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The project THELOCALITIES™ would like to spread the words of locals to the world: how are the locals living their life, what they do and where they go. With this tourists are able to blend themselves in with the locals to appreciate the differentiation of cultures and life styles. We provided insight detailed information of places that are known or famous by locals that hardly get publish in any foreign guides. Therefore we will publish a series of unique and different guides for Bangkok that will stand out in the masses of tourist guides, simply because of its appearance and second because of its content. Noom Aerkul The localiser

SPECIALITIES & HIGHLIGHT How’s it work It’s a set of cards. A pocket sized box that contain 52 cards with a description, pictures and detail information such as a map, transportation as well as name & address in Thai. Design The compact size makes it easy to carry the box around wherever you are, blending in with the locals without having to carry a travel bible! Fun and informative It contains various level of challenges. So if you feels adventurous, you can go to a truly local place by selecting one of the high challenging level. However every Card contains all necessary information and clues for you to get through it! Technology It’s called QR code and a scanner is usually included in smart phone original application. It is located on each every cards for further information and translations! Multi-lingual The descriptions are not only provided in English. We offer descriptions in multiple languages such as German, Thai and Japanese and many more to come accessible through the QR Code. Various purposes If you’re local and feeling indecisive where to go, here is the option. Pick a card any of them and go!!



This guide is the combination of the most famous eateries with the most fabulous Thai dishes, places that are known among locals. Tasted, written, photographed, rewritten and in lots of cases re-tasted simply because of the deliciousness. No payment has been accepted for publishing. Only because we would like to share this Famulous Eateries to people who come to visit from all over the world.


Quickies Bangkok

The upcoming publication “The Quickies, Bangkok” will present the best kept secret spots in town, about everything a visitors could need. It will combine among the greatest boutique Thai styled “sleeperies”, fantastic spots to shop from local “shopaholics”, enjoy local cuisine the so called “famulous eateries”, exciting “fascimazing” activities with a glimpse of culture, sport, leisure and art, “funtastic” weekend away as well as Adrenaline dripping night out.

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Online’s Contents

Our site is the direct channel to communicate with our followers and fans and present our research in form of Blogs. Through this we create new online community where people share their secrets and their passion of Bangkok. Of course the homepage is also connected with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, where people from around the world can connect with us and follow the stories and the news of the Locals!

Testimonials “Bangkok’s in your pocket”

"The selection itself is the clincher. From B9 bowls of boat noodles on Ratchathewi to suburban gems like Ladphrao’s Pathe, everyone will find something new to get their teeth into here."

"Yummier than any deck of cards you’ve ever owned"

"Finding this new concept was a delight. A lot of the places I had never heard of, and i've since found to be genuine gems"

Advertisement Rate cards The Localities project will contain a very limited number of advertisements, which will be carefully selected to ensure that there is no conflict with the content of the publication.


Rate Card CARD ADS Card: size 98mm x 60mm Content size: 90mm x 50mm Single card 1 side : 10,000B 2sides: 19,000B


Multiple cards Logo located location of your business 1-10 cards 20,000B 11-26 cards 39,000B 27-52 cards 70,000B Combination


2sides card with logo on 52 maps 79,000B

Online Advertisement Area A : Fix position Main blog page which receive the most traffic of the website Size : 410x148 5,000 B per month

Area B : Random On each blog various popularity pending by the viewers Size : 410x148 2,900 B per month Priority plus: 500B per month

Demographic target Country Online audience at

3%,Australia1%,Africa & 7%, America &NZ other 11%,Europe



Age range 5,Age45-54


120,000 viewers in less than a year

Over 60 countries all over the world

Average over 1,000 viewers per week

More than 50% new visitors each day

About 50% return visitors

20% increased number of followers and visitors each month on social media and our site. very strong word of mouth: regular and high increase of likes on Facebook without advertising Broad interest in the Locality project: Statistic shown that 80% of the audiences (Thais, tourists, expats) are in Thailand and fluent in English

5,Age 35-44

 16%,Age25-34

42%, Age18-24

 29%,Age25-34

Distributions In stores & online

INCOOPERATION Contact Mr. Noom Aerkul +66 89 233 5202

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media kit  

Media kit for the localities

media kit  

Media kit for the localities