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Nora Baer Mrs. Gamble Intro to Fashion Studies 2 November 2016

“The Winter Blues” This display of Christian Dior’s clothing is located in Saks Fifth Ave in his designated section. The theme of this array is a sophisticated yet chic woman in the work force. The display is selling the entire look, from the shoes to the coat with a hint of vibrant blue as the seasons transition into the winter months, the customer can buy any of it. The merchandise that is the main focus in this arrangement is the pastel blue coat on the mannequin to the left because this coat is a loud, statement piece so the eye is automatically drawn to it, making this the focus. However, since the background is a plain white column, the navy jean dress contrasts this aspect ideally and therefore it could also be a focus, but having the two mannequins next to each other, the radiant coat takes most of the attention. I would change the placement of the mannequins because their purpose is to sell the clothes that they are wearing and the rack of

clothing containing these pieces is not close to these mannequins. People might not take the time to sift through the whole section looking for one specific piece; in order to ensure that the customer will buy a garment they see on the mannequin, it must be easily found. As a result, this will facilitate sales and overall, it will be an enjoyable experience for the client causing them to return in the future. The biggest strength of this display is that these two looks exceptionally complement each other. For example, the mannequin to the left is more covered up with the coat and the length of her skirt is longer. Also, the mannequin to the left is wearing a relatively darker color palette (black, grey and blue) under the light colored coat. Whereas the mannequin to the right has a dark colored dress layered over a light colored, collared shirt. Both of these looks would be worn by working women but one is slightly more playful and young while the other is covered up and elder looking; when these looks are placed together, they complement each other. A weakness of this display is the practicality of the garments for the current season. These clothes are part of the winter collection however, the store location in which these outfits are being displayed is Chicago, where the winters are very cold and intense (having your legs show would not be practical in the winter). As a result, an opportunity that could arise from this would be to dress the mannequins in the stores accordingly based on the seasons (putting tights on their legs for the Chicago location). Another opportunity is that very few stores carry Dior’s clothing lines, most carry only his makeup/fragrances. On the other hand, a prominent threat is that every single store is going to carry winter garments, therefore it is up to the display to set their clothing apart and make the consumer choose theirs over a competitor.

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