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Have a healthy thyroid without Doctor visit.

Ways to keep a healthy Thyroid. This is the vital gland of the human body and is situated near the breathing pipe within the human body. Thyroid Gland takes iodine from multiple food resources and converts it into Thyroid Hormone, This gland plays a very special role in your body functions, especially the metabolism processes that keep you healthy and active.

Conditions that can affect your thyroid • Hypothyroidism: These are the condition when you have an underactive thyroid. • It Common Symptoms is, • Weight Gain. • Depression. • Memory Impairment. • Joint Pian. • Constipation. • Goiter. • Cold Intolerance. • Hair Thinning. • Dry Skin \ • Joint Pains.

Conditions that thyroid suffer from. • Hyperthyroidism: This condition is the over secretion of the thyroid gland. Its common symptoms are, • Heat intolerance. • Rapid heart rate. • Weight loss • Sweating. • Goiters.

Tip# 01: Healthy Thyroid at Home. • In general conditions, food that is enriched with antioxidants is healthy for your thyroid. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits are helpful in this regard. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables not only keep your thyroid healthy but it also contributes a lot to general health and wellness maintenance.

Tip# 02, Healthy Thyroid at Home. • For the general conditions foods like Bell peppers, Tomato, Cherries, Blueberries and squash are helpful for your thyroid health and wellbeing. • Related: • Major Solutions for laziness.

Tip# 03, Healthy Thyroid. • If you are suffering from the Hypothyroidism, then avoid green leafy vegetables like Cabbage, Spinach, Broccoli, and kale. These foods interfere with the normal thyroid function.

Tip# 04, Healthy Thyroid. • If you're taking any medications for your thyroid gland, then you should avoid beans until advised by your Doctor. • Related: • 0 5 health conditions that cause weight gain.

Tip# 05, Healthy Thyroid. • Cutdown processed and refined foods: • Processed and refined food are not good for your health. Common examples are white bread, Pastas, Sugar, cakes, and prepackaged foods. Secondly, avoid Canned vegetables and eat fresh vegetables instead. These small tips can help you for keeping your thyroid healthy.

Tip# 06, Healthy Thyroid. • Avoid Alcohol and Smoking: Caffeine and Nicotine are bad for your thyroid health. Ask your Doctor how much diet you should be restricted for Caffeinated drinks like Tea, Coffe, and Soda Drinks. • Related: • Natural Plateau Buster for weig ht loss.

Tip# 07, Healthy Thyroid. • Eat iodine Sources: As you are in need of Iodine, you have to find some dietary sources of Iodine for your thyroid Gland health and wellbeing. One healthy source of Iodine is to eat food that has grown in the Iodine rich soil, the foods are Onion, Garlic, and Mushrooms Iodine Containing table salt and sea foods are also the good sources of Iodine. • Related: • What stress do to your body.

Tip# 08, Healthy Thyroid. • Increase your Selenium Intake: Selenium is also linked with the healthy thyroid and its sufficient intake can help you for the Proper health of your thyroid. • Food items that have Selenium are Brazil Nuts, Tuna, Shrimp, Oysters, Liver Chicken and Turkey. • Related: • Causes of weight gain in Girls.

Tip# 09, Healthy Thyroid. • Take Vitamin A Supplementation: Taking Vitamin A supplementation is closely correlated to the proper Thyroid Metabolism function. A daily dose of 25, 000 IU is recommended for the Proper thyroid function. Food sources like Sweat Patios, Squash and Carrots are very helpful in meeting the Vitamin A requirement.

Tip# 10, Healthy Thyroid. • Get Some Aerobic exercise: Aerobic exercise that boosts your heart rate for 30 minutes helps in the better circulation of Thyroid hormone and helps you in achieving thyroid sufficiency. A 30-minute exercise of running, jogging, dancing and cycling can fulfill this aspect of your thyroid health. • Related: • The best diet for weight loss.

Ways to boost thyroid health at home.