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Nora-Andreea Constantinescu Graduate with BSc in Urban Design and Planning and presently postgraduate student in MA Urban and Regional Planning at University of Westminster in London.



Sept. 2012 - present MA Urban and Regional Planning University of Westminster, London

Romanian: native proficiency

Oct. 2008 - July 2012 BSc Urban Design and Planning University of Architecture and Urbanism ‘Ion Mincu’, Bucharest Sept. 2004 - July 2008 Computer Science and Mathematics National College ‘Mihai Viteazul’, Ploiesti

French: advanced Spanish: elementary



Aug 2013 – present

Architectural and design:

PIZZAZZES, - Chief Executive Officer

Mar. 2012 – June 2012 S.C. URBIS 90 – ATELIER DE URBANISM Bucharest Intern - Urban designer and planner

I consider myself to be an artist, passionate about beauty and nature.

English: full professional proficiency

•Developing a strategy for the monuments rehabilitation •Making a brochure which contains explanatory sheets for all monument of Bucharest

Nov. 2011 – Oct .2012 General Urban Plan (P.U.G.) for Geoagiu city Romania •I participated in the implementation of the General Urban Plan for Geoagiu city

AutoCAD***, Corel Draw***, Photoshop***, llustrator*, InDesign**, 3D Studio Max*, Revit Architecture*, Nemetschek**, SketchUp* Other:

Microsoft Office***

Nov. 2011 – Feb. 2012 Photography Exhibition- Contest “The Ephemeral City” •I initiated and coordinated a team formed by seven students to organize the exhibition

Oct. 2011 – Dec. 2011 Territorial Planning Project – Botosani Spatial County Plan


•Exposed at the International Convention of Architecture and Design May 2012, Bucharest

June 2010 Deparment of Urban and Regional Planning Bucharest Volunteer •Reasearch on urban planning legislation and on official urban design and palnning plans

PERSONAL INFORMATION Address London, United Kingdom Flat 40 Guinness Building Kennington Park Road SE11 4JG Phone 07833347150 E-mail/ Contacts Linkedin Behance

May 2008

Computer Operation Professional Proficiency Certificate National College ‘Mihai Viteazul’, Ploiesti

Sept. 1999 - July 2002 Ploiesti School of Arts and Crafts - Piano Proficiency

Communication •Elected head-student of the year in 2009 for the urbanism and landscape design departments •Able to communicate effectively with a range of different people in high pressure situations Team working •I have team working skills by initiating, coordinating and participating in group projects •Ability to work well in a team from previous work experience

WORK EXPERIENCE Aug 2013 – present

Randolphs Recuitment – Hospitality and Events

Aug 2013 – Jan 2014

Epiq Systems Limited – Data Processor, Hardcopy Analyst

June 2011- Oct. 2011

Herbalife Company - Sales agent/ Distributor

•Keeping a wide network of clients/Finding good ways of advertising

HOBBIES •Painting, Drawing, Photography, Design, Fashion Design, Running, Swimming





Bachelor Thesis: Strategy and development at Bacaia Village

Faze I: Urban and Regional Planning Faze II: Architecure 02

Cultural Project: Dance Club


Drawing and painting


Digital art

01Bachelor Thesis

Current relations between cities

Development Strategy for Geoagiu County

Strategy and development at Bacaia Village Faze I: Urban and Regional Planning

Project info Workshop: Bachelor thesis project - Individual project Year and Institute: 2012 Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism Duration: 3 months Site location: Geoagiu County, Romania

The Bachelor Degree was based on an analysis form the overall approach to the architectural object of the administrative territorial unit, Geoagiu, Hunedoara, Romania.

Relations between cities In Vision

The Geoagiu County has two strong development directions, North-South and WestEast which are not fully exploited. The strategy is to develop each city and village located on the development directions, on their main activities. The purpose is to have economic efficiency and diversity inside the region and to prevent competition between the cities.

Main Task: My Bachelor Thesis is formed by two main parts: Faze I: Create a startegy for developing Geoagiu county, a turism economy based area. Faze II: Chose one of the county’s settlements, in my case, Bacaia Village, and to create a development scenario. The architectural project had to be connected with the strategy.

Some small cities are strategically located but unpopulated and weak, therefore the second part of the project will present the economical, educational and touristic development of the northernmost small city of Geoagiu, Bacaia.

Representative photos of the Geoagiu county settlements


Site Plan for developing Bacaia Village

Staging the interventions in the villages and the evolution of the number of employees Implementing programms for social housing

Bacaia Village has as main resources, thermal and ferruginous water which are used in the treatment of intestinal diseases, rheumatic and hepatobiliary affections.

From this resource the development starts.

The proposed development will include: -housing, -temporary housing -medical and treatment center -camping zone -equestrian center -services

To develop this locality I used the natural resources mentioned above and I made a medical treatment spa situated in the center of Bacaia. Linked to the medical treatment spa, I developed accommodation units and an educational center. The last consists of a kindergarten and a primary school. Aside the spa I made a horseback riding facility as part of the rheumatic treatment. Also the capacity of the mineral water will rase and the factory itself will have another building. To achieve this, I chose to implement programs of social housing for the future employees. I estimated that in 5 years time Bacaia will have 20 more households, in 10 years another 30 and in 15 years 20 more. The families will come from the surroundings of Bacaia, the DJ 705 being an important infrastructural element of this development plan. All the important activites are concentrated in the middle of the village adjacent to the main streets. I have started to develop the mediacal treatment center and accommmodation units and educational centerlinked with it. The educational center will be further


Architecture Faze II Educational Center HAPPY CLOUDS in Bacaia Village The educational center is located nearby the river and is formed by a kindergarten and a primary school but having small proportions. The kindergarten functions for two groups of children between 3 and 6 and between 6-14. The educational center was developed by taking into consideration the proportions of the existing houses, coating and materials used in general by the local people. Considerig the principles of the sustainable development I used local materials (wood, rock, roof tiles), solar panels and thermal water heating. The building materials for the structure with wood polywood and based stone. I have also equipped the place with water, sewer, gas and electricity. The concept was to make a building integrated into the rest of the landscape and to become part of this locality but with an air of modernity.

Basement Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Section A-A`

Section B-B`

Street section


Cultural Project

Dance Club Project info

Workshop: Architecture Individual Project Year and Institute: 2010 Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism Duration: 4 weeks Site location: Bucharest, Romania

Main Task: Deepen the knowledge of analysis and interpretation of a real site in the context of a cultural architectural programme. Developing the ability to propose a general concept of a set of architectural and design solutions to its individual components, while maintaining overall coherence


West Elevation


Section AA`



Section BB`

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

03 Drawing and painting

Pencil and ink sketches

Watercolour, ink and marker drawings

04 Digital art

Thank you

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