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The Borealis Express Welcome to Oulu 2013!

Issue 2

Dear Readers, Europe and its citizens; a very broad theme. The media team of Oulu 2013 particularly values individuals, their talents, passions and sources of inspiration. In today’s issue, the focus lies on arts, mainly poetry and music. We can’t wait to present you with more talents and characters of the session in our next video. Also, stay tuned for more radio shows and interesting podcasts as well as our magazine, to be published on sunday!

Modulation in EYP The EYP without music would be like a body without a soul. Think about the teambuilding games without the songs, committee shouts without the rhythm or the farewell party without dancing music. They would work somehow but they would not be that same as with music, singing and dancing included. But what is it in music that makes it so relevant for sessions?

Your Editors, Nora & Louis es of the show and the music has been to help you relax in the middle of committee work.

Music makes us do things that we would not do without hearing and experiencing it. For example at the evening programme on Friday all participants of the session stood up and gathered together on the dance floor. The music made us dance in a group and create a friendly Music has been all around us during these atmosphere, even though we hardly knew each past days here in Oulu whether you have no- other. Can you think of any other way of doing ticed it or not. At the very beginning in the something like that if it was not with music? opening ceremony we listened to the European anthem. I have to admit that I got some Music makes us experience situations more goose bumps during that song and I dare say deeply. It helps us calming down or cheering that I was not the only one. In general, mu- up. Music also makes us express sic affects us and our moods in very differ- ourselves and feel intimacy. In ent ways and usually we do not even notice it. other words, music helps us get the best out of an EYP session. An EYP session gives you a lot but at the same By Laura Uusitalo time it can be very stressful. We have listened to our own Borealis radio with different kinds of music during these days. One of the purpos-


6/12/14 [6] Remember school Remember what You inked into The margin of The books that taught you Nothing. [12] Pages of the Books, all the books That make up the One of life. The One that’s only Margins. Only Blank and white and Covered in gunk And cryptic spells “Of an almost Human nature” Portraying it. [14] The only way They know to do, We know how to Scribble along In life, clinging To pens, dripping In ink, blood in Our veins, dripping Along, staying Alive, dripping On to paper in The margins of The pages of The One we live. By Sophie Silverstein


EYP SURVIVAL KIT There are few things you cannot survive an EYP session without. The first and the most important thing is coffee. It basically is what will keep you going when the nights become shorter and shorter. Also, in order to make the most of the few hours of sleep that you get, it is essential to have a comfy pillow. In order to enjoy the session to the fullest, you will also need an open mind and a smile. EYP session is going to be an amazing experience if you have a positive attitude, and are ready to experience new things and make new friends. Also, there is a certain number of items that you will need in order to be able to perfom well in committee work. These include pens, paper and an incredible amount of post-its. In addition, it is a great plus to have amazing journos who push up your energy levels by dancing with you! By Karoliina Karhu

Illustration by Susanna Ahonen

Inspirational person of the day Signmark


usic is not for the deaf”, they said. “Don’t fool yourself”, they said. But despite all doubts, Signmark made his dreams come true: he became a musician. Signmark is a Finnish hiphop-artist who was born to a totally deaf family and was constantly pushed down by his peers and teachers because he could not hear or speak. However, he wanted to become a musician. He was really good at lip-reading, so he decided to learn the lyrics of some well-known songs by asking someone to sing to him and reading the words from their lips. After that Signmark started translating the lyrics into sign language and in that way he and his whole family could come into contact with the world of music. He learned the beat of the songs by watching music videos from television and touching the screen with his hands. Soon he started to write his own songs and in 2006 he published his first hiphop-DVD called “Signmark”. It turned out to be a huge success because of its originality and was brought to public awareness by a variety of media outlets. The uniqueness of Signmark’s story is what makes it inspiring. Seeing him live, it can be said that he is really confident about himself and what he is doing, and I admire him

greatly for having the courage to do what so many considered to be impossible. He indeed showed the world that anything could be done if you have passion, confidence and most importantly, a positive attitude. By Roosa Eskola


Programme of sunday

The real weather forecast

07.00- Wake-up call 07.00–08.00 Breakfast/getting ready for GA and packing 08.15–08.45 Opening of GA 08.45–10.15 Resolutions 1 and 2 10.15–10.45 Coffee break 10.45–12.15 Resolutions 3 and 4 12.15–13.15 Lunch 13.15–14.45 Resolutions 5 and 6 14.45–15.15 Coffee break 15.15–15.30 Liisa Jaakonsaari 15.30–16.15 Closing ceremony 16.15– Departures

Inside OSYK however...

Illustrations by Susanna Ahonen

Hello buddies!

And going up!

By Roosa Eskola

I have now been watching you for a day and I am confused. I have seen you rolling on the floor, screaming like crazy and wandering around with blind-folds. What is going on in here? When I was involved in European Reindeer Parliament (ERP), we mostly ate and slept, which I thought was the purpose of this session as well. Apparently I was wrong. You do strange things but I have to admit that I am a bit jealous… Anyway, have fun and remember, I am still watching you… 4

Oulu 2013 - The Borealis Express - Leaflet #2  

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