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2012 IN REVIEW | Friday, February 1, 2013

Dry, drier, 2012 is 19th driest on record, third warmest Drought dominates 2012 stories Weather, or more specifically, the abundance of heat and the lack of rain was the defining story of 2012. According to State Climatologist Harry Hillaker’s weather summary, the average temperature in 2012 was 51.9 degrees, 3.8 degrees above normal, and precipitation totaled 26.31 inches, 8.96 inches below normal. The average temperature and total precipitation made 2012 the third warmest and 19th driest year among 140 years of weather records. How the weather affected agriculture became a daily topic for nearly everyone. Ironically, the 2012 growing season began with a promise, sent in the form of an early spring. Then the drought dashed hopes of another record-breaking harvest. At the end of the harvest, yields for some producers were not as poor as first envisioned. Some fields produced no crop, while others produced corn yields of 180 bushels per acre or higher. Yields depended on when the corn was planted, if timely rains were received, the moisture-holding capacity of the soil and the plant genetics. The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service’s (NASS) annual Crop Production 2012 summary released on January 11 stated that corn for grain production in Iowa was estimated at 1.88 billion bushels. That estimate was down more than one percent from the NASS November 1 forecast and 20 percent less than in 2011. The estimated 1.88 billion bushels of corn per acre was the lowest production since 2003. The report said Iowa's corn for grain yield was estimated at 137 bushels per acre, two bushels less than the November 1 forecast and 35 bushels less than 2011. Iowa soybean production was estimated at 414 million bushels in 2012, up one percent from the November 1 forecast and down 13 percent from 2011 – also the lowest production since 2003. Following is a look back at the 2012 growing season. March The unusually warm weather sent farmers to their fields to prepare the soil, but it was far too early to think of planting. Even though the soil temperature was warm, State Climatologist Harry Hillaker doubted that producers would want to take the chance that it wouldn’t freeze again. Through March 20, the statewide average temperature for the month was 14.8 degrees above normal and two degrees above the previous warmest March, which occurred in 1910. However, last day for frost, according to the statewide average, based on the past 30 years, was April 26. Another unusual factor for March 2012: the warm

For many area farmers, the harvest started early as hot temperatures and the lack of rain helped to mature corn and soybeans sooner than normal. One of the risks farmers faced by delaying the corn harvest was the lodging of corn stalks (stalks blowing over). Photo by Bruce A. Binning

weather allowed 100 percent of the rain to make its way into the soil. But Hillaker stated because of the warm temperatures, more moisture evaporated. Even though the month was warm and some rain fell, Hillaker said the state, as a whole, needed more rain, a phrase that was often repeated throughout the summer and fall. April The early spring allowed farmers to not be rushed as they did their pre-planting field work, such as nitrogen, tillage and herbicide applications. In addition the mild winter allowed opportunity for tiling to

Obama in Denison The president stops for shaved ice From the caucuses in January to the general election on November 6, and on to the fiscal cliff of late December, early January 2013, politics was a dominate newsmaker in 2012 across the nation and in Crawford County as well. The fact that Iowa was seen as a swing state was the cause of a lot of campaigning. And it also created a rare opportunity for area residents to meet President Barack Obama. Denison lent itself well as a strategic stop along President Obama’s route from Council Bluffs to Boone on Monday, August 13. The president stopped at around 3 p.m. at Summer Magic tropical sno along Highway 30 in Denison for one of his favorite treats – shaved ice. PRESIDENT...Page 3

President Barack Obama stopped in Denison on August 13 to have shaved ice at Summer Magic tropical sno and to talk to people. Photo by Bruce A. Binning

progress as well as winter application of dry phosphorus and potassium. Even in April the lack of soil moisture was a concern. Iowa State University field agronomists recommended that producers plant corn into a uniform seedbed at a uniform seeding placement depth because of the lack of available soil moisture. Seedbed conditions and seed placement can contribute to uneven emergence, which can lead to yield losses, more so under drier conditions than wetter. DROUGHT IMPACTS AGRICULTURE...Page 2

2012, a year for business changes, announcements Crawford County residents heard news of business progress in 2012 but in addition one announcement that caused concern. On Thursday, March 1, officials at Tyson Foods, Inc., announced it was making major improvements to its Dakota City, Nebraska, beef plant, which might lead to the closure of the company’s beef slaughter plant located at 2490 Lincoln Way in Denison some time in 2013. The Denison Tyson plant, which employs 400 individuals, is the first Iowa Beef Packers plant. It opened in

March 1961. IBP was acquired by Tyson in 2001. At the time Tyson issued the announcement, the Dakota City project was scheduled to be completed in mid2013. Tyson would give a 60-day notice of the closure, as required by law, and would work with employees to explore job opportunities at other Tyson locations. To date, Tyson has not given a notice of a closing. BUSINESS...Page 5

The Tyson plant, located at 2490 Lincoln Way in Denison, was the first Iowa Beef Processors plant. It opened in March 1961. Photo by Bruce A. Binning



February 1, 2013

Drought impacts agriculture from Page 1 The early spring in 2012 caught up to one crop grapes. Grape plants broke bud three to four weeks earlier than normal, and cold temperatures experienced on April 9 and 10 affected an estimated 40 to 50 percent of the grape production in Iowa. Mike White, Iowa State University Extension viticulture specialist, projected that the majority of the vineyards located north of Interstate 80 were affected, while damage to grape plants south of I-80 was spotty. All was not lost because each bud on a grape plant has three smaller buds. The first bud is 100 percent fruitful. If that is frosted or destroyed, a second bud forms that produces about 50 percent of the plant’s yield. If the second bud is destroyed or damaged, a third, tertiary bud forms. This bud produces only leaves as a survival mechanism to sustain the grape plant for the season. May By early May, the majority of the corn was in the ground and the state had received some rain to refill subsoil moisture and warmth to spur germination and emergence. Heavy rains in some areas required some replanting. According to the Iowa Crops and Weather report released by the USDA National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS), 95 percent of the corn crop had emerged during the week of May 27 through June 2, 11 days ahead of normal. June In mid-June, lack of moisture was a common concern. ISU Extension field agronomists predicted silking on corn ahead of schedule but added the caveat that crop growth would depend on moisture. The dry weather provided another challenge to farmers: herbicide treatments need water to activate. Weather conditions also caused unevenness in corn plants and had weakened the condition of the soybean plants. Corn planted in the early, wetter season had the chance to grow, but crops planted in the dry periods of May had been stunted slightly. The lack of rain kept corn plant roots from reaching deep enough in the soil and prevented them from developing normally.

Factors of early planting, hot weather and no rain combined to accelerate the maturity of the corn crop across Iowa. Near Denison, the Collins family started cutting silage on July 30 (pictured above), a month earlier than normal. Photo by Bruce A. Binning

4,000 livestock deaths were reported throughout Iowa. September As farmers began harvesting corn for grain in early September, they faced challenges with the droughtdamaged corn. Iowa State University Extension field agronomists reported that producers were seeing a wide range of yields, depending on the water-holding qualities of the soil and which fields, or in some cases, parts of fields, received timely rains. A challenge for producers was to harvest the corn that had lodged or would lodge soon due to weak stalks. Another challenge for farmers was to set their combines to harvest big, wet ears and then some very small, dry ears in the same field, or even the same round, without experiencing more than normal losses.

Farmers were also urged, after the harvest, to keep tillage to a minimum to help with water infiltration and keep residue on the surface of their fields to reduce erosion risk. Due to the dry conditions, the risk of field fires was also elevated and producers were encouraged to keep their equipment as clean of dust and residue build-up as possible. October As farmers harvested their last acres of corn and soybeans, their thoughts turned to next year’s growing season and their eyes turned to the sky with the hope and prayers that rain would fall and replenish the moisture-depleted soil. Mark Licht, ISU Extension field agronomist, said soils across central Iowa were depleted of moisture and that it would take 15 to 20 inches of rainfall for soil moisture reserves to reach adequate levels.

July Iowa received rainfall in late June, but July began with hot dry weather. Although crops in Iowa suffered as a result, they were in better shape compared to crops elsewhere in the Midwest. The first week in July brought triple-digit temperatures and little rain throughout the state. One ISU field agronomist reported that most of the corn crops that were damaged in the heat of early July were in the pollination stage; the heat dried out the silk and greatly hampered pollination. Another agronomist added that with today’s hybrid corn crops, pollination was less affected by excessive heat and dry conditions than they would have been years ago. July 2012 ended up as the fifth driest, third hottest in 140 years of weather records. The statewide average rainfall total for July in Iowa was 1.16 inches. Normal July rainfall is 4.5 inches. The average statewide temperature in July 2012 was 79.7degrees. Statewide, the high temperature reached 90 degrees or hotter on 21 days in July; the average for days of 90 degrees or hotter for the entire year is 23. August On August 1, the USDA announced new drought assistance for farmers. By that time, more than half of all counties in the United States had been designated as disaster areas. The USDA expanded emergency haying and grazing on approximately 3.8 million acres of conservation land to bring greater relief to livestock producers dealing with shortages of hay and pastureland. The USDA also announced that crop insurance companies agreed to provide a short grace period for farmers on insurance premiums in 2012. As of August 8, 46 Iowa counties had been designated as primary natural disaster areas and 22 Iowa counties had been named contiguous disaster counties. Because of drought and high evening and nighttime temperatures, and to a lesser extent early planting, the maturity of crops was accelerated. Some producers began chopping silage in August, a month ahead of schedule. Near Denison, in Crawford County, the Collins family started cutting silage on July 30. The condition of corn varied greatly in August. Corn that was planted in good soil and received more rain, was nearly normal. Corn that received little moisture produced ears half the normal size and ears that didn’t fill out. Genetics also influenced the condition of the plants. The condition of soybean plants also varied greatly from field to field and in some cases, within the same field. However, soybean plants didn’t seem to be declining as quickly as the corn plants were. Because the corn was developing quickly, it was under stress and the stalk quality was not as good as it had been in past years. Allowing the corn to dry down in the field was risky because of the poor stalk health resulting in lodging (stalks blowing over) in high winds. In August State Climatologist Harry Hillaker said the drought of 2012 was the most similar, as far as recent years, to the drought in 1988. The hot weather also affected livestock, and beef producers were urged to take steps to ward off heat. Although the summer of 2012 was, on average, harsher than 2011, cattle and farmers were better acclimated to the heat and fewer livestock deaths resulted, compared to August 2011 when more than

The condition of corn fields varied greatly from field to field, and even in the same field, creating a harvesting challenge for farmers. Producers also had to deal with corn that had lodged or was at risk of lodging due to weak stalks. Photo by Gordon Wolf

A huge dust and sand cloud was driven by the heavy winds that struck Crawford County early in the evening on July 25. Winds speeds of up to 59 miles per hour flattened corn already compromised by lack of moisture. Denison only received sixth-hundredths of an inch of rain but others areas in Crawford County 1.3 inches. Photo by Bruce A. Binning

February 1, 2013



Crawford County voters turn out for election Nearly 38 percent vote by absentee While Barack Obama won the 2012 presidential election nation-wide and in Iowa, he was not the top choice of Crawford County residents. On November 6, county voters gave Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan 3,584 votes to 3,035 votes for the Obama/Biden ticket. Obama won the total Iowa vote, 807,146 to 720,323. Nearly 70 percent of Crawford County’s registered voters cast ballots in the November 6 general election. Crawford County voters were part of a trend for early voting by absentee ballot. Of the 6,791 ballots cast in the election, 2,577, nearly 38 percent, were by absentee. The county had 10,160 registered voters as of November 6. It wasn’t only the presidential election that encouraged voters to mark their ballots. Crawford County saw contested races for County Board of Supervisors and for Public Hospital Trustee. Randall Kuhlmann and incumbent Cecil Blum, both Republicans, won the two vacant Board of Supervisors’ seats in a three-way race. Greg Kehl and Kevin Fineran, both of Denison, won the two vacant Hospital Trustee seats in a five-way race. Also elected, both in the county and district-wide, in contested races were incumbent Congressman Steve King, District 4; Mark Segebart for State Senate; District 6, and incumbent State Representative Dan Muhlbauer, District 12. State Representative Jason Schultz ran unopposed

The voting precinct at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Denison was busy on November 6 as voters filled out their ballots. Photo by Bruce A. Binning

for the District 18 seat. County Auditor Terri Martens and County Sheriff James Steinkuehler were unopposed in their re-election bids. In the presidential choice, Romney was not the first selection of those who attended the Republican caucuses in Crawford County on January 2. Rick Santorum received 102 votes for 23 percent of the votes

cast in the county’s 15 precincts. Romney received 92 votes for 21 percent, New Gingrich – 84, Ron Paul – 72, Rick Perry – 64, Michele Bachmann – 22, and Jon Huntsman – 1. Romney was declared the statewide winner on January 2 by eight votes over Santorum, but a recount conducted later put Santorum on top.

PRESIDENT, from Page 1 More than 100 people were gathered at the Summer Magic lot in anticipation of the president’s stop. Obama ordered a rainbow tropical sno, with cherry, lime and watermelon flavors, made by Steve Holt, who owns the business along with wife Crystal. The order was handled by his daughter, Angel. The president also ordered shaved ice for kids standing around and for his staff. The $20 bill President Obama paid for the tropical sno cones was kept by the Holt family as a memento; the president let Angel keep the change from his purchase. The order form was autographed by the president and was framed. On it he wrote, “Great shaved ice…as good as in Hawaii.” Holt is a Republican and had Republican candidate campaign signs at his home about a block away from his business, but he commented, “He is my president. I served in the Marine Corps for 20 years and am very respectful of the president. I am personally honored that President Obama came here and spent a long time here. I am very surprised.” The president took time to speak to many people gathered at the stop along Highway 30. Holt said he impressed upon his children that the president of the United States is the most powerful individual in the world. “Most people never get to see the president. It is such an honor to meet our leader,” he stated.

Steve Holt and family members (right) speak with President Barack Obama at their business on Highway 30 in Denison. Photo by Bruce A. Binning

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February 1, 2013

2012 brought celebrations, changes in education Education is an ever-changing field. Not only do the faces of staff and students change but programs and buildings also go through transitions. Following are some of the changes and celebrations in education that occurred in Crawford County in 2012. Š The 75-year history of the Broadway Elementary building in Denison was celebrated on March 16. The cornerstone of the $135,000 building, then the senior high school, was put in place in July 1936. The building was first occupied in February 1937 and was dedicated in March 1937. It later served as Denison Middle School and since the fall of 2008 has been Broadway Elementary, housing fourth and fifth graders. To celebrate the anniversary, Principal Steve Meinen showed students a Biography Channel video that featured the building’s most famous student – actress Donna Reed. FDR, played by high school student Robert Lyons, made a guest appearance to the delight of the students. The connection between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the school building is that the building was one of projects of Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration (WPA). Š In May, eight Denison High School seniors comprised the first group of students from the district to graduate from the Learners to Leaders/Science Bound program, an educational partnership with Denison Community Schools and Iowa State University, and sponsored by Farmland Foods and its parent company, Smithfield Foods. The program’s goal is to inspire ethnically diverse students to work toward degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Š The Ar-We-Va School District conducted an open house on August 14 for its new school addition. The new, two-story addition in Westside houses nearly 135 pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students and allows all district students to be educated under one roof. The old elementary buildings, located in Arcadia and Vail, along with surplus items, were sold at auction on November 18. Surplus items brought in about $14,300 and the Arcadia and Vail school buildings sold for a total of $45,500. Š The Charter Oak-Ute School District substantially completed its building addition in Charter Oak by the time school began in the fall. The addition houses new band and vocal music rooms, new locker rooms and storage rooms. The old band and vocal music rooms were converted into regular classrooms, which allowed the district to educate all its students at the Charter Oak building. The school district is maintaining the school building in Ute through the school year and plans to auction or lease it by the summer. Š Private and public funds created a synergy that put more technology into the hands of students at the

Auctioneers took bids on surplus Ar-We-Va school items in the lunch room at the old Vail elementary school building on Sunday afternoon, November 18. Photo by Gordon Wolf

Schleswig Community School in the fall. A $25,000 grant from the Monsanto Fund through its America's Farmers Grow Rural Education program was used to purchase six new iPads and a math curriculum for students in grades six through eight. The school used grant money, funds from an Area Education Agency program and school finances to purchase a total of 27 new iPads, increasing the total number of iPads in the school building to about 100. The Schleswig Community School was nominated for the $25,000 America's Farmers Grow Rural Education grant by local residents Jane Smith and Larry Wiebers. Š At the start of the 2012-2013 school year, all teachers in the Denison Community School District received iPads for use, paid for through the school district’s sales tax. The iPads keep the teachers connected to important documents and data no matter where they are in their classrooms or in their buildings. Among other functions, teachers can use the iPads to read an internet article for students or show a lesson on a projection screen. Š The Denison Middle School and Denison High School mariachi bands received a lot of attention in

2012 as they are the first school-based mariachi bands to form in Iowa and also because of the quality of their performances. The bands are also providing an appreciation of mariachi music for a new generation of Latinos, as well as others, who are members of the musical groups. The high school band, Mariachi Reyes del Oeste, performed at the Iowa Music Educators Conference in Ames in November and worked with Maestro José Hernandez, an internationally known mariachi performer and Grammy award winner. The bands have performed in Ames twice and Des Moines twice and will perform at the Iowa Bandmasters Association Conference in May. Mariachi Reyes del Oeste will perform at the Cinco de Mayo festival at Washington Park in Denison in May and will also perform a concert at the high school’s Fine Arts Center in the future. Š Nearly 30 members of the Denison-Schleswig Monarch Band performed with the Southwest Iowa Honor Marching Band in the Chik-fil-A Bowl (formerly the Peach Bowl) in Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday, December 31.

Personnel changes Besides changes brought about by elections, Crawford County saw some personnel changes in public offices in 2012. Š On March 14 Crawford County Memorial Hospital in Denison announced the hiring of Bill Bruce as the chief executive officer. He took over duties from Larry Schrage, the interim CEO. Š Kevin Flanagan, who had been Denison’s city manager since July 2009, resigned from his position effective May 31 in order to take the city manager’s job in Fairfield. His contract with the City of Denison was due to expire on June 30, the last day of Fiscal Year 2012. On March 23 a motion to renew Flanagan’s contract with the city failed on a 3-2 vote of the city council. Š Terry Crawford, principal engineer and vice president of Sundquist Engineering in Denison, was hired as the new Denison city manager on July 3. He began his duties with the city on July 16. Crawford had been the city engineer. Š Don Luensmann, who had served as the executive director of the Chamber and Development Council (CDC) of Crawford County for seven years, resigned effective July 31, in order to accept the position of director of marketing and development for Crawford County Memorial Hospital in Denison. Š On October 10 Evan Blakley, who had worked at bluespace creative in Denison since 2008 and was a senior designer, accepted the CDC executive director’s position.

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Tower One arrives in Denison Jim Clark, firefighter and publicity chairperson for the Denison Volunteer Fire Department, had a long photo shoot of the department’s new aerial truck, named Tower One, on Wednesday, October 10. After some detail work, a few more decals and a couple minor tweaks, department members began training on the operation of the truck. The new truck features a midmounted ladder that will allow fire crews multiple access points to a building. With the rear-mounted ladder that was on the department’s old aerial truck, crews had limited maneuverability and emergency access to buildings. With the midmount, travel height restrictions become less of a concern as well. The aerial truck arrived in Denison from Snyder, Nebraska, where it was manufactured by Danko Emergency Equipment. Members of the Denison Volunteer Fire Department took several trips to Snyder to observe and inspect the truck as it was being manufactured. Photo by Bruce A. Binning

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February 1, 2013



Four area banks robbed from late 2011 through March 2012 A case involving four area bank robberies all but came to a close when Jeffrey Alan Schoon, 48 of Wall Lake, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Sioux City on Thursday, December 20, to robbing the banks. In addition, Schoon and his wife, Roxena Lee Schoon, 40, both pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bank robberies, and Jeffrey Schoon pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a firearm in furtherance of the conspiracy. Roxena Schoon had pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge on December 13. Sentencings before United States District Court Judge Mark W. Bennett were ordered to be set after a presentence report was prepared. Information presented at the plea hearings revealed that during the conspiracy, the Schoons robbed four banks that were within 20 miles of their Wall Lake home. Š On December 29, 2011, they robbed the Iowa State Bank in Odebolt; $3,687 was stolen. Š On January 11, 2012, they robbed the Citizens 1st National Bank in Early; $7,275 was stolen. Š On January 28, 2012, they robbed the Westside

2012 brought public safety improvements and concerns The drought of 2012 forced a burn ban to be enacted in Crawford County, as well as the majority of the counties in Iowa. Crawford County’s burn ban went into effect in late July. The Crawford County burn ban was lifted on October 22 but officials urged the public to be extremely cautious as the fields were drier than usual. Other public safety improvements and concerns in 2012 included: Š New warning sirens were installed in Denison on June 13 and 14. The new sirens are substantially louder than the old ones, are higher pitched and have a larger radius of coverage. Š In mid-July, officials from Denison Municipal Utilities (DMU) and West Central Iowa Rural Water Association urged their customers to voluntarily conserve water as the levels in DMU’s wells were decreasing due to the drought. Š The new Manilla fire house was completed in late fall. The new fire house replaced the fire station that burned to the ground in May 2011. The new facility was constructed through fundraising efforts and help from the City of Manilla.

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State Bank in Vail; $17,280 was stolen. Š On March 23, 2012, they robbed the Heritage Bank in Lytton; $4,603 was stolen.

Another story that captured the attention of Crawford County residents and involved investigative work by law enforcement officers was the report of a missing person and then the discovery a body. The body of Jonathan Elwell, 44, of Shillington, Pennsylvania, was discovered June 19 along the Union Pacific Railroad tracks between Vail and Westside. His identity was confirmed Friday, June 29, using dental records. At the time that Elwell’s identity was confirmed, Crawford County Sheriff James Steinkuehler said that foul play was not suspected. Elwell’s rented Volkswagen Jetta was discovered on April 20 on 370th Street, a mile and a half from the location where his body was discovered. An investigation by Steinkuehler and Chief Deputy Michael Bremser determined that the Volkswagen had been rented by Elwell a few days and some 1,100 miles earlier.

BUSINESS, from Page 1 Other news of business changes and progress in 2012 included the following items: Š On Tuesday, February 28, Amaizing Energy Holding Company, LLC, announced the signing of an agreement to sell its ethanol production facility in Denison to The Andersons, Inc. The Andersons, Inc., founded in Maumee, Ohio, in 1947, is a diversified company with interests in the grain, ethanol and plant nutrient sectors of U.S. agriculture, as well as in railcar leasing and repair, turf products production, and general merchandise retailing. The sale was finalized on May 1 and the facility’s name was changed to The Andersons Denison Ethanol LLC. The ethanol plant’s capacity is 55 million gallons per year. Š The new Wal-Mart Supercenter opened in Denison on Wednesday, July 20. The store is located at 512 Avenue C. Ceremonies at the grand opening included a flag raising by members of the National Guard, several speeches, the distribution of $1,000 checks to five charities and a ribbon cutting ceremony. Wal-Mart had been located at 404 Arrowhead Drive for 20

Hospital adds new equipment in 2012 Crawford County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) in Denison began offering in-house MRI in mid-April. CCMH Radiology Manager Brook Eggeling said in an interview that the MAGNETOM Espree MRI unit purchased by CCMH is one of the best on the market, and that it has many features that will increase efficiency in the radiology department and provide more patient convenience at the same time. Other equipment purchases and plans for equipment included the following: Š On November 26 the hospital board voted to purchase an obstetrics central monitoring system in order to accommodate Dr. Karl Hasik’s patient outreach clinic. The new system was first proposed to adapt to the changing technology of Omaha Methodist Hospital. Before, hospital staff would send fetal monitoring strips to Omaha Methodist for its staff to read. Omaha Methodist, however, switched from analog technology to digital technology at the beginning of 2013 and will only accept digital files. Š The hospital board on November 26 approved a resolution to allow the hospital administration to enter into negotiations for a 64-slice CT scanner. The new scanner would decrease radiation exposure to patients and, to a certain extent, offer a picture with a higher degree of resolution, compared to the current 16-slice CT scanner.

years. Š In October Bomgaars announced that it would move into the old Wal-Mart building in Denison. At the time of the announcement, an official from Bomgaars said the move was planned for January. The existing Bomgaars store in Denison is located at 801 Highway 39 North. Bomgaars in Denison opened in 2002. Š A groundbreaking for the Hillside Grille took place on November 2. The site for the steakhouse is in Oak Ridge Heights Plat 1, west of Crawford County Memorial Hospital. The restaurant will be operated by Alisha and Dan Satre. Alisha is the daughter of Dave and Diane Reisz, of Denison. Oak Ridge Heights Plat 1 is the Reiszes’ development. The new restaurant will seat a total of about 170 individuals in the dining area and a small lounge, and it will have party facility. Š Pizza Ranch in Denison opened on December 27 at 510 Highway 39 North, near the intersection with Highway 59. James Buwalda is the co-owner of Pizza Ranch in Denison along with business partners Joe Petsche Brian Christensen. The new restaurant covers 6,000 square feet and seats approximately 206 guests.

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February 1, 2013

Top 10 sports stories for 2012 by Todd Danner The area sports scene in 2012 was instrumental with outstanding team and individual success stories that created another banner year for the Denison Bulletin and Review’s coverage area. This reporter has ranked the top 10 sports events for several years, and though it’s a daunting task, it’s simply amazing to look back and share with readers the hard work and tremendous achievements put in by all of those in competition at the local level. So, here are the top 10 sports stories of the year as determined by the DBR sports department.


Racing returns to the Crawford County Speedway in Denison. After several years without weekly racing at the Crawford County Speedway, a full 13-week schedule kicked off at the CCS on May 11 with 108 cars hitting the track and 1,451 people filling the grandstands. Junior Reetz, an avid race car driver who has been involved with racing for nearly 50 years, handled the duties as the CCS race director. Several improvements were made, including shortening the track by 300 feet or so. The drive to get racing back in Denison was led by a group of 25 investors, including several area businessmen, farmers and race enthusiasts. The last time the CCS hosted a full schedule of racing was in 2003.


Charter Oak-Ute softball team places fourth at state tournament. Charter Oak-Ute played three one-run games in placing fourth in the Class 1A competition at the Harlan Rogers Sports Complex at Fort Dodge at the end of July. The 10th-ranked CO-U girls upset No. 4 Newell-Fonda (4-3) in the opener, as the Lady Bobcats improved to 4-0 in state quarterfinal games. In the semifinals, CO-U fell just short of earning a berth in the state title game after dropping a tough 2-1 decision in eight innings to No. 3 Martensdale-St. Mary’s. CO-U had led 1-0 after four and a half innings, thanks to Nicole Dobernecker’s 20th home run of the season and 44th of her career. M-SM tied it with a run in the fifth and won it with a run in the last of the eighth on a one-out squeeze bunt. CO-U then suffered a tough 9-8 setback to No. 6 Don Bosco in the tournament’s third-place contest. The Lady Bobcats outhit Don Bosco, 11-8, in what was the highest scoring game of the Class 1A state tournament. CO-U had trailed 8-2 before rallying to make it a tight game. Dobernecker was one of 11 girls named to the all-tournament team after going 3-for-9 at the plate with two singles and a home run. CO-U finished with a fine 28-14 overall record under fourth-year head coach Jason Stoltzfus.

Weekly racing action returned to the Crawford County Speedway in 2012. The opening night of competition took place on May 15 with 108 cars pounding the dirt at the shortened CCS.


Nicole Dobernecker of Charter Oak-Ute wins second straight Class 1A shot put title in May. And, for the second consecutive year, Dobernecker claimed the title on her final throw of the competition just outside of Drake Stadium in Des Moines on May 17. As the lone state qualifier for CO-U, the senior unleashed a toss of 41 feet, 2 1/2 inches on her final attempt to take home the state title. Before that, Dobernecker’s best toss was 39-0, which was second to a 39-2 1/4 effort by Earlham’s Amy Wright. She qualified for state in the shot put all four years in high school, placing fifth as a freshman and third as a sophomore, before winning back-to-back state titles in her final two years. She also competed in the discus event at the state meet her senior year, placing 10th overall at 109-7.

The Charter Oak-Ute softball team went 28-14 and placed fourth at the Class 1A state tournament at Fort Dodge.


Nicole Dobernecker of Charter Oak-Ute was all smiles after capturing the Class 1A shot put title for the second straight season back in May at the state track and field meet.


Ar-We-Va girls suffer tough loss at state basketball tournament and unimaginable loss of head coach. The Ar-We-Va girls’ basketball team qualified for the Class 1A state tournament for the second straight season in 2012. The Rockets, down by 10 points early in the fourth quarter, rallied back to tie their quarterfinal game with Bedford at 50-50 with 3:44 remaining, but wound up suffering a 55-54 loss at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. Ar-We-Va got 18 points and 15 rebounds from Dani Kock and 14 points points and four steals from Paige Danner, as the Rockets finished 21-4 overall. Ar-We-Va had finished as the Class 1A state runnerup in 2011. Then on September 25, the entire Ar-We-Va community suffered a heartbreaking loss when head girls’ basketball coach Dave Kock passed away after a brief battle with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Kock directed the Ar-We-Va girls for seven years and accumulated an overall record of 136-32 with two state tournament trips to his credit. Larry Siebert, a longtime assistant at Ar-We-Va, now serves as the head coach for the Rocket girls.

Ar-We-Va qualified for the Class 1A state basketball tournament for the second straight season in 2012.

IKM-Manning enjoys tremendous all-around success. The year began with the IKM-Manning girls’ basketball team reaching the state semifinals in Class 2A play at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. It was the second straight trip to the state tournament for Gene Rasmussen’s Wolves. IKM-Manning topped Bellevue (71-55) in quarIKM-Manning’s Tember Schechinger (No. 22), right, gets off a shot in the lane against Pella Christian in a Class 2A state semifinal game last March at Des Moines. The Wolves finished 24-3 overall after a 60-49 loss to the Eagles.

IKM-Manning went 11-1 this past football season and advanced to the Class 1A state quarterfinals before suffering a loss to Emmetsburg. IKM-Manning co-head football coach Floyd Forman resigned following the season after 33 years on the job.

February 1, 2013


terfinal play, as Tember Schechinger finished just one assist short of a triple-double with 23 points, 15 rebounds and nine assists. The Wolves then lost 60-49 to No. 3 Pella Christian in the semifinal round to close out a terrific 24-3 record. Several members of the IKM-Manning track and field teams had outstanding success in the Class 2A portion of the state meet in May. Robert Tank tied for second in the high with an effort of 6-2. It was his fourth appearance at the state meet in the event. Sarah Schlichte placed fifth in the 400-meter run in a time of 59.59. And, Kaylee Blake wound up fifth in the discus competition with a toss of 1296. Blake also competed in the shot put competition and took 12th with a best effort of 36-5. This past fall, the IKM-Manning football team completed an 11-1 overall record and advanced to the Class 1A state quarterfinal round, before bowing out to traditional-power Bettendorf. Following the game, IKM-Manning co-head coach Floyd Forman resigned after 33 years on the field with Manning and IKM-Manning, accumulating a record of 235-95 with 17 playoff appearances.



Denison-Schleswig girls advance to state bowling tournament in Class 1A. The Denison-Schleswig girls finished fourth in Class 1A state competition at Plaza Lanes in Des Moines at the end of February. D-S shot a team total of 2,648 pins, good for fourth overall among the 10 schools that qualified. The Monarchs had entered the state tournament eighth among the qualifying squads. Paige Janssen led D-S with a 423 series, shooting games of 211 and 212. Maddie Starman added a 409 series, followed by Maloree Gasper (356), Spring Oatman (355), Alec Brungardt (256), and Cassie Preul (199). Starman and Janssen were among the top 11 bowlers after the initial competition. Starman shot 184 third game for a 593 total, which was good for fifth individually. Janssen, on the other hand, shot a 166 in her third game, good for seventh overall.


Denison-Schleswig girls fall one game short of state basketball tournament. The 13th-ranked Denison-Schleswig girls gave No. 3 Sioux City Heelan all it could handle in a 66-61 Class 3A regional final loss on February 21 at Sioux City. D-S led Heelan by 10 points at 51-41 to start the fourth quarter, but was outscored 25-10 by the Crusaders over the final eight minutes. D-S junior Chelsey Van Ness led all scorers in the game with 26 points. The Monarchs had led 60-53 with two minutes remaining. Rachel Koch and Whitney Krohnke joined Van Ness in double figures with 12 and 10 points, respectively. Chelsey Green also had six points and 13 boards for Adam Mich’s squad, which finished 15-9 overall for the season. Heelan headed to the state tournament with a 23-1 record. It was the second consecutive regional final loss for the D-S girls.

The 2012 Denison-Schleswig girls’ bowling team qualified for the state tournament at Plaza Lanes in Des Moines. The team placed fourth overall in Class 1A after entering the state tournament eighth among the qualifying teams.


Denison-Schleswig girls’ basketball coach Adam Mich talks with his team during a timeout in a Class 3A regional final against Sioux City Heelan in February. The Monarchs fell just short of reaching state in a 66-61 loss.


Rachael Ingram and Kassidy Ipsen of Denison-Schleswig qualify for the state tennis tournament in doubles. Denison-Schleswig seniors Ingram and Ipsen played two matches during the Class 1A state competition at Byrnes Park in Waterloo at the end of May. The Monarch tandem went 0-2 in their matches with losses to Shenandoah’s Kimberly Graf and Mackenzie Johnson and Western Dubuque’s Hannah Hingten and Tracy Wulfekuhle. Graf and Johnson were the No. 2 seed. Denison-Schleswig coach Dave Houston said that Ingram and Ipsen had a great season. “It was sad when it all ended, but they truly had a fantastic season,” Houston said. For Ingram, it was her second straight trip to the state tournament in doubles action.

Rachael Ingram (top left photo) and Kassidy Ipsen (bottom left photo) of Denison-Schleswig qualified for the state tennis tournament in doubles.

Dawson Dorhout throws a perfect game for the Twins in a Little League baseball game. The 11-year-old Dorhout faced 15 batters and retired all 15 in a five-inning perfect game for the Twins against Boyer Valley on June 18 at Dunlap. Dorhout struck out eight of the 15 BV batters he faced, according to his head coach Bob Irwin. Dorhout also stood out at the plate for the Twins in the game, as he went 2-for3 with an inside-the-park home run. “Dorhout did his part and our defense made the plays behind him. It really was a team effort. It was really exciting, but intense at the same time,” said Irwin. graduate Jace Hawley plays in bowl game for Iowa State 10 Ar-We-Va football team. IKM-Manning graduate Ashley Hagedorn a member of ISU women’s basketball team. Hawley wrapped up his career at Iowa State playing in the Cyclones’ 31-17 loss to Tulsa in the Liberty Bowl on December 30 at Memphis, Tennessee. The senior Hawley was credited with one tackle assist against Tulsa, seeing action on the Cyclones’ kickoff and punt teams. Hawley, a 2008 Ar-We-Va grad, played in all 13 games for ISU this past season and had two solo tackles and two assists. Hagedorn, after standing out on the basketball court at Des Moines Area Community College in Boone for two years, is now a member of the ISU women’s basketball team under Bill Fennelly. Hagedorn graduated from IKM-Manning in 2010.

Jace Hawley of Iowa State (No. 36) chases down an Oklahoma player in a Big 12 Conference game played on November 3 at Ames. A 2008 graduate of Ar-We-Va High School, Hawley had one tackle assist against Tulsa in the Liberty Bowl.

Ashley Hagedorn (left), a 2010 graduate of IKM-Manning, is in her first season with the Iowa State women’s basketball team.



February 1, 2013

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