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Friday, March 9, 2018

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UBU’s student election 2018 By Walita Wonwaeng The atmosphere of Student Activities executive committee election for Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) in the academic year 2018 was full of bustle for welcoming to open the semester. There were three candidates for the election including Miss Kakanamporn Phawawijan, a third year student of Faculty of Agriculture, from Number 1: RuamJai MoUbon party, Mr. Thanaphat Waewsri, a third year student of Faculty of Science, from Number 2: Pheua MoUbon party, Miss Sudarat Pithakpornpanlop, a third year student of Faculty of Political Science, from Number 3: Kankrao party.The election was full of friendship from all UBU’s candidates because of a new campaign.

Miss Sudarat Pithakpornpanlop, a new President of Student Union of Faculty and her party’s members (Photo:

EN students of UBU win the International Competition

The new campaign for the election was that all candidates from three parties should show their policies before the election day on January 17, 2017. The atmosphere was full of fun as well as people who were impressed. There were 7961 students out of 15,286 students who exercised their right to vote. The result of the election showed that Number 3: Kankrao party got the highest votes. On the side of Student Union of Faculty, Number 3: Kankrao Party won the election from eight areas. The total was 4,121 votes. That led Miss Sudarat Pitakpornpanlop, a party leader, from Number 3: Kankrao party to be the new Student Union of Faculty’s president for Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) in the »read more page 2 academic year 2018.

By Praewwarin Minthon

The students from Civil Engineering of Faculty of Engineering of Ubon Ratchathani University won five awards for joining in the 4th Wood and Steel Structural Engineering Competition of Thailand Championship at Faculty of Engineering of Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin(RMUTR), Nakhon Pathom Province on February 14 to 16, 2018. Faculty of Engineering of Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin(RMUTR), Nakhon Pathom Province were operated the 4th Wood and Steel Structural Engineering Competition of Thailand Championship between 14-16 on February, 2018, the Civil Engineering students of Ubon Ratchathani University won five awards as follows.Mr. Kasaemsat Thonglaied, Mr. Wachirawit Wacharadetkonakorn and Miss. Sakonlawon Ampan won the winner of the King’s Cup. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn King Vajradhi of the competition of simulation of steel bridge. In the same ways, Mr. Kasaemsat Thonglaied, Mr. Wachirawit Wacharadetkonakorn and Miss. Sakonlawon Ampan.won the winnwer of best presentation and creativity in the competition of simulation of steel bridge

section. In addition, team Kankaogame form Ubon Ratchathani University which consisted of Miss. Panida Hintao, Mr. Supakor Jarusdamrongwat and Miss. Wananthiya Sibpha won the third runner-up in competition of stimulation of wood bridge section. Mr. Throngpon Detpoom, Mr. Thawatchai Wanthporm nad Miss. Nipaporn Pongpaka won the first runner-up in the competition of using ice-cream sticks for reforming building structure. Further, Mr. Wisawachit Somhom, Mr. Pipatpong Sangthawee and Miss. Ketkaew Sathonrat won the second runner-up in the competition of using The Civil Engineering students of UBU who won the King’s cup in the 4th Wood and Steel Structural Engineering Competition of Thailand Championship (photo: ice-cream sticks for reforming building structure. In this occasion, there were six- victory of Engineering students of Ubon fighting and solving with seriously probty-five teams from twenty-five of universi- Ratchathani University (UBU) and pro- lems or threats during tournament. The ties in Thailand participated in this tour- fessors, Associate Professor Dr. Kulchet important thing of this victory in addition nament such as Rajamangala University Pienthong , Dean of Faculty of Engineer- getting rewards is that all of you get directof Technology Rattanakosin(RMUTR), ing Ubon Ratchathani University congrat- ly experience of solving unexpected situaUbon Ratchathani University (UBU), Sri- ulate with bouquets to all participants that tion and you make it well. Moreover, this nakharinwirot University(SWU), Nakhon they made Ubon Ratchathani University victory is an inspiration for younger stuPathom Rajabhat University( NPRU), became well known to general people. dent’s competition in the next tournament. King Mongkut’s University Of Technol- According to Associate Professor Furthermore, the five award can prove the ogy North Bangkok Prachinburi Cam- Dr. Kulchet Pienthong Dean of Faculty of quality and efficiency of Civil Engineering pus , Prachinburi Province, Rajamangala Engineering Ubon Ratchathani Universi- students of Ubon Ratchathani University. University of Technology Rattanakosin ty, “this victory is based on the harmony I am so proud of you, thank you so much.” Klai Kangwon Palace Campus, Prachuap of teachers and students who can apply (credit: Khiri Khan Province, etc. To regrade the the skills of civil engineering as well as for



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2 NEWS Friday, March 9, 2018


UBU’s student election 2018 Form page 1, Miss Sudarat Pithakpornpanlop, or “Kran”, is a third year student who is studying in the Faculty of Political Science. She is 22 years old. Her hometown is in Trakanphuedphon district, Ubon Ratchathani province. She is the oldest daughter of Mr. Chuwit Pithakpornpanlop, an ex-member of the House of Representatives in Ubon Ratchathani province, and Mrs. Janthana Pithakpornpanlop, a mayor of Trakanphuedphon Subdistrict Municipality. After she graduated high school from Benchama Maharat School, she became interested in politics. So, she decided to study at the Faculty of Political Science at Ubon Ratchathani University which is a leading institution and close to her hometown. Moreover, she was a Freshy Star of Faculty of Political Science and she is a president of Student Union of Faculty of Political Science in the academic year 2017. From now on she steps into being a president of Student Union for Ubon Ratchathani University

“Sudarat” and her party’s members (photo: Dr. Thitipol Phakdeewaanich)

(UBU) in the academic year 2018. “Kran” said that she felt glad and proud that many UBU students from every faculty trusted her party and gave a chance to Kankrao party to be a Student Activities executive committee in the academic year 2018. Even though it is a small stage in many people‘s view, she believed that it is a great chance for her and her friends to learn many experiences such as management, planning, teamwork for developing, and promoting student’s activities. So she had to thank everyone for giving her encouragement and voting for her. This year, there was a good sign that many students used their rights to vote around 8,000 people. It showed that UBU students gave importance to the election and understood the election system. The students also were interested in their rights and their benefits as well as public’s benefits. These led them to have a perfect democracy like in Thai society. “In addition, the election was special more than in every year because the two candidates were women. Although there were two days after the opening the semester for seeking votes, every candidate can motivate many UBU students to vote in the election. Because of the digital era, students could follow the public relation news of each party through online media and each party had new PR ways that were more interesting than every year. For the purposes of activity development in the academic year 2018, the focus will be on academic development, student welfare,

By Walita Wonwaeng

UBU Profs get AUS award’s scholarships By Walita wongwaeng

The three candidates of the Student Activities executive committee election (photo:Dr. Thitipol Phakdeewanich)

creative modern activities, student’s safety and security, promoting in academic, campaigning for compliance with traffic rules both inside and outside the campus for safety to life and property. Besides, for the activity or project management, Student Union of Faculty will focus on the benefit of all students. All students are encouraged to participate and work together for our second home, UBU. Finally, thanks to the quality team both before and behind that always on my side. Thanks to the families who promoted and supported all along. Thanks to UBU’s students from our heart, Kankrao party”, “Kran” said. This is another success of Ubon Ratchathani University that there are volunteer students who devote themselves to work for the public. It can be said that their spirit and intention will lead into the success and pride of Ubon Ratchathani University. (Translate from Mr. Pern Wichaiwong’s article on news)

Graduation Ceremony of AY 2016

By Walita Wongwaeng Princess Sirindhorn Debaratanasuda Kitivadhanadulsobhak gave the degree certificates to graduated students of the Academic year (AY) 2016. Prince Sirindhorn, a daughter of King Rama 9 of Chakri Dynasty, visited Ubon Ratchathani University on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 for giving a degree certificates to 3,074 graduated students of academic year 2016 at Chalermphakert Jedrobphachonphansa Auditorium Hall, Warin Chamrap district, Ubon Ratchathani province. In this ceremony, there were 3,074 graduates which consisted of 158 Doctor’s degree and Master’s degree graduates, and 2,916 Bachelor’s degree graduates. Moreover, there were two people got the honorary degrees as follows: Professor lkuo Saiki in Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy and Assoc . Prof. Puan Suthipintam in Prince Sirindhorn is giving the degree certificates to the graduates. (photo: Doctor of Philosophy of Medicine. In addition, there were Rattanobon awards knowledges and your skills for several your negligence. In contrast, believing in 2017 including Professor Kittikhun- years in the university realm. And today community benefit more than individual piyanad Boonnak got a general people proves that all of you are smart people benefit can help you to solve the problem award and two cooperation awards for and all ready develop our country by due to the harmony of teamwork. To be Chumphod-Pantip Foundation and Thai using your knowledge and your skills. successful in your lives, You should not However, it is not easy to succeed in be negligent person and you also should Bridgestone Co., Ltd. In this time, Prince Sirindhorn your work, you should be careful about believe in community benefit as first.”. Finally, congratulations to all also gave a suggestion for every grad- working and should believe in commu- nity benefits more than individual bengraduate of academic year 2016. We wish uated student. She said that “All of you efit. That is because your negligence may you all can use the knowledge effectively here are smart people because you are working hard to collect and develop your lead you to face with trouble that you are and appropriately to succeed your job. unexpected and you may are affected of (credit:

Two professors from Ubon Ratchathani Univearsity (UBU) got the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships - Australia Awards for the academic year 2018. Congratulations to two UBUteachers who gots the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships from Australia Awards for the academic year 2018 including Assistant Professor Dr. Saowadee Kongpet, a professor in Western Languages and Literature, Faculty of Liberal Arts, an Acting Director of Office of Property Management and Privatization and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rungratsamee Boondow, a professor in Management Information System (MIS), Faculty of Management. There were four types of the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships including Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship, Endeavour Research Fellowship, Endeavour Vocational Education Training Scholarship, and Endeavour Executive Fellowship. Both teachers received the Endeavour

Assistant Professor Dr. Saowadee Kongpet, Dr. Sirinthip Boonmee and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rungratsamee Boondow (photo:

Executive Fellowships from 18 Thai people who got these scholarships that there were more than 7,000 worldwide applicants. Moreover, The Ministry of Education and Training Australian Ambassador to Thailand, HE Paul Mulrillard, Australian Ambassador to Thailand held a party and an award ceremony for Thai people who have won the scholarships. Dr. Sirinthip Boonmee, a Vice President for Human Resources and International Affairs, Ubon Ratchathani University, also attended the event to congratulate the teachers on December 19, 2017, at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, Bangkok. The eighteen people who got the scholarships will go to Australia for researching, culture exchanging, developing professional competence or studying between January and November 2018 according to the duration of each type of scholarship. Hoping Assistant Professor Dr. Saowadee Kongpet and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rungratsamee Boondow will bring experiences and knowledge from this opportunity improving the education’s quality in Thailand. (credit: www.ubu.



Friday, March 9, 2018


UBU hosts Agriculture Fair 2018 UBU Tour the sampling farms and professionals of farming who win 1st By Praewwarin Minthon Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) was so can suggest and fulfill your interested. Everyone coming proud to invite everyone to enjoy at Kaset-Esaan-Tai Fair here, were surprised with sunrise half tons pumpkins or runer-up 2018, on 9-18th February 2018, Ubon Ratchathani, Thai- green maple giant squashes or both. Furthermore, you must hold your children hands or your couple hands and walked in the animals’ zone together because you were enjoyed with lovely rabbits or feed crowded around goats and sheep with milks and took photos with them. Surprisingly, you were challenged on many types of chickens that you had never heard. You can enjoy in this even at daytime and nighttime. At night, there were singing contest and musical brand competition. It’s free all night. “I am so proud of enjoying this event. There are many things that is interesting me such as beautiful garden, lovely pets and foods. Wow, I am so happy because I can enjoy with my foods and go shopping together. Hey guy, do not miss to enjoying in 11th Agricultural Fair at UBU 2018, If you seek for relaxing or something interesting “, according to Bee.

land. It’s already started for 11th of Agriculture Fair 2018 at UBU under the concept of developing Thai farming in 4.0 eras by adapting sufficient economy of King Rama 9. Enjoying in this event you were surprised with many interesting things such as advance technology of farming tools , hundreds of foods , fruits and drinking , millions of colorful trees and flowers , beauty and pretty of silks products , etc. For example; you might be enjoyed with widely beautiful of flower gardens. Hundreds of people enjoyed in the sampling of flower gardens here by taking millions of photos of themselves or their families among beautiful sunflowers garden or pretty pink summer flowers land and sharing on social media . Moreover, if you were interested growing plants, there were also

By Praewwarin Minthon The students of Tourism program of Ubon Ratchathani University won the first runner-up in the 5th Tourism and Hotel Management Fair 2018 at Mahasarakham University on February 9, 2018. Mahasarakham University had hold the 5th Tourism and Hotel Management Fair 2018 on February 9, 2018. There were over 11 universities and over 300 people participated in this event. The students from Tourism program of Ubon Ratchathani University won the first runner-up at skill of being a good tour guide tournament from three registered programs. This victory revealed that students of tourism program of Ubon Ratchathani University were consisted of qualitative and efficient. Moreover, it’s a good chance for the students from tourism of Ubon Ratchathani University to improve and develop their knowledge and abilities. (credit:

Belgium-Iceland-Finland Ambs visit UBU Ubon Ratchathani University was so glad to welcome H.E. Mr.Philippe Kridelka, Ambassador of Belgium to Thailand, H.E. Mr. Brendan Rogers, Ambassador of Iceland to Thailand and H.E. Mrs. Satu Suikkari-Kleven, Ambassador of Finland to Thailand under the supervision of those PH.D Surinthip Boonsuk, Vice President for Human Resources and International Affairs, PH.D Aranut Puangsuk, Assistant to the President for International Education and PH.D Nitipon Pakdewanit, Dean of Faculty of Political Science of Ubon Ratchathani University on February 16, 2018 at office of the President of Ubon Ratchathani University, Warinchamrab, Ubon H.E. Mr.Philippe Kridelka, H.E. Mrs. Satu Suikkari-Kleven and H.E. Mr. Bren- Ratchathani Province. On this occasion, the students of dan Rogers (Photo: Faculty of Political Science of Ubon Ratchathani UniverBy Praewwarin Minthon sity and the ambassadors had discussed and shared their H.E. Mr.Philippe Kridelka, Ambassador of Bel- opinions on an article Universal Declaration of Human gium to Thailand, H.E. Mr. Brendan Rogers, Ambassador Rights. Everything was fine and the students seem surof Iceland to Thailand and H.E. Mrs. Satu Suikkari-Klev- prised with kindness of Ambassadors especially on quesen, Ambassador of Finland visited to Ubon Ratchathani tion and answer sections. (credit: University on February 16, 2018.

The students are doing acctivities in the 7th UBU Language and Cultural Camp. (Photo:

The Tourism students of UBU who won the first runner-up in the 5th Tourism and Hotel Management Fair 2018. (

UBU holds 7th UBU Language and Cultural Camp By Praewwarin Minthon

The office of International Relations, Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) had held the 7th UBU Language and Cultural Camp between 10-13 January 2018, Ubon Ratchathani and Surin Provinces. There were over 450 participants in the 7th Ubon Ratchathani University Language and Cultural Camp between 10-13 January 2018, 33 exchange students, over 300 Baan Thaboo school students and over 70 Baan Kong School students. The purpose of arranging this camp was to develop English language skills of Ubon Ratchathani University students by teaching English language at Baan Thaboo School and Baan Kong School in cooperated with the exchange students who came from several countries. In this camp, everyone had improved and developed their English language skills. They also had learnt about tradition and custom of Kui ethnic and aesthetic ancient architectures of Surin Province. (credit:


Friday, March 9, 2018


Using telephone has become more popular in these present days, especially among teenagers. As we know, there are many new social media platforms which can be convenient for people to search information and connect with other people. For example, there are Facebook, Instagram, and Line which can help people to communicate with each other even they live hundreds of miles apart. This is one of the reasons why many teenagers are addicted to social media, and there are other reasons to make social media become important in teenagers’ life. As we know, telephone has become the new necessary thing in our life. It has become the beneficial device for a human being. Using telephone is not just popular among teens, but it is also important for everybody. Many teenagers say that it seems like you block yourself from the outside world if you live without social media. We will see that many teenagers have their own telephone and they usually carry it with them. I think using social media is beneficial in the present day, but it can have many negative effects as well. I think it is suitable to use social media since we can get the information so fast when we want to find some information, and people conveniently connect with their friends or parent. In addition, they can share their picture, feelings and find new friends through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For many students, they usually use Google to help them to find the information on their textbook. Moreover, social media provide many entertainments, for example, you can listen to music and watch movies on YouTube; thus, social media is the user device for making people relax.


Drawting: Saithong Saimai

Why teenagers are addicted to social media? By Saithong Saimai

In contrast, it is absolutely true to say that social media cause many impacts for many people, especially teenagers who are addicted to it. There are some students who are addicted to online games and use Facebook or Instagram while they are studying in the classroom, and this can draw their attention from their study. I found that most of these students cannot concentrate on the lesson, and they pay their attention to social media instead of their teacher. Furthermore, some teenagers want to have an expensive telephone like their friend, and this can cause some teenagers to commit

a crime if their parent cannot support them. Sometimes we would see many teenagers who were cheated through various forms of social media. It is so dangerous for them to use social media. Apart from this, it causes phubbing-using the mobile without interaction with people around them. It reduces the face to face interaction and makes people less talk with each other. Even in a family, they do not close with each of family members because of social media. Everyone usually spends their time at social media. Other than this problem, social media can cause many problems for your health. For instance, when

How do you feel about UBU tuition fee? By Saithong Saimai

The Ubon Ratchathani University sign (Photo:

people spend much time for looking at a mobile screen, and this can cause myopia. These are various negative effects of social media. As we can see, using social media has both positive and negative effect. It provides many benefits for people, but it can cause many problems at the same time. Even social media is important for living nowadays, but we should be aware of using it so that it will be the beneficial device for us. Especially, teenagers who may have less experiences and this can be harmful to them if they do not use it carefully. Thus, we should use it wisely.


In the present day, UBU uses the lump-sum payment of tuition fee. People may have different perspectives about this, and I think this system has pros and cons. This system may affect many students and may be beneficial for some students. Since Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) changed the payment system of tuition fee, I think many students may have different opinion about this because it is one of significant things for them. In the past, Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) students can pay their own tuition fee depending on subjects which they have registered. Nowadays, students in Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) have been required to use the lumpsum payment and higher total cost than the previous one. In my opinion,

News Editors : Walita Wongwaeng Praewwarin Minthon Feature Editor: Orathai Homtuanlom Opinion Editor: Saithong Saimai Sports Editor: Wachirawit Buasai Layout Artist: Walita Wongwaeng Praewwarin Minthon Orathai Homtuanlom Saithong Saimai Wachirawit Buasai Graphic Design: Walita Wongwaeng Adviser: Mairenallen Joy M. Basilio




The caricature of education cost (Photo:

the lump-sum payment system is good for students who have to learn many units in each of semester since it may be cheaper than the old payment, and it can save their money. In contrast, the lump-sum payment can be expensive for students who just learn a few units. I think this problem affects many students and it is not fair to them. I had interviewed three students from Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University

(UBU) in the topic “what do they think about the tuition fee system”. The first interviewee, Nattawadee Phakphian said that “I think the lump- sum payment is so expensive equal to private universities; Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) should use the old system.” Orrapich Chokchana added “It is very expensive and I think that it is not suitable for the units which I have registered because in some semesters I just register just a few units. I think

Night clubs nearby UBU By Saithong Saimai

The atmosphere inside Duck café (Photo:

Nowadays, we will see many night clubs nearby university including Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU), such as Duck café, Chang Somran, and Think Bar. These night clubs have become a popular place for many people. It becomes more widespread even though many officials try to solve this problem. Night clubs provide many benefits, but also cause many negative effects as well. Many people think that it is not appropriate that night clubs are located nearby university since it can

cause crime and give effect to students. Although the official tries to control many night clubs, it cannot inhibit the entrepreneur to build night club near universities. Some of the people may think that night clubs are very dangerous place for people who go there and the number of students who go to night club may increase if it is established around their university. In my opinion, night clubs have both positive and negative effects on people and areas around them. It can be the relaxing place for teenagers, students, and adult. They

Friday, March 9, 2018


the university should use the previous system because it is not fair for students who have registered a few units.” Moreover, Nawaporn Ronmai stated that “It is not fair because I have registered a few units, but I have to pay the same price as students who have registered more than me, I want my university to use the old tuition fee system.” These three students are the small sample group of students at Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU). From my interview, I conclude that three of them think they want the old tuition fee payment system. In my view, I agree with them that the lumpsum system is not proper for students who have to register a few units. But it may be a good payment system for students who have to register many units; their tuition fee may be cheaper than the previous system. So we will see that the lump-sum payment has both good and bad effects. In my opinion, the tuition fee is important for students because if the tuition fee is so expensive, and then it can give many impacts on students. Some students may have the problem about money and they may not be able to afford their tuition fee. Even in our country has the Student Loan Fund for students, the tuition fee is still important for making a decision to attend the university. The lump-sum payment of

tuition fee in Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) may be appropriate for many students, but some students may get a negative impact from this system. We will see many teenagers in our country who cannot be able to attend to university with the reason that they cannot afford tuition fee. Therefore, the tuition fee makes them lose the opportunity to study. It will be good if many universities provide many scholarships for students and the lump-sum payment system should be appropriate for the units which students have to register. Finally, the lump-sum payment system has both negative and positive effect. Some students think that is not fair for them, but some may think it is an appropriate tuition fee.

might go there for relaxing from their stress and meeting with their friends. A night club is one kind of entertainment for many people. It attracts many people to come, and it increases income for many entrepreneurs. It also makes the area seem to be jolly and also stimulating the economy in that area. Not only night clubs who will increase income, but also be beneficial for many restaurants around them. In addition, I found many night clubs nearby Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU) provide a part-time job for students who want to work at the night time. This is a good chance for students because working at the night time will not affect their studying in the daytime, and they can make money by themselves. We will see that night clubs have many positive impacts on people and area around them. However, it also has many negative effects on student and many people in that area. For students who usually go to the night clubs may affect on their academic performance. When they get drunk they may not go to class. Moreover, the one of important impacts on them is that night clubs can cause bad image for them. Apart from this, many drunken men in night clubs also cause the quarrel and may increase crime in the location where located nearby the night clubs. This can cause the number of the dead people increase than the past. We usually see news reported that many drunken men use violence in night clubs. For example, in 2016, a

man was shot in front of Chang Somran, which is one of nightclub nearby Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU). In addition, some night clubs also allow teenagers who are younger than twenty years old. These teenagers can be arrested since this is illegal in Thailand. If they are arrested, it will not affect only them, but also their parents as well. Furthermore, accidents are one of the negative effects. I think there are many drunken men who died from accidents in every year. Besides, many people who live around night clubs may get noise pollution since it is the place which is very noisy. These are negative impacts from night clubs. Eventually, I think many people have a different perspective about night clubs. For me, I think it depends on you about the way you perform and think about the night club. You may think that it can be a bad place and cause many problems. It is a dangerous place where many problem and terrible situation have. But if you are thinking of a relaxing place where you can enjoy and release your stress, night clubs will be a good place for you. Actually, people who lose consciousness are the reason why many problems happen in a night clubs. So you should take care of yourself and do not let alcohol control you when you go there. This may help to reduce many problems from night clubs. Many people will change their perspective about it if it is no longer a problematic place.

6 FEATURE Friday, March 9, 2018


Duolingo,language learning app

5-second green traffic light

By Orthai Homtuanlom

By Orthai Homtuanlom


Duolingo is the best language learning application which was confirmed by The Wall Street Journal. Also, It was confirmed by PC Magazine that being an Editors’ Choice application in term of learning languages. This application is used for learning and practicing language skills. There are more than 20 languages and 5 supported languages in the Duolingo language application. Duolingo is very user-friendly. Even if you are not good at English, you can easily use it. There are many exercises including listening, speaking and typing. You can also connect to Facebook account to joy this application with your friends, and gather Leaderboard or point from using Duolingo to compete with your friends. Duolingo application can be used on IOS, Android, and on a website. If learning language is hard for you, let Duolingo help you. You will understand English better.


Get to know Anun, outstanding guy with good grades

Anun Khayunkan


By Orthai Homtuanlom Doing activities together while studying in university is very difficult. And if you hope they are going to be good, this for sure that it would be harder. Anyway, this person does not have the problems mentioned above. His name is Anun Khayunkan. Anun Khayunkan, a 21-yearold student who is studying in the Industrial design program, Department of Visual communication at the Faculty of Applied Art and Architecture, Ubon Ratchathani University. He has won many design competitions. Anun has joined many activities in the university including being a UBU student ambassador. In a short interview, Anun gives us secret tricks of studying “For me, I have no any tricks

of being good at studying or getting good grades. Everything depends on responsibility and intentions. I just pay much attention to class, hand in works and attend class regularly. Importantly, I would always review lessons and practice exercises. All feedbacks rely on how much attention I pay,” Anun said. As I mentioned above, Anun has joined many activities and had won lots of prizes. His university record is still so great, even though he is doing activities together with studying. “I have done well because of doing what I love. I design the way I am by myself. Because of my passion, I do everything with all my best. However, I still have time for relaxing and getting rid of stress. I sometimes hang out with friends, and also take some place to find new inspiration” he ex-

pressed. Anun can be a good example for many students who are doing activities together while studying, including, students who are finding the way to be good at studying. Anyway, everything will be successful that depended on your responsibilities and intentions.

Anun wins a fashion design competition, and wins Anti Corruption Creative Media Consultant. (Photo:


Friday, March 9, 2018


3 chic & chill cafes and restaurants in Ubon By Orthai Homtuanlom

Ubon Ratchathani is a charming city in the Northeast. Of course, there are many beautiful attractions. And the cafes and restaurants are indispensable. There are many cafes and restaurants in Ubon where you can spend your free time to enjoy music, enjoy food and drink, and work. If you are looking for a good place, nice atmosphere, and delicious foods and drink, you should not miss these 3 cafes in town. First café is a Goose café, a small cafe which is decorated in contemporary Isan style. There is a garden for those who want to experience the shady atmosphere. Moreover, there is a quiet corner for working or reading books. The cafe also has a variety of fast food. The Goose

The Goose Café

(Photo :

Bennie Burger Food Cart

(Photo :

café is located in Sunpasit Road 10, Muang district. If you are looking for a good place with nice atmosphere, The Goose café is one of the good choices. The second café is Leknomsod, a popular cafe for Ubon people. Leknomsod has been operated for 25 years, since 1991. There are many delicious bread menus, such as Thai Pandan Custard, Strawberry Toast, and Chocolate Toast. Also, there are many beautiful spaces for those who want to chit chat with friends and experience fresh air. The whole café is decorated like you are sitting on a cow farm. There is a long red traditional train set in the center of the cafe. If you get there, do not forget

to take a picture with the red train. Leknomsod is located at Upaleesan Road, Muang district. Leknomsod is a nice place where you can enjoy eating and talking with your friends and family. The last café is Bennie Burger Food Cart, a chic black food cart located at Moon riverbank. This food cart is very popular for Ubon people even if it has been open just only 3 years. Next to the food cart is Moon liver, so you will see the sunset, experience the nice view and enjoy eating a delicious hamburger. However, if

you do not like eating a burger, there are many snacks for you such as fried chicken, French fries, Potato chips and sausage. If you are looking for a chic cafe with a romantic atmosphere or looking for someplace to take sunset picture and enjoy eating, Bennie Burger Food Cart is your choice. These 3 cafes and restaurants are such good places for you to experience fresh air and spend time for working. If you are studying at Ubon Ratchathani University and finding some workspace, these three places are good choices.

Leknomsod (Photo :

Best 4 sunscreens for coming summer


As we know, the weather in Thailand is really hot especially in the summer season. For this coming summer, it is for sure that the weather will be so hot. However, many of us have to subject our skin  to the sun’s burning rays, because many activities need to do outdoor. For this reasons, our skin was damaged by sunlight. So, what we must have for this summer is sunscreen which will prevent our skin from sunburn. For this review, I will recommend you best 4 sunscreens which I had tried and I think they are all good. The first one is Biore UV An-

ti-Pollution Body Care Serum Intensive White. It is a non-sticky sunscreen which has SPF 50 PA+++. The cream will absorb into your skin instantly. This sunscreen can prevent your skin all day long. It is full of Vitamin E and Collagen which makes your skin delighted and not be dry. Importantly, the sunscreen has pollution and water resistance. So, Biore sunscreen is a good choice for those who have to join outdoor activities, work out at gym, and also enjoy this coming Songkran festival. The next one is Banana Boat

Ultra protect sunscreen lotion. A waterproof sunscreen which has Vitamin C and Vitamin E, helping your skin be healthy. Banana Boat sunscreen can prevents your skin from sunlight by having SPF 50 PA+++. What I like in Banana Boat sunscreen is that it has no alcohol and perfume, appropriating for people who are perfume allergic or alcohol allergic. It also passed the Dermatologist test, so it does not cause irritation. However, its smell quite a bit bad, but it is not too bad. If you have no problem with its smell, Banana Boat sunscreen is such a good sunscreen for your coming summer. The third one is Nivea Extra White Firming Serum. This non-sticky sunscreen serum has SPF 33 which can prevent your skin from UVA and UVB radiation. There are nutrients that help your skin to become radiant and moisture. Nivea sunscreen is recommended by many beauty bloggers that it can prevent our skin all day even when you have to face with the hot sunlight throughout the day. The last one is Vaseline Healthy White SPF 30 PA++ Serum. It is a nonsticky sunscreen which has SPF 30 PA++. It can prevent your skin from UVA, UVA1, UVA2, and UVB radia-

By Orthai Homtuanlom

tion. It has no perfume and alcohol, so you can be sure that it would not hurt your skin. Vaseline is not only block sunlight but also being a skin care which will help your skin to become radiant and moisture if you apply it together with Vaseline body lotion. All these 4 sunscreens can be a good helper which can prevent your skin from sun damage. You can be sure that they can protect our skin all day long even you have to face hot sunlight. Therefore, if you do not want your skin be burned by sunlight, you should apply any of these sunscree ns.


Friday, March 9, 2018



Ubon UMT spends 1.5M launches great club fight TPL

Ubon UMT United Football Club (Photo:

By Wachirawit Buasai On February 4, 2018, at 10.00 am at the Sunee Grand Hotel and Convention Center, UbonRatchathani, Ubon UMT United Football Club launched new players and new colors of shirts. According to WeerasakJirarat, President Club’s “The Eagles”, Ubon

UMT United spent 150 million baht to open a superb club and a great 27 new players who will prepared for fighting with Toyota Thai Premier League (TPL) season 2018. Furthermore,it debuted the total six new color of shirt which have a deep meaning to the origin of the UbonRatchathani team. Especially, 25 lines on the shirts represent

UBU Nursing to organize “12thHealth Science Game”

to 25 districts of UbonRatchathani. He added, ‘’Now the preparedness of our eagle player is already 99 percent which the best percentage of readiness whether it is a team, a staff, a coach, or even myself. This year, we set an expenditure higher than last year which was 150 million baht. We hope to bring the team to be 1 in 5 of the competition and we plead the fans to help keeping a track of our team. Your cheers are the driving force behind all our matches. Thank you.” In addition, MizuPatelinne, head coach, revealed, “I will do better than last season and ask for confidence, I will try to lead our team to reach the goals of the club and bring the Eagles up to the top of the table score in this year. Thanks.’’ This made Ubon UMT United fans feel excited and so much interested with the upcomingmatches. It also encouragesboth people in UbonRatchathani and people in southern Isaan region to realize that football is important. They can spend their time to watch football matches with their friends and families on a wonderful holiday.

Celebrate 3rd decades UBU cycling tour

Cycling tour of UbonRatchathani University (Photo: Photo: Facebook page, Health Science Games 12th

By Wachirawit Buasai This year, the Faculty of Nursing will be the host to organize the “Health Science Game 12th” during 23th- 25th March 2018 at UbonRatchathani University. There are four faculties to join, which are College of Medicine and Public Health, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Science, and the Faculty of Science (Environmental Sanitation). This competition will be a great event for UbonRatchathani University as it aims to build a good relationship and unity for students who study in the Health Sciences because they are required to work together through this activity. They will be able to know each other. Each year, there is a rotational shift for the hosting. This year, the Faculty of Nursing has the good opportunity to be hosting

the event. This event provides many interesting activities for athletes and people who will be join us. In this competition, the organizers have prepared five competitive sports such as basketball, futsal, sepaktakraw, table tennis, and volleyball. Apart from this, they also going to provide special activities, such as the mini-concert and Chinese dishes will be available on the closing day of the ceremony. Moreover, there will be various kind of show which will be performed by many faculties in the night party. A popular student from the Faculty of Nursing named YuttanaDandsopa, said, “I’m pleasure to be hosting the 12th Health Science Game. This activity is one of the best ways to get in touch with each other and make a good relationship”.

Ubon UMT TPL schedule (Photo:

By Wachirawit Buasai

UbonRatchathani University’s cycling club, in cooperation with Siam Commercial Bank (Bike.SCBUbonRatchathani), organized the “Cycling Activity Tour around UbonRatchathani University to Celebrateits Third Decade”. According to DrSirintipBoonmee, Vice President for Administration and International Relations, “Cycling Activity Tour around UbonRatchathani University to Celebrate its Third Decade”.It was the first time thatUbonRatchathani University in cooperation with Siam Commercial Bank (Bike.SCBUbonRatchathani) to organize cycling. Thisencourages people to care of their health, energy conservation, and environmental consciousness. There were over 700 cyclists who joined this activity. Not only the personnel but also students joined this activity. The trail was about 25 kilometers around the campus. It started from the ChalermPhrakiat building at UbonRatchathani University. They gained an exciting experience such as enjoying atmosphere in the morning,

beautiful nature, and the buildings in the campus area. Moreover, they also touched the lifestyle of the community which has pure air throughout the route. Furthermore, this activity fostered the network of cyclists in UbonRatchathani. Also, it was a celebration activity on the occasion of the three decades of UbonRatchathani University on 30th July 2017 which was the founding day of UbonRatchathani University. ThiraphongWongboon, President of Cycling for Health ofUbonRatchathani University, also added that cycling is very popular today. It has been proved in medical field that it is highly beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Moreover, it also helps to manage almost all muscles, relieve stress and eliminate anxiety, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Sirinthip Boonmee (Photo:

Most children and adults turn to enjoy cycling exercise which are fun and good for the environment.Lastly, this activity promoted a good health, created good awareness for saving energy, and good for society in the future.

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