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ISSUE 3 2017


Malaysia has seen an influx of Norwegian investments of the last couple of years, according to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Exploring Malaysian Oil and Gas

is the ninth largest investor country in Malaysia, with Norway approximately MYR 19 billion in investments, the embassy states. ANRIKE VISSER

One of the areas of interest in the country for foreign investors, is the oil and gas industry. OGA 17, the 16th Asian oil, gas and petrochemical engineering exhibition, provides an overview of the sector on its website. “Southeast Asia has around 412 active offshore fields with ongoing field development activities and Malaysia has the maximum offshore projects and accounts for a large portion of the regional Capital Expenditure (CAPEX).” But there are also challenges according to OGA 17. “Faced with maturing oil fields, declining domestic production and a finite fuel source in the face of accelerated economic growth, the main challenge for energy suppliers is not just the availability of alternative energy supply but also the commercial potential of

these resources.” OGA 17 continues by looking at the past, “In the past decade, Malaysia’s Oil, Gas and Energy (OGE) industry has been contributing about one-fifth to the national GDP (Gross Domestic Product). As part of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) that will propel Malaysia forward into a truly developed nation, the OGE sector is targeting 5% annual growth until 2020.” According to the exhibition’s website there is a way to overcome the challenges. “To sustain and increase oil & gas production, the focus is on deep water exploration and EOR [enhanced oil recovery] of mature fields with Malaysia generating big potential as a regional EOR hub. Hence, it is crucial that Malaysia continues to highlight its oil and gas

potential while staying up-to-date with the latest innovations and technology to strengthen its position.” One of the companies providing services to help transition oil and gas companies move into this new reality is Salcon Petroleum Services (SPS). SPS was established in 2015 as a service provider and agent for representing overseas oil and gas service companies in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific. “SPS covers the entire Asia Pacific region and provides support and services wherever needed,”. The solutions showcased range from leadership programs, all the way to software, consultancy and oil spill detection. We talked with CEO Mr Thomas Alexander Sjøberg about founding SPS back in 2015. “After many years in Malaysia, working with several local agents, we saw the need for a bit more proactive agent that is strong both technically and in sales. We therefore decided to start SPS and to offer our experience in selling products in Asia Pacific. Our three-year goal was to sign up five companies to represent. We got more than 15 companies within the first year, so we got off to an exceptional start!” “Our primary offering is to be a sales agent and to provide local support for our principals’ services. In Malaysia you are required to use a local company for conducting business in oil and gas, as there are PETRONAS requirements

Norway-Asia Business Review 2017-03  
Norway-Asia Business Review 2017-03