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Pet View Veterinary Hospital

738 Friend St. Beverly Hills, CA 90210

1-888-Pet View or 1-888-738-8439 VALIDATED PARKING BEHIND FACILITY

Dr. Vanessa Porter, DVM

Dr. Peter Fredrickson, BVMS MRCVS

Preventative Medicine Specialist

Small Animal Specialist

Has a Boston Terrier named Scamp.

Loves to go surfing with his 2 year old Bulldog Rex.

Sylar Bennett, RVTg

Cindy Dolittle, RVTg, Anesthesiology Specialist

Became our hospital’s behavior specialist and puppy/kitten party coordinator in 2006.

Betty Sukiwa, Lead Receptionist Brittany Babineux, Lead Kennel Assistant

Chose not to have a pet so that she could give all her love to yours.

As a veterinary hospital and boarding facility, Pet View is your pet’s luxurious home away from home. No one likes being in the hospital—not even your pet—this is why our facility boards pets in home-like rooms. Don’t be surprised if you see your pet watching you from their very own window! Our top of the line medical floor is filled with qualified doctors, specialist, veterinary technicians, and staff members. With our knowledge of pet behavior, we strive to diminish the number of pets that possess a fear of going to the veterinarian. The quality of your pet’s life, medical care, and your piece of mind will greatly benefit from our home style approach.

Socialize your pet early in a safe environment. Pets must be socialized while they are young to ensure that they will be happy and fun-loving their entire lives. This is an opportunity for your pet to have fun without worrying about catching a disease.

Have an emergency? Need a ride to your pet’s appointment? Call us. Your pet can get the same emergency medical attention that humans get. P.V.R. provides non-emergency rides to and from our facility.

X-ray, Endoscopy, E.C.G., Ultrasound, In-House Laboratory, Hydrotherapy, and Telemedicine. This means your pet can have everything it needs performed in one place and within the necessary time frame. Our Telemedicine capabilities provides your pet with the opportunity to be seen by specialist from all over the world—the best of the best. In-patient care is also available.

We offer obedience training classes, basic commands classes, and many others to keep your pet healthy by keeping you informed. You definitely don’t want to miss our pet nutrition class!

Pets from the same home can stay together while boarding in our facility. Every room has a window to allow your pet to get sunshine. Comfortable furniture is provided and pets are allowed to roam their own room. We also have separate areas for animals that tend to make each other nervous. Cats and dogs make up a majority of our boarding population, but some exotic pets are accepted. Hospitalized pets are held and comforted by our staff— just as you would do at home.

We offer grooming, spa, massage, show preparation, television, music, live entertainment, in-door pool for dogs, and a fishing/jungle area for cats.

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