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Spray Height Controller

Unprecedented spray height accuracy combined with the control you need. Guaranteed.

Introducing the world’s most advanced spray height controller. UC5TM is the latest generation of spray height controllers from NORAC. With the introduction of UC5TM, the well known height control performance that has been satisfying customers for years is now available utilizing Ag Leader’s powerful InSightTM display as the user interface. The UC5TM Spray Height Controller and InSightTM display allow the operator to utilize NORAC’s cutting edge ultrasonic technology in conjunction with Ag Leader’s DirectCommandTM application control capabilities.

The UC5™ Spray Height Controller uses ultrasonic sensors mounted on the left, right, and center sections to automatically maintain a preset height of the entire boom above the ground or crop. Fast and Reliable For farm operators and custom applicators, speed can have a major impact on the bottom line. Manual operation of a sprayer in uneven field terrain may require reduced operating speeds for continual boom adjustments. Using sensor data, the UC5™ system makes responsive height adjustments allowing your booms to automatically follow the contours of the land.

Sensor “Smarts” The UC5™ ultrasonic signal can distinguish the ground from standing crop or field residue. Boom height is controlled by a choice of sensing soil surface (Soil Mode) or crop height (Crop Mode). Ultrasonic sensor hardware and software is designed by NORAC engineers specifically for sprayer boom height control applications.

Roll Compensation The patented Roll ControlTM technology allows the NORAC system to monitor and compensate for boom center section roll. Without this technology, boom roll can only be controlled by making mechanical changes to boom design or by installing devices on the boom that prevent roll by physically making contact with the ground. The NORAC UC5™ system allows for effective control of the boom without altering the boom from its originally engineered design.

Reduce Stress and Avoid Boom Damage Using the UC5™ system reduces operator stress and fatigue with no need to move your head back and forth to monitor changes in field terrain. The UC5™ system takes control of managing the boom by monitoring field contours and making constant boom adjustments. This allows the operator to focus on proper coverage and safety.

Spray Day or Night NORAC’s ultrasonic sensors do not need light to measure boom height. Take advantage of favorable spraying conditions by extending working hours well into the night with the ability to spray in any light condition. More Efficient Use of Chemicals The UC5™ maintains the booms at an entered preset height. Regulating spray nozzles at the recommended spray tip height above ground/crop results in the optimum spray pattern to disperse chemicals evenly and reduce drift.

Accurate, Smooth Control The UC5™ uses the stepless output of proportional valves for each wing to provide a more uniform method of boom control. NORAC-supplied proportional valves ensure that height corrections are smooth, even, and automatic.

Intelligent, Durable, Efficient

• Automatically maintains a preset tip height above the ground (Soil Mode) or crop (Crop Mode). • Controls all geometries of the boom. • Communicates hydraulic valve activity (up [ ] or down [ ]). • May be overridden using the sprayers existing in-cab controls. • Indicates whether the system is in ‘Automatic’ or ‘Manual’ modes. • Adjusts your spray nozzle height on-the-go with the push of a button. • Fully integrated into the Ag Leader InSightTM display. • Displays the height nozzle tips are from the target. • Quick and easy to use with NORAC’s automated setup and user-friendly interface. • On select sprayers, Automatic Headland Mode for controlling boom height on headlands. • Automatic oil temperature compensation for improved performance.

Display Screen (integrated with existing Ag Leader InSightTM)

Rugged, Reliable Ultrasonic Sensors

Rugged aluminum sensors are designed for trouble free use. Internal electronics are epoxy sealed making them virtually impervious to moisture damage. Distinguishes changes in height to the nearest half-inch or centimeter. Sensor is able to distinguish the ground surface (Soil Mode) from standing crop (Crop Mode) or field residue. • Break-away brackets are designed to provide superior protection to the sensors; spring loaded mounting bracket will bend approximately 90 degrees. • • • •

UC5TM Spray Controller Kit

Ultrasonic Sensor and Break-Away Bracket

Each kit includes: • Left and right wing ultrasonic sensors with break-away mounting brackets. • Center boom height sensor with bracket. • Required kit-specific cables, hydraulic plumbing and hardware. • Proportional valve package (load sensing or closed center models available) and integral pressure line filter. • Customized sprayer-specific Installation Manual. • Operator’s Manual and Quick Guide.

Kits are custom designed for specific sprayer models. Although NORAC attempts to supply complete installation kits, some modifications may be required due to sprayer manufacturing variations outside of NORAC’s control.

Ag Leader InSightTM Display Proportional Valve Block

Height Sensor

Proportional Valve Block

Ag Leader InSightTM Display Maximize performance by combining the UC5TM’s cutting-edge technology with the proven track record of the InSightTM display. The InSightTM display is the full-featured hub of any liquid or granular application operation. A large, full-color touchscreen display is easy to read and offers tools for tillage, planting, application and harvest. Ag Leader’s DirectCommandTM application control system features: • AutoSwathTM – automatic boom section shutoff. • Rate Control. • Variable Rate Application. • Multiple Product Application. • Smart ReportTM Application Report. • Chemical Injection. • Strip-till. • Spinner Spreader Control.

In addition to application operations, Ag Leader’s InSightTM display provides a year-round precision farming solution from planting to harvest. The InSightTM display supports other functions including SeedCommandTM (planter monitoring, clutch control and seed rate control), tillage, yield monitoring and is compatible with SMSTM Software.

Illustration shows individual boom sections shutting off as the sprayer crosses the headland.

UC5TM System Options Severe Terrain Package

By installing this package an operator adds a second sensor to each wing. This sensor is normally mounted half way down length of the boom and provides average height for each boom as well as a minimum height override. This option is helpful in any one or a combination of the following situations: • Boom lengths longer than 90 ft. • Land with sharp knolls such as terraces. • Spraying in fall crop where there are thin or lodged areas. Package Includes: • Two ultrasonic sensors. • Two break-away brackets. • All required cables and hardware.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

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