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Data centres: a couple of decades ago we had never heard of them. Now we store everything ‘in the cloud’.

Downloading at the Speed of Light ANRIKE VISSER

we just stored documents in the cloud that would be easy, but of IAndfcourse we want to look at those pictures, videos and other documents. not just look at them, but edit in the cloud as well. Between 2016 and 2022, mobile data traffic is expected to increase eightfold in Asia Pacific according to the Ericsson Mobility Report from June 2017. This is mainly because of video consumption. These videos have to be High Definition and streamed fast without any lagging. Nobody wants to watch a grainy video buffering every few seconds. In order to keep up with this herculean increase in video streaming, data centres are running overtime. Even the best data centres with the latest technology will have difficulty providing the highest speed and quality to everyone. The distance between a data centre and consumer, a preppy high school kid live streaming a concert, matters. In recent years, the industry has

seen a big push towards “Edge Data Centres” which are smaller, localised and often tailored to serve the data processing needs closer to the consumer. They also provide a reliable and fast inter connectivity to the cloud, acting as an extension to the “edge” of the cloud. For concert videos we could argue it is not that important if a kid in Singapore has to buffer a video more often than someone in Iceland close to that hypothetical data centre. But in some trades speed really does matter. High frequency trading on the stock market comes to mind. For those industries, but also for regular Joe who expects ever improving download speed, companies are looking at ways to meet the demand. The solution comes from an unexpected

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source. Eltek has been in the power solutions industry since 1971. By now they are an established name offering “high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion within telecom, data centre and industrial applications”. Their latest endeavour is the Modular Data Centre. These prefabricated, scalable and flexible data centres resembling shipping containers, can be deployed quickly in any environment to bring the cloud closer to the people. The land surrounding a telecommunication tower is such a place that could be turned into a data centre within months. Noteworthy is that Eltek delivers these Modular Data Centres turnkey. Through working together with technological partners they can offer completely prefabricated data centres to their clients. Every company’s needs will be different, and the key advantage of Eltek’s solution is that they are able to customise and the solution is not restricted to standard shipping container sizes. Cloud storage has become so commonplace that it is not just reserved for technology companies like Apple, Google and Dropbox. All type of companies could use, and are increasingly using, cloud storage for their enterprise data. Internet of Things

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Norway-Asia Business Review 2017-03