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How to make your motor cycle gear clothing last longer The type of motor cycle gear and apparel that is used by riders costs some good amount of money and most people deny themselves a big amount of leisure to acquire them. Since this protective gear is meant to keep a rider protected and safe in case of an accident or incident; you want to make sure that you have it on all the time before laying your hand on that lovely motorbike. It is very important to be extremely vigilant every time you want to purchase so hat you get good value for your money; check that they are fitting and that they are made from the highest quality materials. There are a few important things you need to do in order to make sure that your protective motor cycle gear and apparel last as long as they probably can. The following simple but effective idea will see to it that apart from the normal wear and tear, your gear will be durable and remain more useful: Care when washing: All the protective motor cycle apparel you buy almost always comes with a set of instructions on how to keep them clean and wash them when it is required. It is expected that you carefully read the manufacturers instructions and follow them to the point; you don’t want to damage your gear and defeat the purpose for which your spent money on them. Dry leather naturally: If any part of your motor cycle gear is made from leather, you need to treat with special care in order to maintain its usefulness in keeping you safe under all circumstances as you ride; this includes keeping it continuously weatherproof. Your leather apparel is likely to become wet from washing or perhaps exposure to the elements, you should then dry naturally; never hang them near an open fire, nest to the radiator or even spin them dry. Repairs to be done professionally: It is almost natural for most people to try and save some money when repairs to protective clothing are due; the truth of the matter is that anyone who is not qualified to do such repairs will be doing work in futility. When you consider how much money you spent on these clothes and how important they are to you when you are riding, you are better off letting professionals do any required repairs. Avoid sharp and bulky objects: There are times when you may need to carry bulky objects of some sharp ones as you ride your motor bike; the best thing to do is to get a small bag that can fit them instead of trying to fit them into your jacket or riding pants. About the author: This article has been written by Mohit Jain who is the owner of Rumbler's Gear. Rumbler's Gear is an online store dedicated to selling the best motorcycle gear clothing, helmets, boots and

gloves. In case you are someone who is particular about the gears and helmets you use then I recommend you check the range of Allstate leather biker jacket gears on our website.

How to make your motor cycle gear clothing last longer  
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