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Nora Baer Mrs. Gamble Intro to Fashion Studies September 28th, 2016  Designer is Christian Dior for Christian Dior (House of Dior)  Designed in 1955-1956 for fall/winter  An economic event that impacted the design of this piece was when he showed his first collection the “New Look”, his pieces were very over the top and used a lot of materials during a time when many of the materials were scarce. As a result, his elaborate “New Look” shifted and he made this collection very simple and minimalistic. A social event that impacted this garment was, during World War II women had to wear practical clothes to do labor in, which Dior thought lost femininity. After the war, the social position women found themselves in was not doing harsh labor anymore, in which they were able to wear more feminine garments, like this dress. A technological advance that occurred in the early 1905s impacted this piece because of new advances in mass production. Since this dress is haute couture, off brand manufactures were racing to produce this piece in mass quantiles at affordable prices.  One political event that impacted this garment was the previous head of the design house (Raf Simons) quit his job and two longtime employees (Serge Ruffieux and Lucie Meier) were appointed the position, and they incorporated necklines like off the shoulder that Raf used a lot. A social event that influenced this garment is that women are taking a stand and showing more skin in what they wear, specifically their legs. This is clearly seen in the shorter length in the dress. An economic event that influenced this actual dress itself is, since the design house appointed two former employees (as said before) the perfectionism of Raf wasn’t there and the collection as a whole was “lacking in excitement and newness,” (Fashionista).  A similarity between these two pieces is the color, they are both black. Also, the neckline is the same in both, which is off the shoulder and a v cut in the center. Along with that, the waistline is consistent in both of these dresses; the waistline is a natural waistline which hits right above your hips.  A difference in these dresses is the length, the historic length ends right above the ankle while the modern version ends right below the knee. Another difference is, the fabric used. In the historic dress the fabric used was silk, while in the current dress the fabric used was wool. Also, the embellishment around the waistline is different. In the historic garment, there is a velvet belt around the waist. However, in the modern garment there is a frill, almost like a peplum.  This time period has influenced the design because the dress is more casual. The fabric used back then was silk and then fabric used for this piece in current day is wool, which is more casual than silk. Also the length of the dress today is shorter than it was in 1955, adding to the casual aspect of the 2016 garment.

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