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Suratchana Pakavaleetorn

P r o f i le CV

Projects Interior design project, Product & Furniture design , Graphic design

Past Experiences Valuable experiences from working, volunteering and exploring.


Projects • Residential • Hotel • Café & Restaurant • Office • Museum & Conservation Building • Local decorative style study • Sketch design& Hand rendering • Furniture & Product design • Graphic design

RESIDENTIAL -Urban cave ( condominium concept design -Eco Mutualism Home - Bedroom & Bathroom -Kitchen & Dining room

This is the work for condominium concept design competition. We decide to use the concept that inspired by cave which is the earliest habitat of human. The feeling that we want to accomplish is mystical ,protective ,cozy and full of surprise. From the hidden function of doors and furniture, the secret room entering to the glow in the night paint pattern that flow to connect all parts of the room. The material we choose to use are quite raw and giving the natural touch.(year4)

Urban cave ( condominium concept design)

The competition were held by Sansiri, Thai real estate development company. After we win the contest, We have an opportunity to turn our design to reality.(year4)

Urban cave ( condominium concept design)

The house were designed to help reducing energy consumption as much as possible as I analyzed the environmental factors such as the wind and day lighting before making the design which start from planning the whole masterplan of the community to the space planning of each houses. The house is facing Northsouth and tends to be wider but shorter than normal townhome because we want to use more of natural daylight.

(year2) This Project is about planning the master plan of the whole townhome community. Our idea comes from the problem of modern day society where everyone just live on their own, no interaction between neighbors. No space for relaxing and community gathering so, we try to plan a space that motivate people to do more outdoor activities and see other neighbors. From the master plan, people can share the garden in front of their house with their neighbors. The parking lot is in the backside of the house so, the footpath and street are totally separated to make sure the kids and little dogs are safe while playing ( year2)

Eco townhome

Bedroom & Bathroom design for a seaside vacation house in sustainable style using natural non toxic materials such as teak wood, used wood, clay brick and bamboo(year1)

Bedroom& Bathroom

Mexican Kitchen(year1) Users : A Family with 4 members ( mother ,father , daughter and son) Material : Clay, brick, wood, printed tiles

Kitchen & Dining room

HOTEL -- Wu Hotel,Chinatown,Bangkok

Hotel Renovation design project in Chinatown area of Bangkok. The main concept derived from the user behaviors , marketing strategies and the context of surrounding area(year4).

Wu Hotel

Master Plan

The design of public and semi-public area ( Lobby, tea lounge, Living area or common area and Chinese garden. The planning concept was inspired from the traditional Chinese courtyard house, the connection of outdoor and indoor space. Also, focus on eco-friendly design by reducing the use of air- conditioner, material selecting and applying the vertical garden into the area.

Wu Hotel

Perspective of Lunar Bar

Perspective of the restaurant

Room Types

WU Hotel

CAFÉ & RESTAURANTS --Café playground --T-Thai Eatery --ZAAP restaurant --Dajikay Authentic Thai restaurant -Hula Hula Hawaiian restaurant

This is the multifunction cafĂŠ design where inspiration comes from the sense of nostalgia. The 4 sides of wall can be close or open depends on the activity.It is flexible as it made from the old container.(year3)

CafĂŠ Playground

Existing facade

Existing interior

New design

Thai casual restaurant concept design in Paris (year4)

T-Thai Eatery

Option 1

Chaos &

Contrast of flavors,colors

Option 2

The splash of colors and spices

Thai restaurant concept design in Paris. The style is casual dining and also focus on take away.(year4)

ZAAP cuisine

Authentic Thai Restaurant with the theme of Dajikay (known as Likay” in modern day) .Likay is an ancient Thai folk musical play which has a very unique character such as colorful and glitter costumes and the way they perform it but unfortunately Likay popularity has faded since there are so many choices of entertainment nowadays so, that’s why I’d like to bring it back .( year3)

Dajikay restaurant

Perspective of dining area and stage show

Perspective of private dining room

Dajikay restaurant

Hula Hula is the Hawaiian fusion restaurant which designed from the the atmosphere of Hawaii ,the beach and the colors of sunset (year2).

Hula Hula


CORPORATE -- TCEB (Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau)office

(year3) Design Renovation ideas for Thailand convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)

TCEB Office

MUSEUM& CONSERVATION BUILDING - Aromatic Museum -- Saranrom Palace Renovation

Graphic design for museum’s ticket

Aroma Museum, Bangkok

permanent exhibition in Labyrinth style consists of topics about the aroma from the past to the present ,from the east to the west The museum of aroma consist of permanent and temporary exhibitions , Aromatherapy , workshop area, shop ,aroma café and garden (year3)

Entrance hall Aroma Museum,

Bangkok Temporary exhibition

Museum shop







Aromatic Museum

Perspective of lobby area and the concert hall

The project is about the renovation of Saranrom Palace and turn it to the concert hall. In this project we have to do the real site visit and learn more about the regulations for the conservation building renovation. Also the general knowledge of theatre deign(year3)

Saranrom Palace Renovation

LOCAL DECORATIVE STYLE STUDY - Thai decorative restaurants - Hilltribe motif cafe

Thai decorative restaurants

Hill tribe motif cafe

อักษรไทยสมัยพ่อขุน รามคาแหง

Thai Decorative & Architectural study Sketch from the field trip in different parts of Thailand


Water color rendering

Water color rendering

Stress free home

Night & day play space

Sketch design

Flower shop


Clay school

Sketch design

Le Prive’ hotel room design

“The hippies” seaside resort

Sketch design

“Le Galleria” furniture showroom

“Journey” shoes shop

Sketch design

Pen rendering

Pen rendering


Furniture desgin

Material : Used plastic bags

Material : Ship board, recycled board

Furniture & Product Design

Design the board for representing class members

Graphic Design

Past Experiences • Voluntary works • Internship with DWP

• Internship with Aiesec • Internship with Democrat Party

I spent short time learning basic technique of building a clay house but from that the idea and passion about sustainable architecture still stay with me until now. The project was for the monks in remote temples to have a place to stay in Chaiyapoom (2008) This volunteer teacher project were held by mirror foundation. It was a very memorable and valuable experience got a chance to taught art and Thai language to the kids. Also in return I stay with the hill tribe family and learned the sustainable way of life from them.


Voluntary work

Interning with DWP (Design world wide partnership) was another valuable experience as the company value the importance of educating young people so, our tasks included making a presentation, assist the designers, site visit ,contact suppliers or even attend the meeting and lecture session provided by the company

Internship with DWP

Democrat internship During this internship, I had a chance to work for the election campaign, lecturing, group discussions and community projects in rural area

Aiesec Development traineeship in Poland I spent 3 months in Poland working as a trainer. My task was to run a workshop about cultural diversity and the idea of entrepreneurship in Polish high school . It was a great experience because I got to work with people from many countries, communicate with Polish youngsters and learn to live in new culture. Also, I got to travel around there. It was an inspiring trip.

Internship Democrat Party & AIESEC

Thank you

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