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Acupuncture Clinic in Guindy The practice of acupuncture started out with the invention that the stimulation of unique regions on the pores and skin affects the functioning of sure organs of the frame.

Acupuncture Clinic in Guindy So the track of the body is study from each man or woman's nadi and in keeping with the individual's need, the particular acupuncture points are selected to bring about a magical treatment in numerous illnesses like Migraine Sinusitis Cold and Cough Headaches. Acupuncture Clinic in Guindy

Vertigo Overweight Asthma Arthritis-cervical/lumbar Gastritis/acidity Ulcers Constipation Hemorrhoids (Piles) Knee ache Sciatica Menstrual issues Hemiplegic Facial palsy Hypertension Diabetes Insomnia and so forth. Ulcers Miraculous treatment can be obtained in cases of migraine, headaches, Neck & Lower Back Pain. Read More

Noor A Shifa Acupuncture Clinic NO.6, Bakthavachala Nagar, 9th Street, Pazhavanthangal, Chennai - 600 114. Email: Ph: +91-98419 17987, +91-73581 89510

Acupuncture clinic in guindy  
Acupuncture clinic in guindy