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To see the video from this race click on the link

Team Knowles


Team Knowles got DQ on the weight in....

Mr. Zach Knowles driver of the 51 car

Mr. the the and

Boyd was very unhappy about DQ, they really worked hard whole month getting the cars truck ready

Just remember team Knowles and Boyd motor sport company are in top 3,heck they may even win the whole season, they are just that good..

Eco mod and Miss Taylor won this event, she is apart of the HMP family

This is one of the video picture guys at HMP, I'm really bad on names..

Miss Taylor bring home the win in Eco class

She looked very excited and she didn't let anyone push her around, it was a great win for her and team.


This week from the Oval @ HMP 3-30-13  

Here's some really cool pictures of the event..

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