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The term ‘Vintage’ or ‘antique’ stands as the sheer value setter for your precious possession. If your modern jewelry box luckily holds a vintage piece, it’s a great time to appraise its true value.

ntique jewelry is more than just a regular jewelry piece. Yes, it breathes the sighs of history in countless folds, precious metals, intricate designs and amidst precious stones.

Antique jewelry thus tells the history! It goes without saying that jewelry,

whether it’s antique or modern remains as the testimony of your self-expression.

Antique jewelry should be unique; it should be hand crafted and tell a story about the era it belongs to.

To be honest, these pieces were crafted even before the introduction of the machine era. Therefore, each piece stands as unique expression of a specific art form. Your antique jewelry is a reflection of history and waits to bridge a new future with you. While, it may not have the contemporary features of your modern jewelry, the antique pieces have features of the long gone era. There are arrays of styles available in vintage jewelry and the most common one is the Victorian Jewelry. Victorian style: Precisely there are three distinct types of Victorian jewelry - the early Victorian, the mid, and the late Victorian jewelry. While the early Victorian Vintage ornaments are typically inspired by nature, the Mid Victorian pieces characteristically corresponds with a time of sorrow. This is the era when Queen Elisabeth's husband had ceased to exist hence the somber feeling has found a way into the jewelry designs. Yes these were also solemn. However, in the Late Victorian period feminine designs prevailed. Nouveau style: A naturalistic design with soft, aesthetic curves, nature inspired designs with flowers and butterflies stand as the characteristic feature of this style. This particular style has been considered as one of the most romantic styles. Art Deco jewelry: Stiff yet extremely stylized design remains as the significant reflections of the era. In fact, the style has been greatly inspired by the modern jewelry designers. Art Deco jewelry has been inspired by different cultures, which includes the American Indian art, Greek and Roman architecture, and the ancient Egyptian art. Research proves that the Cube art and Dadaism has also influenced this sheer art form. The term ‘vintage’ or ‘antique’ stands as the sheer value setter for your precious possession. Alongside the steep demand in modern jewelry the market for vintage ornament has been witnessing a sea change. Indeed the market for antique broaches, pins, hair pins, pendants has increased with the ever evolving demand for diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings. And if your modern jewelry box luckily holds a vintage piece waste no time to appraise it.

Antique Jewelry - A Journey Back In History