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Module 5: Copywriting & Trends

Overview • All interaction with your list is important • Build a relationship • Move the free line • Compel them • Feed the need • Track & Test

Increasing Conversions


Building a Relationship • • • • •

Introduce yourself Be friendly Show your personality Don’t push hard Share valuable information

Terms • • • •

Headline Body Call To Action Benefit

Your Strategy • Don’t just start writing • Think about what you want to say • What do you really want? – An instant buyer? Or a Lead?

How To Compel Your Readers


Creating Urgency • It’s now, or never • Give them a reason to act now! – Auction ending in 6 minutes! – Registration ends July 12th – Only 100 will be sold!

• Must be genuine

Creating Urgency • Register Before July 8th and Save $150 • False countdowns RUIN you: – You must purchase within the next 4 minutes and 12 seconds to qualify…

The Power Of Scarcity • • • •

Scarcity – limited availability Only 35 copies left! Scarcity makes people act When there is abundance, we don’t act

Where Is The Passion? • Communicate the passion they feel • Topics of Passion: – – – –

Music (styles, bands) Politics Education Gadgets (cell phones, MP3 players)

• Make them feel it – not think about it

The ‘How to’ Approach • How to _______ – How – How – How – How – How

to to to to to

make money online lose weight fast play the guitar get rid of acne buy a house

The ‘How to’ Approach • The Jamorama Guitar Training Course Will Get You Playing Fast • How To Win The Admiration Of Your Friends By Playing Guitar

Power In Words • FREE – packs quite a punch • SAVE – a powerful combination when used with urgency • NEW – we all love new

Sizzling Copy • What is your value proposition? • They won’t believe hype • Don’t list “ingredients” – show what it is in simple terms – Get Free Traffic Now – Start Earning $323 Per Day

• Think about first-time visitors

Sizzling Copy • Give me what I’m looking for! • Simple can be better • Credibility keeps their attention

Fascinate Their Imagination • “Play Several Songs On The Guitar Within A Week” • “Learn How To Rip Through These Overthe-top Guitar Solos In Just 7 Days” • “Man Admitted To Hospital For Finger Bleeding Guitar Induced Injury” • Don’t give them the full story • Sell the dream

Make A Promise • “Gain 15LBS of Muscle In 21 Days” • “Get Rid Of Acne Problems Forever”

Is It Me? • Don’t condemn - “Seven Guitar Mistakes You’re Making That Ruin Your Solos” • Raise a question - “The Seven Mistakes Most Guitarists Make And How You Can Take Your Solos To The Next Level”

Top Headlines Of All Time • “They laughed when I sat down at the piano – but when I started to play…” • “They grinned when the waiter spoke to me in French – but their laughter changed to amazement when I said...” • “Do you make these 7 common English mistakes?” • “Can You Spot These 10 Decorating Sins?” • “How a “fool stunt” made me a star salesman.” • “Who else wants a screen star figure?”

The Power Of Exclusivity • Your prospect can buy a $2,000 guitar or… • They can buy a $200 that looks like it and plays pretty good • You can buy a Jeep or a Hummer

The Power Of Exclusivity • Scarcity is your friend – “Only 25 Copies Will Be Sold”

• How can you distinguish yourself?

Play On Their Emotions

Make Specific Promises • “Gain Over 10LBS of Muscle Next Week” • “Gain 15LBS of Muscle In 7 Days” • “Save Nearly $10 Every Few Days” • “Save $9.34 Every 3 Days”

Getting The Lead In Emails • Lead – first few lines of body copy • Problem/Solution – tell them their problem and offer a solution • Relate to them intimately

Cut To The Chase • Once you hook them, tell them plainly • How is it better than the rest? • What are the benefits? • Don’t write a huge list of features

Cut To The Chase • Wrong: 16,000 BTU Cooling Capacity • Right: Cools your entire house • Wrong: 250Watts • Right: Be the loudest guitar on your block

The Proof Is In The Pudding • How much credibility do you have? (NONE) • Show me proof

Squeeze Pages • All the basic elements of a Sales Page • This page is Standalone – No navigation bars – No links to other products – No distractions

• One job – get the optin

Copy Checklist • •

Do I know what the page is for? Does my copy –

Identify tactics that apply to my niche –

• • • • • •

Compelling headlines Story with problem/solution lead Relate benefits plainly Proof (3rd party if applicable) Remove ALL risk Close the deal with a loud call to action

– Relate the raw contents? – Make navigation easy?

– Scarcity, passion, exclusivity etc…

Moving People


Rules Of Marketing • A group is predictable, but not an individual • The exception doesn’t disprove the rule • Win their heart and their mind will follow • Win their time and their money will follow • People only go places they have already been in their minds

Words Are Power • You have definitely won one of the following 5 prizes… • Describe what they’ll get – they need to see it mentally • Operators are waiting…

What To Watch For In IM


Things To Try • Video only squeeze/sales pages • Deliver your pitch w/ video • Ugly squeeze pages

What Did You Learn?


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