, Oslo, Norway One of the largest investments in a wastewater project so far conducted in Norway. Includes piping along the Aker River from Cuba to Vaterland, micro-tunnelling to the old city / Bjørvika and a tunnel to Bekkelaget.

Staver-Bryn, Bærum, Norway Design of new main water supply in Bærum. 4,3 km large dimension piping (800 and 1000 mm), including pressure reduction tanks and pumping station. Norconsult has provided preliminary, tender, work sketches as well as on-going assistance and follow-up.

Tørring Purification Plant, Denmark We have planned the reconstruction of the purification plant, which includes a new exhaust equipment, distribution building, renovation of concrete surfaces, new process control, new wiring and CElabelling of the entire plant.

Drinking water Örebro, Sweden Assessment and recommendations on possible water supply to several districts from the lake Vättern. The report contained, among other things, treatment options, risk assessment and cost estimates.

Solumstrand Purificationt Plant, Drammen, Norway Design of rehabilitation and expansion of the Solumstrand Purification Plant in Drammen with construction management in electrical, automation, process and machine.

Veum Stream, Fredrikstad, Norway Assistance with preliminary assessment of feasibility and technical solutions for opening the Veum Stream. Disciplines involved are land-use planning, landscape architecture, traffic, hydrology and hydraulics, geotechnical, civil engineering and technical infrastructure.

State of the Nation Advisory, Norway In March 2010, The Consulting Engineers Association (RIF) launched the report ‘State of the Nation’ to assess the condition of infrastructure in Norway. Norconsult was responsible for the chapters regarding water, wastewater and waste. Assessments and content were designed in cooperation with NTNU, UMB, the Norwegian Water and Public Health Institute. Framework Agreements, Norway In 2010, Norconsult has had framework agreements with several large municipalities in Eastern Norway. This includes counselling services in all phases of the water and sewage infrastructure. Norconsult has a framework agreement with the municipalities of Oslo, Fredrikstad, Bergen, Bærum and Drammen, as well as secretarial functions for the ‘Good Water Drammen Region’.


New GĂśta bridge, Sweden Norconsult is engaged as an advisor to review the testing processes. This includes the development of the railway plan and environmental applications. We will also advise the city urban development office in planning and environmental impact assessments.

Novo Nordisk, Hillerød Denmark Norconsult has participated in the team developing and manufacturing parts of the new Novo Insulin Pen PDS 290. The client Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 87 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. Photo: Novo Nordisk


Financial highlights 2010 %001 relle 07 책p tetisapO :책sgo ednevlieps 책 tnfi r책g eD


Financial highlights 2010 Norconsult Holding AS is the parent company of Norconsult AS and Norconsult Eiendom AS. Norconsult Holding AS owns all the shares of these two companies.

Profit, balance sheet and cash flow for the Norconsult Holding AS Group

The Group achieved in 2010 gross operating revenues of NOK 2233.7 million (2009: NOK 2012.8 million) and an operating profit of NOK 224.8 million (2009: NOK 206.0 million). The operating margin for 2010 was 10.1% versus 10.2% in 2009. The Group's equity was NOK 500.9 million at the end of 2010 (2009: NOK 397.3 million), which provides an equity share in 2010 of 40.3%. The difference between operating profit and cash flow from operating activities is primarily due to increased capital and depreciation of goodwill as a result of growth. Cash flow from operations is considered satisfactory in light of the company's growth. Cash balance at year end was NOK 213.2 million (2009: NOK 118.9 million). In 2010, the group had a cash flow of NOK 94.2 million (2009: NOK 49.9 million). The company's net cash flow is dominated by investments related to acquisitions.


Mill. NOK
























Mill. NOK











’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ‘10

Operating profit



’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ‘10

Operating revenue


’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ‘10

Percentage equity

Income statement Norconsult AS

Norconsult Holding AS Group

(All figures in NOK 1,000s)

2009 2010 2010 2009 OPERATING REVENUES AND EXPENSES 1 598 653 1 680 539 Operating revenues 2 233 736 2 012 757 1 598 653 1 680 539 Total operating revenues 2 233 736 2 012 757 272 310 961 043 23 852 167 170 1 424 375 174 278

256 423 1 032 150 27 680 175 825 1 492 079


14 929 32 885 1 951 1 582 1 205 1 444 1 703 503 ( 1 947) ( 694) ( 340) ( 317) ( 7 074) ( 20 578) 10 427 14 826 184 705 203 286

( 51 923)

Project expenses Payroll expenses Depreciation and amortization expenses Other operating expenses Total operating expenses

282 438 1 369 681 52 973 303 863 2 008 955 224 781

321 396 1 235 725 54 131 195 525 1 806 777 205 980

FINANCIAL INCOME AND EXPENSES Income from subsidiaries and associated companies 0 0 Interest income from other group companies 0 0 Other interest income 4 834 5 019 Other financial income 590 4 156 Interest expences other group companies 0 0 Other interest expenses ( 3 470) ( 4 361) Other financial expenses ( 6 726) ( 9 293) Net financial items ( 4 772) ( 4 479) PROFIT BEFORE TAX

( 61 647) Tax expense

220 009

201 501

( 78 753)

( 66 716)

132 782 141 639 NET PROFIT FOR YEAR 141 256 134 785 ATTRIBUTABLE TO: ( 85 000) ( 111 600) Group contribution 0 0 ( 47 782) ( 30 039) Other equity 0 0 0 0 ( 132 782) ( 141 639) TOTAL


Balance as of 31 December 2010 Norconsult AS

Norconsult Holding AS Group

(All figures in NOK 1,000s)

2009 2010 2010 2009 ASSETS Intangible assets: 807 692 Deferred tax asset 0 0 0 0 Licenses and software 2 394 2 277 59 017 70 681 Goodwill 86 032 96 578 59 824 71 373 Total intangible assets 88 426 98 855 Tangible assets: 4 689 4 689 Land, buildings and other real property 206 682 210 596 9 252 11 409 Operating equipm., fixtures, fittings, office machinery etc. 26 780 26 093 13 941 16 098 Total tangible assets 233 462 236 689

Financial assets: 137 383 149 981 Investments in subsidiaries 0 0 69 625 73 473 Loans to group companies 0 0 1 079 529 Investments in shares 728 1 431 9 650 9 800 Other long-term receivables 11 159 10 945 52 319 74 948 Pension assets 71 766 49 414 270 056 308 731 Total financial assets 83 653 61 790 343 821 396 202 Total non-current assets 405 541 397 334

115 588 150 586 Work in progress 178 075 140 374 Receivables: 237 251 260 832 Accounts receivables 424 260 351 963 52 813 82 635 Short-term receivable from group companies 0 0 111 496 171 354 Deposits in group account 0 0 7 693 5 907 Other receivables 21 162 20 849 409 253 520 728 Total receivables 445 422 372 812


13 077 13 345

Cash and cash equivalents: Cash and cash equivalents 213 152 118 909

537 918 881 739

Total current assets

684 659 1 080 860


836 649

632 095

1 242 190

1 029 429

Norconsult AS

Norconsult Holding AS Group

(All figures in NOK 1,000s)

2009 2010 2010 2009 EQUITY AND LIABILITIES Owner's equity: 2 878 2 878 Share capital 4 776 4 771 0 0 Own shares ( 278) ( 25) 50 361 50 361 Share premium reserve 176 743 176 470 0 0 Other restricted equity 11 579 6 365 0 0 Paid-in capital not registered 76 435 0 53 239 53 239 Total owner's equity 269 255 187 581 Retained earnings: 198 267 228 305 Other equity 231 687 209 725 198 267 228 305 Total retained earnings 231 687 209 725 251 506 281 545 Total equity 500 942 397 306 Provisions: 0 0 Deferred tax liability 16 366 10 166 0 0 Other provisions 5 618 5 618 0 0 Total provisions 21 984 15 784 Non-current liabilities: 55 231 93 343 Liability to other group companies 0 0 1 540 540 Other long-term liabilities 5 687 1 903 56 771 93 884 Total non-current liabilities 5 687 1 903 36 117 46 375 34 753 36 784 184 353 278 820 25 675 18 165 128 417 150 035 0 0 164 147 175 253 573 462 705 432 630 233 881 739

Current liabilities: Trade creditors 64 822 54 800 Advance payments from clients 49 444 47 123 Short-term liabilities to other group companies 0 0 Income tax payable 68 714 63 678 Public duties payable 178 265 132 769 Dividends 104 283 89 942 Other current liabilities 248 049 226 124 Total current liabilities 713 577 614 436

799 315 Total liabilities 1 080 860 TOTAL EQUITY AND LIABILITIES

741 248

632 123

1 242 190

1 029 429


Offices in Norway: Norconsult AS (head office) P.O. Box 626, 1303 Sandvika, Norway Vestfjordgaten 4, 1338 Sandvika, Norway Tel. +47 67 57 10 00, Fax +47 67 54 45 76 Email:

Askim P.b. 1042, Østfold Næringspark, 1803 Askim Vangsveien 10, 1814 Askim Tel. +47 69 00 17 80, Fax +47 67 54 45 76 Bergen P.b.1199 - Sentrum, 5811 Bergen Valkendorfsgate 6, 5012 Bergen Tel. +47 55 37 55 00, Fax +47 55 37 55 01 Bodø Alsgården, Notveien 17, 8013 Bodø Tel. +47 75 56 58 00, Fax +47 75 56 58 01 Eidfjord Pb.85, 5786 Eidfjord Riksvegen 27A, 5783 Eidfjord Tel. +47 53 64 70 88, Fax +47 53 64 70 89 Fauske Storgata 56, 8200 Fauske Tel. +47 92 40 61 89 Førde P.b. 514, 6803 Førde Firdavegen 6, 6800 Førde Tel. +47 57 82 94 40, Fax +47 57 82 94 41 Gjøvik Jernbanegata 4, 2821 Gjøvik Tel. +47 61 13 03 30 Hamar P.b. 433, 2303 Hamar Torggata 22, 2317 Hamar Tel. +47 62 55 51 10, +47 Fax 62 55 51 11 Hammerfest Brenneriveien 30, 9600 Hammerfest Tel. +47 78 60 85 00, Fax +47 78 60 85 01


Horten Pb. 110, 3191 Horten Apotekergata 14, 3187 Horten Tel. +47 33 02 04 10, Fax +47 33 02 04 11 Hønefoss Pb. 258, 3502 Hønefoss Fossveien 7/9, 3510 Hønefoss Tel. +47 32 10 99 60, Fax +47 32 10 99 61 Kirkenes Pb. 217, 9915 Kirkenes Storgata 5, 9900 Kirkenes Tel. +47 78 59 80 00 Kjøllefjord Pb. 128, 9790 Kjøllefjord Fiksekaia, 9790 Kjøllefjord Tel. +47 78 59 80 00

Molde Storgata 18-20, 6413 Molde Tel. +47 71 24 04 60, Fax +47 71 24 04 61 Mosjøen Strandgt. 24, 8656 Mosjøen Tel. +47 75 41 11 02 Narvik Teknologiveien 10, 8517 Narvik, Tel. +47 76 96 78 60, Fax +47 76 96 78 61 Odda Eitrheim, 5750 Odda Tel.+47 53 64 70 88, Fax +47 53 64 70 89 Porsgrunn Porselensvegen 12, 3920 Porsgrunn Tel. +47 35 96 07 22, Fax +47 35 96 07 45

Kongsberg Tiedemannsgt. 4, 3616 Kongsberg Tel. +47 48 89 93 36

Skien Klostergata 30, 3732 Skien Tel. +47 48 89 93 35

Kristiansand Kjøita 42, 4630 Kristiansand Tel. +47 38 60 34 60, Fax +47 67 54 45 76

Sogndal Dalavegen 25, 6856 Sogndal Tel. +47 57 62 79 00, Fax +47 57 62 79 01

Kristiansund Pb. 2195 Futura, 6502 Kristiansund Industriveien 17, 6517 Kristiansund Tel. +47 71 58 88 88, Fax +47 71 58 88 80

Stavanger P.b. 130, 4065 Stavanger Stadionparken, Jåttåvågveien 7, 4020 Stavanger Tel. +47 51 90 53 00, Fax +47 67 54 45 76

Lakselv Pb. 279, 9711 Lakselv Kirkeveien 5, 9700 Lakselv Tel. +47 78 46 08 88, Fax +47 78 46 08 89 Larvik Pb. 35 - Fritzøe Brygge, 3285 Larvik Nedre Fritzøegate 2, 3264 Larvik Tel. +47 33 14 14 00, Fax +47 33 14 14 19 Lillehammer Pb. 284, 2602 Lillehammer Elvegaten 19, 2609 Lillehammer Tel. +47 61 22 79 00, Fax +47 61 22 79 01 Lillestrøm Parkalleen 10, 2000 Lillestrøm Tel. +47 67 57 10 00

Harstad Skoleveien 1, 9407 Harstad Tel. +47 77 00 11 33, Fax +47 77 00 11 32

Mandal Pb. 216, 4503 Mandal Store Elvegate 35, 4514 Mandal Tel. +47 41 57 80 00, Fax +47 38 26 63 74

Haugesund Pb. 458, 5501 Haugesund Smedasundet 66, 5528 Haugesund Tel. +47 52 86 51 00, Fax +47 52 86 51 01

Mo i Rana Pb. 237, 8601 Mo i Rana Halvor Heyerdahlsv. 4, 8626 Mo i Rana Tel.+47 75 12 93 80, Fax +47 75 12 93 90

Tromsø Pb. 228, 9253 Tromsø Sjøgata 39, 9008 Tromsø Tel. +47 77 66 70 80, Fax +47 77 66 70 90 Trondheim Ingvald Ystgaards vei 3A, 7047 Trondheim Tel. +47 73 20 46 00, Fax +47 67 54 45 76 Tønsberg Stensarmen 4, 3112 Tønsberg Tel. +47 33 50 48 47, Fax +47 67 54 45 76 Vadsø Pb. 50, 9811 Vadsø Tollbugata 7, 9800 Vadsø Tel. +47 78 59 80 05 Ålesund Keiser Wilhelmsgt. 22, 6003 Ålesund Tel. +47 70 10 22 44, Fax +47 70 10 22 55 Årdal Pb. 149, 6881 Årdalstangen Meierigt 2, 6885 Årdalstangen Tel. +47 97 97 00 36, Fax +47 57 66 00 77

Offices in Denmark:

Offices outside the Nordic countries:

Norconsult Danmark A/S: Kalundborg Skibbrogade 1-3, 4400 Kalundborg Tel. +45 44 20 98 34, Fax +45 44 20 99 10

BOTSWANA Norconsult (Botswana)(Pty) Ltd Pula Holding Building, 1st Floor, Plot no. 112 Gaborone International Finance Park, Gaborone Tel. +267 390 2766

København Lautruphøj 1-3, 2750 Ballerup Tel. +45 44 20 98 34, Fax +45 44 20 99 10 Århus Voldbjerg 12A, 2. sal, 8240 Risskov Tel. +45 28 10 37 99, Fax +45 86 99 37 89

Offices in Sweden: Norconsult AB: Göteborg Lindholmen, Theres Svenssons gata 11, Box 8774, 402 76 Göteborg Tel. +46 31 50 70 00, Fax +46 31 50 70 10 Luleå Storgatan 35, 972 31 Luleå Tel. +46 920 20 35 70 Piteå Karl Grankvists väg 1A, 941 52 Piteå Tel. +46 911 23 25 30, Fax +46 911 23 25 89 Stockholm Hornsbruksgatan 19, 117 34 Stockholm Tel. +46 8 462 64 30 Växjö Storgatan 42, 352 32 Växjö Tel. +46 470 70 76 00, Fax +46 470 70 76 01 Örebro Ekersgatan 14, 703 42  Örebro Tel +46 (0)19-611 91 30, Fax +46 (0)19-16 94 92

CHILE Norconsult Andina S.A. Av. Américo Vespucio 100, Piso 16 Las Condes, Santiago de Chile Tel. +56 2 207 5000 / +56 9 9225 6593 LAO PDR Norconsult (Laos) Co. Ltd. P.O. Box 9148, Luang Prabang Road, Vientiane Tel. +856 21 219 494, Fax +856 21 219 495 MOZAMBIQUE Norconsult Mozambique Lda. Caixa Postal 2722, Av. Armando Tivane 1853, Maputo Tel. +258 21 48 50 58, Fax +258 21 48 50 57 PERU Norconsult Peru SAC Av. La Encalada 1388, Of. 804, Santiago de Surco, Lima Tel. +51 1 4377303 PHILIPPINES Norconsult Management Services (Phils), Inc. Unit 506, East Tower, PSE Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City,1605 Metro Manila Tel. +63 2 635 3819, Fax +63 2 635 3820 SOUTH AFRICA Norconsult Africa (Pty) Ltd The Business Centre, 1st Floor, Office Suites 49/50 377 Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia, 2128 Johannesburg Tel. +27 11 275 0433, Fax +27 11 275 0275 THAILAND NorCiv Engineering Co Ltd. 121/86-87 RS Tower, 30th floor, Ratchadaphisak Road, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400 Tel. +662 642 2450, Fax +662 248 6821

Offices as of May 2011


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Annual Report 2010  
Annual Report 2010  

Norconsult carries out interdisciplinary technical, economic and social consulting services in the public and private sector. Our work range...