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Here is a good look at one of Roy James team mates car getting ready to show up, very nice car and he was cooking some very good food too, lol lol...

Showing the thumbs up for making his pass..

Mr. Hill Billy new car

Sweet fire bird

Mr. Roy James crew

Tree mans car from team Twin performance and Roy James click

the back end of Roy James pro-mod

The frontf Roy James car.

Sweet GTO Roy James car! Will he ever run Birdman?

Mr. Batman himself showing Roy James some love out of Dallas

Jr. Dgster getting ready.

The staging area, you can feel the excitement in the air!

The Queen of Grudge, Lisa Shotwell from team Vernon Shotwell talking to one of the Jr.Dragsters

The track crew taking a close look at the drivers cars making sure the aren't leaking waste!!! Big Ups to HMP and people behind the seenDean Baker track manger and John Mandabach track CEO

She has a very fast car using pro-trees, you know she's fast when you see that!

Here's a good look at Tree-Mans car.

Twin from team Roy James and driver for all his cars Tree-man is checking the tires.

Here's a close up of the twins from team Roy James.

The Sun is going down and time for some real racing..

Batman and Donnie boy from Dallas talking things over.

Mr. Roy Jamessking what happen to the guys from New York!!!

Birdman talking a look at who he has in mine to race.

Deep in thought, Birdman it was a big night for him..

Jamie Birdmanriver

Mr. Boney car from team Roy James

Twin from team Roy James getting his brother set-up for his test pass..

Tree-mans burn out with twin driving the car getting ready to race Birdman

Jami burnout from team Birdman

Donnie Boy from Dallas, getting ready to race Hill Billy

Garrett Jr .

JamieBirdman & his crew right after beating Tree man

Now count the money, lol lol....

Oooh weee!

The winners of Roy James MLK grudge race shoot out @ HMP 2013.......

Non Stop Grudge, The Race magazine 2013  

Roy James MLK shoot out @ HMP

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