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Monoculars – Handy Gadgets Monoculars are very much similar to binoculars. Monoculars are more or less small, lightweight, minitelescopes. Monoculars are easy to carry around with you and are a great option for birdwatching, hunting, golfing, sports and events as well as general outdoor viewing. There are two numbers that are imperative in monoculars. One is the magnification which is also referred to as zoom or power while the other one is lens diameter. For example a 6×25 monocular has 6x magnification and a 25mm objective lens. Generally monoculars will have a magnification of 6x, 8x or 10x. Monoculars are today the referred choice as they are lighter and less bulky as compared to large sized binoculars. In case you are going hiking or an expedition with friends venturing into the ocean you definitely want to be as light as possible. While you need to carry enough food what you surely can substitute is a light weight monocular for a bulky binocular or telescope. Monoculars with higher power like 8x and 10x are good for long distance viewing but at the same time it could be a tad difficult to stabilize. Therefore, you need to be careful while selecting a monocular for yourself. Also caring for your monocular is very important, if you do not then you can end up getting unwanted scratches on the lens which will in turn hamper the viewing quality through the lens.

Caring for your prized gadget is very important. It is not always possible to clean dirt and grime with water and detergent. In fact, soap and cleaning agents may leave abrasions on the surface of the glass or frame of your monocular. Instead, ask your binocular supplier to recommend a non-solvent cleaning solution. Use a soft brush to reach the insides of the monocular. You can also try a can of compressed air to help you clean difficult-to-reach parts of the gadget. While caring for your gadget is what you should exactly be doing there are some don’ts that you need to keep in mind too. Exposing your prized possession to direct and harsh sun light too may damage it. Even if you are carry it outdoor once you are finished using it you should place it back in the case or box. Whenever you find time you can use a soft cloth or a cleaning cloth that you have got with it when you purchase the monocular. These small things will go a long way in ensuring that your product has a long life and is in prime condition whenever you want to sell it for a new product.


Monoculars are very much similar to binoculars. Monoculars are more or less small, lightweight, mini-telescopes. Monoculars are easy to carr...

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