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Endless view Storyboard War is reigning, the environment is perishing. Life/living is impossible in such an area.

Buildings are burning down and war is burning down everything else. Safety Education Health Possiblity to develop Possibility to prepare their future

People are fleeing from one place to another. Some of them who have the money, decide to leave the country.

They will live as refugees in a building especially build for refugees.

Urban planning

Private area

The building will offer the refugees the following things:


Creating a pathway to make the park look like its pulling in. Connevtion of park and the street, with an endless view Interaction between the neighborhood and the building for assylim seekers. Around the building and inside the plaza. The gates make people curious.

Walking route

Creating vide, because it improves spatial quality. Making vide possible in the design by using a plaza. Endless walking route. Going up and down.

Starting points

Floor plans

Interior Interior 1

Interior 1

Interior 1

Floor plans and spacail expricence

Interior 2

Construction Te break

First floor Prefabricated roof 200 mm

Ground floor

Prefabricated wall 200 mm

Prefabricated floor 200 mm

Prefabricated roof 200 mm

Prefabricated wall 200 mm

Prefabricated floor 200 mm


I have chosen wooden panels for the housefront, because in this way the assylum seeker van choose to have privacy or does not have it.

Front side

The panels are slidable. 50 percent panels and 50 percent windows and walls

Back side


Noora Karim


Noora akakakakak