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about me

THITIWUT NANTIBHAKHIRUND Sex : Age : Language : Nationality : Religion : Occupation : Hobbies :

Male 22 Thai / English Thai Buddhist Design student / Freelance designer / Investor Meditaion, Stock Trading, Clubbing, Work-out, watching cartoon

Education Background

Experiences & Awards

- Primary school | Chitralada School - High school | Samsenwittiyalai School - Bachelor’s degree | Chulalongkorn University - Exchange | Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

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1st place winner | Yamaha Finovative accessories design contest 2013 3rd place winner of Thailand | Electrolux DesignLab 2012 Hornorable mention | WOW Space design contest 2012 Final round | Mitsubishi 2020 fan concept design competition 2011 2nd round | Good design Award

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Illustrating pictures for digital media of Tata motors booth in Motor expo 2011 Illustrating pictures for baby product advertisement help developing innovative Ipad Case help developing umbrella for vending machine Designer at Pheedo co. ltd. work as car illustrator in Motor expo 2011 1 semester Exchange to Industrial design, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

Skills Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Illustrator, Indesign, Rhinoceros, Magic(3Dprinting), MicrosoftWord, MicrosoftExel, iMovie

Special & Extra skills : Haircutting, Marketing, Driving


4 competition

STOOL’ON Stool’on is a project I did with my friends . It is a stool chair made from corrugated high-density fiber board which invented and made by one of my friends. At first, One of my friends whose family has a family business making a fiber board, invented a corrugated high-density fiber board. Then he came and asked me a question “how can we use this material to make a something?”. After we debated about marketing, we desided to make a non-toxic furniture because by the way, we have to use some materials in my friend’s factory and the materials are made 100% naturally, so it would be an advantage if we set the target to be people who have an alergic to some chemical compounds in the common furniture and we can either export the products to some country with tax-free.

ROUND - 2 | Good Design Award

competition 5 Stool’on was promoted in BIG BIH 2013 and had good feedbacks in order that we were invited to get into Good design Award. we can pass to the final round of competition, unfortunately we didn’t win the competition.

6 competition

competition 7

CLEAIR FINAL ROUND | Mitsubishi 2020 fan concept design competition

Cleair is an innovative fan. Its name comes from Clear+Air which the purpose that I’d like to make a fan that blow fresh clear wind. As the purpose, A new design comes with a new system of wind intake which hide the wind-wheel itself. the user will be more safety with the wind-wheel, in order that the fan doesn’t need sieve, which easily catches mess, to protect the user from air blade. Moreover there is air filter to give user fresher air.

8 competition

Electrolux DesignLab 2012

Electrolux design lab is a worldwide design student competition about innovative household design. In 2012, The design breif of the competition is to design something that can solve the problem competitors meet in researching lead user such as Chef, housemaid.

3rd PLACE WINNER | 2012 Electrolux DesignLab

competition 9

CONCEPT & IDEA According to molecular gastronomy trend, modifying food by molecular unit, Humans use 5 senses to create the experience of eating. By the way, there are taste and smell which are main factors to judge how delicious food is. There are some tecniques used to add smell to food by using various herbs. most of tecniques are too hard and too complicated for home cooking. In present, the scientists can modify chemical compound and change smell of the outcome of the compound. This knowledge has been applied to many things such as foods, drinks and also the theater. Food Aroma is a machine that create a new experience of tasting smell by using chemical compound to create various smells and add them to your meals.

10 competition

competition 11

STONE CHAIR HORNORABLE MENTION | Wow space design competition by Hawaii Thai WOW SPACE design competition is a furniture competition by Hawaii Thai. The design brief of the competition is to design furniture made by faux rattan for various spaces. STONE Chair is a chair designed to place harmonously in any space. Like a japanese stone garden, There are the rocks arraged on the sand. they are stand or layed down depending on the space arragement. STONE Chair can be rotated to make a good composition with the environment. The design of STONE Chair is inspired by a shape of rock in japanese garden.

12 competition

Yamaha Fino CUP 1st PLACE WINNER | Yamaha Finocative Trendy Accessories Design Contest 2013 The finovative accessories design contest by Yamaha is the contest about “design accessories for Yamaha new Fino which is beautiful and go with the marketing strategy�. After analysing, Fino Cup is my final solution. The concept comes from FIFA World cup 2014 which I think it is good point to make the user appreciated because the main user of Fino is teenager and most of them love soccer. Fino Cup is a special edition designed with elements of soccer equipment exposing its sporty look as well as speedy look. All parts are designed functionally. It has basket for a ball and equipments as an additional function in front of the fairing and between the foot path which has faux grass map as a gimmic and non-slip path when the rider wears soccer shoes during riding. there are bumpers cover around the lights and dashboard. the stripes with accent color make the scooter look dynamic and has functin as bumper as well. some parts are design to be carbon kevlar to make the lighter body.

Color series of Fino Cup uses the color scheme of 3 famous teams; Brazil, England, and Spain.

competition 13

14 class projects

CLASS PROJECTS these are some projects from my classroom. I choose them to show in this portfolio to represent skills I have learned in university. Most of projects I like are product design because product design is the best thing I can do and quite be confidently that I can do it well.

MELLOW SPEAKER Mellow Speaker is speaker designed to express the mood of lounge music. It was design by thinking about the form of mood. The speaker is made by plastic. in this project, The teacher required students to design the product which must be produced by injection molding therefor I had to design partattachment of speaker which is beautiful and can be produced actually.

class projects

FAUCET Faucet is design to suit ergonomic usage. By studying, ergonomic of hand, a grip was design for comfortable of user. A think grip makes user easily to hold the faucet.


BABY BATH TUB This baby bath tube is one of my class projects. It is a project about an ergonomic design. The main concept of this bath tube is to design bath tube to suit various ages of baby because baby has hight rate of growing, so it has to fit to variation of baby’s size for safety.

ADJUSTMENT The seat inside the bath tub is adjustable for baby’s position (lay down/sit) and size.


16 class projects

BODH POD Bodh Pod is a product which is designed based on biomimicry. It is inspired by Bodh leaf which has a shape that making water easily flow through. Bodh Pod is a cooking tools used to attach to pot or bowl to make user easily pour soup or water.


KTM x-bow W

Aroma foot bath is an innnovative design project. It’s about to use innovation as a solution to solve the problem in daily life.

KTM x-bow watch is project about how to use a benchmark and design from the reference.

The problem I studied is about when there are visitors come home and you want to let them have fresh feet before getting into your home. This aroma foot bath will solve your problem. By fast and enjoyable function, This machine can refresh your feet and anti-odor without making your feet wet.


class projects

MING CONTEMPORARY CHAIR Ming contemporary chair is a project I studied about using local styling reference to make a contemporary furniture. As the brief, I chose a chair in Ming era, China as reference and design a new contemporary one by using its same indentitied but minimize some details and change the material to something that expresses a mood of mass production.


18 class projects

class projects



concept vehicle for Final Fantasy VII

Concept art The project is about designing car for character in Final FantasyVII. After I chose a character, I studied about characteristic, look, weapons of character amd also the environment in the story to design the vehicle of character by suiting the character’s mood and being resonable. In this project,The most thing I learned is illustrating skill which is important for designers to express thier idea to others.

20 class projects

class projects

MARKSMAN CONCEPT Air-pressure engine motorcycle

In 2013 I went to Australia for an exchange programme in RMIT. I took Eco-Moto class and 2 others. In Ecomoto class. We studied about designing motorbike that uses air power engine, so everyone in the class got to choose the catagories of bike they want to do. I chose cruiser. I had to do market research, design, and make a prototype by 3Dprinting. Marksman is eco cruiser concept for the target who loves journey and have tough lifestyle. It has some interesting features that suites the usage such as smartphone sync, automatically adjustable magnaticsuspension, and more storage space for touring. The design comes from military element which makes the bike looks aggressive, taugh, and strong. By using the carbon monocoque body, it makes motorbike lighter. After design process, I spent a lot of time to make 3D model for making a prototype. This is a requirement of the class that everyone got to be able to make a 3D model for production. This is the first time I had to make a 3D printing model. It’s quite difficult because I had to spec the details of thickness and part-attachment. Finally my model is successfully printed.


22 freelance



In Motor Expo 2012, I got freelance job to be a car des design studio in TATA motors booth. what I had to do is a car. By studying design of TATA, I had to draw a quick visitors. That was a good experience!

Moreover, I also got a job to illustrate some car for using tation in TATA motors booth.


signer in sample to show illustrating k sketch to the

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freelance 23

24 freelance

DRAFTING I always get a job to be illustrator. I use Photoshop and SketchbookPro to do this kind of work. This shown work is project about drafting picture for newborn product advertisement.

DESIGN & 3D MODELING This is the most kind of project I always get for freelance as well. It’s about designing following the customer’s idea and make a 3D model for presentation or production. This shown work is project to re-design umbrella for vending rental machine by Rabbit card, BTS (student project). All I did is to put and design elements of Rabbit card, BTS into vending umbrella which they gave me as a reference and

ETC. 25

ETC. PRESONAL PROJECTS I like to spend my free time on thinking and trying to find my own styling. even I havn’t found it yet, I like to try using some different materials or some different combinding together. I try to find something new and interesting between the conflict of something like combination of technology and craft or naturemade and human-made.

SKETCHES I also like to design and sketch things, especially car when I’m free. I think that if I practise sketching, I will get better skill of visualizing. In addition I can practise my aesthetic sense as well.

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