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An inherited piece or perhaps a necklace, a bracelet, a brooch or a hairpin, which you might have received as a gift from your loved one. In fact, most of the collectors of antique jewelry start with one of these tiny amazing pieces. Amidst their intricate design, gem setting and delicate beauty, jewelry pieces breathe the history of the long gone era. With its sheer shine it not only tells the tales of the long lost days of forgotten palaces but also remain as beautiful keepsakes, whispering the account of the antiquities. It seems like fashion has taken a whole U turn and the style of 60s, 70s and 80s has once again become popular. The market for antique pieces has expanded and quite as an obvious result Jewelry Menlo Park has left its doors wide open to the incredible range of vintage fine jewelry The overall market for antique jewelry seems buoyant; however, the secret keys to successful shopping are quality and condition. Train your eyes to spot quality antique pieces This is one of the most significant aspects to consider when looking for a fine antique piece. Scrutinize the piece carefully and try to look for cloudy rhinestones, shabby plating, and chipped metal or missing stones. Remember, you can repair minor dents and scratches in metals like gold and silver. However, you can never restore cracks, blister or holes. So, assess the piece carefully before shelling off a fortune. Also, do not miss to test the fastening to make sure it still works well and try to stay away from pieces with noticeable soldering. This invariably means that the piece has

endured repairing at some point of time or other. Also, it’s good to avoid the expensive pieces until you train your eyes well. Dig out the veiled gems Vintage fine jewelry is definitely not something which you can spot at the shelves of your local jewelry store. Needless to say, you need to walk those extra miles and find the best high end Jewelry Menlo Park- the obvious outlets for buying antique pieces. You need to pay a price for the grace and beauty of the piece. However, stay assured, the price won’t burn a hole into your pocket. With the immense development of the concept of shopping vintage fine jewelry, the atmosphere has become incredibly estimable as there is now a wide range of antique pieces to be shopped at a realistic rate. If you are serious about striking a great deal, then it’s time to dig out the forgotten wonders. 70’s was the era when experimental fine jewelry was in vogue and these are still in fashion. The best part is that the range of experimental fine jewelry is surprisingly undervalued. Spot the era Every era has a story to tell. Hence, the antique jewelry of each era has its own individual language. Aside from the bold and beautiful pattern of the Victorian era, the Art Nouveau jewelry comes with a sinuous appeal. The incredible range of the Art Deco jewelry on the other hand can be identified with a geometric shape, streamlined and chic design with a stress in square and rectangular shapes with sharp edges. Right from the 40s to the early 60s floral designs ruled whereas the 70s were typically marked by inventive range of body jewelry with chunky designs in gold and silver.


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The market for antique jewelry pieces has been expanding and as an obvious result, Jewelry Menlo Park has left its doors wide open to the in...

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