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9 o' clock on a Saturday night, Three little animals, toys, and a light.

“Time is up Oso!” the mother bear said.

“Your friends have to leave, and you’re going to bed!


the little bear yelled to his crew,

Then he said to his mother, "I want something to chew!"

The droop of his eyes and nary a peep, It’s certainly time for Oso to sleep.

As mother bear tucked in her baby with glee,

She knew that her son was Oso Sleepy...

Here’s a list of tips for you to better your child’s slumber: Regulate your child’s sleep schedule. Feed your child a small snack like bananas, peanuts, or yogurt which contain tryptophan. Help your child relax with a bubble bath and a massage. Warm your child’s feet and body up with extra blankets, footed pajamas, socks, or anything that gets the job done. Play calm, soft music especially from jazz or classical. Narrate a story. Keep a small nightlight on in your child’s room. Limit how much your child drinks at night or else they will be constantly getting up to pee!

Keep these in mind and your child will be Oso Sleepy too!

Oso Sleepy Brochure Storybook  

AVT 311

Oso Sleepy Brochure Storybook  

AVT 311