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Crushing foundation repair myths If there is anything that most homeowners fear, it is waking up one morning to realize there are signs of a crack on the floor of the house. Unfortunately, there are chances that this may take place and what it does; there will be need to look for a qualified foundation repairman. The sad thing is that there are several myths that exist which are almost always based on misinformation. You need to tell the wheat from the chaff if you are going to solve the problem. Some of the most common myths include: Foundation repair will scare off potential house buyers: The law requires that you make a full disclosure any time you decide to sell your house and if you have had the foundation repaired, you have no business keeping it under the carpet. Even though there may be a few buyers who will get scared, majority will take it positively. Since most houses will have some foundation issues at one point or another, this means that a wise buyer will appreciate the fact that the problem has been dealt with once and for all. Foundation repair is extremely expensive: When most people think about foundation repair they always imagine they will completely erode their ban accounts. The truth of the mater is that discovering a crack on the floor or the walls of your house does not necessarily mean depleting your bank account. Taking time with a professional to understand what triggered the problem in the first place will ensure that any money that is spent will not get wasted. The positive side of it is that any repairs done now will save the house from potential damage in the future. Excavation is a must during foundation repair: Nothing could be further from the truth, hiring a professional repair company does not necessarily imply the death of your yard. Even though there are some extents of foundation damage that require real excavation across all the walls, there are other forms of repair that are less intrusive. You are talking about procedures such as those that require the installation of straps where all the work is done inside your basement. Different cracks and problems will call for different forms of attention and, as such, you are always better off dealing with a professional foundation repair Nashville company . Any contractor will manage the work: The truth of the matter is that contractors are different and there are many who are not properly qualified to do the work. It is therefore important that you do your homework well when trying to locate the right institution. Always ensure that the contractor is not only qualified but that they are also insured as well as licensed to operate in your area. Ask the contractor to give you a resume of satisfied customers together with their contacts so that you can talk to them independently to verify their claims. Your safety therefore in dealing with any foundation repair job is to make sure that you are armed with correct information before you hit the market looking for a solution.

Crushing foundation repair myths