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Acupuncture Clinic in Pazhavanthangal After a session of acupuncture people may find wiped out. A more common result of this method should be increased energy but sometimes the effect hangs a little longer. Feeling fatigue after acupuncture is not the cause of concern but it simply means you need some rest.

Acupuncture Clinic in Pazhavanthangal If you experience this for rest of your day, take a bath at night and go to bed early that night. Coming morning you will wake up with best of you. Acupuncture Clinic in Pazhavanthangal

After the removal of the needles used for healing you can feel sore in the areas where needles were inserted. It most commonly occurs with points in the hand and feet. Read More

Noor A Shifa Acupuncture Clinic NO.6, Bakthavachala Nagar, 9th Street, Pazhavanthangal, Chennai - 600 114. Email: Ph: +91-98419 17987, +91-73581 89510

Acupuncture clinic in pazhavanthangal  
Acupuncture clinic in pazhavanthangal