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Fresh Mushrooms for Sale One other popular mushroom is best known as the baby Portabella. Similar in shape to white mushrooms, baby portabella mushrooms are a darker color and more firm in texture. They are a great addition to a special salad or add them to spaghetti sauce for a little extra zing. #3The Baby Bella mushroom are occasionally referred to as the crimini variety so if you see this other name at #3an local grocery store you will realize these mushrooms are the one you want. Portabella mushrooms are the largest edible mushrooms providing lots of creative options. Their zesty texture and flavor makes them a great option for the start of a meal. Spaghetti sauce, meat dishes and other main dishes are also great uses for Portabella mushrooms. These large mushrooms could be filled with a variety of food choices, creating exotic meals. And remember grilling Portebella mushrooms to create a great vegetarian burger! Looking for some specialty mushrooms for truly innovative dishes? Try oyster mushrooms, maitake mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms. So now that you're more knowledgeable about all the interesting varieties of mushrooms out there, it is time to start #3creative. You might also try buying mushrooms online. To find out where to buy mushrooms, try an online search for mushroom gifts, mushroom for sale or online mushrooms.

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Fresh Mushrooms for Sale  

One other common mushroom is most known as the bab...

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