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Norway in Singapore are two allies spanning continents, but they are strong allies nevertheless. This is visible in the number of Norwegian businesses located in Singapore.

Connected by the Sea

orwegian Business Association Singapore (NABS) estimates there N are close to 200 Norwegian companies established in Singapore and these companies represent one of the highest concentration ANRIKE VISSER

of Norwegian business interests in any city in the world outside of Norway. Close to 150 Norwegian companies are members of NBAS. We talked with Ambassador to Singapore since August this year, Ms Anita Nergaard, about the close relations between the two countries and her priorities for the years to come. “Singapore is an exiting and fascinating place. When I arrived, Team Norway in Singapore already had a very busy agenda. It will be my priority to take this forward, in particular building on the very good relationship we have within shipping and the maritime sector. However, we will also look at what more

we can do when it comes to the high-tech sector, so digitalisation, automation and advanced technologies. This is relevant both within the maritime sector and beyond. Technology is also a broader focus since the entire economy is moving into the direction of digitalisation.” Because of this digital revolution and the importance of technology to both Norway and Singapore, the two countries may also address the risks relating to high-tech together. “Cyber

ISSUE 3 2017

security is certainly an important part of the security environment today. We follow up on cyber security as part of the broader security policy. We have a dialogue with Singapore on a range of political and security-related issues like terrorism, violent extremism and cybersecurity.” Ambassador Nergaard explains the reason for Norwegian companies to choose Singapore as their base. “Singapore is a hub in different sectors. We see very clearly that Singapore is a state of the art maritime hub and that explains why so many Norwegian companies – from the entire value chain – are here.” Singapore is not just a hub for the maritime sector according to Ambassador Nergaard. “We also see how Singapore implements its vision to become a hub for other sectors as well, like the financial sector and within research and development. This is visible in government-funded and privately-funded think tanks, incubators and accelerators, and a very wide and active investor segment.” Therefore, for many types of

Norway-Asia Business Review 2017-03  
Norway-Asia Business Review 2017-03