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Start-up brand, Nootca releases 2012 Swim Goggle line Former Nike and Speedo designer goes out on his own Venice, FL July 23 2012

Steven Keegan has launched the brand Nootca, a new swim goggle and equip-

ment company. Nootca brings a new approach to the swim industry by designing all of its products in-house. The company begins with three exclusive to the market goggles all emphasizing increased vision, comfort and quality. All swim goggles are patent pending and designed exclusively by Steven. “We introduced product to athletes during the 2012 Olympic swim trials in Omaha, by the second day we had swimmers asking us for samples their friends were talking about,” said Steven. “That was a telling day for the company and the designs. To have positive reactions from top swimmers in the world made everything a new company struggles with, worth it.” All goggles are patent pending and exclusive to the market with 100% paper packaging. Nootca 5: Experienced swimmers will recognize the Swedish style “no” gasket and DIY adjustability. Nootca’s design process began with three initiatives: improve range of vision, durability and comfort. When we provided the production samples to a few select swimmers are best comments came from veteran triathlete Mary Eggers via twitter

“I have never worn a sweede type pair in open water with this kind of panoramic view!”

and “@nootcanews the comfort and the ridiculous visibility in open water. I didn’t realize how traditional sweedes don’t have that!!” Nootca Eleven: Small frame goggles have been overlooked in the past and with this design Nootca wanted to make a statement right out of the gate to show the possibilities of a well design swimming goggle. Steven said “The majority of testers are surprised on the expanse range of vision this goggle produces.” Nootca 207: The challenge this goggle is meant to solve is providing peripheral vision that exceeds or matches that of mask style goggles that are becoming popular with Triathletes. “You would be hard pressed to find another goggle that provides more peripheral vision than this goggle in any price range.” Said Steven Nootca goggles come in three lens colors all designed to aid in visual acuity while relieving eye fatigue

About: Beginning with over a decade developing products for the top swim companies in the industry; Nootca has created a lineup of swim goggles that push the market into a new direction in quality, vision and comfort. A company started by a product designer, Nootca exploits design and manufacturing to its fullest to give swimmers expanded views not yet reached in similarly sized goggles. Patent pending features push manufacturing to its fullest potential providing the market with exclusive designs, features and benefits. We build premium swim equipment for the highest levels of competition. The current product offering is only a preview of our capabilities.

For contact information, contact: Steven L Keegan Nootca LLC p 941.244.7894 350 West Venice Avenue Venice, Florida 34285-0203

Nootca press release company info  
Nootca press release company info  

We build premium swim equipment for the highest levels of competition. Swim goggles of the highest quality that push the boundaries of manuf...